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Some of my favorite fics + bonus writers

These are some of my favorites, in no particular order, as requested by @tinybearswithjetpacks :) Do check their great list here. Many of these have a podfic version available as well. All stucky, unless otherwise mentioned!

Ain’t No Grave (Can Keep my Body Down) by spitandvinegar A fandom classic. Deals with heavy subjects but is also incredibly funny.

cascades. by orange_crushed, podfic by quietnight Unique, gorgeous, plotty.

Most Ardently by 74days, podfic by auroreanrave A most delightful regency au!

Maybe Home Is Somewhere I’m Going by astolat, podfic by quietnight sam/steve, get-together, meet the family goodness. 

Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail series by owlet, various podfics by quietnightAvidReaderLady and DustySoul Another fandom classic. So funny and emotional, always makes me laugh and sniffle.

Fuzz Therapy by machine_doveSproings Veteran Bucky Barnes cuddles kittens. Heartwarming stuff!

family means no one gets left behind or forgotten by cosmicocean, podfic by forzandopod Steve adopts a gaggle of teenagers. Found family goodness.

Fourth Floor by dirtybinary Funny and plotty modern magic au, packed with brilliant details.

Something So Familiar by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen) Magic au. Bucky is an unusual witch and Steve is his familiar. Beautiful.

the Steve Rogers problem by relenafanel AU. Bucky is involved in fandom, and it’s so relatable and delicious. Another classic, imho.

you touch me within and so i (know i could be human once again) by notcaycepollard, podfic by PhagePods (DancingDragon42) sam/bucky, werewolf Bucky, pining, needling (ha ha), trust. Perfection!

‘Til the End of the Stars by obscureenthusiast WIP. A funny and cute space au.

Bucky Barnes Has His Shit Together (and Other Lies He Tells Himself) by betts A sweet baby, Bucky Barnes feels, crafts, a bakery. All sorts of good stuff.

BONUS WRITERS: aka talented people who consistently put out fic I really enjoy:


The apartment was silent, and usually on Saturday mornings I was roller skating around the house listening to Cindy Laupher. But today, there wasn’t a sound. The kitchen and living room were dimly lit due to the shades being drawn down tightly. I pulled them up to let the sunlight in and yawned quietly, stretching my arms out wide.

My Mother used to do yoga in front of the biggest window in our house. It would let in the most sunlight during the morning, allowing her to get that warm, cozy feeling while stretching. I thought she was so weird, and so did my Father, but in this moment I could some how relate to her. The floorboards underneath my feet sent warmth up into my toes allowing the blissful feeling to roam my body. I sighed, sitting down and laying in the rays of sunlight coming in through the window.

“You look like a cat.” A groggy voice says from above. I open an eye and look across the at Tom.

He had his comforter wrapped around his body.

“Are you that cold?” I scoffed, sitting up and turning towards him. His hair was a mess and his eyes were still droopy. He reminded of this picture of my little Sister. We’d gotten back from a long week at the lake and all of us were exhausted. He must be exhausted from working so late last night.

He wrapped the comforter tighter around his body, looking away. I noticed the pink blush under his freckles in a matter of seconds as he spoke, “Um, yeah.”

I breathed a laugh through my nose as I got up and walked toward the kitchen. My hands went towards the cupboard with the bowls and reached for two. I grabbed the frosted flakes and poured some in each bowl, some missing so I’d scoop the extras into my mouth. I got the milk and poured some into my bowl as Tom walked into the kitchen.

“I’m not having any cereal this morning.” He says, grabbing a pear from the fruit bowl.

I shrug, smirking slightly, “Alrighty. More for me.”

I pour the cereal from his bowl into mine and get a spoon from one of the drawers. My eyes watch Anthony as he bites into the pear while I fold up the box and set back on top of the fridge. I take my bowl and walk over to the round table and eat.

“I’m going to take a shower.” He sighs, already finished with his pear.

I cock up an eyebrow, “How Long will it take you?”

“Hmm,” he hums, scratching the stubble on the side of his cheek, “thirty minutes tops.”

