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Sensually peel Lemon. Kiss the shade s. Insert a straw. Suck the liquid: lemon blood. Get a knife and smile like the sadist you are. Lemon screams fall on deaf ears. Knock knock: Its the police.


literally all i did was peel a lemon omg

like listen that juicer isn’t mine okay i’m holding it for a friend. this has all been a set-up i’m innocent dude

So it’s been about 2 hours with the ankle braces on and they’re not perfect but they straightened and stabilized my ankles by like? 30-50%? and it does feel better

I want stay positive about my body image and shape, but damn, you don’t know how much I wish I was twenty pounds lighter and fitter. I’m having a real rough time with maintaining a happy body image. I started birth control and my emotions and physical body are all out of whack and I don’t feel like who I am fits into the body in which I reside. I’m having a real hard time feeling sexy or beautiful from the neck down.

I’m not trying to body shame myself, I’m just trying to be real with you all. I like to share my body positivity on the good days, but sometimes you just need to vent on those days you don’t feel too hot. 😞


Since I last posted on Friday morning - I have been working.  Literally working day and night on the various projects trying to get caught back up again.  I did not get as much done as I wanted to but I did make a big enough dent to feel better about where I am this morning and ready to take on the week.

That said, it meant early morning to very late at night and when that alarm went off at 4:30am today I just did not know if I had swim practice in me.  I hit snooze, then hit it again and then one more time.  And finally I forced myself out of bed, got dressed, got Annie moving and made it to practice with minutes to spare.

Was another practice that has long rest periods at each of intervals but you had to go all out on most rounds - so I was happy to have that extra time to try and recover my heart rate and breathing rate some.  Still an area of my body that needs much more work but its certainly getting better. 

After swim I came home got a few things emailed out (and of course I am having email problems with them coming back undelivered to one of my clients all of a sudden.  Not sure what that is about). 

And then it was off to the Dentist for a 6 month checkup and cleaning, and everything looks good! 

Now I am home and back to work. 

Speaking of home my Dad was released from the hospital yesterday.  He actually wasn’t happy about coming home (very unusual for him) as he said he didn’t feel ready.  He has not really eaten since Tuesday and felt weak and was worried about the effort it was going to take to get home and in the house etc.  He actually used a medical van service to bring him home - as insurance covers it and it includes them getting him into the house via wheelchair. 

If you are thinking - why did he get sent home if he is that weak - well we can thank insurance for that. 

My mom was super stressed about it all, as it becomes a huge amount of work for her and we all worry about his risk of falling etc.  My sister and the kids live with them now, so that helps my mom some but it’s still stressful that he himself did not feel up to coming home yet - as that has never happened before - he usually chomping at the bit to be released.   Fingers crossed things go smoothly and he starts to feel better once his appetite comes back. 

Ok onto the swim workout details:

6x50 on 1:00/1:!0
1-3 descend
4-6 build a 25 to fast turn, finish easy

8x75 on 4:00
These are all out, 100% effort. The idea is to push full effort past the 50 mark, so that racing a 50 feels “short” (down the road).
25 easy after each

100 easy

8x50 kick with fins
25 tombstone
25 quick

100 easy swim

Then more yards until I hit 2000 (and to make up for the fact I did not have time to get warm up yards in).


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WINNER ;; poor babies can't catch a comeback jfc I've been waiting and everything hurts. Did they ever release the director's cut for body? Because I need that shit in my life for science ofc.

Nah, I don’t think they released a director’s cut yet. YG favors BlackPink so, for now, I don’t see a comeback for Winner… :(

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Tumblr recommended me one of the terrible blogs you'd posted a screenshot of a while back and my soul was violently ejected from my body

im the only blog u need

hi friends. I haven’t talked about it much, but tomorrow I will be having a gastric sleeve procedure at OCC in Tijuana MX with Dr. Ortiz. my weight has been a struggle so far in my adult life, and no matter how hard I tried to change my eating and physical exercise habits I just couldn’t seem to get healthier. this on top of my depression issues and high blood pressure, I feel this is what I need to do to relearn how to nourish my body. I am so excited for this change, and hope to come out the best version of me I know I deserve to be.

im staying home from school today because the xanax took a toll on my body along with the abuse, but i am okay! i just need a day. and the weekend was great. i am surrounded by people who love me