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 **My Favourites

The Children of Merlin ** (8/? | 74,661 | Rated M)

Magnus Bane has everything he could have hoped for: a job at Hogwarts, a chaotic made-up family that he loves more than anything and the freedom of doing what he wants whenever he wants.

When his friends manage to drag him to a Quidditch game, he doesn’t expect it to change his life. For better or worse.

They call themselves the Children of Merlin and they are going to make his life a living hell.

One Show Only ** (6/7 | 25,946 | Rated E)

It’s hard to stay in the closet when the guy you had a one-night stand with two nights ago turns out to be your new partner … but Alec will be damned if he isn’t going to give it a try.

Holding the Stick ** (8/? | 47,064 | Rated M)

Alec Lightwood has dreamed of hoisting Lord Stanley since he was eight. It’s in his blood. He’s spent the last five years trying to make that dream a reality, only managing to fall short each time.

Until a scandal leads to a multi-team trade that sends Magnus Bane his way. One of the top performing wingers in the league. An up and coming star.

And the most handsome man Alec has ever met.

He’s doomed.

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mythaelogy  asked:

what were your favourite quotes/those with the most impact that you read this year?

 i’m expanding this to talk about poems and collections too because i am That Guy. 




tbh positivity isn’t at all necessary for groups that enjoy continuous affirmation by the structural workings of society. like i know half-assed positivity posts are in right now but please… i don’t need positivity for being able-bodied. every day that i am able to easily access my university, apartment, and masjid & every day that i am not judged or demeaned based on my ability- i know that i am being affirmed. if you’re white &/or cis &/or straight etc. you will experience privileges similar to this- a world so intentionally created for you it can be difficult to notice how different it can be for others, especially as certain identities intersect. 

the affirmations that i receive, unfairly, for my ability do not need to be re-affirmed with “positivity culture”. if you work to recognise your privilege, you already know that a given identity benefits you in tangible ways. positivity only has any power when it counters a norm of what is deemed “good” or “acceptable” within a certain narrow & harmful viewpoint. 

like..when i was sixteen-year old sex worker and had just received a positive hiv test result, the declaration that i was not dirty or unworthy of love would have been meaningful and indeed a radical idea. when i was first discovering my sexuality as a woman of colour, the idea of my feelings being natural and good would have certainly made an impact on me.

positivity can be significant. it becomes empty when we start endorsing statements like “i hope all cis boys are having a good day” or “white women are valid your race doesn’t make you any less beautiful” or “able-bodied folks are ethereal” or “straight people deserve better”. it becomes actively harmful when we suggest that “abusive men who yell and punch walls are valid and lovable” or “support straight people who want to destroy all lgbt people because of mental illness” or “it’s okay if you violently hate all women”. like? it’s one thing to uselessly give special support to already supported groups but it’s quite another to reinforce detrimental politics or beliefs at the expense of vulnerable groups lmao.

Can I Help?

Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 5,439

Genre: Smut

This is definitely a re-upload :) sorry it was deleted!

I don’t like school. You may ask, “well, duh, who’s enjoying this hell hole?”, but nobody asked you. I have to force myself to go to class every day, and my English class just makes it worse. The teacher is amazing, he’s my favorite by far, but the teacher’s assistant? He is easily the cockiest, rudest, most disrespectful man on the face of this planet. He’s only 3 years older than me, 21-years-old, and so the childish “look how hot I am” persona is still there. Don’t get me wrong, he is definitely hot—too hot! They shouldn’t allow men like him into the world, does things to our bodies. Anyway, today we’re getting our results back from our last test and I already know 100% that I failed. My teacher keeps saying I should get a tutor, but that sounds so gross. Mr. Jeon walked around handing back the tests while Mr. Kim, sin himself, stood smirking at everyone, his eyes lingering on me for a second too long every so often. UGH. “Y/N”, his voices startled me, my eyes darting up to meet his. I frowned, taking my test from him as he sighed, “I won’t say it again, you should get help for this class. I don’t want you to fail”. I nodded slowly, “I don’t really know who to ask”. He smiled slightly and gestured over at his TA, “that’s quite literally what he’s here for”. “No, that’s okay. I will find someone else”, I murmured, the bell ringing right after. Everyone got up and filed out, but I took my time. “You would be willing to help her, right, Taehyung?”, Mr. Jeon asked him politely, no hint of anything in his voice as he packed up his desk. Mr. Kim grinned, nodding without hesitation, “of course, Jungkook. Anything to help your—I mean our students”. H gave me a subtle smirk without Mr. Jeon seeing, so I rolled my eyes. “Gross”, I whispered, turning to Mr. Jeon with a smile, “sure, I’d love the help. Thank you”. He clapped his hands together and smiled, “does tomorrow after class work for both of you? You can use my room”. We both nodded and I left quickly after thanking my teacher again so Mr. Kim couldn’t say another word. No thanks! Not today! I got home and tried to focus on anything other than tomorrow. Kim Taehyung, you better keep your comments to yourself.

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two hands digging in each other’s wounds

bellamy/clarke; rated m; 3,335 words

set in an incredibly optimistic future, 3 years post 2x16

read: ao3 or below 

The first time isn’t great.

It’s not like it’s bad but Clarke never really considered that sex with Bellamy would be anything less than great, even when she barely knew him

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Feysand AU - Part 6

Hey guys!! Here is Part 6. I was actually really happy with this part and this is tonnes of Feysand fluff in this chapter. 

All characters belong to Sarah J Mass!!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5 

As we walked out of the door, I let go of Rhys’s hand and looked up at him to see his smile falter. I turned to walk towards the reception but as soon as I realized Rhys wasn’t following me I turned back to him and asked: “Are you coming?” His eyes trailed up my body and focused on my lips and then he nodded, smirked and followed.  

