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The following is an actual transcript of the events that occurred outside Helix’s maximum security prison during the timeframe of Akande Ogundimu’s break out.  Reader discretion is advised.

[Ship drops outside of prison gates]

Helix Security 1: What the -

Reaper: Hey uh, can I park here?

Helix Security 2: uh what

Reaper: look, I know this is a no-parking zone, but I gotta pick someone up.

Helix Security 1: do…do you know where you are??

Reaper: yeah, man, he’s inside - listen, I promise, it’s gonna be real fast.  Four, five minutes tops.

Helix Security 2: you - you need to leave right now -

Reaper: look, he just texted me, he’s on his way out right now.

Helix Security 1: …wait, out of here?

Reaper: my bosses are gonna get mad at me if I don’t give him a lift. 

Helix Security 2: sir, you need to go -

Reaper: plus then we can ride in the diamond lane and that really saves on the pennies, ya know?  Every little bit counts these days.  Shotguns ain’t cheap.

Helix Security 1: sir, if you do not leave this instant, we will be forced to use defensive fire -

Reaper: aw, c’mon guys, just another minute, please don’t make me get out of the car and kick your asses.

Helix Security 2: On the count of three!

Reaper: oh dammit.

Helix Security 2: One!

Reaper: …ugh.

Helix Security 2: Two!

Reaper: …stupid…goddamn…seatbelt - why do I wear claws -

Helix Security 3: Three!

Audio cuts out into the Helix Security guards screaming

Lay – Attached

Characters: Lay x OC

Type: Angst, Fluff

Word count: 1747

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This scenario somehow has a special place in my heart, I am still planning it out and probably turning into a full fan-fiction. Anyone interested?

“You’re mine kitten.”

I would have never thought that I would somehow get involved with the dark side of Seoul. I mean, I was a part-time bartender, who mostly worked at night at a well-known bar, which was also popular with some underground members. But I would have never thought that I would get into that kind of the mess, rather than being only on the bricks of it.

It all started when Kim Kai, a member of one of the most dangerous mafia groups K, walked into the bar at six in the evening and sat right in front of me, drowning himself in alcohol. It would have ended right there if he wasn’t a drunken talker. It was rare for someone like Kai to get drunk at that time of a day, a Monday nevertheless. The moment he opened his mouth though, I understood. Problems. Who had them not? Everyone had some kind of obstacle in his life, he was just one I would never have. A rival mafia.

He started to splutter out all kinds of information. Starting from himself to the inner circle of K; how many members they had, what they are called and what position they had. To all the plans they formed to get back at their rival gang M, for all the damage they did with their recent attack. I was lucky at that time, well I thought I was. There was no one around the two of us, who would have heard our conversation, which made me feel relieved and safe.

But I couldn’t have known that an ally of M was around, relaying the message to them that there was someone who heard of K’s plan and had important information about them. Someone that wasn’t involved in the underground scene and was just a university student working part-time at a bar. Why that person didn’t think about listening to the conversation was beyond me, Kim Kai was drunk, he would have never noticed it anyway.

I was not dumb, I heard of some of the most well-known mafia members enough to fear them. One of them being Lay. He is said to be manipulative, sadistic and most of all unforgiving. He would never do something without a reason, but he would pretty much get overboard even with the smallest things. Nobody knew how he really looked. Well, no one who is alive knew how he looked, besides his members probably.

Three weeks passed since Kim Kai spilt the beans about K, and my life went on normally. I went to work, from work home and so on. It was a good idea to work throughout the semester holidays, but even then does one need a day off or maybe even three, which I did. And it was proven to be a mistake.

Lounging in the living room comfortably, I was watching TV while eating some snacks. The best way to de-stress was to just chill, till my doorbell rang. Groaning aloud throughout the way to the door, I opened it with the coldest glare I could muster. I wanted peace and no visit from anyone. Looking up to the person, a young man greeted me, his face blank and rather cold than anything else.

“Lee Jaelin?” Nodding at him, my muscle tensed when he shoved me back into the apartment, shutting the door close. Enclosing his hand on my arm, he pulled me right into my living room and threw me onto the couch, hard.

“W-what? HEY.” I shouted. “What are you doing? Who are you?!”

Looking down at me, he raised an eyebrow. “I’m Lay.” He smirked at my paling face, before leaning further into my face. His glare pretty intimidating. “And you, Darling, will tell me everything Kim Kai told you. And don’t even dare to deny it or lying to me. I know when someone lies.”

Fear spread through my whole body, my stomach churning painfully. One of the most dangerous man was standing here in my apartment, leant over me to glare me down and threaten me. I couldn’t comprehend the situation to even cry, only shivering from his intense gaze.

