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A Wild Night

Person A wakes up in a strangers bed (Person B’s), fully dressed, shoes and all. They don’t remember how they got there or who on earth is asleep next to them, in Star Wars pyjamas. 

But they do know one thing, that stranger is hella cute.

Friends With Benefits~Calum Hood

You huffed as you rolled off of Calum. Being friends with benefits with Calum had its perks. It was sex at least 4 times a week without all of the commitment. You didn’t have to do anything he told you, you were free to do what you pleased while also being able to sleep with some sexy guy whenever you pleased. 

“I got something for you.” You said reaching into the dresser beside your bed. Usually you didn’t get each other gifts but his birthday was coming up and you found a present you thought he might enjoy. 

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hello, i'm min yoongi, and i'm not desperately in love with you.

author: Giveme5minutes

rating: g

word length: 13,405

summary: Where Yoongi is not so secretly pining after Jimin, Jimin is being very oblivious to his own feelings, Taehyung is very, very confused, and everyone else is just enjoying the show.


wastedkalice  asked:

i'm currently writing a secretly dating au and i've created it in such a way that on the surface my characters absolutely loathe each other - how should i show their closeness "in secret"?

Thanks for your question, dear!  I love that kind of story, so I got a little excited receiving this ask :>

Originally posted by technicallysassystrangers

I’m going to split my answer in two – because while it’s important to show their closeness in private, this isn’t the only area it appears.  Even when two people attempt to hide their relationship from others, there are signs, subtle or otherwise, of their new emotional attachment to each other in public.  So I’ll take this one at a time…

Emotional Closeness – In Public

In a secretly-dating scenario, the goal of the characters involved is to hide their feelings – which means the obvious methods of showing emotional attachment, like conversation or PDA, aren’t at your fingertips.  Nevertheless, there will be signs that are beyond their control, and they’re necessary to create a realistic image of two people secretly in love.  My top three:

  1. Changes in body language.  The closer your two characters become, the more their physical interactions will change – and in two ways.  For one thing, they’ll be consciously keeping distance from each other in order to seem discreet; but at the same time, barriers will be broken.  Once two people have reached a new level of intimacy, subconscious displays of this intimacy – small touches, spells of eye contact, handling of each other’s belongings – will all be “unlocked.”  They’ll walk a little bit closer to each other.  They’ll be more comfortable snatching things from each other.  They’ll just be less afraid of contact, basically.
  2. Changes in verbal interactions.  Your characters in this instance are, I gather, pretending to hate each other – maybe on some level, they do piss each other off even.  But whether it’s an act or not, they will address each other differently.  They’ll be more sensitive to each other’s insecurities and personal issues.  They might overcompensate by speaking too often or too little.  Their names will sound comfortable on each other’s lips.  They’ll be more inclined to side with each other, to explain or make excuses for each other – even to lash out at others in their defense.  
  3. Changes in personality and habits.  When two people become close, they leave marks on each other.  Their morals, habits, interests, physical appearances, and even phrase and word choice will start to resemble each other’s in ways that those closest to them could notice.  In a similar vein, characters will start to make conscious changes and choices for each other’s sake.  Sacrifices may be made, and this could out your characters before anyone sees them making out against a wall.

Emotional Closeness – In Private

The best part of writing Secret-Dating AUs is the moment when we actually get to see them dating; when we get the kisses and the intimacy and the flirting, and all the fun stuff.  But emotional attachment is more than the PDA – a fact which many new fanfic writers forget to include.  There are many other ways to show intimacy between people:

  1. Personal, unique conversations.  Anybody can talk, but when two people are closer to each other than to any other person, their conversations change.  They speak about personal things sometimes; they speak passionately about their interests and their experiences.  They tell stories about their days, or their pasts, or they share dreams of the future.  They share moral dilemmas.  They ask for each other’s opinions, and those opinions stick with them – they matter.  Don’t limit two people in love to conversations about sex or petty disagreements – give them substantive conversations and your readers will love them even more.
  2. Affection starvation.  And this is different from sexual tension: love creates a desire for affection, a desire which can affect them throughout the day while they’re pretending to “hate each other”.  At the end of the day, when they have time together in private, they’ll likely be extremely affectionate – especially if they’ve fought during the day and feel the need to compensate privately.  Sexual tension is there, but there’s also a desire for physical and verbal displays of affection, and it’s what ships are made of.
  3. Public life affects personal life.  This act that your characters are perpetuating will eventually catch up to them.  One of them may cross a line while bickering; real frustrations may surface during fake fights and will leak into their personal lives.  They may embarrass each other or use something personal against them.  They may use their public image or their mutual friends as leverage to manipulate each other.  There is no separation of church and state here – relationships are fragile and can be affected by anything, so the longer this goes on, the more challenging and tiring it will become.