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anonymous asked:

How does islam empower women?

Hi anon, that is a very intellectual question and I am definitely going to give you a long and detailed answer to aid you in your understanding. Before I start, I want to make it clear that many cases of female ‘oppression’ in Islamic countries such as Saudi law preventing woman from driving is COMPLETELY INFLUENCED BY CULTURE and under no circumstances approved in traditional Islamic ruling. Let’s begin! 

All evidence of female empowerment can be found in the Qura’an, the very first one being that God dedicates an entire chapter to women in it. If you wish, you may open Surah An-Nisaa to see this for yourself. 

Islam gives women the right to education, to marry someone of their choice, to retain their identity after marriage, to divorce, to work, to own and sell property, to seek protection by the law, to vote, and to participate in civic and political engagement. While woman in Islam have been enjoying these rights for the last 1400 years, some of these things (such as voting and women in the work force) where only legislated in western society in the last hundred years. 

It’s further expressed in Islam that men and woman are equal, but also recognizes that both genders are not identical. These differences are embraced in Islam to ensure that a community is strong in every aspect as everyone, women and men alike, offer their talents to society to mutually support it. . 

Education is an obligatory commandment on all Muslims, be they male or female. Islam ordains that women should be educated, upright members of society. Some of the most influential scholars of Islam have been woman. Women’s participation in academia has been encouraged and practiced throughout the majority of Islamic history. For instance, al-Qarawiyin Mosque and University, the oldest running university, was funded by a woman, Fatima al-Fihri, in Morocco, 859 C.E.

In Islamic history, women participated in government, public affairs, lawmaking, scholarship, and teaching. To continue to uphold this tradition, women are encouraged to actively participate in improving, serving, and leading the different aspects of the community.

While many societies around the world denied women inheritance, Islam assured women this right, illustrating the universal justice of Islam’s divine law. Woman in Islam have a right to work, and she has the right to spend her money on how she sees fit. 

The long standing idea of hijaab ‘oppressing’ women is one that I, as a Muslim woman of color who wears not only hijaab, but also a face veil, can easily dispose of. No, our men do not force us to wear our head scarves. We do it out of our love and devotion to our God. 

I don’t chase the ever changing standard of beauty society throws at me, nor do my sisters in Islam. We are liberated from this vainly visual world, and thus more often then not, we make connections with people who love our souls and not only our faces or bodies. 

Islam does empower woman. Look through my blog and tell me I am not empowered. The only thing that is taking our rights away are the ill media portrayals of our religion.  


Some really sketchy and creepy stuff has been going on by my house, and I need the strongest protection spells, wards, banishing spells, etc that you’ve got.
My dog has been snarling at the door and the front window a lot, especially after sundown.
Last night I saw a figure hurry out of sight on my front lawn, not even three feet from the window at night. I think they were watching me. Creepy and scary.
2 days ago I also heard someone parked right in front of my house angrily slamming their car door at 2 am multiple times, so hard that it shook my house and caused a mug to fall and break. Weird.
Someone had drawn dicks on my car windows, and I don’t know anyone on this street that would’ve done it as a silly prank, and it wasn’t my landlord who did it. So that’s creepy.
Today, someone dressed in a uniform came by and knocked on my door while I was home alone. Because of their uniform I thought they were with the dept. of of water and power, so I opened the door. Turns out he was some door to door salesman trying to get homeowners to improve their homes. He then proceeded to verbally sexually harass me and make a lot of inappropriate comments about my body until I shut the door on him.
These are just a few examples of weird and creepy things that have been happening around me at home recently. I feel very uncomfortable. It’s only me and my landlord here (a tiny woman in her 60s). I know that we are more likely to be targets of a crime because we do not live with any men and she’s just a little old lady.
Because of all these recent happenings, I want to put up some serious magical protection (on top of being generally more cautious). Does anyone have any good protection spells, wards, banishments, etc that work for them? I’m desperate. I don’t even feel safe in my own house anymore. Any tips or spells would be appreciated.
~Psyche (learning-the-craft)

Common Misconceptions of T

I know I had a few expectations from starting hormones that were just completely false. Whether I found out through my doctor or through personal experience, I thought I should just tell you some truths:

  • Alright, first and foremost T does not make you grow taller. Unless you are still prepubescent, you will not grow taller than what you already are. Also, your feet don’t grow. But men can definitely have small feet! No shame in it.
  • Once you start, there are some things that will not change back. Once your voice drops, it stays that low once you stop T. Facial hair and other body hair will also continue to grow at the rate of wherever you are at. I’m not completely sure about menstruation though once it stops. If someone knows if it starts again or stops completely, please add that!
  • Estrogen blockers and birth control are unnecessary (for the most part). Your doctor will most likely not prescribe these to you because it will affect your hormonal balance. The only reason birth control would be prescribed is if you continue to menstruate after six months. Estrogen blockers are really only helpful for prepubescent female bodies to stop  them from or slow the developing breasts, menstruating, etc.
  • Before starting T, you are required to get a letter from a therapist. This is not to see “if you’re really trans” or “if you’re trans enough”. If that’s the way your doctor or therapist puts it, they are wrong. The reason you see the therapist is to make sure you are physically, emotionally, and probably economically capable and stable enough to handle such a big change. If not, the therapist is supposed to find alternatives to help you through your experience until hormones are available, if they ever would be.
  • Although there are many options for ways of taking T, majority of them will most likely not give you the results you want. The pills usually don’t do anything, the creams and dermal patches aren’t high enough dosages and easily come off. Really, injections are the best way to obtain results.Most doctors prescribe injections in the muscle every other week, but current research shows that injections in the fat every week show results similarly if not at a faster rate (as my doctor told me). It’s less painful too.
  • There are many risks to taking T. Although it may help with your emotional and mental well being, you have to be extra careful of your physical health. Know your family history and always tell your doctor the truth.
  • Hormones aren’t a magical cure-all for your problems. If you face other mental or emotional problems and you aren’t seeking help for those as well, they will most likely persist. That being said, you will still feel dysphoria from time to time. Even when you start looking and feeling as masculine as ever, everyone has those down days. In my experience, the more masculine I looked, the more often I would feel dysphoric whenever someone misgendered me (if that makes sense). It’s okay, because you’re still growing into it.
  • The last thing I have to say is your transition is unique. You can read blogs and watch Youtubers and try to imagine your experience through theirs, but ultimately you are different. Your body will have different reactions and you will see changes at different rates. The process might be slower or quicker for you. For example, I had always been a big fan of Alex and Jake since I first started accepting myself. Alex had inspired me and helped me through so much, yet I started T so much sooner than he did. Yes, it’s a great idea to look up to the role models in the Trans community, but don’t try to be them.

