my boss is so pretty omg

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OMG so the regular opener had her first closing shift this week and we're pretty good friends. She thinks I'm the best closer so I wrote her a little informative/rather hilariously sarcastic timeline guide to how I close ("around [time] is when I start [this task]" "if at this point you're too burnt out or the customers are assholes, you can do [x] a little early"). AND MY BOSS LOVED IT SO MUCH THAT SHE TYPED IT OUT AND IS USING IT TO TRAIN NEW CLOSERS IM SCREAMING I LOVE THIS JOB

Boruto ep. 17 recap

“Run, Sarada!”

•Sarada is such a little adult.
•These kids always teaching Denki something new.
•Well, damn. Those Uchiha crests outside the house are not subtle at all.
•"Is there anything you’d like me to bring you back?“ “A dad might be nice.” :(
•Shizune still looks GOODT!
•Sarada helping that old lady reminded me of Obito.
•These boys are so bad. Lmao leave Sarada alone!
•Shikadai is a lot like his dad but his devilish side is from Temari. Cause had Shikamaru seen someone on the roof of the train, he wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. Like, what does that have to do with me?
•Omg ChoCho is so funny. She said all pretty girls have secrets. Lmao! Fldbvsuxifkslsñ! How does she have so much knowledge & wisdom!? Young & pruned!
•bih, ChoCho got her ear to the street! She knows all the exclusive spots!
•ChoCho is gonna be an amazing shinobi. She’s already bartering & exchanging items for information. Very crucial!
•Ino is very good friend. That’s my girl.
•I love how Ino’s top is high collared, buttoned all the way up but is still giving you navel!!! Being a mom doesn’t stop style!!!
•"the big boss fish!“ I know that’s right. Lol
•Mhmm, mhmm. Just a girl taking a dip in the river, fully clothed. Tell them, girl! That’s none of their business!
•This episode about how thoughtful & considerate women are through friendship!!!

Reita and Aoi vs shit talkers and snake ass hoes (Rajigaze Jan 13)

Reita: Ring-name, “My feet are so cold I can’t sleep.”

Aoi: I see.

Reita: Welp, looks like you have poor circulation.

Aoi: Yep.

Reita: So this is Anger Mail. “I get really annoyed at people who have bad mouths.”

Aoi: Okay.

Reita: “When people try to talk down to me like they’re better than me, I get mad.” 

Aoi: Yes.

Reita: “At several places where I’ve worked before, I would get mad at things like that and end up getting into arguments with my boss or coworkers, we’d fight, and I’d quit.”

Aoi: Hmmm…

Reita: “I can deal with it for a while, but when it starts to build up I eventually explode. Reita-san, Aoi-san, do you guys ever get pissed out – pissed off omg” (laughs) “At the way someone talks to you?”

(*the idiom in japanese for get pissed off is like ur stomach stands up pls i have no idea what this means but he accidentally said arm instead of stomach)

Aoi: Uhhhhh so what about you?

Reita: (gigglin) What about me? How I feel about people who talk shit?

Aoi: Yeah, I’m pretty bad…at least when I’m working.

Reita: But usually you’re fine? 

Aoi: Well–

Reita: Even if you get asked if you’re sure you didn’t pick up the wrong size twice you’re fine? You wouldn’t be pissed?

(*he is still dragging out this one time when Aoi told a story about a store employee who did that to him with some underwear and it pissed him off bless his heart)

Aoi: Well I mean I wouldn’t get mad.

Reita: (laughs) Okay okay. But if this person ends up getting mad and fighting with their boss, doesn’t that mean they talk shit too? 

Aoi: Hmm…yeah but….I think if you really don’t like them eventually you gotta give em shit.

Reita: Hmm yeah I guess…you’re right…but they say [people] talk like they’re above them….but I mean your boss is technically above you, right? 

Aoi: Well like they say things like, “I want you to work harder for what you’re getting paid,” you know?

Reita: Yeah yeah yeah

Aoi: So I can see how it would sound like they’re talking shit. 

Reita: Ahh yeah yeah

Aoi: Right?

Reita: Yeah…..but like, it says they fought with their boss and coworkers from several places….like the fact that this has happened at many places…it kinda makes me think the problem is actually with this person, you know? 

Aoi: Well, yeah…

Reita: I’m not tryna talk shit but (laughs) 

Aoi: Well I think it would be both people’s fault if they are arguing. 

