my boy and my diva

“(937): My bed smells like stale sex… I want it to smell like fresh sex, I miss you.”

draw badena for me so that i dont have to because i do a fantastic job at turning all the sadness and frustration into a joke in 2 hours or less

The Pain So Far

Y'all we’re only 4 episodes into s13 and poor Jack has been through the ringer…but just imagine the full-blown diva meltdowns his father(s) will have when they find out he has:

-been shot by Dean

-been tazed by Sam

-been stabbed by some rando angel

-was taken hunting

-got his head popped with a fireplace poker

-left to run around naked and alone for an entire day

-got kidnapped by KFC’s mascot and nearly talked into ending the world (your Winchester is showing honey)

-got 2 tattoos before he was a week old

-drank a beer

-and it is rumored that he will “go missing” in the next few episodes.

-never mind his (actual) father’s archenemies (lol arch) are the ones raising him to begin with

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