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All I can say is that, despite the fact that she’s forgotten everything, there’s a heart beating in her, and the only thing that would make her heart beat is the love she had for Daredevil.
—  Elodie Yung answering a question about Elektra and Daredevil’s relationship during her Build Series Interview

After seeing all of the BTS for Carmilla the Movie, I noticed the lack of Danny. She wasn’t one of my favorite characters, but I still liked her and I hope she gets closure in the movie. 

So here’s a throwback to season 1 Danny pulling Carmilla out of the pit.

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have you read any good finn (also stormpilot:)) fanfics lately?? the behind the scenes of tlj got me shook and i'm so ready for december 15th

OHHH what a great question! I actually haven’t delved into the tag in almost a year (I’m a little tired of sifting thru all the non-Finn/Stormpilot-centric fics that have unfortunately flooded the tag), but have read a few gems recently! All courtesy of thehorrorinsymmetry, who writes some of my favorite characterizations of Finn & Poe!

Can’t Help Falling In Love (T) SO! CUTE!

In The Line Of Fire series (M) this is one of my favorites! I rediscovered it the other day and it was just as perfect the second time around!

In For A Penny (E) I’m so grateful that the author called out some pressing (racist) issues with how the boys are depicted in some fics, while also writing an adorable story!

How about y’all? Any good reads lately? Please feel free to send any fun fic recs my way  (♡˙︶˙♡)

Watching Persona 4: The Animation… 

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hey guys!

with voltron season 4 coming up you know i’ll be screaming nonstop. ANYWAYS feel free to block #voltron spoilers and #voltron s4 as these will be the ones i’ll be using for, well, spoiler related content. i know not everyone can watch as soon as it premieres so here’s a heads up. 

just a couple more hours, guys! hope ya’ll are ready! 


* You’re not sure what an “AU” is, but…

* It reminds you of… something… important

(sorry for the long wait, y’all! thank you for your patience <3)


Okay so I just noticed that the eye colour for Restore Me is slightly greener than the normal ones (SM, UM, and IM are all the same shade) and I can’t help but think it’s because we are going to be seeing from both Warner and Juliette’s POV and my body is rEADY

(Also I want their children to have this colour eyes js okay I’ll leave now)

I’m not that far into Menaphos yet (but I love it already yes wonderful great update 10/10), but the best part I’ve found so far is that city quest I got where you go around petting cats. I swear, that’s a quest tailor made for me.

I like to imagine that, after that quest is complete, this is the morning greeting you get when you walk out of the house you’re crashing in.


“I have no idea what happened, but I’m loving this!”

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