my body my shrine


MCM Manchester 2016- Part One (SU cosplays)

I had such an amazing time at manchester comic con this weekend! There were so many lovely people and amazing cosplays. Thank you to everyone who was so kind about my bird mom cosplay (even tho the face paint was so dead by the end of the day lmao) and please let me know if you see yourself in any of the photos so that I can tag you! The adorable lil pearl was drawn by the lovely @jellie-bee (your Bob cosplay was on point I can’t believe that I don’t have any photos ;n;)

smol peridot: @tonightimhighasaprivatejet, tol peridot: @mokkaquillart, amethyst: @imondeckyeahimupnext, rose quartz (hugging): @cevvie, pearl with the little star (idk how else to differentiate you omg): @eri-dan, cotton candy garnet: @kvrta, hugging rupphire: @imdoingthisbecauseiloveyou, @rachyyyyxxx , blue flower crown ruby: @lucycarlyle

Through my empty veins runs a wolf,
On my blackened tongue he sleeps,
In my wild eyes he finds a mirror,
And every beat of his heart sets
My body HOWLING.

Strip away my flesh, give it back to crows,
My body is his shrine and he visits
As he pleases, letting me know
That I am worth PRESERVING.

I love my wolf
—  I love how he sharpens my fangs.