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I got a few prompt requests about what if Tadashi’s leg braces broke mid fight and the team + Hiro had to step in to defend him, so here this is. I haven’t done an armordashi comic in a while and I realLY WANTED TO DO ONE so the prompt requests were perfect. (For those who are new: In armordashi AU, Tadashi survived the fire but is paralyzed from the waist down, though Hiro built him some leg braces to help him walk again, and he then basically becomes a hero along with everyone else)

Maaaaaan I have so many feelings towards the team working together to keep the two nerd bros safe, even Hiro tries his hardest for Tadashi because he doesn’t wanna risk almost losing him again. Of course that’s not to say Tadashi can’t pull some Captain America with his shields, with or without his legs. He’s a tough cookie.

Bonus page:

Inktober 13/10/16 - Bonzai

A perfectly normal tree. Nothing to see here.
I won’t be posting tomorrow, I’m in dire need of a break. I’ll be catching up during the following days, though!
Un arbre tout à fait ordinaire. Rien d’inhabituel par ici.
Je ne posterai pas demain, j’ai terriblement besoin d’une petite pause. Je me rattraperai les jours suivants, ne vous en faites pas !