my body is reiji

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Reiji vs Ruki in a big cook off who ever make the most delicious meal wins also the reward is get a kiss form me or suck my blood anywhere form my body *winks at them * 😘

♥Reiji: Excuse me? I don’t need to participate in a contest to show my cooking skills… How dare you compare me with that… Half-breed?

♥Ruki:… Hmph. You have already tasted my dishes, Livestock. You know I’m a professional. Also, I’m your Master. I can claim your blood whenever I feel like it.


(ノ´ー`)ノ  August said I should post these so woot.  These be my Kino edits for the night haha.

ahh, Konpeito underwear and pirates. Just how I wanted to spend my Friday night //shot. (btw, pirate kino is taken from a cd cover of rejet’s zenryoku series)

I’ll go try to find my pile of shame and sit on it (´;ω ;`)

“my body is reiji” you say, and the room begins to spin. you pass out. as you wake up, you look down and realize you’ve somehow changed into a suit. “what is happening?” you try to say, but all that comes out is “gokutsubushi”. you run, desperately trying to find an answer. looking into the mirror, you are greeted with an unfamiliar sight. you are reiji sakamaki. your body is finally reiji.