my body is your party

Strip/Lap Dance Songs

So this a list of songs I want someone to strip to for me/ give me a lap dance to. If you have any suggestions, please add:

“Dance for you”-Beyoncé
“Buttons”- PussyCat Dolls
“The Valley”- Miguel
“Skin”- Rihanna
“Touch My Body”- Mariah Carey
“Freakum Dress”- Beyoncé
“Your Body”- Christina Aguilera
“Body Party”- Ciara
“Sexercise”- Kylie Minogue
“Honey”- Erykah Badu
“Sexxx Dreams”- Lady Gaga
“Anaconda”- Nicki Minaj
“Often”- The Weeknd
“High for This”- The Weeknd
“Hipnotizame”- Wisin y Yandel

I Had Him

Pairing/Characters: pre-serum!Steve x Reader, Bucky Barnes, OMC (Eddie)

Warnings: um smUT liKE I PROMISED A DuH, jealous steve, insecure steve, lmao Sargeant kink like don’t evEN FigHT mE, praise kinkkkk, oral (MR), heaps of dirty talk, unprotected sex (wrap it up before you fuck up) spanking, a bit of angst maybe? Idk reader bewareee

Summary: Inspired by some dream I had the other night and the conversation I had with the lovely @acklesdowneyandhiddles-ohmy

Word Count: 2537

A/N: I’m proud of the title cause double meanings are incredible hA but all I’m gonna say is: Good luck… I’m not an asshole, I just love you guys

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Lovely Tummy (Hoseok/Reader)

Prompt: hoseok smut where he convinces her to sit on his face even though shes insecure abt her tummy? (pet name kitten would be cool too, but not necessary💙)

Author : Admin Nan

Genre: Smut


Summary: You stared at your naked reflection restlessly. (Warning: oral, body worship, nudity)

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#WCWonFriday @msdamn #demgroceriestho #hercaptiontho — From now on, I think I want to wear only a thong & body paint to all my parties. Pack your bags, @makeupbychristin.louise (<– #bodypainter) 😆 #msdamn the #naijaprincess #msdamnbirthday

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Songs each sign should listen too prt2

aries: don’t let me down ( illenium remix )

taurus: paris jones- okay ft angel haze

gemini: lana del rey- body electric

cancer: nf- got you on my mind

leo: karmin- crash your party

virgo: partynextdoor- grown woman

libra: jhene aikó- beautiful ruin

scoprio: think up anger ft malia- smells like teen spirit

sagittarius: odesza- without u

capricorn: chris brown- party hard/ cadillac
aquarius: m83- midnight city

pisces: longlost- eternity

Body party (Devin Booker smut imagine)

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(Warning: Explicit content!)

“My body is your party, baby

Nobody’s invited but you baby

I can do it slow now, tell me what you want"

Her hips grind into his effortlessly, his hands gripping her waist trying to keep himself in control of his actions.

It was a normal and smooth day until Devin got home. He noticed that the lights were dimmed and can hear a song playing from the stereo.

Walking further into his house he noticed a chair in the middle of the living room floor. He was confused as to what was going on until he heard light footsteps descending down the stairs.

Y/n, his girlfriend of three years, came down dressed in nothing but a pair of spandex and his practice jersey.

Slowly walking closer to him, she shoves her hand on his chest pushing him to the seat. Once seated the stereo that was playing the music was turned up. It was loud enough for both of them to hear, but not enough to cause a noise complaint.

“Just sit back, and enjoy this.”

She whispered before tugging on his earlobe between her teeth, causing his eyes to shut close.

Beginning to grind into him she circles her hips against his, knowing that this drove him a little crazy. Y/n loved being a tease, it would only make Devin even more aggressive and that’s what she liked.

“You can keep your hands on me, touch me right there, rock my body
I can’t keep my hands off you, your body is my party”

His hands never once left her body, lifting her leg up she turns her body around so that her ass is directly on his growing erection.

Circling and swaying, she kept the motion slow feeling Devin get harder by the minute. She reached her hand back, and slightly tugged on the nape of his neck.

She leaned her face up to his neck, slowly grazing his skin with her teeth. Devin couldn’t help but shudder at the feeling, his mind losing and slipping into euphoria.

“Jesus Y/n”

He tugged on the jersey, slowly raising it above her waist. She turned back around so they were face to face and connected her lips to his.

He bit at her lip, and slowly slid his tongue in, they both didn’t see a need to dominate each other. Their tongues slowly massaged each other as he then took the jersey off of her.

"If mines off so is yours.”

Grabbing at his tight black v-neck crew, y/n feels his muscles and skin. Her nails dragged along him giving him goosebumps as she finally took off his shirt.