That’s all I’ve got, but if you have any further questions, I’ll gladly take them :)  Happy writing!

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Me: Let’s forget the past, I swear we’ll make this last

Me: *deep breath*


Me: *gasps for air* *screams* I WANT YOU TO WANT ME THIS WAY!!!! AND I NEED YOU TO NEED ME TO STAY!!!!

Friends over Girlfriend~Michael Clifford

Dating Michael was so much fun. He was goofy and loud and crazy and you loved everything there was to love about him. He loved to cuddle and he loved to eat, making you the perfect couple. The issue was, his friends hated you and they made it clear that they did. 

You rarely hung out with them but when you did, they always put you down. Michael’s ex-girlfriend was amazing friends with them but when she cheated on Michael, the boys were angry and they’re afraid that you’re going to do the same. 

You explained to them many times that you would never hurt him like that, they didn’t believe you. 

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anonymous asked:

Your favorite human is Yoongi? Have you meet him or just watched him?

J: Well, I don’t just watch him… It’s just that it takes a lot of energy to be visible to humans.
So, I go when it’s sunny outside.
I get my hair done, buy flowers.

J: I can only stay a few hours… A day, at most. I’ve gotten close…
But, I get scared.
So, on longer days, I gather the courage and step to his door…
And before I get the chance… I vanish.

J: My days get longer with practice, but it’s a gamble on how long it lasts each time. Someday soon… Hopefully I will get my chance.

((This took so long, I’m never doing this again fml... I’m uncreative lmao, I used @ask-chimchim and @ask-jungcookie for the flower shop and coffee shop~~))

                  ~*Stanford Pines: The Violet Knight*~

anonymous asked:

(Au anon) ALRIGHT THE BOARDING SCHOOL AU,,, so like because Even is older he sleeps @ another wing than Isak but when its thursday hang out night they totaly notice each other for the first time outside of school,, and Isak is like omg and the boy squad is like boii its yr turn in this poolgame what r u seeing??? But Even is also just kinda stARin at him and its all fun nd games until everyone goes home for the weekend and Even and Isak definitely hit it off after like asking Vilde for //

(Au ano ) // each others number cuz vilde totally has everyones number in the boardin school,, and then evry mentor just completely loses their minds at these 2 cuz ‘hey mr NæshEIM THIS ISNT YOUR WING AND CERTAINLY NOT UR ROOM AND LIGHTS OFF HOUR WAS 2 HOURS AGO??’ Or 'no u cant sit together u have to make homework,,’ 'Mr. Næsheim ur dinner table w ur age is over there not here’ but like ofc they go off @ isak aswell u kno like especially the boiisquad like //

(Au anon) // 'Isak the guy bathroom is the other way,,,’ or mentors totally walkin in at wrong times which causes them to be like omg,, bois,, this is the public nO UR NOT ALLOWED TO GO TO HIS ROOM EiTHER ISAK???!!! Lets they Thursday free time is the best day othr than the weekends cua everyone totally notices that Even and Isak sneak off in the middle of the Monopoly game but no one mentions it ever cuz everyone is the coolest,, also cool boii squad hang outs in each others room,,

(Au anon) // also Even slips notes under Isaks door and gets busted like 8 times but its cool and its worth it to imagine isak blushing when he reads them while Even is being lectured by the mentor again,, and itw also totally worth it whe sleepy Isak opens his door and pops his head out and kisses Even real quick when hes send back to his wing,, also these bois totally have 5 secret phones laying in their room that no one can find so they keep textin each other even when its fuckn 5 am so cute

oh, man. i love this so much. but can you also like imagine??? when they fIRST start hanging out, isak is like taken aback every single time even goes somewhere he’s not supposed to be to hang out with him and does that little sputtering you cant just do that!!! thing before giving in and everyone Knows why he’s doing it and sees through it so easily, but isak isn’t used to. you know. affection and flirting and all that especially from a guy so he adamantly insists that they’re just FRIENDS and that even’s doing this to get to know him better its not like he’s FLIRTING or anything. and they get busted so many time at each other’s dorms past curfew and everyone assumes they’re banging but they’ve not even kissed yet, because isak is so nervous and hesitant about all this and even’s just endlessly patient and obvious and there are sO many rumors going around the staff and the students about this and they’re all surprised when they find out that they’re not dating yet. like????? haven’t you guys been dating for like two months now??? you literally go everywhere together we’ve busted you a million times????? what the fuck’s wrong with you guys why did it take you so long????