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sorry if this question seems dumb but, when you want a specific pose for a person you want to draw, how do you find a good reference? its kinda hard to reference in my head. Do you have any tips?

it’s not a dumb question at all!

honestly, I don’t use references as often as I probably should lmao rip

for most simple poses, I won’t use a reference, but possibly use my own body/reflection if I need any help (I reference my reflection more for expressions than for poses)

for more complex poses(crouching/sitting, poses with foreshortening, etc) I’ll go online and collect a few images that are as close to the pose I have in mind. Depending on the complexity of the pose, I’ll often loosely trace a reference image to get a foundation, and then I’ll add details from there as necessary. If I have multiple images then I’ll reference those when I need to.

**sidenote** There are several deviantart accounts like SenshiStock that are pose reference databases. Google is also a good tool, just type a descriptor of your pose and sometimes adding “stock” to the search helps too.

As for an example! I drew this traditionally, so I couldn’t trace anything, but the pose wasn’t so challenging that I really needed to.

And here’s what my search looked like:

As you can see, there isn’t one picture that matches EXACTLY. I used a lot of them as reference (most notably the first image). I knew I wanted one of Lance’s legs to be up in the air, so I kept scrolling until I found something close enough.

It’s good to thumbnail a pose a couple times before you draw it, too. Especially in traditional media.

Remember, referencing photos is ok but always make sure to change it enough that it isn’t plagiarism!!!

Why we still need feminism

Because my reproductive health should not be up for political debate.

Because condoms are affordable or even free, but my birth control pills, that do so much more than just prevent pregnancy, may not be for much longer.

Because people want to defund Planned Parenthood over one service that is not federally funded, despite how much it has helped people.

Because people want to take safe abortion away or limit it in ways that will kill people.

Because I had to learn about my body from tumblr.

Because I needed YouTube to tell me the truth about myths involving sex.

Because my sex ed classes taught me nothing.

Because stay at home moms are thought to have it easy.

Because working moms are judged for not spending all of their time with their kids and stay at home dads are judged for not being the money maker.

Because gender roles are still prominent.

Because girls are labeled hoes for everything from snapchat filters to our clothes and we can’t wear tank tops and shorts to school when it’s hot out because we could distract boys and some of us have even been dress coded for jeans, tee shirts, and our knees and collar bones.

Because female nipples are inappropriate but male’s aren’t and our bodies can be used as sex appeal to sell things but it is dirty, gross, and inappropriate to use them for their natural purpose.

Because women may feel uncomfortable going places alone. Going places at a certain time of day. Going places dressed a certain way. Going places.

Because our president has been accused of rape and assault, even bragged about trying to get with a married woman and grabbing women by the pussy because he can and he brushed it off as locker room talk as if it’s something every man does, and people see him as a good guy who represents the American people. And people continue to say that rape accusations destroy lives.

Because of Brock Turner. Because there was a man convicted of assault who is spending his nights in prison and his days in school. Because a teenager raped a BABY on video, was tried as an adult, and isn’t serving the prison sentence he deserves.

Because women get away with domestic abuse and rape and their male victims are laughed at.

Because people will lean towards the mother in a custody battle.

Because there are still people who harshly judge interracial couples.

Because homosexual marriage was only recently legalized and it could be taken away.

Because of everyone in the LGBT+ community who has died or been hurt as a result of a hate crime.

Because people think “black lives matter” means only black lives matter.

Because the wage gap is real and rooted in sexism.

Because I know that others have it worse than me because of their race, sexual orientation, gender identity, health, class, etc. and I can’t even begin to imagine.

Because not everyone has health insurance and many who do now could be losing it soon and will DIE.

Because not everyone agrees healthcare is a right.

Because I have to deal with sexist jokes and rape jokes and people will tell me to lighten up when I don’t think they’re funny.

Because I have to worry if I’m being too nice to a guy and what could happen to me if I am.

Because celebrities can’t have an opinion without being told to stay out of politics and risk losing fans because they support equality.

Because rape victims are afraid to come forward for various reasons, including fear of being blamed or shamed.

Because pregnant teenagers are judged for aborting and judged for keeping.

Because women are sexualized our whole lives, but if we own that sexuality, it’s a problem.

Because a guy can have sex with many girls and be praised, but if a girl has sex with multiple guys she’s a whore.

Because people think that a girl having a lot of sex makes her loose.

Because people think a girl’s first time has to hurt.

Because a man can hold a sign that says “you deserve rape” and someone will defend his freedom of speech.

Because people on every continent joined in protesting not only for our rights, but also against the president and we are still called sore losers.

Because catcalling is overall accepted by society.

Because there are still people who believe wives should be subservient to their husbands.

Because women in other countries have it so much worse.

And because people ask why the women’s march took place. And these were just the reasons I could think of within an hour.

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May I have a blessing to be more comfortable in my own body please?🌹💐💫💚💫💐🌹thank you for doing these :3!!!

( ◜◒◝ )♡

Your body loves you. Your body wants to support you. Your body is here for you.

Remember these phrases of Power when you are in need:

“I love and enjoy my body.”

“I accept my body.“

“My body is important.”

“I feel pleasure and abundance with every breath I take.”

“I allow myself to experience pleasure.”

“I am at home in the physical world.” Please repeat this phrase now, with love and care for yourself.

(´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) ♡

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i'm thinking about going vegetarian. what are the health benefits?

Honestly vegetarian is super easy to switch to from being an omnivore. You can pretty much eat whatever you have been eating just no meat since you still have dairy products in your diet. 

I honestly can’t say what the health benefits are because there are vegetarians who eat very clean and vegetarians who don’t. Either is fine, I’m not the nutrition or diet police and I wouldn’t shame anyone for what they decide to fuel their body with.

Since I was vegetarian for the first 16 years of my life (I have been vegan since May of 2016) I couldn’t tell you if there is a big switch to physical health because literally my body functions without meats and doesn’t need that source to get the nutrition I need to function. 

Going vegan has made me feel a lot less sluggish and also I have incredibly less congested because I’m not ingesting dairy products.

A poem by moi

I look in the mirror
Is this really me?
I stare with revolution
I don’t like what I see
I pinch at my body
I want it to change
I’ll never be pretty
Am I too fat for my age?
I’m comparing my face shape
My body, my thighs
My arms and my shoulders
I need a disguise
Why can’t I be this perfect soul?
I’m so many diets away from my goal
My confidence is unwinding like a frayed seam
All of this change seems a little extreme
The media had edited
All of our minds
It’s drained all the colours from our lives
Am I more than a number?
Am I more than a size?
It’s drained all the colours from all of our minds
Maybe one day we will notice
The media is untrue
What you see in a magazine isn’t really you
You are more than a number
Just take a look and see
Look at all of the colours
Within your personality
Don’t let it change you
Or eat at your construction
You are special and you are you
Don’t be the victim of medias destruction
(Christie, aged 18, UK)

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