“Jesus, you have to take that long?” I lean my head into the palm of my hand, staring at him. I watch his adams apple bob as he swallows thickly.

He nods, starting his way towards the bathroom, “It takes longer for us men sometimes.”

I brush off his statement, continuing to eat my cereal. I stare into the bowl wondering how or why it would take boys longer. It hit me and my face starts to burn and I let out a loud, hearty laugh. My feet push the chair out and I start towards the bathroom, snickering like child. It was too funny though.

“Thomas?” I ask calmly, struggling to keep my laughs in.

"Hmm?” He hums back, starting the shower. He opens the bathroom, door allowing me to talk face to face with him.

“Is it because you have a,” I chuckle, faking a terrible French accent, “bohnair?” He shuts the door quickly and I burst out laughing, clutching my stomach, “Gross!”

“It took seventeen shots for him to hit the bale. By then, he wasn’t sure if he kept missing on purpose just to keep her lying next to him in the grass, merged in violent meditation.”

Did you hear the sun go down?

Silent as a child I found

Hiding in the midnight of my soul

I am ready now to let her go

Darling take me to the lakeside

Lay my body down

I am holy now our skin is touching

Let the sun go out

–Ophelia, Marika Hackman

anonymous asked:

Imagine if Loki, deep down in his heart, just really liked cuddling and being wrapped up in blankets because when he was younger and he got sick/needed comfort, Frigga would wrap him up and gently brush his hair and sing to him and whatnot, but then as Loki got older and turned bitter as his life went to crap, he pushed that side of him away, and then when he gets to Sakaar and falls in love with GM, the GM ends up somehow finding out about Loki’s thing for blankets, and changes (1/2)


loki being touch starved is the type of angst i’m here for and honestly grandmaster just making sure loki constantly is getting nuzzled, cuddled, petted, brushed, as long as loki knows grandmaster is physically there to take care of him, the grandmaster is happy. and i imagine he’s really really warm and smells really good so loki just dozes off all the time when the grandmaster wraps around him and for once in a long time loki feels legitimately safe.

Fuck Me (M)

Originally posted by jikookfantasy

Hi! This is a DOM Jungkook Smut that I wrote awhile back! I hope you enjoy~ (my requests are open so feel free to send in something you want me to write)

Genre: Smut 

Member: Jungkook

Word Count: 4137

Coming home I find Jungkook sitting on the couch with a controller in his hand as his eyes are glued intensely on the screen.

“You’re so childish Jungkook” I sigh, slipping off my heels. Jungkook is my roommate, normally I wouldn’t be all for a male roommate but sadly Jungkook is my best friend and begged to live with me.

A scowl forms on Jungkook’s face as he let’s out a puff of air, still keeping his eyes trained on the screen.

“I’m not a kid.”

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kagehina as b-boys (for hq 69min on twitter) | (dance AU)


sometimes I like to try train my left (non-dominant) hand. It takes more time and stuff but I think I’m slowly getting somewhere. Sometimes my left hand comes up with designs my right hand wouldn’t. (And sometimes my right hand just needs a break..) My goal is to be able to draw with both hands at the same time one day.

Gentle love

I know most of the time I ask for very hard reminders.

I know most of the time I ask you to use me and fuck me like I’m nothing more than some whore for you to do with what you please.

But this time I’m asking you to love me gently.

Lay me down all nice and slow and kiss down my body. Linger at my neck leaving soft reminders there. Continue leaving a electrifying trail of your love with your tongue as you work your way down my body.

Strip me of my pants slowly kissing my thighs as you do so. Kiss, lick, and bite your way back up to my tits as you cup them gently. As you take one of your hands and slowly rub me through whatever lacy thing I decided to wear for you that night.

Tell me how beautiful I look, how proud you are to call me yours as you push two of your fingers inside of me and you leave hickeys across my chest.

Tell me how much you love me right before your tongue circles around my clit. How much you love my moans, and how wet I get for you.

Tell me how much I mean to you as you slowly push yourself inside of me so gently because I’m sensitive after making me cum twice.

And then fuck me, maybe even roughly.