Reita: Yeah I guess you’re right…you don’t just start arguing from doing nothing. 

Aoi: Yes just like our conversation before. 

Reita: Oh yeah (laughs)

(*In the previous mail Aoi was trying to figure out why his computer was crashing even though he claimed he ‘wasn’t doing anything’ and everyone told him ‘your computer doesn’t crash from doing nothing, you obviously did something’)

Aoi: Yes, there is always a reason.

Reita: Yes.

Aoi: So before you get mad, please take a look at yourself, and reconsider.

Reita: Right. 

Aoi: And if you’re still upset, then you can say something.

Reita: Ah yes. 

Aoi: Yes.

Reita: You’ve become so mature.

Aoi: Yes.

Reita: (laughs) But we don’t really meet people like that [who think they’re above others] in our work, do we? 

Aoi: Yeah I don’t think we do!

Reita: Right? I mean we might in the future but…is there anyone you had a really bad first impression of? 

Aoi: …………no, there isn’t…hmm idk……..there are people who suddenly changed one day though, you know? That’s just the industry we’re in, I guess.

Reita: Yeah, I can see that. 

Aoi: People will do anything to make it…..I’m like, “Wait what? Aren’t we friends???” 

Reita: (laughing) I know, it’s scary, huh!

Aoi: It’s scary! I was like, damn I never wanna become like that. 

Reita: Ahhhh, you know how people say the more famous you get, the more friends you have? But idk, I feel like that’s not true sometimes. 

Aoi: Yeah for sure. 

Reita: When people are super nice to me right off the bat, I’m like…okay something’s up with this person. 

Aoi: Yes yes yes yes.

Reita: Right….well anyway guys, the way you talk really affects how things will go for you, so please be careful.

Episode 15 things

-  I want to work with Ewelein all the time, it’s so cool!

- I want more Floppy quality time gosh <3

- Sherlock Gardy back at it again

- I’m sad we didn’t get see much of Chrome’s salty ass he’s a good friendo.

- Train with the boss, become a boss (ily Cameria pls be my mentor forever)

- Colaia is so pretty omg

- Sherlock Gardy got dem moves, baby!

- Might as well wipe the floor with Nevra’s scarf :) If only we could’ve done that in the previous episode :)

- I can’t help but think that Ezarel would love to pour honey all over his s/o. I’ll let your imagination think of the rest.

- There’s much more to Alajea than meets the eye.

- Alajea + Karenn + Gardienne = Charlie’s angels

- Ashkore called everyone a rat i’m dead . Well, takes one to know one.

- I don’t trust Ashkore’s puny ass but he can teach me how to use that pan anytime ;)   let the bodies hit the floor

- Eat your fckin dinner Valkyon

- Gardienne to Miko: “ There’s a 99% chance of shitstorm and it’s coming right at you”   i love Hetalia

- And thus the Gardienne protection squad was formed.


- If Ewelein slapped Ezarel in his route, does that mean she’s the lover everyone’s been wondering about? I mean it’s farfetched but It feels like there’s much more between them than we know.

- Ykhar and Keroshane acted like Gardy’s parents it’s so cute

- Nevra’s apology was bittersweet.


- Miko: “ You fucked up, but it was brilliant.”

- Doomed to a lifetime of shit food, Gardy doesn’t deserve this cruelty.

- Miko’s apology made me feel so uncomfortable. I mean I can’t fully blame her because she’s got a whole lot on her shoulders yet she isn’t the least bit innocent and she has to handle the consequences of her actions. It’ll take a lot of time before Gardy can forgive her.

- I’m glad Huang Hua came to babysit, she makes everything better <3

- I like Gardy’s attitude at the end of the episode.

So I did the thing where you enter 15 characters, and then go to, and then put the 15 characters in using this:

1. Mom/Dad: Netero. Thank god, I didn’t know where he’d end up. 

2. Your sibling: Kite. Omg he’d teach me so much.

3. Grandma/Grandpa: Leorio LMFAO.

4. Haunts you: Knuckle. Just gotta make sure I don’t abuse any dogs.

5. Your boyfriend/girlfriend: Hisoka. OH NO WHY ME.

6. Your ex: Alluka…fair enough…

7. Your best friend: Shoot. He’d be pretty…handy…to keep around.


9.Your boss: Komugi. omg please.