If there is anything anyone else would like to add, feel free to do so! Also any corrections or questions are more than welcome!

Requested by @ambroselunatic

Warning: SMUT

°You’re Negan’s right hand woman. After getting in to a fight, he patches you up.

It was supposed to be just another run to collect what was ours.

The owner of the community decided to back out, saying that we hadn’t done our job protecting them from the Deadites.

It was all bullshit of course. If it hadn’t been for us, their little podunk shit town would’ve been over run with the flesh eaters.

Negan was pissed. I was pissed. Hell, we were all pissed!

We stood just on the threshold of the gate, Negan pacing and cussing up a storm.

“Sorry mother fuckers! Who the hell does he thing he is!?”

“Negan,” I called out to him.

I’m Negan’s right hand. Alot of the men were pissed that he’d choosen me over them, but I was the fastest and dare I say smartest out of the bunch.

I thought with a clear head. Pussy or dick never clouded my judgement.

He stopped in his tracks, looking behind him when I pointed over his shoulder.

He flexed, swinging Lucille, “Get over here; fuckin’ showtime ya sons a bitches!”

I mentally took stock of the weapons on my body. I had a couple Chinese throwing stars, about 8 three inch knives strapped to my thigh, a glock strapped to the other and two hunting knives on my belt.

We knew shit was going to go down and from the looks of it, it was going to be bloody.

Negan leaned down, making eye contact with me, “You know how to play this.”

Taking two fingers, I saluted him and winked.

Looks like it was a damsel until needed other wise.

Burke, the head man of the River Rock community, sauntered down the hill, two of his best men with him.

I folded my arms, pretending to look bored.

“Negan, didn’t know you’d be here today.”

“What a load of shit. You knew full goddamn well that we’re here to fuckin’ collect.” Negan bit out.

Burke scratched his brow, “Yeah, ya see. I don’t think that’s gonna happen. You said you’d help protect us, when in reality you haven’t done shit.”

I tensed along with Negan.

He pointed at Burke with Lucille, “We lost six of our men because you don’t know what the fuckin’ hell you’re doing.”

“How about this; you give us your girl there and you can take whatever you want.”

Negan contemplated it, but I knew he wouldn’t go through with it. It was all show.

The biggest guy behind Burke, licked his lips, and adjusted himself as he stared at me.


“Man, you said he’d give her over!” He yelled.

“Shut it Rich!”

“Naw man, fuck this! I want some new pussy!”

This Rich guy stalked over to me.

I placed a hand on Negan’s arm, letting him know not to do anything just yet.

Rich grabbed my arm roughly, jerking me back over towards the other two.

I cried out, the force he was using, just fueling the fire that was starting in the pit of my stomach.

“We are gonna have so much fuckin’ fun with you girl.” He grinned.

I gagged, his breath making me ill.

“Let me go,” I gasped, turning my head from him.

He laughed, grabbing my ass.

Raising my foot, I stomped down hard on his.

He yelped, back handing me.

The force of his hit caused me to cry out as I landed on the ground. I held my cheek, feeling the blood trickle from the cut.

A swift kick to my stomach had me gasping for air. When I rolled to my back, I palmed a knife from my thigh holster.

Everyone watched as I slowly got up, holding an arm to my stomach, “Don’t you fuckin’ touch me,” I wheezed.

“What’re you gonna do little girl?” Rich taunted.

He rushed up to me, only to back off and laugh when I’d jump back.

“You ain’t gonna do shit, little girl.”

He grabbed me again, leaving my one arm free. So quick that he didn’t even see it coming, I swiped my arm to the right, slicing his neck wide open.

Blood sprayed on to my white shirt, the knife having cut the main artery in his neck.

He tried to apply pressure on his neck, but was bleeding out to fast.

Burke’s other man ran towards me.

I flipped the knife over in my hand, catching it with my thumb and forefinger. With a flick of my wrist, I threw it at him, lodging it right between his eyes.

He fell to the ground in a heap.

Burke took off running up the hill. I chased after him, jumping on to his back and taking him down.

He flipped over, attempting to punch me. I blocked it, pinning it down to the ground. Quickly taking out another knife, I shoved it all the way to the hilt in his palm.

He screamed, trying to claw at it.

I couldn’t risk him getting up, so I did the same to his other.

“Goddamn! Now that’s how you get a fuckin’ job done!” Negan cheered, coming up the hill with the group.

Burke cried as Negan stood over him, Lucille propped against his back.

“This is how it’s gonna go, we’re gonna fuckin’ go in there, take what we came for and if there’s not enough, I’ll just let my precious fuckin’ Amazon finish you the fuck off.”