Connecting their lips again Devin stands up lifting y/n up with him and carries them to the couch.

He sits down and leans against the sofa as y/n stayed on top of him. She continued to move her hips which in the end finally made him lose control.

“Boy you should know that your love is always on my mind
I’m not gonna fight it, I want it all the time”

His fingers pulled on the hem of her spandex causing her to get excited. Slipping his fingers in, a moan escaped y/n’s mouth as she felt him touch her spot.

His fingers slowly teasing her by rubbing hard, slow circles. She was almost panting as she leaned her head to the side against him. His mouth hooking onto her neck, marking her.


Her gasps encouraged him, and he stuck his fingers into her. It wasn’t fast, tonight was one of those nights where they wanted to feel everything of each other.

Keeping the slow pumps of his fingers y/n moves her hips trying to gain friction. She could feel a familiar tug in her stomach that signaled she was about to release.

Her palms tightened around his neck, causing a groan to leave his throat. So when her release came, she couldn’t help but let out the moans and pants.

“Baby take your time now, there’s no need to rush
We can go another round, if that’s what you want
Cause tonight is going down, yeah you know it’s going down
We in the zone now, don’t stop”

Moving her hands down to pull on the strings of his shorts. Devin’s hands grab onto y/n’s wrist placing them back on his chest, shaking his head at her.

“Not tonight, it’s all about you.”

Sliding her spandex down her smooth legs, she lifts herself up so Devin can take his shorts off. She could feel the tip of him hovering right underneath her.

Slowly sliding down a stuttering gasp choked throughout y/n’s throat. Devin couldn’t help but groan and lean his head back at the pleasure.

Slowly rocking her hips, Devin buries his face in her neck. Slowly and gently biting down on her skin, licking from her collar bone all the way up to behind her ear.

He thrust his hips up to meets hers, her moans and gasps were paused by Devin’s lips. They were feeling everything, the raw vulnerability, the emotions, the aching pleasure, but most of all their love for each other.

Their hips continued to meet, but their eyes never left each other. y/n didn’t see lust in his eyes, she saw love, happiness, and passion.

Leaning over her Devin moves her on the base of the couch, huddling over her. Keeping the tender slow pace, y/n’s legs wrapped around his waist causing him to go deeper.

Hitting her g-spot each and every time, y/n could feel herself about to release once again. Latching her teeth on his neck, more pleasure was given to her as Devin’s lips latched on to one of her breast.

Her back arched of the sofa, so Devin took that as the opportunity to wrap his arms around her lower waist, which caused him to go deeper than before.

“D-Devin, o-oh my g-god.”

y/n was a stuttering mess as she released, it was only a few more long thrust after that when Devin came, spilling himself inside her.

Both lie there, their arms wrapped around each other as they breath deeply. Leaning down to kiss her one more time Devin pulls away.

“I love you.”

y/n smiled and closed her eyes but not before saying,

“I love you to.”



“I’m good at moving my body.”

When Reiner is in your party, Bertholdt’s attack rises by 70 percent.


“As a warrior I’ll do my duty until the end.”


When Bertholdt is in your party, Reiner’s attack gets a 2.5x power boost, and his defense decreases by 30 percent.

The reibert in counterattack is too much some times. Reiner literally leaves himself more vulnerable to protect Bertholdt. 

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Hellloo(: could you do a BTS reaction to what song they'd listen to during sex? 💗💗 Thank you.

Yoongi - Adorn ~ Miguel
“These lips can’t wait to taste your skin, baby”, “let my love adorn you, baby”.

Hoseok - Birthday Sex ~ Jeremih
“Is your birthday so I know you want to ride out”, “just tell me where you want your gift”.

Jimin - Na Na ~ Trey Songs
“Look what you started, why you gotta act so naughty”, “I'mma give you what you like”.

Seokjin - Body Party ~ Ciara
“Touch me, right there, rock my body”, “your body’s my party”.

Jungkook - Lay You Down ~ Usher
“Cause I’ll touch you with my mind, kiss you with my body”, “I’ll provide you with special kind of lovin”.

Taehyung - Come Get It Bae - Pharrell
“None of them boys know the first thing about your fantasy”, “you wanna ride it, my motorcycle”.

Namjoon - Earned It ~ The Weeknd
“You’re always worth it and you deserve it”, “it made us believe there was only us”.

I spent 2 hours looking up sex songs, hope you like it!