10. Random person you met at the bar: Zushi. I just picture him drunk saying ‘OSU’ over and over.

11. Your rival: Mito. As long as Gon isn’t involved.

12. Gave you your first kiss: Killua. WHY DID I EVER LET HIM GO???

13. Drunk and singing karaoke with: Meruem. Yeah totally could see this.

14. Played 7 minutes in heaven with: Ging. WE DON’T SPEAK OF THIS. But it was heaven.

15. Gave you your favorite dessert: Gon. I could write an entire fanfic about this.

  • The members as Gang Members.

All these are meant to be for fun and are plainly from my imaginations so if you don’t like them, then please don’t read :)

[NONE of the gifs are mine and belong rightfully to their owners!]

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My sister was telling me about some crazy fans of the ice dancers Charlie White and Meryl Davis who are convinced they are secretly married and even have a secret child, even though he is actually married to another woman. It made me think of PT and her delusions, so I recently showed some of PT's posts and now our new thing is saying to each other "I'm a boss at a well-known journalism" and "I have a similar net worth to Cole Sprouse, I have so much equipment."

OMG!!! You made my day, Nonnie!!! Gotta say, as someone who casually followed them, I’m not surprised fans freaked with that about Charlie….and, LBR, Tanith is like nine BILLION times hotter, anyway….and Charlie seems pretty happy with her.

Hopefully FappingTown won’t disappoint and will soon provide some other entertaining catch phrases—though, really, “similar net worth to a millionaire” is gonna be really hard to improve upon!!!

"That one" she said as she pointed vaguely at the meat case (From my meat department days)

So honestly this story is, in my opinion, better than the last story I told here. I had forgotten about this until I was thinking about other petty stuff I did while I worked in a meat department.

So in case you’ve never seen a meat department there is a long cooler with glass and you can look at the meat we have. We stood on the other side and would grab your meat, weigh it, then package it.

So one of my pet peeves when people would just point and say “I’ll have two of those” it was really difficult to see what they were pointing to so I’d try to take an educated guess as to what they wanted and ask if it was correct. Most of the time they would get the hint and read the label so I knew what to grab.

This one pudgy lady comes in and waddles up to the case. I greet her with my fake customer service smile and she points and grunts. I ask her “Ma'am do you want the x?” and she just looks at me dead in the eyes and says “That” And looks back down at the case. I’m totally confused and her finger could be pointing at like six different things.

I bend down to look and see if I can tell where she is pointing but I have no idea. So I start naming off things in the general vicinity. She kept responded with more agitated “Thats”. After some time I start thinking she might be illiterate and I felt bad. So I walk around to the front of the case to see if I can tell what she is pointing at. She starts pounding on the glass with her finger saying “That one right there” and her finger was in such a vague area I had no idea what she was asking for.

So I go back around the case and ask “How many would you like?” and she says “A few” so I picked out the most expensive thing in the area and put six of them in a package. The total rang up to be about $75 if I remember correctly.

I handed her the package after weighing it up and she walked away without even looking at the label to see I gave her the right thing.

I had no idea what she was trying to accomplish because it was pretty clear I had no idea what she wanted. And when I asked clarifying questions she didn’t really respond. So I sold a shit load of stuff to her and got a thumbs up from my boss for making a big sale.


These two guys… lemme tell ya.

These two are like my two OC’s. I have an OC that is half Orc half Ogre just like Rexxar. Imagine female Rexxar. I can’t wait to model her out and show her off. Only way Leoric is like my other OC Thunder Thighs is pretty much only because of body type. 


This game I just got finished with on Rexxar. OMG, so good. Misha is such a good girl! She did SO much work. She completely devastated enemy team, stole camps, soloed bosses and everything. I picked up this talent at level 4:

And since I didn’t die, I had a MASSIVE pull of health by the end of this game. Misha and I were so tanky! I havn’t played Rexxar in a while but my micro management on Misha was so fucking good. I felt like I controlled the whole battle field.  Love default skin with Horde banner the best, and I love MISHA!  <3


He’s always fun. He’s a tank and a tank buster all in one. Just received a rework as well. I tried to take a GIF of the MVP screen because the Banner goes so well with his skin! Somehow it turned out like this though…

I’m not mad. Is that… is that blood!?

MBTI as shit I have done being drunk

ENTP - Entered in a hotel (about 7 am) and tried to convince receptionists that we were staying at that hotel in order to have breakfast. - With ESFP

ENTJ - Sent an audio message to the “tomorrows myself” joking and saying things like “How does it feel the hangover muahahaha!”. 