And when I’m too tired to move, cuddle me, pull me close and kiss every hickey you left on my body and hum to me. Love me gently.


Enigma (m)
Words: 4.3k
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre/Warnings: Sub!Jungkook: (one shot) smut, language and dom!oc
Summary: Jungkook is your quiet and rude manager. At least to everyone else. To you, he’s your baby boy in the bedroom.

(gif: credit to owner)

You were sitting in your office, diligently working when your friend and coworker, Joy, knocked as she opened the door. “Y/N~”

“Hey,” you smiled excited to have a break for a moment. “Come on in, have a seat.”

“So, where were you last night? We all went out for drinks.” She asked as she sat back in one of the two chairs in front of your desk.

“Well, I had some company…” 

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Synastry Overlays Series Venus(🎲)

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Venus in the 1st house overlay: Fuck were so pretty huh?

🌺 the last of the shadow puppets-everything you’ve come to expect🌺

“Hotel room Holy Bible

Hotel room free love revival

Baby it’s a never ending spiral

‘Looks a little bit like Paris”

•this often when expressed both ways feels very Arian in nature—it’s all about the initial feelings. Everything is in your fave and dynamic, the love and romance feels hot-sensual and a bit erotic in a way. Venus usually is in lust of the house person mostly because they’re close to their ascendant and in a sense either have venus conjunct or have a similar rising to their venus. The venus person finds the house person beautiful in both a physical manner as well as a energy way, they feel both vibrant and youthful in the house person presence like they’re above the sky whilst on land. The house person feels venus desire but feels the same if not more level of attraction to how venus carries themselves—it’s a tug and pull of the animalistic and raw instinctual of levels. Pleasure is derived both from physical touch and overall close knitted intimacy between the two. The venus person tends to gain more Arian traits to their venus in this overlay whilst the house persons energy becomes more Martian in nature. House overlays usually manifest as sign to planet so the planet person takes on the sign qualities whilst the house person takes on the planet qualities!

Venus in the 2nd house overlay: They can’t keep their hands off each other

💐Delilah- insecure 💐

“So you’re afraid, what about me?

Dare to claim that you can’t breathe

Hold my hand or I’ll take yours

Don’t let go cause how I feel

Is what you’ve made me”

•this is more Tauren In nature, its’s all about security and commitment being the opposite of Scorpio but still being the same modality similar themes of possession/intimacy/worth/desire are often recurring themes. In a romantic Union this can make the venus person very sensual—they can be deeply loyal without explanation to the house person, they crave the house person both physical but not in the more body to body sense of Aries but in a soul to soul way. Venus is infatuated with the house person and over time this can turn into a love that is very difficult to extinguish. The love between the venus and house person grows over time and this can easily become a very suffocating energy at the onset because of the themes associated with this house! In some cases natives that are rather young walking into this relationship will be overwhelmed by how intense and demanding the energy is. The house person can be very patient with venus—often choosing cautious and sensitive ways of acting as well as communicating with venus. The house person often takes the protective role of Venus seeking them as fragile. The house person often is deeply sexually attracted to venus inside and out and desires to truly make “love” to venus rather than just have sex. So In a general sense the house person because of this can seem aloof sexually around the venus person mainly because venus isn’t just eye candy for them venus is their security and they think more about maintaining that then they do Sleeping with them so to speak. Both partners are insanely possessive over one another after some time and sex is often constant here! You’ll see this couple because of how touchy they are.

Venus in the 3rd house synastry: The humming birds

🍀petit biscuit-midnight sky🍀

•this is more Gemini in nature! Their is a emphasis on the mental back and forth between each other! Both partners feel loved when speaking to one another in a deeply special way—the communication between the two of you no matter the individual aspects to mercury or venus will always feel like an endless spark. The venus person often starts the topics while the house person hopelessly complies out of love. Venus jumps and dances from topic to topic and often is very hands on so to speak with the house person as the third house does rule the hands! They turn into a little child around the house person and want to explore everything they can! House person usually ends up embodying the energy of mercury itself so rather than jumping all over the place they are usually very curious and insatiable of venus! Wanting to constantly challenge and soak up as much as they can—they find venus words beautiful and often see venus mind as intricate as well as charming! Venus is very convincing to the house person and often this is a sign of pillow talk!! Talking dirty and playful banter!

