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42. "Stop being so cute." :)

42. “Stop being so cute.”

“No, no, no!” you shake your head and place your hand on Harry’s bicep. “’t’s not the number of cards you have that’s the issue. ‘t’s the fact that you have absolutely no idea how to play the game.”

“Well then tell me!” he bursts out, throwing his hands in the air. 

“Been tryin’ to! For the past half hour!” you laugh and bury your face in the side of the sofa, little snorts escaping through your giggles.

Harry grunts in frustration and snatches the cards out of your hands, beginning to shove all of the cards back in the box. He mumbles about how if capitalism weren’t so rampant in the world today, it would be much easier to learn how to play a simple card game while intoxicated. You choose not to mention that he just dropped at least  €6000 on new Gucci items within the past day and a half and has absolutely no place to be grumbling about capitalism, but you feared he might actually become mad and not speak to you for the rest of the evening.

You hiccup with laughter and make an attempt to stand up from your seated position on the floor, against the coffee table in Harry’s living room. “Gotta pee,” you say as you grab onto the side of the table in an attempt to stabilize yourself. You place your palm on your mate’s head as you walk by, climbing over his spider-like limbs. He takes a swig from the bottle of Fireball with one hand and shoos you off with the other.

In the silence of the bathroom, you begin to realize how intoxicated you really are. You will yourself to sober up, pinching the skin on your cheeks, knowing that you have to work in the morning. But it’s been so long since you’ve gotten to hang out with just Harry, and you missed your best friend. Looking down at the chipped nail polish on your fingernails, you swallow harshly, trying to physically push familiar feelings back down into your gut. 

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can you do a blurb where you have begun dating Niall you volunteered to babysit freddie and everything is fine with you and freddie at first but its all gone crazy after a while and your freaking out cause you don't want louis or even niall to think you screwed up?? All these baby blurbs i NEED one where you are babysitting freddie for the first time pleaseeeee???? I love your writing!!!

Could you do a blurb about you and Niall being really close friends and he is babysitting either Freddie or Liam’s baby and asks you to keep him company and watch the kids with him and then he sees you interacting with the kids and realizes he is in love with you?

A/N: This isn’t edited - at all.  I got these two requests and sort of combined them.  Ended up being kind of a friends to lovers.  But all fluff.  Fluffiest fluff.  Enjoy!!!

Babysitter’s Club

The wailing starts back up the minute you sit down on the couch.  Freddie’s baby monitor lights up, and you pull yourself up to check the small, black and white screen.  Louis had warned you that he was teething, and you’d assured him you could handle it.  Niall seemed a little more reluctant to believe the brave face you were putting on, but that still didn’t stop him from hopping in the front seat of Louis’ Range Rover to head out to some charity luncheon.  If you and Niall hadn’t been such close friends for so long, you probably would’ve been better at pretending to know what to do with a baby.  If you hadn’t been in love with Niall for so long, you probably wouldn’t have agreed to help him out by babysitting for his mate’s one year old either.  But, alas, here you are.  And you are in way over your head.

You collect some of the supplies Louis had set out for you and trundle back up the stairs to the nursery.  According to the schedule Louis has typed out for when Freddie is at his house, he should be taking at least a 2 hour nap right now.  You don’t know a lot about babies, but you do know that if they’re sleep schedule gets screwed up, their whole night is going to be a disaster.  You tiptoe into the nursery and find Freddie with his fat little hands gripping onto the side of the crib.  His cheeks are wet from the crocodile tears spilling from his bright blue eyes.  You’ve measured out the exact amount of infant tylenol into a dropper, and have a warm sippy cup of milk on stand by.  You scoop him out of his crib and settle into the plush glider in the corner of the serene room.  Freddie squirms a bit, still a little unsure of you, but happy to be in someone’s arms nonetheless.  “I know, I know.  Babies can smell fear.  Your Uncle Niall told me.”  Freddie blinks up at you and kicks his chubby legs out.  You dribble the tylenol into his mouth, thanking God and whoever else is listening that he takes it without a fuss.  Curling your legs underneath your bum, you pull a small blanket from the basket next to the chair and get settled in with Freddie snuggled in your arms.  He’s happily sucking on the sippy cup and your stress level is rapidly going down with the soft suckles and coos coming from this precious baby.  

