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Friday - Birthday

Lance hadn’t told anyone. Why would he? What possible reasoning did he have for disclosing his birthday to his team when they didn’t even really keep track of the earth dates anymore? Truthfully, he’d kept it a secret for more than that reason alone. They’d celebrated Shiros birthday, as well as Keith’s, and Pidges and Alluras and Corans and Hunks, but lance had kept his date a secret. Whilst Coran had asked him once, and Pidge had ranted and begged for a whole half-hour for him to tell them, Lance had held fast, brushed it off saying he’d inform then when the time came.

Well, it was time, and they were midway through rescuing a planet from the Galras rule. Blue was working like a dream and Lance kept up a steady commentary of compliments towards his beautiful lion. She deserved it, to be fair, putting up with his antics.

At first, Lance had hoped that the battle would be over quickly so he could get back to his room and try out his newest belonging. He’d gotten from a cute little family he’d saved on some other planet, and apparently it allowed him a single, indefinitely timed video-esque call to anyone anywhere in the universe, but once it was over it was over. Lance already had plans to contact his family, but hadn’t yet gotten around to it, therefore the suspense was killing him as he took down fleet after fleet of enemy ships. It didn’t end there, however, and they had to go down to greet the locals that they’d liberated. Lance had snuck back to his quarters and grabbed the shiny rock thing that would hopefully allow him to contact his family, but then followed his fellow paladins down to the surface.

The people were friendly. Funky looking, yes, but ultimately kind. They had a feast for lunch, and Lance gripped the stone in his pocket in anticipation. What he hadn’t accounted for was the thoughts of his family swirling round his head to trigger the call and for a large, swirling screen to appear right in front of him. All the eyes in the room turned to him as his family came into view, seated solemnly around their ratty kitchen table with a cake in the centre spelling out, ‘Happy birthday Lance. We miss you!’ Keith, who was beside him at the time, widened his eyes in recognition, just as his mamá looked up in confusion which quickly morphed into raw, unfiltered relief.

“Ohmygod, Lance, mijo, is that you? María, ¿puedes ver esto?” Is what his mamá exclaimed. Lances eyes watered as his sister nodded mutely.

“Mamá, soy yo, lo prometo.”

He could see the recognition in her eyes and, one by one, his siblings rushed around to stand behind her, in similar states of teariness.

“We thought you were dead, mijo! The Garisson told us you’d stolen a ship and ran with your team! We thought… thought it was Kereberos over again…”

Lance shook his head harshly. “Never, mamá, I left because I had to, but I’m not dead. I’d never do that to you.”

By now, everyone at the feast was openly staring at Lance, but Shiro was the only one to get up and move around behind where lance was sitting, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry ma'am, the Garisson is full of lies, as you can probably tell.”

Lance looked up at Shiro thankfully while his mama gasped.

“You’re Takashi Shirogane… I have a feeling I’ve missed a lot… but that’s not important right now mijo, I’m just… so glad that you’re okay…”

She hung her head in her hands and Lance reached out, wishing he could just reach through and wrap her in a hug. He was interrupted by his eldest sister María butting in.

“So lance, now that we know you’re not actually… y'know… dead, how are you spending your birthday?” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at her little brother, and then looked to Shiro, winked and flickered her gaze back. Recognition dawned on his leaders face and Lance turned a flattering shade of cherry red.

Shiro cleared his throat, evidently ready to speak before Pidge stormed over, accompanied by a peeved off-looking Hunk.

“Its your BIRTHDAY!? You promised me you’d tell me when it was if it was soon cause you threw us all amazing parties and spoiled us and now we don’t even get to do the same!?”

Lance laughed nervously as he was faced with an angry looking mamá as well as his team and the Alteans leaders.

Everything after that was a bit of a blur. Allura told the inhabitants about it being Lances birthday, they showered him in offerings and sweets, everyone, including his family still on video sang him happy birthday, and Lance cried. A lot. He was so insanely happy, and when he thought he’d have to wait to see his family again for a long long time, he was gifted with a permanent version of the rock he had, which would allow him to contact his family whenever he so desired. Lance vowed to share it with Pidge and Hunk, realised that they could in fact use it to locate Matt and Samuel Holt, and everyone wad ecstatic.

That day was the best birthday Lance had ever had, with his friends and family around him, celebrating something he had been hesitant to tell them just because it would’ve been to painful without his family. But it was amazing, and Lance went to bed that night with a full stomach and a pleasant buzz in his head, excited for the weeks to come.





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Happy 21st Birthday   Nakajima Yuto 

Happy Birthday to my lovely little life ruiner ! I can’t believe he’s already 21!!! I’ve been seeing him since forever and I’m so proud to be a fan right now~  his talents have no limits and i hope we see him in more roles and magazines and songs!


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Can I just say how much I love your videos like nothing makes me happier than seeing a new one pop up on my subscriptions. You, Justin, and Zack are literally the holy trinity and I'd do anything to meet you guys. 😂

Thank youuuuu. I love my boys. Thanks for watching :)