Negan stood back up, offering his hand to me.

A wheeze left me, my body faltering. Negan looked concerned for a split second. The hard ass, macho man mask that he always wore fell back into place.

“You heard him! Get our shit!” I yelled.

The act of shouting pulled my bruised stomach muscles. I could handle the pain, but I sure was going to feel it later.
Burke didn’t have enough to even begin payment for our hard work, so he met Lucille.

We had finally made it back home. I was so ready to get this blood and muck off of me and to go see the doc for some pain meds.

I winced, peeling my tank top off.

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ in low rise jeans!” Negan’s voice boomed.

I jumped, spinning around, immediately regretting the action.

“The hell you want Negan!?” I groaned, grabbing my side.

He looked behind him, the main area bustling with people. “Came to fuckin’ check on you. Goddamn!”

He shut the door and his whole demeanor changed.

He placed Lucille near the door and took his leather jacket off.

“Negan? What in the sam blue hillbillion hell is goin’ on?” I stepped away from him when he came closer.

He put his hands up, stopping in the middle of the room, “I’m here to patch you up, Darlin’.”

“Why can’t Davidson?” I asked, eyeing him suspiciously.

“Busy with another patient.”

I sighed, knowing that this was bound to happen. The attraction between us had been prominent, but we never acted on it before.

The hard ass facade had vanished. It was weird not seeing him strut about, all high and mighty.

This was the Negan behind closed doors, when no one else, even his wives, had ever seen.

“I need to shower; get this blood off of me.”

He nodded, going back to his jacket, where he pulled out a plastic baggy of medical supplies.

Negan sat down in the chair at the table and waited for me.
My shower was cold and quick, doing nothing for my aching body. Gah, just to have a hot soak in a jacuzzi!

I wrapped the towel around me tightly and left the bathroom.

Negan looked up, his eyes widening, “I did not know you had legs for fuckin’ days, Darlin’.”

I shook my head, getting a pair of panties from my dresser.

“Need to take a look before you put a shirt on.” He said.

I held the towel to me, going over to him. As I stood in between his legs, I dropped the wet cloth, watching his eyes blink slowly as he took in my breasts.

His eyes raked down my torso, where he hissed, seeing the dark purple bruise on my stomach.

“Holy fuck.” He cursed.

It was below my ribs, so I doubt that I had anything broken.

“How bad?” He asked.

“The pain? Eh, like a 7. I’ve had worse.”

“Should’ve Lucilled the others… Fuckers.”

I laughed, shaking my head.

Negan ran his hands up my sides, causing goosebumps to raise on my skin.

His hands were surprisingly soft. I moaned softly, my eyes closing, and my head leaning back at his touch.

I felt his thumbs on the under side of my breasts, almost caressing my nipples.

He leaned forward, running his nose from my belly button to in between my bare breasts.

“Fuckin’ hell,” I felt him say, his hot breath against my chest.

“Tell me to stop,” he said, looking up at me.

He ran his hands up and down my back slowly, the motion quite soothing.

“Your wives?” I asked, running my fingers through his hair, my nails dragging against his scalp lightly.

He was high from his arousal, his pupils almost pinned.

“What wives?”

“I’m not going to be on their shit list because we slept together, Negan.” I said, sternly.

“Again, I say; what fuckin’ wives?”

I took a deep breath and nodded.

“Say you want me to stop.”

Negan needed to hear the words.

I leaned down, a hand on his shoulder and the other running down his chest while I kissed his neck, “I,” kiss, “don’t,” kiss, “want you,” kiss, “to stop.” kiss.

He groaned, pulling down my panties. He then leaned back in the chair, letting me take over to unbuckle his pants.

He kicked them off, his feet getting tangled up in the fabric.

“Fuck it,” he growled, pulling my naked body on to his lap.

I positioned myself, slowly sinking down onto his length.

We both moaned loudly as I rolled my hips.

Negan leaned forward, taking my breasts in his hands, “Jesus fuckin’ Christ these are perfect!” He growled, taking a nipple between his lips.

He paid homage to them, heightening my pleasure. Negan began to nip and suck his way up to my neck, where he clamped down.

Sucking on the tender skin of my neck, he nibbled slightly, raising the blood to the surface, giving me one hell of a hickey.

Putting his hand on the small of my back, he pushed me down as he raised his hips, going so deep that I shouted.

He released my neck, gently lapping at the over sensitive skin.

I could feel myself getting closer to completion the deeper he went.

I leaned forward, resting my forehead on his shoulder, “Fuck me, Negan.” I panted.

He growled, holding my hips still as he sped up his pace. He slid in and out of me, the sounds of our coupling intermingling with our moans and cries of pleasure.

With one last, hard thrust, we both came. Our bodies melted into puddles, neither one of us able to move.

“Shit… I can’t move,” I giggled.

Negan’s laugh was light as he gasped for breath.

I slowly sat up, my back beginning to get stiff. Now that the orgasm had passed, my body was starting to ache tenfold.

“Fuck, let’s get cleaned up.” Negan said, helping me up.

He gave a grunt as I gasped when he slipped from inside of me.

Picking up the towel from the floor, he cleaned me up, then himself. Negan even went as far as helping me with my panties.

“Just sit down. I’ll get your shirt.” He said, pulling his jeans up. He didn’t even bother with buttoning them.

I watched him, with his pants hung low on his hips, his happy trail visible. I had to bite my lip as I felt my libido jump start again.

When he turned around and saw the look in my eyes and my bottom lip between my teeth, he grinned.

“Didn’t get enough of me, huh?”

I snorted, “Please,”

“Please fuck you again? Eh, maybe later Darlin’.”

“Give me my shirt, you ass,” I laughed.