You Feel Insecure - Ashton Irwin Imagine

Requested! I know how this feels and it really sucks but I promise you that you’re beautiful :)

Your boyfriend had invited you to a party, but not just any party…it was going to be a pool at this party. Pool parties have never been your thing, ever. You hated the idea of being around a ton of people in your bathing suit while there were other people in their bathing suits that looked way better than you. Ash had invited a few of his friends that you weren’t really familiar with, they were mostly people he knew from school. All week you had been thinking of excuses why you couldn’t come. He knew your parents weren’t busy and you couldn’t tell him you’d already made plans. It was finally the day of the party that you’d been dreading for weeks. Maybe I can tell him I forgot my suit? you thought, It’s specifically a pool party, how could I forget. You threw your things in a bag and drove over to Ashton’s house. There was a ton of cars outside his house already and you could hear the music coming from the backyard. “Y/N! Hey, babe” Ashton greeted you with a peck on the lips. He introduced you to a few people that you didn’t recognize. Once you walked outside, two girls in bikinis ran up to Ashton, “Ash! Come take pictures with us!” they exclaimed. “Sure! Y/N, why don’t you go put your bathing suit on, hm?” he said, winking at you. “Uh, yea” you replied, heading back inside. You climbed the steps inside and headed into Ashton’s room. Instead of changing, you sat on Ash’s bed and went through your twitter feed. Photos of Ashton with girls were already online, and you couldn’t help but burn the images of them into your eyes. Flat stomachs, thigh gaps, and perfect figures stared back at you. You glanced past their bodies and to Ashton’s hands, they were pressed against the girls sides. Tears were beginning to form in your eyes as you scrolled through the pictures. “Y/N? Are you in there?” you heard Ashton say from behind the door after he knocked. “No, just…just a minute” you said, attempting to wipe your tears away. God, doesn’t Ashton own tissues? you thought as you looked around the room. “Hey, are you okay? I’m coming in” Ashton said, opening the door. He looked shocked when he saw your state of tears. “What’s wrong?” he asked, sitting next to you. “Yea, I’m fine” you smiled despite the tears still threatening to fall. “No, what’s wrong?” he moved his hands to your face and looked into your eyes, his face full of concern. “Ashton, I just don’t feel comfortable…” you paused trying to think of the correct wording but giving up, “All of the other girls are so beautiful with their amazing bodies and bubbly personalities. I’m just fat and spending my time ruining your party because I’m crying like a loser in your bedroom. I just wanna be perfect” you blurted out. “Babe, what are you talking about? You’re absolutely stunning. I don’t even see any of those other girls because I spend too much time staring at you” he said, taking your hands in his. “You’re not ruining my party either, except the fact that the rest of the guys here don’t get to see you in a bikini, but you know I’m always going to be here when you need me. I love everything about you, even if you hate parts of yourself” he smiled. “Thanks, Ash” you smiled back. He kissed you on the nose. “Now, get in your suit and come outside so I can show off my beautiful girlfriend to everyone”.

Disrespectful: A Trey Songz & Mila J Short

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Boy you so special, I don’t mind being disrespectful …


I was in my room putting the finishing touches on my outfit for the night. Trey was on his way over, and I couldn’t way to get my hands on him. We were living our own record, and to say it was fun was an understatement. We were both in separate relationships, and have been for sometime now, but our attraction to each other was hot like fire.

We’ve been doing this for about seven months now, and no one has suspected a thing. I knew for sure that if his girl Amber or my man Bobby was to find out about this they’d probably kill us. Crazy part is how we don’t give a fuck, we only care about each other. That man is special, so I literally don’t mind being disrespectful.

I clipped the straps on my garter belt, and slipped my feet into my black patten leather Piagelle Christian Louboutin heels. I looked over myself in the mirror, and smiled. I looked good, and I knew Trey was going to love everything I had planned for him tonight.

I quickly went to retrieve my phone to make sure I called Bobby. I opened my iPhone 6, and immediately dialed him. I did not want him disturbing the night I had planned. He had an appearance anyways so I knew I was in the clear. A year ago when I started dating B.o.B I thought he was it, but then I met Trey, and everything changed.

“Hey baby you miss a nigga huh?” He said through the phone making me laugh.

“I do, how’s tour?” I said as I sat in front the vanity and applied some red lipstick to my lips.

“It’s cool, I can’t wait to see you next week. I miss that good shit” he said, and I could just see him biting his lips.

“Is that so? Mm well it’s right here waiting on you when you come home” I said enticingly.

He chuckled and I then someone from the background came in, and started talking to him. They came just in time because I heard Trey pulling in the driveway. I smirked thinking about what was to come.

“Aye, baby I gotta go it’s about time for me to head on stage. I’ll call you in the morning. Keep my side of the bed warm” he said.