Venus in the 4th house overlay: Mom and Dad aesthetic

🍂Drake- over my dead body(slowed down and original pace) 🍂

“How I’m feeling, it doesn’t matter

'Cause you know I’m okay

Instead, I ask myself “why do you hurt me?”

When you know, you know I’m the same

I know, I know that you love me baby”

•this feels very cancerian in nature! It’s very Mushy and intimate! On both sides I’d say it’s felt like a familiarity but also a very warm hearted love between both parties. The venus person is very at home with the house person!! They’re real selves seem to come out around the house person and in most cases I’ve seen it to where instead of acting out cancerian traits the venus person usually acts out their IC/4th house whilst the house person acts out the more cancerian/moon traits. Venus regardless tends to be very sentimental and very shy around the house person! They can be indirect and also more emotionally aroused by the actions of house person. The house person is very tender to venus and usually for better or worse gets emotionally involved with venus. The house person usually tries to be cautious as to not scare venus away and usually is the stable one. The house person cares for the venus person regardless of the situation and has a hard time really “treating them bad” the sense of familiarity goes a long way but something about this will always feel like 2007-2011 they’re both a best friend and a close lover!! It’s easy to let your guard down but it’s also easy to keep it up.

Venus in the 5th house overlay: The walking teenage fever

🕊Beyoncé- mine 🕊

“I just wanna say you’re mine, you’re mine

I just wanna say you’re mine, you’re mine

Fuck what they heard you’re mine, you’re mine

All I’m really asking for is you..”

•this feels very solarian/Leo in nature! Both parties feel like kids! Teenage youth in the early giddy stages of romance! The giggles and the big jolly smiles after small moments of intimacy. The warm and sweating palms. The braking of eye contact. The passion and easy chemistry. A lot of love and REAL chemistry is created here almost like nothing you’ve ever experienced! The venus person usually embodies Leo traits in full affect! They become boisterous-courageous and attention seeking-the only difference from them and an actual Leo is this is only a feeling that exist solely for the house person—they desire all of the House persons attention, they want to own and posses the house person but they also are deeply enticed like a cat by the house person. The house person is their joy in life and brings a magnificent flare of romance into their life that they crave deep in their heart. The house person often feels like a school boy/girl around the venus person! Often forgetting what to say and feeling like they’re of the ground on cloud 9 whenever they touch the venus person. Everything feels like the first time with them and the chemistry is so tangible as if it manifest itself into its own being. This being a fixed house their is often a focus on longevity so feelings here are often felt forever! For better or worse! And once Love is established it’s pretty hard to let one another go!

Venus in 6th house overlay: Mr and Mrs feel good

🍁partynextdoor- recognize🍁

“I want you, to turn up on me

Every night when I see you

Better recognize when I see you

I really want you, you, you

Hit the club for you, you, you”

•this is very Virgo in its nature! There is a sacrificial but also routineish nature to this pairing. It’s easy to squeeze one another into each others day to day and because of this it’s very common to get used to/dependent on having that person their to keep everything running smoothly. Most people don’t look to this house as being highly “sexual” or “romantic” whilst I beg to differ. Being the opposite of the 12th/Pisces their is often a deeply connected atmosphere presented here! Venus serves the house person both consciously and unconsciously, they want to ease the load on the house person in a way and greatly desire to be what the house person needs. Venus can sometimes feel nervous and often neurotic when around the house person! It can seem like they don’t know what they’re doing and or that they think to much around the house person. They express love weirder than they normally would and start speaking through their actions rather then their words. Their also more earthy and sensual around the house person—craving more physical displays of affection and often will have their hands all over the house person and vice versa! The house person from what I’ve noticed takes on Chiron rather than mercury and will often be very encouraging and a foundation for the venus person often sheltering and protecting them from the world! The house person is usually the more calmer and easygoing force! The house person finds beauty in the venus person daily and is often infatuated with the bare and untouched aspects of the house person. “I love you with and without makeup baby” similar to mars here this indicates a lot of sex!