Pulling my chin up to look at him, he inspected my face. “The sooner you spill the beans, sweetheart, the sooner you are out of danger. Now?”
Gulping down and pulling my face away from his hold slowly, I sighed before telling him everything I knew and got from Kai. That the inner circle of K seemed to consist of six members, what chaos the attack of M created and what their future plans were. And without even noticing, Lay seemed to have made himself comfortable beside me, listening to everything I said intensely. Like he enjoyed listening to my words.

Holding all these information to myself the past three weeks made me stressed out, more than anything else. Spilling all those information now somehow relieving me, even if I was forced to say them.

When I finished, I leant back as well. I never once looked at Lay while talking, but when I turned around, his face was leant towards mine. Throughout me talking, he seemed to have watched me. A shiver ran down my back. Being watched by a cute and handsome guy was one thing, but being watched by a mafia if not psychotic and sadistic murderer was a whole different thing.

Not breaking his look on me, he stood up. “You know what happens if I find out you lied, right?”

Nodding at his words, I looked away from him. “You also know what happens if I find out that you ran to K to inform them of my visit?”

“D-does that mean you won’t kill me?” I meekly looked at him, maybe a bit too hopeful.

Lay chuckled before making his way towards the door. “See you, sweetheart. I have a feeling that this won’t be our last meeting.”

He was right, of course, he was. Because it wasn’t the last time Kai would visit the bar and get drunk again.

M was fast in creating a plan to further crush K’s tactics, successfully. K is facing incredible damage. Not just internally, but also in resources. A member being beaten up heavily, while another being captured by the police. Luckily for them, without heavy evidence or anything. Kai just couldn’t shut up about all of it, without his knowing actually pulling me into his mess. The underground was infectious. One small detail, the least important information could be your doom. I know that first hand.

Lay visited me the day after, without me actually being aware of it. My shift ended pretty late, I was only able to fall asleep around five in the morning. Which also meant that I slept a bit more than I would do normally, I woke up at one and not eleven like normally. The moment I walked out of my room, Lay way comfortably sitting on the sofa and looking through a book he probably took from the shelve right beside it.

Noticing my flabbergasted figure, a smirk formed on his face as his eyes trailed my figure. And to my luck, I was just dressed in a black tank top and blue shorts.

“If that isn’t a sight for sore eyes, good morning Darling. Or rather, good afternoon.”

“What are you doing here?” I groaned out, maybe too confident for my own good.“If you know that Kai blabbered information out again, why are you not able to know what he was actually saying?!”

Raising both his eyebrows, it was clear how amused I was making him. “He spluttered things out again? I was actually here because I missed you.” He playfully pouted. His words being nothing else, but honest though. “I was concerned that we wouldn’t find things to talk about, but fate has nice ways of helping one out.”

No, fate had the only nice way of helping him out. And giving me a life full of chaos, as proven with the happenings following after.

Lay often visited me; sometimes just for fun and sometimes because he claimed to have ‘missed me’. It leads to a way more comfortable atmosphere around us, as much as that was possible. He never stopped to tease me, but a certain causality came into our conversation and I found myself not fooling my reactions anymore. If he annoyed me, I showed it. If I found something funny, I freely laughed. I got to meet his more human side, one he probably showed anyone rarely. It was nice to know that he had a better side, it didn’t make the fear go away though. It was still there, at the back of my mind. Which is why I hoped that after Kai’s visits to the bar stopped, Lay’s visit would cease as well. It’s been already more than two weeks since the K-member last came in, but I am always hoping for nothing. When it comes to him, fate seems to be biased.

“I don’t understand,” I said, sighing after. Looking rather ahead than at the guy sitting beside me on the single sofa. “Why?”

Turning to me, Lay raised his eyebrow. “Why what? What don’t you understand.”

“This.” I groaned out. “You.”

Lay just blinked, before smirking. “What about me?”

Huffing out, I rolled my eyes. His teasing was annoying enough.

Chuckling at my state, he grinned before reaching out and playing with a strand of my hair and surveying the features of my face. “I just couldn’t.”

I frowned. “What?”

“Look at you being all cutely confused, like a little kitty.” He smiled, almost angelically. “I couldn’t leave you. Especially after getting to know you.” He sighed, pulling the strand behind my ear. “In,” his eyes trailed down my body, “and out,” before he looked back up at me, another smirk gracing his face. “And I doubt I would ever. That means that you are stuck with me.”

“What?” I backed away from his touch.

“You’re mine kitten.” He pulled me towards himself, positioning my left leg around his waist to snake his arms around my waist and make me sit on his lap. My hands awkwardly fell on top of his shoulders, balancing myself, before he forced my face to look into his. “You know what that means? I don’t plan to leave you or let you leave me, ever.”

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