my body isn't ready!

After seeing all of the BTS for Carmilla the Movie, I noticed the lack of Danny. She wasn’t one of my favorite characters, but I still liked her and I hope she gets closure in the movie. 

So here’s a throwback to season 1 Danny pulling Carmilla out of the pit.

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Fuck don't start making me crush on Mark strong, I've already got enough hard ons on enough unattainable men B(

I’m sorry, there’s just no help for it, I mean…

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Have you

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Seen him?

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Everybody keeps blaming me

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But like

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No i fucking well did not

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So go get mad at god ( and this is for @inkstainsinmyheartandhands as well, who’s also blaming me for Mark Strong taking over her ovaries)

Look at this

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So just soak it all in and when your life lay in ruins please direct your blame toward the god of your choice! :)

sheith // windless

Words: 705

Keith with an undercut started on twitter and ended with me screaming into the void. This is the product of it.
And then Andy blessed us with this.

✂️ ✂️ ✂️

The snip of scissors is the only sound breaking the silence. Calm and rhythmic, as tender as Shiro’s hands lost in black strands. Short strands; the transition to shaved hair at the back of Keith’s neck seamless.

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So was scolling though tumblr. Just another normal day and I saw a “my body is ready” gif and I had never heard of that certian one and i deided to seach the internet to see what it is excatly and I was not disappointed.

Because there as stuff like this…

Then you have things that need no explanation…

Then these