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Always my savior // Part 8 (finale)

PAIRINGS: Theo Raeken x Reader



A/N: I hope you enjoy the new and last part of ‘Always my savior’ :) (It’s Theo’s POV btw)

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I carried (Y/N)’s body bridal style through the veterinary clinic door. Placing her on the metal table caused her to groan.

“Sorry, princess.”, I cupped her head in my hands but she was hot.

“I-it’s c-co-cold.”, she stuttered shaking slightly.

“Give me a blanket! NOW!”, I shouted and focused on my girlfriend again. “You’ll be okay, sweetheart! We’ll make it through this.”, grabbing the blanket Malia handed me I wrapped it around (Y/N)’s body.

“My mum is on her way. She’ll be here in any second.”, and as soon as the words got out of Scott’s mouth, Melisa McCall stormed into the room. Taking all the needed stuff she had taken with her, she started checking (Y/N)’s condition.

“Mercury, again?”, she asked.

“I don’t think so.”, Liam answered, “Hayden had the silver substance coming from her nose and mouth.”

“Her pulse is fast but why is she having a temperature? Scott, give me the thermometer!”, Scott followed the orders and gave his mother the device. Putting it in her mouth she began to survey the scars.

“What have they done to the poor girl? Her whole body is riddled and sewed.”, she cried out at the view in front of her.

“I’ll bring her some clothes.”, Malia suggested and exited the room.

“I don’t understand.”, Kira spoke up, “The Dread Doctors said she was a failure, but they were still working on her when we arrived. They hadn’t injected her with mercury. Then why did they count her as an unsuccessful experiment?”

“The Doctors were still implanting her with serums and supernatural parts. Probably her body is somehow rejecting the new cells.”

“That’s impossible!”, Melisa exclaimed and we all looked at her. “It’s showing 41 degrees.”

“What?”, I came closer and looked at her lantern jaws. She was pale and the color of her eyes was with a shade brighter.

“I have no idea how to help her. We don’t know what have been injected in her.”, I felt faint due to those words. She couldn’t be dying! Not now, not when we saved her!

“Theo, Theo…”, somebody was calling my name but the anger and sadness had filled me. I couldn’t lose her, I JUST COULDN’T!

“Theo!”, Stiles slapped me and returned me back in the reality.

“Sorry, I-”, but he interrupted me.

“How did you return Tracy and Hayden’s life back? What did you use?”

“I-um it was a substance from the doctors’ lab from th-”

“Can it work? Can it save her life?”, he demanded.

“I think so.”, hope enthroned my body. A small smile formed on my face and I was ready to storm out and get what would save my princess.

“Theo.”, but her murmuring my name stopped me, “Stay here.”, slowly she grabbed my hands and although they were hot I didn’t let it.

“Anything you want.”, I smiled at her as I watched how her eyes sparkled although the tiredness, “Guys, you have to take it.”

“I’ll do it.”, Scott said

“I’m coming with you!”, Liam shouted and followed his leader out of the building.

“Be fast!”, Melisa raised her voice, too.

“Take me off of this place.”, (Y/N) begged and I cautiously took her in my hands and slowly sat on the floor pressing my back against the cold wall and putting the girl of my life in my lap hugging her closely.

Rubbing her back I tried to get her rid of the coldness she was feeling.

“I’m so sorry, princess. It is all my fault!”, kissing her forehead I closed my eyes hoping that all of this was just a freaking nightmare.

“Don’t Theo, please! Don’t blame yourself.”, I chuckled at her words

“You know I am right. I should have protected you better. I shouldn’t have come in your life and risk it.”, she titled her head back and looked at me with those beautiful (e/c) eyes. That look always made me forget what I had been talking about.. They were hypnotizing me and I just couldn’t look away. They were the small ingresses to the boundless galaxy she actually was. The shining stars symbolizing her dreams, the impenetrable darkness – her deepest secrets and desires.