He threw it to me. I quickly put it on, the chill getting to me.

Negan proceeded to sit down and take put the alcohol and cotton balls from the small ziploc bag.

He cleaned the cut on my cheek bone, and put a butterfly bandage on it. Any other scrapes were cleaned as well.

He then put two pills in the palm of my hand, “Take these. They’ll knock you on your ass, but you won’t feel like Godzilla ate and shit you out.”

“You have such a way with words,” I said, rolling my eyes and throwing back the pills.

“Goddamn fuckin’ right I do!”

Negan helped me to bed, covering me up. I grabbed his wrist, making him pause.

“Stay, ‘til I fall asleep and make sure the door is locked?”

He nodded, knowing that I didn’t like having to be doped up.

He moved about the room, buttoning and buckling his pants, cleaning up what ever mess there was before sitting next to me on the bed.

“Good night.” I said, drifting off.


today was a day, you know when you’re in the middle of a day and you’re just like wow, today is a DAY. idk if that makes sense, but you know what does make sense? love. I’ve been super emotional today, I’ve shed so many joyful tears today. after church service this morning I had like a few hours of just ‘Yves time’, so I was like hey im gonna go on a self date, and I encourage you to go on self dates, I went to the BAM theater to see the film 'Moonlight’, I was immediately drawn to the film because it had a DARK SKIN male lead in a LGBTQ film, which is a necessity in the LGBTQ community because representation is important and it matters. I got my ticket and I bought a large popcorn, why a large popcorn you say? because it’s a self date bruh, that’s why. the theater was packed, and there was a seat open in between these gorgeous women. as I took my seat I went ahead and engaged in conversation with everyone around me because conversations need to happen at things like this. during the movie I found myself putting my hand over my mouth because I was crying so much, the women next to me not only were compassionate but this lady pulled a RED VELVET CUPCAKE out of her purse and gave it to me, and we ALL shared the large bag of popcorn I purchased. maybe my emotional rambling didn’t make sense, but one thing that does make sense is love, you’re a trooper if you read this lol, shout out to kindness, shout out to black gay men. in order for change to happen we must talk about the things that make us uncomfortable.

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Different | Elliot Alderson x Reader

Warnings: alcohol and drug use, trust issues.

Words: 932

Pairing: Elliot Alderson x Reader

A/N: I’ve just started season 2 of Mr Robot and I’m loving it so much!! Elliot is honestly my tiny son and I wanna protect him with all my heart but in the meanwhile, enjoy this aha. Also, Elliot’s POV but he’s talking to himself (like he does in the show.) I did write this late at night and it’s my first Elliot fic!!

Originally posted by heykeykey

She was different. She hid behind everything. She was lonely and upset but in front of her friends, more alive than ever. I knew I shouldn’t have come to this stupid birthday party. This was just another factor added to the list of things I hate doing and people come to these parties, not because they care for the persons birthday but just because they can get laid and drunk. 

She was loud and in your face. She made everybody do shots, apart from me. She didn’t ask me, why didn’t she ask me? Because she knew I would say no? Did she already know I didn’t want to be there? No, she couldn’t have. She didn’t know me, I was just a plus one for Angela. I don’t blame her for not asking me, I’m no fun in social situations or ever, for that matter.

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Forgive Me, Father


Hawkeye was no stranger to attraction to men. He liked nurses, liked their softness, the way they smelled, liked their soft doe eyes and their full lips, the way they all melted against his chest. He liked men too, liked their strong shoulders and their firm grasps, liked the way they tugged him close firmly, their hands warm and broad and heavy against his body.

He was also no stranger to wanting things he could not have.

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.” Hawkeye whispered as he stared at the bluest pair of eyes he had ever seen. Mulcahy was sitting at the piano, quietly playing Button Up Your Overcoat on the piano, at half the pace and maybe even a quarter of the enthusiasm of earlier.  “My mind is filled with so much filth I’m sure the roaches in my tent are starting to get plans to move in.”

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Prompt: Jaehyun’s daughter asks about where babies come from.

– Your POV –  

I let out yet another yawn as I deposit myself onto the rocking chair beside the crib. I forgot just how exhausting taking care of a newborn could be. It’s been only three days since we brought him home from the hospital, and despite him being the most well behaved baby that I’ve ever had the pleasure of calling my own, the sleepless nights keep on piling up. Lost in my own thoughts, I’m slowly drifting off into dreamland, when my daughter accidentally slams the nursery door open, jolting me awake.

“Sorry, mommy.” She whispers, tiptoeing towards the crib to get another look at her baby brother. She took the news of my pregnancy so well and, even though she’s still a toddler, she’s been assisting me around the house nonstop. She inserts here hand through the bars of the crib and gently plays with his smaller fingers. It’s so obvious that she’s just as in love with him as Jaehyun and I.

“Sweetie, what are you doing up so early? The sun hasn’t even fully risen. Don’t you want to get some more sleep?” She shakes her head no, but I can tell she’s feeling just as tired as I am. She gives her brother one last loving glance before walking in my direction. I carefully pick her up and place her on my lap.

“Mommy, I’m hungry!” Hahahaha! I can’t seem to stop my laughing. Her apatite is insatiable at four, I can’t even imagine what she’s going to be like when she hits puberty.

“Alright, give me a few minutes to get changed and I’ll make you breakfast.”

“Yay!” She shouts, bouncing off my lap and dancing around until she remembers her brother is sleeping a few feet away and then goes completely silent. “Oops.”

“It’s okay. It was an accident, and from the looks of it, your brother doesn’t seem to mind. Why don’t you go get some more sleep? I’ll wake you up when breakfast is ready.” I bend down to give her a hug prior to exiting the nursery.

