my body is reiji


(ノ´ー`)ノ  August said I should post these so woot.  These be my Kino edits for the night haha.

ahh, Konpeito underwear and pirates. Just how I wanted to spend my Friday night //shot. (btw, pirate kino is taken from a cd cover of rejet’s zenryoku series)

I’ll go try to find my pile of shame and sit on it (´;ω ;`)

tbh I think Reiji would make a really awesome swordsman 

anonymous asked:

Reiji vs Ruki in a big cook off who ever make the most delicious meal wins also the reward is get a kiss form me or suck my blood anywhere form my body *winks at them * 😘

♥Reiji: Excuse me? I don’t need to participate in a contest to show my cooking skills… How dare you compare me with that… Half-breed?

♥Ruki:… Hmph. You have already tasted my dishes, Livestock. You know I’m a professional. Also, I’m your Master. I can claim your blood whenever I feel like it.

Sakamaki Shitty Thing: Don't!

♛ Ayato ♛
“Huh? Are you trying to disobey Yours Truly…? … Don’t even try to ignore me like that, you’re mine and only mine, I can do whatever I want! *pins you to the wall* Yours Truly can take your blood and your body, never dare to fight with me again… *bites you*”

♟ Kanato ♟
“What? “Don’t”? You refuse giving me your blood? What a selfish woman you are…! *wraps hands around your neck* I should kill you now! You deserve the worst! … *smiles creepily* Beg me and I may consider forgiving you…. Otherwise, you don’t deserve even being turned into my doll…“

♞ Laito ♞
“Bitch-chan~ Refusing my love like that… It makes me excited even more…! But believe me, you won’t regret what’s going to happen next… Soon, I’ll make you feel really good. There’s no point in lying to yourself, I know you want to feel my fangs… and other parts of my body.”

♝ Reiji ♝
“You are a fool if you think you can refuse me. Just a miserable human like you have no right to complain. You should be grateful that I waste my time with you. But maybe… you are just asking for a punishment? *smirks* Is it what you want? Should I tame you? You will learn how to be obedient…”

♚ Shu ♚
“Shut up… You’re so bothersome… *sighs* Don’t act like you don’t like it… Just give up or it will only hurt you more. You’re just a prey, nothing’s gonna change it, so calm down already. I’ll be gentle… maybe *smirks*”

♜ Subaru ♜
“Now are you trying to escape?! *punches Wall-chan* Agh, what a pain… I told you to keep away from me, you didn’t listen, now you have no right to complain! *pulls you to his chest* Be quiet, I won’t hold back this time… You need to know your place.”

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Prepare your ass for the spam. (?? What would the guys react if their s/o had the lock screen with a picture of them?

((So should I get lubricant orrrrr- Just kidding XD))

Shu - *chuckles softly* “So, you cannot bare to be parted with me or my body for a moment, can you lewd woman?”

Reiji - *coughs a little uncomfortably* “Dear… Did you have to pick a photo with me in such a disheveled state? Certainly, you have others…?”

Ayato - *smirks* “Of course you do! You love Ore-sama a lot after all, right?” *kisses your lips possessively*

Laito - *hums softly* “How cute~ Then, you wouldn’t mind if I put this photo of you on mine~?” *shows you a picture of you naked and flushed much to your embarrassment*

Kanato - *smiles softly* “As well as you should doll. Pay attention only to me, ne?” *pecks your forehead*

Subaru - *blushes before trying to reach for your phone* “T-tch, I-I never said you could do that, stupid woman! Delete that shit.” *huffs and mutters under your incessant teasing* “B-because it is embarrassing goddamn it!”

Kino - *hums* “Hehe, what a sneaky little maid you are~” *shows you proudly his phone* “Look, isn’t this Pipalup I found yesterday just plain cute!?” *snorts at your unamused face* “Did you expect any less?“

“my body is reiji” you say, and the room begins to spin. you pass out. as you wake up, you look down and realize you’ve somehow changed into a suit. “what is happening?” you try to say, but all that comes out is “gokutsubushi”. you run, desperately trying to find an answer. looking into the mirror, you are greeted with an unfamiliar sight. you are reiji sakamaki. your body is finally reiji.