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How To Spot A Fake Little

Just a quick couple red flags to look out for.

1. They automatically call you Daddy/Mommy/Master. Titles are earned not given. 

2. They ask for objects to show you love them or They base you being a good or bad Caregiver on how many items you are purchasing from them, your financial income, or if you can/will financially support them

3. They do not respect personal boundaries or limits.

4. They only talk to you when they need reinsurance or want to be babied, and its all about them.

5. They never seem to appreciate you or the efforts you put forth to care for them.

6. They don’t treat you as a traditional partner in any sense, but, rather, as a distant parental figure.

-I’m sure there are more and I’ll make a better list at another time. These are just the ones I thought of off the top of my head

Quick question but: why is there hardly any stuff on ADD by itself? Or anything that tells you straight out how ADD is different than ADHD? It’s always ADHD or ADHD/ADD, but never just ADD—and even with ADHD/ADD things, the ADD is kind of just melted into ADHD. Am I just missing the resources and blogs that are just for ADD or something? I’ve had to pick through articles and things labeled as being for both, but they never really clearly define the difference between the two. In my opinion, the two are just different enough that there should be a clear definition.

six of crows blog promo

Ok, I should have done this months ago (sorry dev!!), but better late than never! So, if you’re new to the fandom or just want some great soc/ck blogs to follow, here’s my official list!

@savagekaz (Nina): THE BEST. HEADCANON AND FANFIC AUTHOR. ON HERE. No question about it. The range she stretches across is simply astounding; she can go from Wesper headcanons to Inej’s birthday stories to an AU where Jordie’s alive (!!!) in no time at all. I’ve never seen any other person have such an extensive amount of literary comprehension as Nina does. I also have the sneaking suspicion that Leigh follows her blog, since she constantly reblogs Nina’s posts all the time. In addition, she’s also the sweetest person ever, and I’m honored that she considers me her friend.

@save-the-dream (Jay): Ok, if you want some top-notch, L. Bardugo style, tear-your-heart-to-pieces stories about the Dregs, look no further than Jay’s blog. She writes like a season author who’s on her tenth publication; really, I’m astounded that she hasn’t even published a book yet. (Jay, if you see this, know that I’m buying about ten copies of your first original work as soon as it comes out). And I may talk about how I’m the #1 Kanej Fan and write about them constantly, but wow, I’ve got nothing on Jay. She writes about them so well and so meticulously, in so many different universes and AUs, and they’re all absolutely fantastic. So yeah, if you’re a Kanej fan, definitely follow Jay.

@zoyalina (Cassie): If you want to make edits/gifsets about the Dregs or the Grishaverse, I highly implore you to follow Cassie. Her edits and gifsets just blow me away every single time. She’s so passionate about what she does, and she never fails to make me smile. If sunshine were a person, it’d be her. Seriously, even if you aren’t a big fan of edits, I suggest following Cassie immediately. She’s one of the most Iconic™ bloggers in this fandom (which includes Nina as well) and you’ll be delighted at her works every time.

@heart-brekker: Now, you must know this before you read on. The Six of Crows fandom has two sectors: the meticulous, where fans make beautiful edits, stories, etc. and the hilarious, where fans post crack headcanons, incorrect quotes, and basically just joke about the Dregs (a common subject is Kaz being Ketterdam’s Official Drama King). @heart-brekker has the most hysterical posts and crack contributions I’ve ever seen here. And oh man, the puns. Such an amazing sense of humor, and they’ve supported me through so much of my work. Definitely give them a follow!

@lnej (Dev): The Official Badass Edit Center. Her edits are always so polished and clean; they look like they could be featured on a magazine! And she reblogs so many great and creative edits as well: works that somehow don’t make it to the top of the #soc page when you search that hashtag on Tumblr. I also envy her control of aesthetics: she’s organized her blog down to every last post!

@rithmeres (Rey): Now, who’s ready to follow the best cosplayer in this fandom? Rey’s cosplay as Kaz is spot on, and I constantly suspect whether she’s Kaz in disguise. But wait! Not only does she dress up and slay the cosplay game, she’s also a master hand at making edits and moodboards. In addition, she also does some amazing fanart. Basically, she’s everything I aspire to be on here, and I’m not worthy of her talented presence.

