let’s just take a moment to realise how much of a good boyfriend shawn would be… he said that he’d surprise his s/o in the middle of tour or take her on random trips and my heart is so happy that someone’s going to get to experience that??? 

thoughts anyone? because I’m unstable just thinking about the hand holding so thinking about random surprises in the middle of the tour is destroying me 

Look at my boy. He has recover and return to be himself <3 Because of this I decided to give him back massage while he laid next to me and, oh guys, you cannot believe how much he loved it! (this pic proves it) I massaged him about 30 min and he still wanted more. He always opened his eyes when I went to massage a spot what didn’t need massage so I focused only on his lower back which was very hard and stiff feeling. I also gave his tummy very gentle and careful massage as well and he loved it too <3

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Imagine Christmas alone because Alfred said that he would be having it with the family. On Christmas Day alone, you entered the house with many boxes some large and some small. After opening many, some were empty and some were full of presents. You soon was left with another big one that was until Alfred pops out of it like punches out of it with a grin on his face.

if only that could happen on a normal Christmas my life would be complete

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How America would react to his S/O being sick pleasee

America (Alfred F. Jones): At first he won’t really know what to do. He’ll most likely have his S/O rest. However when that doesn’t seem to help, he’ll panic and have them see a doctor. He gives them their medicine and has them remain in bed. He’ll do anything for their wellbeing to make sure their illness only gets better, not worse. After the initial panic he’s surprisingly good dealing with things like this! Despite being clingy, though, he tends to give them space. He can’t risk getting sick. When his S/O is better, he sanitises their room to get rid of bacteria.