my boy and my diva

“(937): My bed smells like stale sex… I want it to smell like fresh sex, I miss you.”

draw badena for me so that i dont have to because i do a fantastic job at turning all the sadness and frustration into a joke in 2 hours or less

sadness after pd101 ep8

i just hope that top 11 trainees are among those trainees that really got talents and work hard to improve,not someone who is famous because of his look..

im so sad talented trainees are eliminated and unappriciated for their talents! its ok they gonna debut and im going to support them..

wish to see them again soon enough because im going to miss them so much T_T

lets just pray that knetz vote for the right top 11 trainees or else im going to korea and put all their heads under boiling water because they are super dump!