@mathiashevlr (Libby): A healthy mix of humor, edits, voice challenges, fanart, and an all around amazing friend to scream at when you have an idea or a headcanon just pops into your head. She’s also a great writer as well, so I highly recommend checking out her writings. (Psst, if you’re a big supporter of Kuwei, you might want to look here). She’s one of my closest friends on here, and I don’t think I’d ever be here without her loving support.

@fourmillionkruge (Alex): Make sure you’re not drinking any sort of liquid when you go here, because this blog will make your sides hurt with laughter. A simply hysterical sense of humor and one of the first blogs I ever followed. Alex posts the most hilarious crack posts and the tags underneath them are a treat to read. And if you’re a Wesper fan, you’ll never regret following this blog.

@sucker-for-six-of-crows (Maddy): If you want to see the Dregs characterized as different subjects (characters driving, cats, etc.) in gifsets, I suggest you look at Maddy’s blog. She posts incorrect quotes and crack posts that keep me laughing until two in the morning. And if you’re interested in fanvids, keep your eyes peeled for her great trailer for the SOC series.

@jesperinej (Ashlee): A blog I’ve admired from afar for many months, but only just recently started to talk to. She’s one of my biggest supporters, and an even bigger fan/supporter of Jesper Fahey. Delightful tags to read, and a big fanart promoter. She’s one of the greatest people I’ve ever had the fortune to meet in this fandom.

@hiswraithqueen: One of the most ardent Nikolai Lanstov supporters I’ve ever seen, and a good blog to start off your following list. Now, if you’re like me, who needs to scream at someone online for my headcanons or story ideas, shoot them across messaging to this blog. She and I have shared many days just screaming/co writing a story with our screamed headcanons. Honestly, a piece of advice for writers entering this fandom is to just shoot us a message, either in our ask box or in messaging (as long as you’re considerate and your opinion isn’t hateful, of course). That’s how I’ve built my friendship with her, and I’ve never regretted it once.

@fittes (Kate): One of this fandom’s fantastic fanart producers and promoters. And if you like Hamilton, boy, are you in for a treat. Kate’s the person you go to for the #hamforcrows content. She made a My Shot post concerning the Dregs, and she and I collaborated on who amongst the Dregs + Co. will play the different roles in the play (the post is somewhere on Leigh’s blog, which I’m still reeling over). She runs a multifandom blog, but she’s one of the greatest people you’ll ever meet in this fandom.

@clearlynotclaire (Claire): An amazingly talented artist and fanart producer. I’m simply honored that I can get to call Claire my official illustrator. She draws amazing illustrations for so much of my stories/au lists voluntarily, and it’s always such a delightful surprise to look at her work. Her enthusiasm always makes me smile, and she’s always there for me whenever I need to talk/cry about the Dregs.

@dregs-of-the-barrel (Anna): I’m still not completely convinced that Anna isn’t a professor, because her written works look like they should be gold plated, carefully written down with ink, and hung on the wall in a frame. She analyzes and writes about Kanej with an astounding sense of insight, and I’m constantly in awe whenever she talks about any of the Dregs.

Other blogs to follow: @jespefrahey, @mydarlinginej, @dirty-handed, @kaznej@totallylegit-sixofcrows, @kazmtaz, @the-bastards-of-the-barrel, @brekkfast, @dregsdaily, @dailysixofcrows, @astratastic, @queen-ghafa, and @talkkerchtome!

To be brief, over a year ago I made a tone deaf post about the old testament and practices in it, joking that they were “barbaric” and “fucked up”, after watching a Malcolm Gladwell TED Talk about the story of David and Goliath, under the assumption that having been raised in a christian family and having a background with the stories gave me the authority to joke about them, and decide what was/wasn’t offensive to joke about in regards to them.