I gently nudge the door to the master bedroom open, so as not to wake Jae up. He spent the vast majority of the night looking after our son. I make a detour to the onsuite and wash my face before I tackle my hair, it doesn’t exactly look fabulous, but at least it’s no longer sticking out in every direction. Throwing my pjs in the hamper, I the rummage through my closet picking out the first t-shirt and comfy linen shorts I can find. I turn to take one last look around the room, only to find Jaehyun staring at me. “How long have you been awake?”

“Since you got out of bed over an hour ago.”

“What? You should be sleeping. You stayed up all night.”

“You know I can’t sleep without you.” He says groggily. He looks so good, even when he’s sleep deprived. Life just isn’t fair, then again I am married to him, so maybe it is? I lean over and give him a quick kiss.

“That’s not an excuse. Plus, you’re always traveling for work, you can’t honestly tell me you never sleep then.”

“Well believe it.”

“Uhhhhh, still full of it I see.”

“Full of what?” He inquires, smirking at me.

“Of shit. Anyway, your daughter is starving, as usual, so I’m going to make her some breakfast. Go to sleep.” I turn to leave, but Jae wraps his arms around me from behind, stopping me in my tracks.

“Just give me a minute to collect myself, I’ll make breakfast.”

“You can’t make breakfast, you’re exhausted. Sleep. It’s okay.”

“It’s not okay. It’s barely been a week since you gave birth. If anything you should be in bed right now, not walking around.”

“It’s not like I’m working myself to death, and I’d really like to stretch my legs a little. I’ve been confined to this bed ever since I got back from the hospital, thanks to you.”

“And that’s the way it should be. I love our son, but have you seen how big his head is? I was in the delivery room, remember? I can’t say I know what you went through, but it looked pretty damn intense. I still don’t know how you managed to push him out.”

“Push who out?” We were so caught up in our conversation, that we didn’t even notice our daughter had been standing in the doorway for the past five minutes listening in on us.

“Sweetie, what are you doing here?” Jae asks, attempting to distract her.

“I came to get mommy. I’m hungry!”

“Daddy will make breakfast soon, okay?”

“Okay! Who did mommy push out?” I don’t really want to go into the details of childbirth with her, when she can’t even tie her own shoes, but there’s really no other choice here. I mean, who else can I possibly lie and say I pushed out? No one, that would be way creepier than the truth.

“Your brother.”

“How?” I’m about to answer her, when I hear a muffled cry over the baby monitor. It’s been nearly two hours, I should really go feed him.

“I have to go check on your bother, but daddy can finish answering your questions.” I give Jae an apologetic smile and rush to the nursery.

– Jaehyun’s POV –

Well, this is fantastic. I’m the dad, I shouldn’t have to have the talk with our daughter, especially when she’s only four. “Daddy! Daddy!”

“Huh? Sorry, what is it sweetie?”

“How did mommy push him out?”

“Won’t you rather daddy make breakfast?”

“No! I want to know!” She’s so stubborn. There’s no doubt in my mind she gets it from Y/N. I lift her onto the bed and take a few deep breaths in an attempt to prepare myself for the most awkward conversation of my life.

“You know how mommy’s belly kept getting bigger?” After receiving a nod, I continued with my explanation. “Well, your brother was growing inside of mommy and then when he got big enough mommy pushed him out.”

“Did she push him out her butt?”

“What? No!” Why do children always say the weirdest things? If I wasn’t so uncomfortable right now, I probably would have laughed at that.

“Where did she push him out of?”

“Uhhhhh, you see it’s a little difficult to explain. There’s a body part that women have that men don’t, which your mom can teach you about because daddy is a man, so he doesn’t have one nor does he know about one, so don’t ask, and that’s the body part that mommy pushed your brother out of. End of story.”

“How did he get in mommy?” Crap, and just when I thought we were done with the questions, now I have to explain sex.

“When, and only when, a woman turns fifty, no sooner, and she’s married, that’s also very important, there’s a special… uhhhh… dance… yeah dance, and at the end of the dance, a baby will begin to grow inside of her.” That should keep her away from sex for at least another four decades, right?

“Daddy, I didn’t know mommy was fifty.”

“What? Who told you mommy was fifty?”

“You. You said you can’t do the baby-dance until you’re fifty, so mommy is fifty.” This is why I shouldn’t be the one having to discuss this with her.

“Ohhhhh. Yes, she is, but she’s sensitive about her age, so let’s keep it a secret. We don’t want mommy crying.”

“Okay, daddy. Can you make breakfast now?” I let out a huge sigh of relief. I’m so happy this interrogation is finally over.

“Of course, lets go! I’ll make you my famous chocolate chip pancakes.” She lets out a squeal of joy and takes my hand, dragging me to the kitchen with all her might. Y/N may have gotten out of this conversation, but when baby number three is on the way she’s going to be the one giving our son the talk. As much as I love spending time with my little princess, I could have done without this experience.




I don’t understand where cis men got the idea that they were good in bed at all let alone that they should be “teaching” women anything….

I’ve never had sex with a cis man (and there have been a lot) in which:

1. He showed me literally anything new that was actually good (putting me in an impossible position you saw in a porno doesn’t count as “good” - also I’ve seen that porno and you’re doing this wrong.)

2. I didn’t have to show HIM something ultra basic - either about my anatomy OR HIS. (don’t bite my clit??? Don’t put your tongue in my ear?? Or my belly button wtf??)

3. Had ANY DUDE listen when I tell him things I DON’T LIKE. (Listen I understand most girls like getting finger ed but I don’t so shoving your fingers in me ANYWAYS isn’t gonna get me off or “show me what I’ve been missing” it’s just gonna show me you don’t know how to listen, are uncreative and generally TERRIBLE IN BED).