“Ok, break a leg” I said to him before hanging up.

“Yeah, your side of the bed will be warm alright” I said lowly as I got up, and made sure everything was in place and grabbing my silk robe putting it on making sure to leave it untied.

The doorbell rang, and I descended my way down the spiral staircase to the front door. When I opened the door he was leaning real cool against the door frame. He looked like a sex God in the all black ensemble he has on.

“Damn” he said biting his lip taking in my barely there attire.

“You like daddy?” I asked doing a slow sexy twirl for him.

“Nah baby I love it” he said walking in and pulling me in roughly for a kiss.

Trey’s lips were as soft as a cloud. They were nice and plump, and when they roamed my body I could die and go to heaven. His right hand reached up to cup my chin, and he leaned down to meet my awaiting lips. We kissed real slow at first, our lips gliding sensually against each other. He bit down on my bottom lip, and I moaned into his mouth allowing him to enter his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues wrestles with one another as he deepened the kiss.

Before I got carried away I pulled back from the kiss, and proceeded to head upstairs. I made sure to give him a show with a nice sway in my hips on the way up. I knew he was itching to get his hands on me, but I had something in store for him first. If I never made him forget he had a girlfriend before then tonight was the night he would. He was going to begging to touch my body.

Once we got to the room I pointed to the chair that I placed in front of the bed and huge wall mirror I had. “Baby what’s all this?” He asked as he took a seat looking around at all the little items I had laid out.

“Relax, I got you daddy” I said straddling his lap to cuff his wrists together.

“Mila” he protested, but I smirked and gave him a reassuring kiss.

I dropped my robe and sat on the floor in front of him, using the remote I had to start up the iHome. Ciara’s “Body Party” rang through the speakers. I could see he was eager to get started, but we were doing this my way.

Yeah, right there
No, right there
I was having fun
I hope you’re having fun too

I gladly opened my legs in a wide V revealing my plump cocoa colored snatch. He looked at me and licked his lips slowly. I smirked, and slowly closed them back before rolling over on my knees poking my butt out. I stood up slowly and rolled my hips to the beat. It was no secret that dancing was my thing, so I was showing out completely.

I walked closer to him, and put my right leg on top of his left one. I leaned forward, and pecked his lips, before dropping my leg taking a seat on his lap. I rolled my hips nice and slow, and I could feel him growing rapidly beneath me.

My body is your party, baby
Nobody’s invited but you baby
I can do it slow now, tell me what you want
Baby put your phone down, you should turn it off
Cause tonight it’s going down, tell your boys it’s going down
We in the zone now, don’t stop

“Let me out Mila” he grunted pulling on the cuffs, but not winning the fight against breaking out of them.

I pushed my chest up in his face as I unclasped the back of my bra slowly let it fall. He dragged it off with his teeth, and threw it to the side. I pushed him back away from me, and rolled my hips harder making him grunt. By now his breathing was real heavy. I knew the minute I let him loose, he was going to unleash the beast on my body, and I couldn’t wait.

Boy you should know that your love is always on my mind
I’m not gonna fight it, I want it all the time
Boy you should know that your love is always on my mind
And I can’t deny it, I want you,I want you
I can’t lie, I won’t lie, it’s amazing
My faces, the places, you’re taking me

I slid off his lap onto the floor in a split before pushing myself up into my knees as I unbuttoned his jeans. He lifted up as I pulled them off with his all black timbs throwing them to a side. I rubbed my hand up and down his bulge before grabbing his dick through the thin material. He grunted, and I smirked as I freed him from the confined position his briefs were putting him in.

I ran stroked his shaft a few times earning a couple groans of pleasure out of him. “Fuck Jamila let me out!”

I back on top of him, and rubbed my dripping wet pussy on his shaft “you want me daddy? Hmm?”

“Jamila!” He gritted through his teeth at me.

I threw my head back and laughed. I leaned back just enough that I wouldn’t fall, and slipped my fingers between my legs. I was past horny and I was dripping wet at this point. I rubbed my fingers on my clit. I looked up at him, and he was clenching his jaw in the sexiest way ever.

“Mmmmm fuck” I moaned as I rolled my hips to pace of my fingers.

“Mila, when I get up out these handcuffs baby you gonna wish you never fucked with your boy I promise” he said real cool, calm, and collected.“


I was about to lose my mind. Baby girl was driving a nigga crazy. When she let me up out these cuffs I was going to turn her ass inside out. I heard the sound of my track “Inside Pt. 2” and I smirked.