This wasn’t the case, and I’m sorry. I was then and I am now.
People made it clear they were upset about the post, and while at first I didn’t realize what made people upset, I realized shortly after, so I deleted the posts the same night they were made. At the time I didn’t have a lot of followers and I had never been in a situation where I would have had to apologize for posting something, so I just went about with my business assuming that I had corrected the issue and everything was okay.

Since then I’ve got messages every now and then from mutuals and other people asking about the post, and I apologize and tell them I understand why the post sucks, and why I thought it was even okay to post to begin with.

The post wasn’t made with any malicious intent, but without realizing I made key mistakes that made the joke seem antisemitic (Using the term “Abrahamic Faiths” as an umbrella term for Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and everything else derived from the Old Testament, along with focusing on practices that are associated with Judaism). I recognize this now and I’ve learned from it.

I’m not an antisemite, my politics lie on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from that. I understand why the post gives people that impression about me.

My preconception of being called out for something serious was that I’d lose a bunch of followers and my friends would be upset with me, but I’ve realized that just because that isn’t happening doesn’t mean people aren’t upset, and that they don’t deserve an apology. I would have written this much sooner if I had.

I hadn’t realized that people had been upset about it for as long as they have, I’m simply not very good at keeping my ear to the ground and staying on top of these things unless they’re happening right in the moment (I rarely check my activity and almost never check my tag), and for that I’m also sorry. To reiterate, I would have written this much sooner if I had.

My attitude towards being a “Big Tumblr Funnyman” has always been tempered with a bit of resentment, because I come here to make jokes with my friends and share stuff I find funny/cool, along with the things I’m working on and what I’m up too. I consider the blog a personal one, and I don’t like to consider myself a “public figure” in any sense. but the reality is I am, even if it is on a crappy blogging site, and because of that, even if I don’t know 99% of you, I owe it to you to explain myself and apologize when I’ve messed up.

To summarize, I’m sorry for making the post, I’m sorry for my lack of awareness, It was never my intention to offend anyone.

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I kinda want to talk about derek's dream with stiles. For some reason while watching that scene i always felt like Stiles was really there. That it was a dream but both derek and stiles were actually there. Derek was really talking to stiles and not just some dream version derek's mind made up when he needed him. I think it was because Derek asks Stiles how to tell he's dreaming but derek wasnt there the other times during the season that stiles said those things so how else would he know?

Anon, this was my immediate thought after 3B ended. I actually ended up writing a THEORY and then a DRABBLE and then a FULL FIC about Stiles dreamwalking post-3B because it just seemed so much like that’s what was happening.

(Also… wow, guys. I’d forgotten I started writing fics for this fandom when I was still over on my Walking Dead blog. Craziness.)

So anyway, we are 100% on the same wavelength with this. Stiles never told Derek about his “in dreams you have extra fingers” theory… not on screen, anyway. It only came up when Stiles started having nightmares, losing track of reality, and Derek never interacted with Stiles (yes, the Nogitsune, but not Stiles) at any point throughout 3B.

So either it was Stiles dreaming, touching Derek’s mind with his own spark or some leftover trace of the Nogitsune’s power (which makes perfect sense, because how did the Nogitsune reach out to Stiles? Through mind tricks, delusions, and dreams), or Stiles and Derek spent some significant amount of casual time together, off-screen, before 3A. Long enough for Stiles to start sharing random facts he’d googled (as in: casually, not just during a crisis) and Derek was listening to Stiles well enough to remember those facts four months later.

But would Stiles have even known about the extra fingers trick then? Sure, Stiles is absolutely the type of guy to google randomly, but I also feel like he would have delved into hardcore dream research once it became an issue, once he started having trouble sleeping due to a darkness in his heart. So I think it’s pretty likely he wouldn’t have known the finger trick until post-3A, meaning he wouldn’t have had a chance to tell Derek.

Except for a third explanation, I guess: if Stiles and Derek stayed in phone contact after he left in 3A. Sharing casual, late night phone calls when they couldn’t sleep, Stiles admitting eventually that he had nightmares, mentioned that he was doing research, murmuring the finger thing with an air of forced nonchalance –– “Still have five fingers now. Guess you’re really here talking to me.”