If you can’t listen or respond appropriately to what your lovers body is doing cause you’re too set on what she SHOULD like and not what she DOES like you’re garbage.

Someone tell cis men they are boring in bed cause they don’t listen when their lovers do it.

How can I contribute? How can I inspire - that life is much more than finding love. That hearts break and sadness occurs everyday - but I want people to reflect and know that you are enough- that you can be happy, that simplicity is sometimes all we need. And this is simple,

Be kind
to your mind, body and spirit.
do not tear yourself apart with numbers on a scale
Or the way your beautiful skin hangs over your jeans.
Eat nice foods
Nourish yourself.
Do something that makes you radiate from your fingers with pride.
Do these things all for you - not for someone’s validation.

Allow yourself to look in the mirror and say “I’m enough, I will be successful, I love my crooked smile, I’m perfectly imperfect”. To have a affirmation that makes you realize that you are so much more than what society tries to make us feel that we aren’t.

How can I ? How can I ? When I see filters of ‘perfection’, models and where women are constantly judged from Hollywood to the halls of a high school what they look like, what they wear.

Where every magazine cover says: “bikini body ready”, “ lost 10 pounds in two weeks”, “makeup to hide imperfections.”

Making us believe that when we achieve these things that’s what will make us finally happy,

Society judges us base on our capsule we reside in.

Do not allow someone to dictate who you are on the sole findings of what there mind makes of your cover.

If only society wanted to know my soul more than how I cover my dark circles under my eyes.

When’s the last time you thanked your body for what it does everyday?

we are more than bodies, we have feelings we are energies - we are imperfect and we are so amazing.

Society is the one that is screwed up, putting pressure on women, men, making us change our capsules we reside in to make us feel that we belong.

They judge you for not being like everyone else, how ironic.

Live your life authentically- what makes YOU happy and you’ll start to notice that life isn’t as bad as society makes you feel.

One day the wrinkles will set in, and I will be old and gray and I hope I leave a legacy behind more than just being a pretty face back in the day.

I want someone to hear my name and know the kindness I left, and I made this world more human before I turned to dust.

It’s simple.

Be kind.

—  Demetra Demi 
A Beautiful Disaster: Mistakes // Bucky Barnes x OC

Summary: She was brought in by mistake, he wasn’t looking for anything new. But within the chaos that surrounds them… a beautiful disaster was born amoung these two. 

Next Chapters: Too Close, Memories, Revenge, Bucky’s Weakness


             “Tony sent me. He said you were looking for me?” Steve asked Bucky while walking into the lab room. Bucky nodded, and ringed his hands out of nervous habit. Looking at his best friend, he saw a certain spark in Bucky’s blue eyes, and wondered. What was keeping him on his toes like they were about to blow up the building?

“Um, yeah. We uh, we found something during Mission Fruindhart Vienna.” Steve looked at Bucky with a bland interest, this mission wasn’t anything of his concern, nor Bucky’s. It was purely Tony trying to dig up trash on HYDRA tactics, figuring out their systems and ways they gain access into Stark’s systems.

Shrugging he crossed his arms, “Well what was it? Old files or something?” Tony shook his head fast, pursing his lips as if to suppress blurting out something that was pressing on him. Bucky ushered Steve into the room along with Tony and immediately Steve knew why Bucky had been so nervous.

“Buck…” Steve whispered, taking in a shaky breath. Intimidation was struck in Roger’s veins at the sight before him.

“What the hell is this? Why is that woman chained to the wall?” He must’ve raised his voice too much, because as soon as he said chained the woman shot up from her crouched position.

She had been humming a song she hadn’t known when Sir Blue Tight(as)s  walked in with his little Shiny, metal-man friend with the blue eyes.

Standing in front of her were four men, all incredibly curious as to what they had really ‘found’ back in Vienna. All they had been looking for was new leads on the system’s breakthrough. Romanoff had been the one to find her. And boy, was that a surprise in of itself. 

Natasha Romanoff, in her umpteen years of being a Red-Room Assassin, to a SHIELD Agent, to an Avenger… had never stumbled upon someone like this woman.

Staring at them all with her eyes wide, showing the white of her eyes more so than a normal person would, she tilted her head. Focusing those eyes that felt like red hot lasers on Tony, the one who seemed most relaxed. He was shorter than the others, but he looked oldest out of the four.

I put my palms out, hands widespread like I’d been caught. Well, I had been… technically. I had my hands chained up by my head, and legs chained to the ground in only a couple feet of available movement.

Smiling, I decided to break the thick tension surrounding us, clearing my throat to speak. Smiling the most sinister of grins;

 “Nice to meet you all, I’d shake your hand but I’m stuck to the wall!” A cackle rebounded off the walls as I threw my head back, laughing.

Immediately, I stopped chuckling when the one on the far right walked a bit forward, standing now next to the man in tights.

“What’s your name?” Smiling, I shook my head, denying the man his answer.    

       They had loved it back at the last place of my residency as a captive. When I withheld secrets, it brought punishment and pain. Something that made me feel alive in the dreary days of cell block solitude.

“That’s a secret. You’ll have to play to win the prize.” Tony’s face twisted up in confusion and a pinch of fear.

“Your nuts and bolts have loosened, girl.” He retaliated, making me nod. Sticking my tongue out a little, biting it slightly while a lazy smirk laid on my lips.

“Crazy, nuts, psychotic, deranged, coo-coo, demented… blah blah blah!” 

       Rolling your eyes you shook your head at the words that always circled my brain, and the people that had called me them. 

I let out a little giggle, shutting my eyes to remember their faces after I’d killed them. Oh how they must’ve wished that they’d kept their mouths closed when they talked to me. Because now they couldn’t get a word out if they wanted too. Sew them up and they shut the fuck up.  