ENFP - Went to one of the fanciest discos in the city where everybody was so elegant and danced on a totally goofy way. Everybody was like OMG. - With ESFP, ENFP and ESFJ (who was quite embarrassed).

ESTP - Spaghetti fight. - At ENTJs house with ESTJ, ESFP, ISTJ and ISTP

ESFJ - Start telling to everybody that I love them (actually this happens pretty often).

INTP - My friends showed me a 10 minute video (which I didn’t remember) of me speaking about my theories about the third world war. Messages for future generations included.

ESTJ - Convinced to a road sweeper to let me his leaf blower and felt like a boss with it. - With ESFP

INFP - Bored a total stranger at a bar speaking her about art. - With ENFP

ENFJ - Spent the whole night trying to get a girlfriend to a friend. - To ISTP

INFJ - Ended playing an old, broken piano on a really weird grunge LGTB disco. - With ESFP

ESFP - Told to everybody that my ESFP friend and I were twins and it was our birthday to get a dedicated song by the DJ (didn’t get it).

ISFP - Went to the street and tried to get some money by playing the ukelele and singing (didn’t get absolutely anything). - With ESFP

ISTP - Randomly decided and did go to the beach and swim with underwear in the sea in the middle of the night. -  With ESTJ, ESFP, ISTJ and ISTP

INTJ - There was a speech before a concert and we started repeating everything on different language’s accents, passionately. - With ENFJ

ISTJ - Literally got asleep on the table while everybody else was talking and woke up on the sofa. - With ENFP, ESFP, ESFJ and other people around.

ISFJ - Take care of someone who’s too drunk (this also happens quite often, unfortunately).

Sugar Lord

Some stress relief doodle of Enoch (I blame Ekubo for remembering this guy) who is actually one of the bosses in OFF that truly left an impression on me. Plus - he is super fun to draw with all the bubbly shapes his figure is made of! 

Please don’t repost thanks! ♡

Lineart under the cut:

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Hi! I just wanted to say that you don't deserve all the crap your boyf gives you and I'm ready to fight him (ง'̀-'́)ง also I'm really happy you're getting the support from your coworkers and boss YOU DESERVE!!!!!! And your dog is a blessing™ 🐶 (Also you're very very pretty and im very very gay)

WOW thank you so much anon!!! your fight pose is super cute :) my dog is 300% the best blessing in the entire world i’m so lucky to have him right now!!!

also omg thank you COINCIDENCE i’m very gay too!! :* that’s a kiss for you!!

S3E13 Reaction

Bloody joker card, love it, much clevers.
Look at Bruce in the big boy chair uwu
I never found Lee so interesting as a character until she got pissed.
I like this Jerome cult grunt.
Babs omg shut up Ozzie is looking for his Ed
Why we calling Ed the snake look at this deadly Babs viper
Disco vampire hair lmfao
Guys you should probs listen to Selina okay?
Also her makeup is still fantastic so
Definitely listen to her.
Nah not the face man
His beautiful face D:
Lee you’re examining a corpse shouldn’t you be wearing like, a hair net or something
Your hair is so pretty tho don’t change anything.
Its okay if you end up corrupting evidence girl, your hair still look fly
Omg yes my faceless child rise rise riiiiiise
BABS OMG STOP 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
He loves Ed so much I’m crying
But that cane knife is legit tho
LMFAO I love Lucius so much
I love all these crazy laughs yesssss
Lee is being so boss lately
Omg girl yes TELL HIM.
Where’s my face end me 😂😂😂
This fake Jerome is so annoying can he just not exist anymore kthnxbai
Omg Selina poor baby
Man I had a feeling about that momma.
Also where’s Butch
And where’s Ed
I miss them.
Tabitha looks so happy when she murders.
Why can’t Selina ever be happy
Why can’t anyone ever be happy on Gotham lmao
But ugh finally a power balance between Bruce and Selina! Used to always be Selina being better at everything, so happy with this development.
Don’t fight tho babies, plz just love each other uwu
Jerome killing it
Omg ewww staple face
Oh Oswald poor baby
I mean you deserve it but poor baby
Ed when Oz gets to you next episode you better be making up with Oz or else 😬💪✊
Yesss Dwight is done good riddance
Damn Jerome works fast

BONUS: omg next episode looks sooooo good.

