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I know I run a book blog so maybe this isn’t the right platform for this, but girls: Please look out for other girls. Tonight I was stuck at a bus stop in Shoreditch circa 2 AM and saw another young woman getting harassed by a drunk, aggressive dude, and at first I thought, “She’s got it under control.” But then he started touching her and I went “No, that’s definitely not right.” So I barged over and shoved him out of the way and said, “Beth?? Oh my God, how are you, I haven’t seen you since grade school!” And this girl I’d never seen before in my life threw her arms around my neck and whispered, “You are an angel, thank God.” We talked for fifteen minutes, the creep lost interest, I watched her get on the bus and I will sleep so much better knowing she got home in one piece. If you see something weird happening, intervene. The worst that can happen is embarrassment, and I think that’s worth the risk when you consider the alternative.

You gave me life.
You gave me soul.
I gave you my heart.
I gave you my whole.
I shouldn’t have been such a fool.

You made me feel safe.
You made me feel free.
When you said you loved me,
I believed it could really be.
To me, you were an angel….

When you moved away,
It hurt me to the core,
And left my heart astray.

When I realized I wasn’t enough,
I wished I could have been more.
But later, I realized you were the devil
In the shape of a whore.

The pain I felt,
Was harder than this liquor I poured.
As the liquor flowed,
So did my tears.
After enough drops,
The pain would fade away.

I was covered in scars,
But unlike my pain, these stay.
You betrayed me,
And then you left me.

The ‘friend’ he once was,
Turned into something more.
You left me in the shadows,
And left my heart sore.

A year later,
I am happy with the choice you made.
Because in the end,
I was saved.
And all you did was dig your own grave.

—  Angel
A Poem by @trentonbaird96
OK Piper McLean fans, listen up

I’m Cherokee. I’m a Cherokee girl. I’m a major Piper fan because she’s a Cherokee woman like myself. There’s been some Discourse© about her hair. Sit down, buckle up, because you guys are about to some knowledge dropped on you. 

So the issue is about her hair; people keep drawing my girl with undercuts. I don’t think she would have one, and if she did there’s only one good reason. 

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One Morning Closer

Word Count: 1128

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex (wrap it up, people), Season 12 spoilers

A/N: This just popped into my mind and I ran with it… I hope you all enjoy it :-) Thank you to the lovely @remember-me-forever-silent-angel for looking this over for me and easing my mind! Love you, Steph!

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It was no secret that Spencer was a morning person. He loved breakfast foods and coffee. He loved to watch the sun peek over the edge of the earth, turning the whole sky a glorious mosaic of red, orange, and yellow. He loved that it was like a brand new page to his book of life.

But most of all, he loved mornings with you.

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She’s our legacy.

Dean x Daughter!Reader   Sam x Niece!Reader

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You bounded down the bunker stairs in search of your dad and uncle. They had been gone on a hunt for the last few days, leaving you behind because you had an important project for school to turn in and your uncle refused to sacrifice your education for hunting.

Rounding the corner into the library you were met with a sight that was very familiar to you; your dad and uncle sitting at a table in the library, drinking beers, and probably talking about the last hunt.

“Hey Daddy, hi Uncle Sam.” You said as you walked into the room.

“Hi babygirl.” Dean replied as he looked up at you.

“Hey Y/N/N.” Sam responded as he patted the hand you laid on his shoulder as you passed by him.

“How was the hunt?” You questioned before plopping yourself on your father’s lap.

Dean let out a grunt as your weight landed on him. He wrapped his arms around you and gave you a tight squeeze, a gesture of reassurance he always did when he came back from a hunt.

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grayblebayble  asked:

HiI Cassie! So I'm an aspiring writer myself and I'm having so much trouble with spacing out my story. Everything seems to be happening too quickly. Also, world building. UGH. Do you have any tips/resources? I would be forever grateful! (P.S You're books are one of my many inspirations not only for my writing, but for everything I do in life <3<3<3)


Not an reply right now, just to say I’m going to do a week or so of writing questions and answers (saved this one) so if you have writing questions or publishing ones, about the business of writing, send them in. It’ll be about a week before I start answering them because I’m off to Ireland to see Sarah Rees Brennan and then to Y’AllWest in LoS Angeles where I’ll be signing books and talking on panels, hope to see you there! In the meantime if you’ve ever burningly wondered how characters are developed or book covers designed, ask away. 