“She must’ve been subjected to something, no one is like this naturally. They must’ve-”

“Must’ve what? You think that they shocked the shit outta me? You bet baby… They shocked me until I couldn’t remember my name… then they beat me. First, to teach me lessons, then to teach me tricks… and then they… left me! Just like you four will, once you get tired of looking at this.” I laughed, looking down at the little leotard I was wearing. It was so dirty from no one giving a fuck to wash it, that it had turned into a sad, pale yellow. Like teeth that start to rot.

      My finger nails were caked in dirt, and long with jagged tips. My hair greased in long streaks of pale blonde hair. I didn’t even know what my face looked like- I hope I kept my good looks after all that afflicitions of pain. I wonder if my tattoo’s on my face still stuck out against my pale skin? 

“That’s why I’m up against this wall, isn’t it? What your all gonna take your turn with me? Go ahead, see if I care. I’ve had it worse… ever been water-boarded fellas?” The four looked shocked- no. More like they had all just shit their pants at the same time.

Looking away now like I was a some Satanic being. Maybe I was… “Your crazy…” The tights man spoke quietly, shaking his head at me like I should be ashamed.

Ha! Ashamed of what? My sexuality? Was he some prude? I could tell by his fresh smell, and clean, slightly-gelled hair that he’d never been tortured like me, he hadn’t seen what I had saw. If I told him, he’d crawl into the tiny, mustache man’s arms and weep like a baby.  

      All I had was my body! It was the only weapon I was left with, it was all I had to defend myself against the HYDRA men that decided I was some toy. I had played their games, just losing my sanity in the process. But that’s the price to pay to live, sweetheart. 

To live, you must lose a little bit of your mind.

Biting my tongue, I sunk back down to my crouching position, bending my legs outwards so my knees clunked against each other.

I was done with their weirdo bullcrap of calling me things I already knew.

“You can’t take the crazy outta me. So stop looking at me like I’m a screwed up mess. Because I am. I’m fucked up, baby. Take me or leave me.”

A smile grew on my face that could only be described as looking like a cheshire cat’s.

Two of the men walked backwards from me. But the metal arm man stayed in his place. The one in the tights also stayed, but I couldn’t give a shit about that American Flag over there- I was too focused on the brunette man, with a strong stable posture, like he was… not afraid.

He should be.

“What? You’re not afraid of me, Honey? They are… so why not you sweetie?” With my arms still tied to the wall, I jumped up into a standing position, leaning forward. I tilted my head slightly in curiosity of the brave man’s stance. I was closer to him, I could see underneath his mask of brunette locks. They looked greasy, like he’d been in battle recently.

It turned me on. I liked a little dirt on my men. 

Metal Man gritted his teeth, angry with me at taunting him. I loved it, seeing him squirm under the touch of my voice.

        “I’ve seen fucked up, doll. You’re not even close.” A smile appeared on my pasty cheeks. And a giggle emerged from my throat. Quickly turning into a cackle that made Steve’s arm hair stand straight up. The tiny blonde strands on his forearm wanted to get the hell out of the room.

He wanted to get the hell outta this room.

“You know, Mr. Brave Soldier… you think you’ve seen more fucked up things in life than me?” He lifted his head, and I saw blue eyes that looked like a cloudless sky on a steamy July day.

He may look dangerous on the outside, but this boy was a baby. A little infant on the inside. A fucking poser.

“I’ve seen a lot worse, believe me.” Trying to draw fear from me, only made me want him more. He wanted to play games, and I was up for any game he wanted. 

Nodding slowly, I moved outwards, falling forward now, so my restraints were the only thing holding me back. I was putting all my weight on the wrist cuffs. My chest pushed out giving the four men a full view.

The cuffs kept digging into my skin, but the pain was a nice feeling arising in your bored, untouched body. Leaning as far as I could towards the Brunette, I locked him in with my eyes.

Like the steel bars that use to surround me, suddenly surrounded him. Making him prisoner to the invisible restraints of my big doe eyes.  

I tried to whisper softly but my teeth were clenched with sudden rage, making my voice harsh, “You haven’t even seen what I have done. You’d be surprised what I can do… believe me…”

It was then Bucky felt his spine tingle and his skin itching to crawl away from the little woman.

“Can I show you my tricks,” I offered, pouting my lips. Suddenly becoming innocent like a puppy who was wrongfully accused of chewing up the carpet, “Please, baby? Can I show you. Please!”

I let my lids become heavy, lashes suddenly covering my eyes from his view. 

I was giving lust a whole new meaning to the Metal Soldier.

“Let me entertain you… and show you what I can do…”

Biting my bottom lip, I moved back to the wall. Arms aching from the weight against my wrists. Bucky moved back to where Steve, Tony, and Sam stood. Wide eyed at the mess of a woman they’d taken in.

Tony was already rethinking the sudden rescue mission of this woman. Maybe it was a mistake to take in this crazed loony toon they’d found giggling deliriously in the corner of the factory, singing a lullaby to herself in French.

They were looking for a resource to decode HYDRA, but instead came back with a woman who needed some decoding herself. 

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Beasts of war 15/15

Title: Beasts of war


Pairing: Reaper/Soldier76

Summary: Jack, accompanied by Reaper, is finally catching up to his prey- but things does not go as planned. Irreversable things are set in motion…

Warning: Graphic description of violence and Sex. Mind manipulation, parasitation- body alteration.

Previous chapter:

Second warning!!! SOMEONE HELP THESE OLD MEN! You should take these characters faaaaaar faaaar away from me where I can not hurt them but….Please don’t? Because they are my favorite toys…

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