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University Bound

Request: “You’re strong, baby.  You have to be.”  /  “I feel like I can’t breathe.”

a/n: i bet none of you guessed that those prompts would be used in this way :) and to all the people who love dad shawn…this kinda takes a spin on that but in a different way that I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing it : )

           You loaded the last item into the trunk of the car and turned around to see Shawn coming out with two more bags.  With a sigh, you took one of the bags from him, “More?”

           He nodded his head, “I think she’s taking her whole room with her.”

           You helped Shawn somehow fit the last two bags in the car. It took a bit of moving around other things, but once everything was situated, you closed the trunk and leaned up against it.  You let out a deep breath as you leaned your head back on the car, “This is really it?”

           Shawn stood next to you and copied your actions, “It’s really it.”

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For the drabbles, how about #65?

65. “I don’t want you to stop.”

It wasn’t planned, your heavy petting session after the home-cooked meal you’d prepared for him. You’d asked Harry to come over for dinner instead of the two of you going out - he’d wanted to keep a low profile with you ever since you’d made it official a week before. He swore it wasn’t because he was embarrassed of you, and you believed him. There came a certain protectiveness with dating Harry - a protectiveness that made you feel wanted; that made you feel special. He didn’t want you to be subjected to anything too fast, he’d told you. It was he who chose this life, not you. And if he could protect you from it, well, he would.

So, instead of going out and pretending you were a long-time friend nobody had ever spotted him with before, you’d invited him over to your place for a night in with homemade spaghetti Bolognese and a bit of all-natural vanilla bean ice cream for dessert. He’d been impressed with your cooking skills, leaning against the counter with a glass of wine and a smile on his face while you bustled around the kitchen. Every now and then, he’d swipe your hip with his fingertips as you walked by, pausing his train of thought to kiss you briefly before you concentrated on the meal again. He liked seeing this side of you - this domestic beauty with a dish towel over her shoulder who effortlessly threw together ingredients that smelled like home. He’d never subscribed to gender roles, but it did his heart well to be pampered a bit by you in the kitchen.

The two of you had promised not to rush things. It had taken him two and a half weeks to properly ask you to be his girlfriend after going on a handful of dates. Both of you could tell that you had something special - it was too important to rush through all of the seemingly insignificant parts. The hand-holding, the knowing smiles, the brush of your thumb against his cheek, the innocence of waking up next to each other at 2am on the couch. You’d vowed to take it slow, to make it last. But goddamnit if you didn’t want to jump his bones every time he smirked at you, every time you caught a whiff of his cologne, every time you remembered his dimple…

The way he kissed you could make you fall in love. You’d known from the start that it was a major possibility. A man doesn’t look like that and kiss like this without the intention of making everyone become enamored with him. He took so much care when his mouth was against yours, ensuring butterflies every time. Regardless of intent, his lips never failed to give you full-body chills that you would think about as you were falling asleep. You vowed to take it slow, but you also couldn’t blame yourself for wanting everything right now, right this second.

And he couldn’t help it, really. He couldn’t help it when he pulled you into his lap from your position on the couch. He couldn’t help it when he swiped your hair behind your ear, smiling a bit when you fluttered your eyes at the gesture. He couldn’t help it when he gently placed his palm on your jaw. He couldn’t help it when he hitched his chin towards your own, glancing at your lips and licking his in anticipation. He couldn’t help it when he let out a sigh after your mouth connected to his. And he couldn’t help it when he roamed his hands over your torso, grabbing at the fabric of your simple white t-shirt, desperate to get you closer to him.