Venus in the 7th house overlay: Were already married aren’t we?

🌹TLC- creep 🌹

“The twenty second of loneliness

And we’ve been through so many things

I love my man with all honesty”

•this is very libra in nature! It can feel sensual because of venus being present as the ruler of his house but it can also feel “right” because of Juno’s influence! Both parties fit pretty well with each other as they fill in the missing chapter of each other! Depending on the planets involved it’ll intensify those traits in the relationship! For example if it’s Gemini both parties will be very communicative and stimulated around each other but if it’s a sign like Scorpio it all be very intense and sexual in nature! That being said the venus person is charming around the house person! They find the house person easy but also naturally beautiful! They find the house person easy to romance but also find themselves easily romanced by the house person! Since this is an air house venus is slightly detached towards the house person but still is very loving and affectionate and at times “overly affectionate” to the house person. The house person is often very content and upbeat due to venus presence! They often show of the shadow side of themselves easier and tend to act it out more than they would with anyone else. They often are both tender and communicative with venus in a very intimate and personal way. They have each others back and also have genuine affinity for one another! But that being said their is a slightly superficial and first layer energy to this relationship so be weary of flirting outside the relationship and occasional fibbing! I’ve seen in some cases for either party to mess around out side of the relationship but keep in mind this is just one manifestation of it and many couples who have this stay together for a lifetime but their is a very immature energy that resides here regardless in the early stages of intimacy that should be watched out for! Think early 90s love in the bronx.

Venus in the 8th house overlay: Intoxicating crimson duet

🥀The Weeknd- House of Balloons/glass table girls🥀

“Been on another level

Since you came

No more pain

You look into my eyes

You can’t recognize my face

You’re in my world now

You can stay

You can stay

But you belong to me

You belong to me”

•this has AN extremely Plutonian/Martian/Scorpionic/Arian energy to it. It acts as a harsh venus Pluto aspect in most cases. Whilst when it’s good it acts as positive venus and mars aspect. The venus person is usually very intense and in a sense Scorpionic around the house person! Often observant and watchful over the actions and intentions of the house person while the house person is not only equally observant but often sees through venus without venus being able to catch up. It’s often a tug of war between passion and instinctual repulsion. They’re too close too you but also you want them too close. Often in family or platonic relationships this can point to a family member or friend that often easily pushes your buttons or arouses darker emotions out of you that you’d rather either avoid or prefer not to experience. Whilst in romantic endeavors this can be a tricky yet deeply rewarding romance but one that’ll take time seeing as how this is a fixed house! The house person often hold the cards while the venus person holds the triggers. It can seem manipulative but it can also seem very intense. Sex here is pretty dark in nature because of the feelings that are aroused! The venus person is deeply connected and passionate over the house person whilst the house person is often protective and deeply endearing to venus no matter their circumstances. But on a side note? Don’t walk into this relationship if either of you are unevolved as hell will literally break loose.

Venus in the 9th house synastry: The high risers

🎾sza- Julia 🎾

“Loving alone is what you make it (make it)

Stay for the storm if you can take it (take it)

But pray for a raincoat

To where they’re blind to, mistakes

I know you worry a lot

I’ll be here for you

Do I care enough?

Do I feel for you?

I can guarantee”

•this will feel very sagittarian in nature! There is an easy but also fluid feeling with this partnership! It’s honest as well as open as this tends to create a “everything laid out in the open” atmosphere to the union! Neither partner is into hiding and neither feels as though hiding anything is particularly necessary! Passions usually run very high for both parties as this is a fire house! Love is expressed in a bare and uplifting way and both parties usually few as though they are growing by being in the presence of the other. Venus is often very animalistic and raw towards he house person—often initiating and chasing but doing so merely out of sport than out of pure desire! They love the action and the excitement from the house person and tend to shower the house person with a vast galore of love simply due to the huge amount of care and compassion they feel for the house person. The house person often being the Jupiter here, tends to enlighten and guide venus but also showers venus with love and much care simply because of how warm and tender their connection is! It feels like a roller coaster ride in the middle of a sunset in Tokyo! You guys love each other too much and you love life when your together!