Now, off to a helicopter. (really.)

On April 19th my first kickstarter begins…During my career as an artist working and exhibiting in galleries in the USA and in Europe, i have always had by my side (or, better still, under my working table) a faithful companion: my dog.
A few weeks before my latest solo show in Los Angeles, this dear dog friend of mine passed away.
This is the reason why I decided to develop something completely different from my usual works: an illustrated book about the strong relationship between a human being and a dog. Therefore, I tried to create a tiny and precious story that could properly describe how important can be the small part of one’s life spent with his/her animal friend.
The aim of this book will be that of helping kids and their parents to deal with the “goods and bads” of having a mate with four paws around.
Chris Colfer: The First Time I Braved New York (and a Taxi!)
The “Glee” actor and best-selling author, whose latest young adult novel is “Stranger Than Fanfiction,” talks about a rite of passage.
By Chris Colfer

Imagine, if you will, the Pillsbury Doughboy with Peter Brady’s haircut and Truman Capote’s voice. Add a sprinkling of the fear of being touched and the social anxiety of a shy Chihuahua. That was me at 18, and in December 2008, that guy decided it was a good idea to take a trip to New York City all by himself.

To reiterate why this cultural experiment was destined for failure, I should mention I was born and raised in Clovis, Calif., a small town in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley — you know, where they end up in “The Grapes of Wrath.” Clovis is a place of spacious farmland, quiet suburbs, ample street parking and trucks with testicle ornaments. It couldn’t be more different from the Big Apple, which is probably why I spent much of my adolescence wishing Kristin Chenoweth would show up in Glinda the Good Witch’s bubble and take me there.

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if you’re gonna shit on ginny because she was a mary sue / “overrated” at least acknowledge that we saw her from the perspective of an incredibly biased person (aka the inventor of denial), of course she’s not actually perfect but there’s a reason she goes from ~ron’s little sister that i do like but isn’t rly relevant to my life i’m sorry also i’m actively ignoring her crush on me so it’s a tiny bit awkward~ to !!! good god what an angel?? like ginny’s beautiful?? and plays quidditch!!! and she’s popular and so funny holy fuck ron would KILL me but.. worth it tbh is this.. … what some people call love??? and that reason is called harry potter who spent a good portion of the final books internally combusting whenever ginny did anything what a nerd


You can hate the Disney sequels all you like

But I will defend the sequel characters with my life.

The official new love of my live (one of but still). I had been waiting to read this masterpiece for so long and I loved every single second. Good Omens fans all around tumblr please come and talk to me I want to meet you all (and who haven’t reas it I highlt reccomend).

They say
silence is the loudest scream;
so maybe that is why
my pages are always blank.
—  Can You Hear Me? 
Imagine Jensen and Jared stealing your dog while on set.

Your dog’s name is the same as my dog’s….I couldn’t resist. Eeva (E-va)

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“Oh my god.” Britney, one of the PA’s on set said over the sound of the impala approaching.

“What?” You asked, turning to see what she was looking at. Your eyes widened when you saw Jared driving the impala with Jensen riding shotgun while he hung out the window. Only that wasn’t what made your eyes bulge, the sight of your German Shepherd in the backseat of the car is what did you in.

Discarding the plate you were making yourself on the table you were next to, you quickly walked toward the nearing car. “What are you two doing with my dog?” You shouted at them.

“Taking the pup for a ride!” Jensen yelled back.

Jared stopped the car next to you and spoke over Jensen, “Yeah, we went on lunch and you just left her in your trailer! How dare you Y/N/N?” He joked.

“I was grabbing my lunch and sneaking some turkey for her from catering!” You exclaimed while pointing towards the table you had tossed the food onto.

“Oh.” Jared replied as he glanced back at your dog in the back who was whining for you.

You shook your head at the boys playful antics, “Come on Eeva.” You called out before turning around and making your way back to the food. You could make out the noise of Eeva jumping out of the Impala’s window before you heard Jensen’s shouting.

“Hey. Hey! Watch the paint job mutt!”

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