But, you couldn’t help it either. You’d known you were addicted to his mouth the first time he kissed you, and you couldn’t help it how you whimpered every time he swiped his tongue against your own. You couldn’t help it how you straddled his hips to get better leverage. You couldn’t help it when you raked your fingers over his scalp and down his hair, smiling into his kiss when he groaned in response. You couldn’t help it when you bucked your hips onto his, growing wetter when you realized his own arousal. And you couldn’t help it when you moaned when he nibbled at your lower lip.

“Baby,” he says against your lips, and your heart quickens with the sound of his voice, gruff and uneasy. 

You smile and choose to ignore his plea, connecting to his lips once more, silencing him for at least another moment. You focus this time on your hands, grasping his neck, running your finger across the neckline of his own simple t-shirt, digging into the meat of his shoulders with your fingernails, enjoying how he tenses slightly under your touch.

Baby,” he says again, more instant this time.

You grunt, a frown on your face when you pull away to look in his eyes. “What?” you ask, and it’s more whiny than you’d like, but fuck taking things slow. How were you expected to take things slow when Harry Styles was beneath you, hard as a rock with a red-raspberry pout?

“Gotta stop,” he groans when you squeeze him between your thighs, the friction of your jeans atop his making his vision spotty. “Gotta take things slow.”

You groan and roll your eyes a bit, running your hands across his broad shoulders as he swallows harshly, his eyes hooded and dreamy as he leans back against the couch. You kiss up his neck and to his jaw, his grip tightening on your hips with each swipe of your lips against his hot skin.

“…but I don’t want you to stop,” you whisper against the shell of his ear, the tip of your tongue jutting out to lick the lobe.

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11 with them having trouble getting pregnant

hope this is okay :)

“I know I’m not enough.”

It was the sixth time Jasmine found a negative pregnancy test staring back at her, except this time, she knew what this all meant.

They had been trying for over a year to get pregnant, the two of them wanting to bring a little life into the world more than anything else. When they weren’t successful at first they chalked it up to being just bad timing, but as it became a pattern, Jasmine knew that this was no longer a coincidence, and more of a trend that wasn’t going away.

She took a deep breath and tried to compose herself, knowing that she needed to tell Anthony the news. She was praying that he would take it well, but she knew that he was just as excited to be a dad as she was to be a mom, and she wasn’t able to provide that for either of them.

Finally growing the courage to walk out of the bathroom she felt like she was going to be okay until she looked up and saw Anthony’s hopeful face, tears immediately beginning to fall down hers.

“I can’t get pregnant, Anthony. I can’t have a baby because there’s something wrong with me!” Her tears turn into choking sobs, Anthony standing up from the bed and pulling her against his chest, feeling her body shake with sobs as he tried to get her to calm down.

“Hey, it’s okay. We can talk to your doctor about this and see if it’s something we’re doing or if we need something to help us,” Anthony whispered as he did his best to get her to calm down, Jasmine sniffling as she pushed back away from her chest.

“I know I’m not enough,” She mumbles, Anthony’s face softening when he hears her speak the words that he had never wanted to hear.

“Jasmine, baby, no,” He whispers, wiping her tears away with his thumb as he rests his hands against her cheek, trying to think of the words to say. “You are more than enough.” Jasmine shakes her head in protest, Anthony leading her over to the bed so they can sit down.

“This is a bump in the road, but there are other options for us. We can see if there’s anything we can try, and if there isn’t we can try IVF or some other medicines. We are far from the only people going through this, your doctor will have answers for us,” He promised, Jasmine taking a deep breath as she nodded.

“I just want to be able to carry our child,” She whispers, falling against her chest.

“I want you to be able to, too. And we’ll do everything that we can to find a way to make this happen,” Anthony promises as he leaves a kiss on the top of her head, letting the silence of the room fill the conversation gap as Jasmine slowly started to calm down.

It was one of the most emotionally draining things the two of them had found themselves going through, and knowing that the future of it all was so uncertain was the worst part. Anthony prayed that the doctors would be able to find something that would help them, wanting to help Jasmine’s wish of carrying their own child come true more than anything in the world.

Dress (Sugar daddy!Calum smut)

Summary: You wear a dress guaranteed to send Calum up the wall (okay pls I can’t do summaries but it’s sugar daddy and they fuck and ahhHH hot stuff!)