Oh God, Back to the Moon

(I hope I scheduled this correctly)




- Wait, what are yall doing going into space…




-Oh Porl, so amazing at acting… your girlfriend even had to ask you to turn it down a little…


-I’m so sad right now.



*no energy left*

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Request of popular luke having s crush on nerdy you and he teases you about it? Like he lets Everyone knows he likes you and he doesnt care you're a nerd

asdfjgkl Omg Anon, this sounds hella cute. Can all my Luke girls please stand up, please stand up!!

[Requested: Yes!]

(Y/L/N)- Your Last Name

(Y/H)- Your Height

Luke Hemmings is a senior, 6’4”, boss at math and science, and his social status: popular. (Y/N) (Y/L/N), also senior, (Y/H), pretty boss at everything if you say so yourself, social status: total nerd.

It was weird how you even started talking to someone like Luke. You were way off from his usual social crowd, and almost thought you had nothing in common. Despite being popular and really good at math and science that the teacher had to lower the curve of tests for us to pass, Luke has a small spot for comics.

He noticed me in a comic shop one day after school, he was with his friends and he was in the Batman section of the shop. Our first conversation was on who would get the last issue of the latest Batman and Robin comic. He was impressed with the fact that I could debate and keep a conversation as to why Damian Wayne didn’t deserve to die, so he let me keep the comic book. 

Since that day we started to talk a lot, mostly in class though. There was no way someone like me could talk to him outside of the classroom. Eventually we exchanged phone numbers and even started swapping comics, having long face time calls to debate or talk about the latest issue, and even about how the others day was like.

“So, did you listen to the song I texted you during class?” He asks.

“Good Charlotte? They are really good.” You said glancing at him before continuing to work on your physics worksheet.

“Come on (Y/N) it’s a Friday night, don’t do work on a Friday night, nerds do homework on a Friday night!” He teases with a cheeky grin.

“Well I’m pretty nerdy Luke, besides, not all of us can finish a worksheet in 20 minutes.” You said.

“I just know the variables and what equations to use is all. It’s really easy when you think about it.” He says nonchalantly and you roll your eyes.

“Oooh, my bad Mr. Hemmings.”

“You ready for the test next week?”

“Yes, but I wouldn’t need to worry if someone eased up setting the curve. Gosh, stop being so smart.” You said causing him to give you a small chuckle and smile at you.

“You’re really smart too (Y/N).” He says before adjusting himself on the bed, “It’s almost 11, come on, stop doing work and give me attention.” He whines.

“You always get attention.” You said, referring to the popular group at school but he didn’t seem to get the message.

“Yeah, but not from you. I only see you in my classes, and when we face time, why is it that we can’t have lunch together or something?” He asks and you stopped what you were doing to look at him.

“Luke, it’s not that…. Never mind.” You said pushing your statement aside and putting away your work to get ready and sleep.

“No, tell me (Y/N).” He says.

You look at him debating if you wanted to tell him how you really felt, you took a moment, laid down on your bed, and faced your phone towards your face to continue to talk to Luke. “It’s not that I don’t want to hang out with you Luke, it’s just that, we are just too different…” You said.

“No we aren’t, we are good at math and science, we like Good Charlotte and probably other bands once I check your iPod, and we like Batman. What’s so different?”

“Our social statuses Luke….”

He scoffs, “you actually believe in the nonexistent pyramid of social statuses? Really (Y/N), come on, I thought you would be the type of person to look pass that.”

You let his reply sink in and you started to feel a bit irritated, “well you wouldn’t know Luke, you aren’t me.”

“Well what is that supposed to mean?”

“You aren’t a nerd Luke. You aren’t someone who is only good for solving missing variables and wears thick rimmed glasses on occasions, or has a questionable wardrobe and is just…”

“Just what (Y/N).”

“Just a 6 while the person right in front of her is an obvious 10.”

“You are way too insecure…” He says and you looked away avoiding eye contact, “you’re so insecure and I don’t know why you can’t see yourself the way I see you.”

“You see me as what Luke?” You mumbled.

“Beautiful….” He says simply and you laid there somewhat stunned.

“Luke, don’t joke about this, I mean it.”

“I’m serious (Y/N).”

“Well stop, please. Luke you don’t understand the stares I get from talking to you. A lot of girls like you, and someone like me talking to someone way out of my league-”

“Stop (Y/N), I thought you knew me by now, I’m not that type of guy.” He says looking upset.

