my bones may be falling apart

when you go from a bad situation into a better one you may collapse exhausted and unsure what to do and full of grief, you may need time to regain the ability to do things as yourself or motivated by anything other than terror, you may need time to process or mourn or fall apart in ways you could not before, and people may use this as proof that the old situation was better for you, proof that you need to go back, and it is not proof that it was better for you or proof that you need to go back

Broken bones. Broken window. Broken hearts. Where's the spark??

Broken bones. Broken window. Broken hearts.

This is chronologically our love (falling apart).

A disaster of cause + effect, resentment.

Passion fueling tempers, violence.

Attached like abandoning all hope but not forsaking

Our co-dependency. We are waiting,

Debating, chasing the next high.

Your body feels like poetry, no rhyme.

No reason – you try to reason with me still.

My submission – your needs may never be fulfilled.

I’ll struggle + strive towards compliance.

Your cold tongue when I am defiant.

To break these chains I must learn loneliness.

But what’s existence without you?

Ugliness –

You are the allurement of life, a lustful kiss.

If you ever depart, I assure you’ll be missed.

If only sweet beginnings meant a heavenly forever…

Hell relinquish me. I am burning in your embers.

I will walk this miserable Earth a thousand goddamn times,

If only to see that fire reawakened, the love within your eyes.

-Demi Giro aka littlewing4 3.15.17

Step into the light so that your scars gleam,
And your tears shine.
Let me run my fingers along your skin,
So that I may feel your broken bones
And weary muscles.

I am not a healer, but I promise you,
I can show you what it feels like to be cared for.
I will caress every scar with appreciation
And brush your tears away so that you can see clearly.
I will wrap those brittle bones in tight cloth
So that you won’t fall apart.
And lastly, I will be there to take your hand,
Whispering sweet nothings until you rest.

—  x-tigger