Word Count: 4.8k (SO LONG OH MY GOD)

Warnings: There’s three sections of smut! Yes, three! Also daddy kink and bondage ;)

A/N: Jfc you have no idea how much effort I’ve put into this! I really hope you like it, I think it’s pretty good, if I do say so myself <3

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For my CEO!5sos blurb night with @felicityash and @pretendtobepunkrock!

Crisp shirts. Sparkling cufflinks. Neat sheets. 

Just some of the many things that spring to mind when you think of him. 

Calum Hood, CEO of Hood Incorporations, hasn’t left your mind ever since you met to discuss a partnership deal. Your father owns a business similar to Calum’s and you, his devoted daughter, handle some of the more day-to-day tasks, including meeting with the extremely attractive business partner.

From the start you knew Calum was different. Maybe it was the elegance in which he operated, the silky smoothness embedded in his voice. 

Or, perhaps, it was the fact that he’d had you spread across his desk within ten minutes of your first encounter. 

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50 Things I’m Convinced Harry Styles Does (in bed): A Fluffy List

Missed the first list? → Find it here

1. Says, “Pretend we’re koalas and I’m your baby and I have to hold on to you,” and wraps his legs around your waist and his arms around your torso, not allowing you to move.

2. On the rare occasion that he’s the big spoon, he cups your breasts while he falls asleep, subconsciously squeezing them every so often as he drifts off.

3. Whines, “No, no, no, no,” into your hair when the alarm goes off.

4. Watches you get ready while he rests his head against the mattress, a soft smile on his face when you pat his cheek as you walk by.

5. Stretches all four of his lengthy limbs across the bed while you’re taking your makeup off in the bathroom. When you’re done, you shake your head and lay on top of him until he’s forced to move.

6. Whispers, “I love you so much,” in the middle of the night when the two of you switch positions.

7. Says, “Sorry, not comfy,” when he’s unable to find a comfortable position and has rolled over at least twenty times in the past five minutes.

8. Tells you stories about growing up when neither of you can sleep.

9. Rubs his hands up and down your sides while you cuddle face-to-face, stopping his fingers at the underside of your bum and wiggling his eyebrows to make you laugh.

10. Asks you to run your fingers through his hair to calm him down when he’s too restless to settle into sleep.

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Luke’s biggest weakness is the fact that every emotion he has shines through his eyes. You could take one look at him and know for a fact he’s lying about eating the last cookie because those twinkling Pacific Ocean blue eyes would be looking shifty as hell and then he’d start giggling and running away bc he knows he got caught. You could also see how exhausted and overwhelmed he is just by taking a glance at his crystal blues because they droop and look a lil sunken in and that would mean taking his phone and telling his friends no for him since he can’t tell anyone no without feeling the heavy pit of guilt in his stomach. You could also stare right into his eyes and see the love and happiness glistening inside of his cobalt orbs for you because they’d be so big and bright and the fondest look would never leave his face when he looks at you. Everything Luke would be dying to tell you, but couldn’t would be swimming in his eyes and he’d be forever grateful that you could see everything he was feeling and trying to say just with a glance into his baby blues, because for Luke his eyes hold everything he is and feels inside of them. 

these new releases made me realize that 5sos’ lyrics need more appreciation so here’s the prettiest ones that make me nut the most

“we can run down the street, with stars in our eyes”

“i could fly a thousand oceans but there’s nothing that compares to what we had and so i walk alone”

“you’re counting up the hills across the sheets, and i’m a falling star, a glimmer lighting up these cotton streets”

“you are my getaway, you are my favorite place, we put the world away, we get so disconnected”

“go ahead rip my heart out, show me what love’s all about”

“screaming at the top of my lungs til my chest felt tight, i told myself that im never gonna be alright”

“i need your love to light up this house”

“just a kid it’s all the same, growing up it doesn’t change”

“you’re on the edge just stumbling and the road it starts to wind, but every time a page is turned, a chance to make it right”