You felt guilty looking at his face, you told him you were going to sleep, and before he could protest and ask you to stay longer, you ended that call.

The next day you somewhat ignored Luke for most of the school day. During lunch he tried catching up to you to talk things out. You immediately tried to run from him, taking long strides in the other direction. “(Y/N) please, wait.” he says grabbing your arm.

“Luke, please don’t. You are going to cause a scene.” You said suddenly taking notice of his group looking at you two and the rest of the student body.

“I don’t care, I will cause a scene because I am in love with you (Y/N).” He says and you stared at him wide eyed. Students gasped and looked stunned, others giggled, others glared, and surprisingly a handful said aww.

“You… You don’t.” You said in denial.

“I do, I seriously do. Everyone, I Luke Hemmings have a crush on  (Y/N) (Y/L/N). Total nerd or not, I am completely in love with her.” He declares to everyone causing the crowd to cheer and clap.

You looked at him stunned, he was still holding your hand and he kissed to top of it. “Luke no….” You said still shocked.

“I could care less about the social pyramid, what is this? Mean Girls?” He questions pulling you closer.

“I-I don’t know what to say…” You said covering your face feeling quite embarrassed by the attention you were getting.

“Gosh, just go out with me.” He says in the same tone as you. You looked at him and couldn’t help but smile. He leaned down, kissed your nose, and even though the student body was cheering and clapping all you could hear was the sound of your heart beating faster at this moment.

A/N: Oh my goodness Anon thank you so much for the request. My inner Luke girl is screaming to the heavens. I really hope you love this as much as I loved writing it. Thank you again!



OK OK so I don’t think I’ve actually mentioned this before, but for the past few weeks I’ve been working at a second job as an accounts assistant on a fucking massive American TV show currently filming in Wales (which is why I’ve been so absent lately)

and the story of how I got the job is really convoluted, but basically I applied to work on the pilot way back in January and I unfortunately didn’t get it, but then circumstances changed and I was hired as emergency but temporary help in July as there was a huge backlog of filing that needed clearing

and without tooting my own trumpet, I put a huge amount of effort into this job, even though it officially only entailed filing and general menial tasks like that, and it meant getting up at 06:45 to get the 08:04 train and working from 08:45 to 18:30 and getting the 19:00 train and getting home at about 21:00, because I really liked my new coworkers and I loved being able to visit the set and whatnot, and it was a huge step up from my normal job (although not in terms of salary, but who even cares when you’re having a good time?) 

and they kept trusting me with extra work that was way above the remit of my job, like coding payroll and checking payslips, and it turned out that I could actually do it well and managed to find a few errors that had been understandably missed

and I was officially only supposed to be there for 3 days a week for 2 weeks, but the heads of my department liked me and managed to convince their bosses to let them keep me on for an extra week, and they were trying really hard to get the producers up in LA to agree to create a role for me and keep me on for the duration of filming because I was doing the job well, but LA was like ‘omg no that will not be occurring’, so on Tuesday I went home and was pretty certain that I’d just finished my final day there and I was all sad about it

and I just got a phonecall and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they’ve managed to swing it so that I HAVE AN ACTUAL JOB THERE



im laughing so much omg

so we had a staff meeting last week and there were some posters on the conference table from something else and on one of the posters, a guy had a pretty porn ‘stache… and when it came time for me to speak i had kind of zoned out and was looking at his mustache so i missed my queue and when i realized, i laughed, and pointed out the guy’s amazing facial hair. my boss made a joke asking if i wanted some scissors so i could cut him out of the poster and we all laughed and went about the rest of the meeting

lmao so this morning i come in and i go to turn on my computer and i spot something under my mouse and for a second i’m like 'wtf’ and then i move the mouse

and i find a fucking cutout of the guy from the poster oh my god

i feel like i should turn him into a magnet or laminate him or something…. and then put him on my boss’s desk. or maybe a co-workers. 

so at our pretty much weekly Pho adventure(which I am loving btw), confectionary and I got to talking about coli bosses, and we have to agree to disagree on how many of the venues should have bosses but somehow we got on the subject of the Mire, and of KELPIES AND BADASS KELPIE BOSSES IN THE MIRE.

I hate bosses but I would be okay with this so much.

Lol omg my designs keep getting darker and darker. which one should I pursue? I liked the idea of an elk based design but its not working out like I’m wanting booooo.