“Please, don’t say that. No matter what is going to happen I will never ever regret the day I met you, the day I fell for you.”, her fingers traced my face, “I know you hurt me, I know you lied to me and tried to kill Scott but…but something is telling me you really did love me. That all the shared moments, all the laugh, the passion, the kisses…they weren’t just a game for you, a way to get to the pack, they were real.”, she paused to take a breath and looked me directly in the eyes again, “They felt real.”, my heart was beating fast, the butterflies in my stomach started fluttering again.

“Do you remember the day we went on a camp?”, I questioned her.

“Do you mean the failed attempt to actually camp? When you forgot to take the tents and tried to make it all romantic with watching the stars but it began raining?”, she made a pensively expression, “Yeah, I do remember it quite good.”, we both giggled at the memory.

“What I remember was that you were so angry you didn’t speak to me or even kiss me for a week.”

“Yeah, Stiles was so happy, he thought we had broken up.”, (Y/N) shivered. I removed my jacket and placed it on her.

“That was the best day of my life!”, Stiles shouted from the other room which caused us to laugh a little.

“But I meant the camp we made on that vacation with the pack. The foamy waves crashing into the sand, the dark blue sky with all the sparks in it, the black sea and the moving reflections of the millions stars – it looked like a stage for the performing lights.”

“That night is one of my fa-”, she coughed several times.

“Hey, hey, you shouldn’t have given so much force to talk.”, I cupped her face and looked at her with concern.

“But I-”, she swallowed, “I want to talk.”

“No, you won’t. I need to tell you so many things I have never had the opportunity to say. I’m begging you to listen.”, she nodded and positioned herself in my arms.

“That night when you fell asleep between my legs, head pressed on my chest I felt the happiest person in the whole universe. The fire was burning, the sound of wood cracking and waves crashing filled the air. When I looked at the flames all I could think was about you. How you manage to ignite me so easily. With one simple touch you light up flames in my body, you set it on fire. I need you as much as the fire needs its spark to glow and burn. Looking at the black sea I imagined my life without you – an opaque deep abyss, full of monsters chasing me in my dreams, making me go insane, eating me inside, crashing and obliterating me.”, I paused for a second, inhaling and trying to find the perfect words to describe what I was feeling. “You are the light of my life, (Y/N), the one making it funnier, weirder, impassioned, worth living it. I will die if you are not by my side. You are my only anchor, the only thing keeping me from collapsing.”, she smiled but the coughs ruined it. She placed her hand on the mouth and when she removed it there was blood on it. I felt her getting hotter and hotter, I was sweating while she was still pale.

“Are you okay ?”, I touched her face but it was burning.

“I am.”, she nodded but I just couldn’t believe her, “I love you, Theo. I don’t know how to describe it but…”, another cough made her stop for a moment.


“Let me continue, please!”, in response I only nodded, “You made feel things I had never felt before. You made me feel like a real princess. You showed me that there is a person who does cares about me. You were with me in worst times, you were the one leading me to the light in the end of the tunnel, making me find the good in every bad situation and moment.”, by that moment she was crying but the tears were slowly evaporating due to her high heat, “You were my knight in shining armor, my guardian angel watching over me and protecting me.”, she looked at me, I was seeing the sadness in her eyes, the life in them was disappearing. “I love you Theo Raeken.”, she leaned and we connected our lips in a slow yet passionate kiss. All the emotions which were unsaid were now felt. Her pinky lips were burning mine but nothing in the world would separate me from them.  Something deep in me was telling me that this was our last moment. I took her burning hand and placed in on the naked skin under my shirt. The combustion of my flesh was painful but this was the only visible thing reminding me of her. Tears were running down my face as our souls connected into one, bodies burning for each other. She slowly pulled and her eyes filled with tears locked on my.

“No matter what, you’ll always be my savior.”, and with those words she closed her eyes. When I no longer was hearing her heartbeat I closed my eyes making more tears to roll down. I wasn’t going to see her smile, her breathtaking eyes, I would never feel her touch again, I wouldn’t hear her laugh again. She was dead…and so was I inside.

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