my boots are so worn out i love it


Last night’s birthday dinner. Capped off a lovely day. We poked around some stores and antique shops, bought my man some pants so he could change out of his well-worn jeans for the fancy resultant. Then stopped at a friend’s condo so he could change. I changed from my shopping flats into spike heeled boots and then I discovered the friends were coming to said fancy restaurant with us … and bringing their 4 year old. This pissed me off a little because I was not let in on this part and I had left my own children at home. Not cool. Not to mention this was the Three year old who tore up a whole restaurant when we went out with them last year. Luckily she was very well behaved this time so I let it go. We also went back to their condo after dinner and I was able to play with their 7 week old puppy!   All better.