“it’s hard to see the enemy when you’re looking at yourself”

“the sun will rise, the moon will fall, tomorrow never dies”

“living dreams in fluorescent lights while you and i are running out of time”

“when you’ve got bigger plans than no one else understands, you’ve got a shot though”

“replacing who i am with who i’d rather be”

“my strung out heart meets your angel eyes, they tear me apart and i’m hypnotized”

“no more waiting, we can save us from falling”

“taste in your tongue, smoke in your lungs and i need your love”

“let’s forget who we are and dive in to the dark, as we burst in to color, returning to life”

“now i’m lost in the swirling sea of your sorry eyes”

“you know you’ve got perfect aim, i wanna feel you in my veins”

“all your screaming whispers, slip right through my fingers, but these memories linger on”

“this endless lost parade, a castle of facade of make-believe”

“she’s the scars, she’s the bruises, she’s the pain that you brought”

“now im off to paradise, to a war i’ll never fight, say goodbye to pain and misery”

“just me and my shadow and all of my regrets”

“embers and neon signs paint up our skies”

“airplanes cut through the clouds like angels can fly, we’ll never die”

“drove into infinity, i held you til you fell asleep”

“nothing like the rain when you’re in outer space”

“the darkest night never felt so bright with you by my side”

“one foot in the golden life, one foot in the gutter, so close to the other side, so far from the wonder”


#Chaptered Stories - 
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Chicken Soup
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What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? (A Short Story)

We’re Not Fine

Harry’s POV:
Lyrics and Melodies // Part 2: AM
The House Sitter
Victoria’s Secret
Best Friends
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I Could Totally Fight You With My Bare Hands
Magic Kingdom

*please let me know if any of the links are broken

stoner bestfriend!michael laying on the couch with you, both of you snuggled up underneath the blanket with christmas lights and garland hung haphazardly around his apartment. the tree lit and the bong was on the floor next to you with a plate of half-eaten christmas cookies and the nightmare before christmas playing quietly the the tv. him humming along with jack whenever he sang as he mindlessly played with strands of your hair and you realizing that you could get used to living like this everyday for the rest of your life, even if michael doesn’t feel the same way.

Master List

These one shots/blurbs are from my main blog (@harrysbunshun). I created a separate writing blog after deleting all my original content due to others stealing my work and reposting it as theirs 😞I hope that you guys enjoy my work, new and old, as much as you did before xx

Here’s a little key to go by:

* Daddy!Kink

+ AU Plot

^ Friends/Acquaintances

- Sub!Harry/Pain!Kink

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Pro basketball star Derek Hale of the Hollywood Knights has been hinting for months about finding someone special, and the cat is finally out of the bag. In our exclusive interview Derek spoke only the highest of praise for Stiles Stilinski, and somehow turned all topics back to him. The baseball lover seems rather star-struck for the young man. Stilinski is an up and coming photographer/ videographer who seems to be at the beginning of a successful career. The two were spotted together on a yacht in LA earlier this week - the couples first public appearance. If the pictures are anything to go by, these two look beyond happy together.

50 Things I’m Convinced Harry Styles Does: A List

1. He requests exactly four kisses before bed.

2. He drums on your shins while you rest your legs in his lap.

3. He calls your mom and dad by Mr. and Mrs., no matter how many times they’ve told him not to.

4. He says, “I should’ve gotten what you got.” every time you go out to eat and then demands half of your plate in trade for half of his.

5. He gets drunk and orders things like a pound of unrefined shea butter through one-click AmazonPrime.

6. He uses your body wash in the shower because, “’t smells nice. Like a field of daisies.”

7. He swerves in the car because he gets distracted by a dog on a walk or a baby in a stroller.

8. He says, “You too!” and giggles knowingly when the ticket-taker at the cinema says, “Enjoy your show!”

9. He pinches your bum whenever he walks by, just to hear you squeal.

10. He asks you to pronounce “aluminium” over and over again because you say it so weird and it makes him smile.

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“I am hungry at the most inappropriate times.”