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Day 18 - Favourite Supporting Female Character

Bulma Briefs

Does Bulma even count as a ‘supporting’ character? I don’t even know anymore…But either way she deserves appreciation. Bulma is one of my favourite Dragon Ball characters to be honest, A lot of people would say she’s useless because she can’t fight but are they forgetting she made most of the technology they use in the show? Like seriously this woman is a complete genius and I really like how even though she’s really intelligent, they didn’t feel like they had to turn her into some anti-social geek girl; like Bulma is stylish as heck! Anyway, she’s also half of my OTP and I’m in love with the fact that she plays such a huge role in Vegeta’s amazing character development. Not to mention she’s sassy as heck, she even slapped Beerus for God’s sake! 

That’s my BULMA!!

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