my boy toby


sets this down…after all the hype from orisa i wanted to try and make an overwatch character.

he’s a cute little French Canadian who studies different uses of solar energy and crafted armor with his mentor to be able to weaponize it.

im deciding between offense or support but yeah this is my boy

They find out you’re pregnant - All the boys

Mike Montgomery:

You walk into Mikes room slowly and nervous. He instantly notices your weird mood and gets up and hug you. “Whats wrong babe?” You’re quiet for a minute and then back up and look at him. “Im….Im pregnant.” He is silent for a minute and backs up to sit on the bed. You weren’t sure he heard you. You follow him and sit next to him and wait for him to say something. Suddenly he speaks “Am I…the dad?” You walk up to him. “Of course you are Mike” Tears well up in his eyes and he looks down and then smiles at you “Im gonna be a Dad.” Then he pulls you into a hug and kisses you deeply. 

Caleb Rivers: 

Caleb comes over for dinner with you since you’re stuck home alone for the night and he knows how much that creeps you out. You haven’t told him the news yet, not knowing how exactly to tell him yet. You didn’t know how he would take it with his mood swings. You’re cooking and he goes to the bathroom. As he is washing his hands he notices something. The pregnancy test in the trash can. He knows its yours instantly because your mom has her own bathroom. You is infuriated that you didn’t tell him and storms out of the bathroom. “When were you going to tell me?” He says firmly. “Tell you what?” “Don;t play dumb Y/N! You know exactly what Im talking about” he yells and then he holds up the test. You look at the test and then look at him. “Caleb…I was going to tell you.” “When?! Is it even mine?!” He is practically screaming at you. You walk over to him and put your hands on his cheeks. “Caleb you need to calm down. Of course its yours. I was going to tell you but I hadn’t figured out how yet. I’m sorry.” His eyes soften and he looks at the ground. “I’m sorry” He says and the kisses your forehead. “I was just caught off guard by it. I guess. I love you Y/N” “I love you too Caleb.” 

Toby Cavenough: You text Toby and say “Come over, it’s an emergency. Toby sees this and runs to your house. He walks into your room and sees you sitting on the bed bawling your eyes out. He rushes to your side and puts one arm around you and the other hand on your cheek. “Babe babe babe, whats going on? What’s wrong?” You continue crying and hand him the test. He looks at it and is stunned. You finally speak. “What are we gonna do?” you are still sobbing. Toby puts the test down next to him and kneels down in front of you on the floor placing his hands on your cheeks. You look him in the eyes and he begins wiping your tears away “Everything is going to be okay, we can handle this. I promise. I am gonna be the best dad in the world and you are gonna be the best mom.” “You really think so?” “I know so” You hug him and he holds you and whispers sweet things to you until you stop crying and then he lays with you in bed until you fall asleep.

Ezra Fitz: 

You walk into his apartment and with no hesitation just say it “Ezra, I’m Pregnant.” He was in the middle of cooking and all you hear is whatever he was cooking with hit the floor. He looks at you. “You’re what?” You walk into the kitchen and look at him. “Im pregnant.” He doesn’t seem to know what to do. “oh my god.” “I know” You both stand there awkwardly silent for a minute. He is the one who breaks the silence. “Well it looks like we have some house hunting to do then.”