#omg can you imagine lil tot alec? #pretending to run the institute and having jace and izzy pretending to take orders # i want a flash back #also reminder alec’s wanted this his whole life. some of it was for his parents reasons, some of it was his own.# none the less he has wanted it. #he always thought he’d have to choose between this and love and now he has both. #and his mother is finally admitted she was wrong and loving him whole hearty. 


06.09.17 - Lee Hyeri, the 10 billion won girl, big laugh, food fighter, hyericules, Jamsil Goddess, and cutie maknae of Girl’s Day. You have shown so many strengths and sides of you in your 22nd year, from winning 6 awards through your leading roles in ‘Reply 1988′ and ‘Entertainer,’ making it to 3rd place on Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list, to becoming the face of over 30 endorsements. You have proven that you don’t back down from a challenge and everyday you surprise me with your endurance and humility. I say this so often, but I will forever be proud to call you my role model. I wish even more success and above all happiness in your 23rd year.

Happy Hyeri Day to my one and only boo ♥

Seventeen looks like...

Seungkwan looks like Eunkwang (BtoB)

Jun looks like Heechul (SuJu)

Jeonghan looks like Key (SHINee)

Woozi looks like Suga (BTS)

Vernon looks like Leonardo di Caprio 

The8 looks like Bambam (GOT7) 

Wonwoo looks like Jongup (B.A.P.)

Hoshi looks like Jongup (B.A.P.)

Dino looks like Jongup (B.A.P.)

Mingyu looks like this bunny 

Joshua looks like Gongchan (B1A4)

DK looks like Hyunsik (BtoB)

S.Coups looks like Miley Cyrus