Venus in the 10th house overlay: The painful noir duo

🥋jhene aiko - comfort inn🥋

“Really, we had the perfect end…

That night we shared at the Comfort Inn

We made love like the world would have ended…

If either of us had admitted

We were in love”

•this feels very Saturnian/Capricorn in nature. It can feel a bit heavy, in most cases it’s so stable sooo lasting and immensely secure but something about it will also feel detached and slightly out of reach. There is a gap between the now and the once was with this pairing. Venus often feels very secure around the house person, a sense of lustful yet mature longing for the house person—there love but more than anything their devotion! Which is something venus often feels that they spend all or even most of the relationship chasing after. The house person may unconsciously demand a lot from the venus person which at times unknowingly places a huge strain on the open sharing of feelings between the two! This can show a heavy focus on the public eye and the endeavors of both taking priority of intimacy and in most cases depending on the people involved that’s not always the case! But love needs to always be expressed no matter what between the two! The house person always takes on a providing role and feels as though it’s their duty to take care of venus while venus feels it’s their sole duty to be the support system for the house person! It’s a romantic placements for more traditional couples who don’t mind occasional intimacy gaps. It’ll feel like you’re always listing to a sad song even when things are going Well.

Venus in the 11th house overlay: The electric lovers

🎿tove lo- my gun🎿

“I’m ace in space and oh, I know you want to fly—My tune, your moon, jump on my cloud and we go high”

•it feels very Aquarian in nature with a small dose of Uranus and a slight dose of Saturn gaze! The relationship can drift between detached v attached quite a bit because of the dual ruler ship of a planet that prefers the unpredictable and one that prefers something more predictable. Venus is usually very drawn to the house person and their more aloof qualities often finding it easy to be their quirky and odd selves around the house person! Both parties feel understood and unjudged by the other! Both parties have a “fixed” feeling of feeling secure but also close to one another and over time saturn starts to show as a binding force for the pair! Love is usually expressed randomly and often all over the place between the two but is sooo soo sincere between the couple! Venus is often very excitable and genuine with the house person often dragging the house person to anything out of the norm or amusing! The house person is very found of the venus person! Often easily able to relate and see exactly where they’re coming from! The house person can read the venus persons emotions like a book and similarly to a venus/Uranus connection their is a seemingly love at first sight aspect to this!! But with a more binding energy! Both parties are very electric when together and though venus is slightly airy about the connection they are very emotionally close to the house person because of the easy love/friendship dynamic that exist.

Venus in the 12th house overlay: The Neverland escapades

🎨The neighborhood - sweater weather🎨

“Use the sleeves of my sweater

Let’s have an adventure

Head in the clouds but my gravity’s centered”

•this is very Piscean/Neptunian In nature! Doses and traces of Jupiter can be found but it acts more of the inflated feeling amongst the smog. Both parties can struggle with deciphering what the hell is going on! It can feel like a ungrounded attraction-not knowing what exactly you’re feeling and why you’re feeling it. Similarly to a neptune/venus connection there is a odd but deeply rich sentimental dance between the two people that seems as if it has happened before like deja vu. The venus person is often quiet around the house person! Slightly more submissive and more introspective than usual! Venus often is very unconsciously attracted to the house person, having an almost non judgmental and completely profound depth to their desire for intimacy with the house person which often frightens them seeing as how there is often no tangible source to these feelings. The house person is often equally frightened and tends to either retreat or give venus the run around especially if they’re not used to such feelings! This is a come and go flow unlike the aspect so these people can come and go out of each others lives periodically and in most cases these connections are karmic so it may not be that it’s supposed to develop into anything serious(but mind you this doesn’t mean that just because you have this with a partner it’s doomed! It just mean your relationship has quite a bit of karma attached to it!) their is a need to keep the relationship hidden in most cases and no matter what people will almost never find out about you two dating unless you physically or vocally let them know!

this feels like a drive down a beach while the road is still misty.