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After seeing all of the BTS for Carmilla the Movie, I noticed the lack of Danny. She wasn’t one of my favorite characters, but I still liked her and I hope she gets closure in the movie. 

So here’s a throwback to season 1 Danny pulling Carmilla out of the pit.

I’m not that far into Menaphos yet (but I love it already yes wonderful great update 10/10), but the best part I’ve found so far is that city quest I got where you go around petting cats. I swear, that’s a quest tailor made for me.

I like to imagine that, after that quest is complete, this is the morning greeting you get when you walk out of the house you’re crashing in.

Guys, I was watching the Phantom of the Opera and when I came to the part when the Phantom and Christine are singing “The Point of No Return” (That song is pretty sexy, you know ;) ) I immediately imagined Rey and Kylo singing it and doing this…

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“I have no idea what happened, but I’m loving this!”

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animation studios: haha we know you just got through summer of Steven and that was emotionally bruetal so you deserve a rest

animation studios: also you’ll be getting the 40 minute Miraculous Ladybug Christmas special and the second season of Voltron Legendary Defender around the same time this year okay youre welcome :) :) :) :)

Wait does the new Star Trek Discovery take place in TOS or AOS?

Because if it’s TOS my body is so damn ready because yes that crew is perfect.

But if it’s AOS my body is also so damn ready because yes that crew is perfect in every way but also a little disappointed? That I won’t get to see TOS babies? Which hurts a lot?

sheith // windless

Words: 705

Keith with an undercut started on twitter and ended with me screaming into the void. This is the product of it.
And then Andy blessed us with this.

✂️ ✂️ ✂️

The snip of scissors is the only sound breaking the silence. Calm and rhythmic, as tender as Shiro’s hands lost in black strands. Short strands; the transition to shaved hair at the back of Keith’s neck seamless.

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Dunkey’s review of E3 is pure art.


#SelfCareSunday: Bedtime Care

by conceptual-bisexual

Bedtime can be an especially difficult time for survivors for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes it feels like the second my body gets to rest, my mind starts to go into overdrive, making it impossible to sleep. A technique I often employ is engagement of all the senses in a calming manner, just enough so that my mind stays interested and focused but not so much that I can’t also fall asleep eventually.

SMELL: Aromatherapy is a common technique utilized for sleep and you can find little aromatherapy pouches that last for quite a long time sold in various markets, drugstores, or online shops for fairly low prices (I got mine for $5). Another option is to get some sort of dollar perfume or scented balm and keep it open by your bedside. Before I had my lavender pouch, I used an open jar of vix vapor rub, or a bit rubbed just under my nose. *Extra bonus: vix vapor rub/ tiger’s balm is great for a stuffy nose, sore muscles, and bug bites– and the smell tends to keep flies/mosquitoes away!

TOUCH: I find heavy blankets somewhat triggering, so I use a multitude of small blankets instead (if you’re ever in an airport, try asking for a free plane blanket to take home! Those work great). These are easy to move around in but also warm. Additionally, I also sleep with a fake fur throw over my pillow because it’s soothing and comfortable and sometimes the feeling of a pillowcase can be triggering.

SIGHT: For me personally, complete darkness calms me down. If your room doesn’t get completely dark, any sort of cloth over the eyes will do. Others may feel safer with a nightlight. If you don’t have access to a nightlight there are cheaper alternatives; for example glow-in-the-dark stickers, or the light from a strategically placed computer charger. Little lanterns or cheap Christmas lights can also serve as excellent ‘mood lighting’.

HEARING: Some people need complete silence to fall asleep. Noise canceling headphones, earmuffs, earplugs, or even bits of cotton in the ears can help achieve this. Personally I have a playlist of slow, calming music that activates my imagination and distracts me from upsetting thoughts.

If music with lyrics can be triggering, try instrumental music. There are plenty of long, instrumental pieces on youtube that you can play all through the night. One friend of mine liked to fall asleep to Gregorian chants. Another can only sleep with a background of white noise, or rain noises. Personally I find Tibetan gong music extremely calming, and luckily youtube has 11 straight hours of it available.

TASTE: I keep a box of cough drops/mints/jolly ranchers by my bed at all times. Sucking candies don’t really require active engagement and are something pleasant to concentrate on. Flavored chapstick is also good for this!

I like this technique in particular because it includes treating my bedroom as a special, safe, and accommodating place. I enjoy setting up the perfect surroundings each night so that I can get to sleep. It can be incorporated into my daily routine fairly easily. I have found that after many nights of repeating this, just smelling a certain smell or tasting a certain taste can help me switch into a sleepy and comfortable mood much faster than before. My body recognizes the 'getting ready for bed’ routine.

That said, this is also a technique that is easy to take with you wherever you go. Of course all of the senses do not need to be 'engaged’ if it’s not possible at a given time. But I find that it’s a good starting point and I hope y'all do too!