my boy i love youuuuu


jiyong and his precious laugh (●´□`)♡

daggerkid  asked:

I just wanted to thank you for your icons. I was so happy to see the asexual icons of all the egos!! I went with Bing because I wanted to give my boy some love!! Aahh thank youuuuu!!!

aw, of course! it makes me so happy to see people using those icons. not only is it cool to see people using stuff that i’ve made, but it’s nice to know that there are other people out there who are also in the lgbt+ community! a lot of my followers are ace so i knew i had to include the ace flag in there too 💙


Happy 21st Birthday   Nakajima Yuto 

Happy Birthday to my lovely little life ruiner ! I can’t believe he’s already 21!!! I’ve been seeing him since forever and I’m so proud to be a fan right now~  his talents have no limits and i hope we see him in more roles and magazines and songs!

thestarryeyedmoon  asked:

Can I just say how much I love your videos like nothing makes me happier than seeing a new one pop up on my subscriptions. You, Justin, and Zack are literally the holy trinity and I'd do anything to meet you guys. 😂

Thank youuuuu. I love my boys. Thanks for watching :)