I don’t want nobody more than you
Just want your body on this morning dew
I got these covers laying right for us
Ain’t nobody looking, its just mother nature watching while I’m

"J, baby it’s starting to hurt” I groaned as my dick started jumping from watching her pleasure herself.

She gasped and dropped her bottom jaw “Trey.”

Know that you were scared
You ain’t even want to try
But girl its no surprise
Feels so good I’m bout to cry
While I’m inside” I said to her with the song as leaned forward closer to me.

Those loud moans and intense breathing I usually would hear when I was deep inside her cove started to come out. “Cum for me J.”

She put her face in the crook of my neck and rolled her hips hard and fast all while holding herself up on my lap. Baby girl was shivering and cumming profusely. Once she gained her composure back she looked at me, and smiled before grabbing the key on the bed behind me letting me out the cuffs.

I rubbed my wrists a little bit, and swept her up in my arms throwing her on the bed behind us. I removed my boxer briefs completely and shirt throwing them to the side before climbing on the bed on top of her. I attacked her lips with mine all while slipping all this dick up inside her. She bit my bottom lip hard and cried out.


“Shut your ass up, and take it” I gritted at her as I pinned her legs back to her shoulders.

She cried out arching her back taking in more of me. I was hitting her with a strong hard thrust, as I watched her expressions closely. I grabbed her hands pinning them above her head pounding her pussy real hard. Her loud breathless moans were like music to my ears as well as motivation.

“Ba-babyyy damn it” she moaned loudly as she panted underneath me.

I felt her hips start to buck against mine as I started sucking on her neck. Sweat was beginning to drip off our bodies as temperatures rose. Her pussy felt so nice and hot squeezing around my dick as I fucked her with no remorse. Juices ran down the backs of her thighs as he rolled her hips meeting my thrusts causing me to groan out.

“Damn girl.”

I let go of her hands and leaned up so I could grab her hips and slam them into mine. I bit my lip watching the way she was slowly losing herself for me. Damn Jamila was something sexy to look at when I fucked her, especially when her hair went crazy when she made those pleasure faces.

“I’m, I’m gunna cu-cu-cum fuck” she whimpered as she started tightening up on my dick with no control.

She arched her back completely off the bed as she gripped the bedsheets in her hands tightly. I wrapped my hand around her neck and choked her making sure to keep my rapid momentum as she started breaking apart in tiny pieces all over me.

“Cum on this dick, J” I gritted at her as she convulsed all over me and the bed sheets.

I continued to fuck her through her orgasm as she dug her nails into my forearms. My dick jerked and I groaned out lowly. I slowed down my death stroke as my balls tightened up, and I shot my load deep inside of her “fuuuuuuuuuuckkk!”

She dropped her legs against the bed, and I pulled out of her more than ready to fall up in it again. “Get that ass up and arch it.”

She smirked at me, quickly turned around arching her back making sure I saw that pretty pussy. I ran my hand all down her back before grabbing and slapping her ass. I put one arm on her hip, and grabbed my dick sliding it all up inside her.

“Oh Trey, this dick baby” she whimpered.

I chuckled and wrapped my hand around her long hair pulling on it “oh you like this dick huh?”

“Mm daddy I love this shit” she said looking back at me biting her lip real sexy.

Without warning I started tearing her pussy up, she was getting no sympathy. She was acting all the way out screaming my name. Shit, my girl couldn’t even make my name sound so sweet. She started throwing that ass back on the dick like she owned it, and I let her do her thing.

“Do ya thing Mila damn” I groaned as I watched her clap that ass on my dick.

“Uh huh, right there baby” she cried.

I dug my fingers into her back dimples and all the control she had was beginning to wither away. She started to slow down, and I felt that tight wet pussy start to milk my dick. I placed my hands on her hips and started power drilling that ass. Both her legs started shaking, and I know what time it was.

“Treyyyyyyy” she cried.

“I know, come on J. Let me feel that” I grunted going deeper inside of her.

“Baby, fuckkk I’m, SHITTTTTT!” She whimpered as she slammed her fists into the bed and came hard.

I felt that euphoric feeling hit me again, and my balls tightened up as my dick swelled up, and I busted inside her love. She pressed her back up against my chest and turned her head to kiss my lips. It wasn’t enough for me so I slipped out of her, and pulled her against me giving her a deep sensual kiss. Moments like this with her as nonchalant as I was toward females I didn’t want them to end.

“Round two?” She said against my lips making me chuckle.

“You can handle that?” I asked laying her back against the pillows.

“Can you handle that?” She said nibbling my lips.

I chuckled “I got you, now let me taste this pussy.”

She giggled and I got to work. I didn’t care about nobody, but her.


We so disrespectful …