Either of those theories pretty much prove Derek and Stiles were a hell of a lot closer than canon overtly shows, and we pretty much know one of them’s canon because Stiles never mentioned dreamsharing afterward.

But I love the dreamwalker!Stiles theory.

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Can I get a scenario of Aizawa with an s/o who really loves Halloween on Halloween night? Like she super excited and bakes a bunch of different themed treats and makes him cuddle with her on the couch to watch scary movies (even though she's really jumpy) sorry does this make any sense? I kinda feel like it doesn't so feel free to ignore this lol but I love your blog it's wonderful :)

Aizawa Shouta:

  • He doesn’t understand all the hype around Halloween because he had never enthusiastically been apart of any holiday, but he doesn’t complain because it’s clear it makes you happy. He can’t fake being in the spirit but he is amused at how much energy you have to do all things that are halloween-y.
  • He’s not going to turn down baked goods even if they’re shaped like pumpkins and witches; in fact, that makes them more interesting. When he goes off to the store he tries to find some cookie cutters with interesting shapes, and they’re generally on sale since it’s the season, so it’s a steal.
  • He acts like he doesn’t notice the decorations whenever someone comes over and points them out, pretending as though the apartment looks like this daily. 
  • He doesn’t mind horror movies though there aren’t many that scare him now that he’s dealt with many horrors of reality; some of them are actually a break from the actual monstrous villains he has to deal with daily. He seems to enjoy movies that feature kids as the protagonists.

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so Believer by Imagine dragons works for the IPRE crew, with each verse focused on a specific character and the chorus for all of them. First verse Lucretia, then Davenport, second verse Taako. Fourth verse Merle, fifth Magnus and the last verse barry and lup. I hope this makes sense I just really like making lyricstucks in my head and this blog is amazing and lets me kind of share the things i'd never have the skills to actually make otherwise

I’m not going to quote any lyrics; I’m just going to link them, so our followers can see them all & realize how much of a genius you are. :D  

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hi i don't wanna start a fight but all 'antis' aren't bullies i know ppl take it way too far i mean it's fictional ffs but you have to realize you aren't in anyway right either? reylos also attack ppl who are minding their own damn business and expressing an opinion not even being hurtful. but go ahead pretend like your ship is great when it really is shit n as abusive as some of y'all can be. i know bc some reylo fanatics attacked/harassed me and it fucking sucked.

i just went off bc you were also somewhat part of the harassing. and you can say you don’t mean it but you still did it so huh. look who’s a bully. y'all are hypocrites too js…(2/2)

First off, how cowardly of you to come onto my blog and send me this trash anonymously. You don’t want to start a fight, but then you escalate your hostility to about a 100 and pull out every reylo insult in the book. That sure makes a lot of sense. /s

I was never apart any “harassing,” so you can stop it right there. Don’t use me as a scapegoat. Coming for me with false accusations is pretty pathetic. Where are the receipts? Unlike you, I stay in my lane. I don’t go around picking fights with ants.

If reylo shippers came and attacked you unprovoked (and you didn’t do anything taunting like crostag a hateful post as reylo), then no shit, that’s uncalled for. What were you expecting me to say? That all antis deserve to be bullied? I’ve been on the receiving end of anti harassment and I don’t wish that on anybody.

But let’s be clear—I have ZERO respect for what you “stand” for, so don’t come to me asking for my pity, especially when you simultaneously attack me and my ship in some bogus anonymous message.  And I especially don’t have much sympathy for you or your fellow antis when spreading hatred and hostility is. your. whole. damn. rhetoric. Plain and simple. This anti “cause” you associate yourself with has a loooooong track record full of bigotry and harassment of shippers, so you can take your victim playing bullshit someplace else.

DAY 3286

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Mar 27/28,  2017                  Mon/Tue 1:16 am

Birthday - EF - Ambar Nath Mukherjee  … Ef Pratik Vora    …  Tue, March 28 and there are wishes for you both from us all here at the Ef brigade .. love and have a great day .. 

There is a certain passiveness in life today .. one that languishes between wanting to meet or not .. whether one should get out of bed or not .. whether certain appointments kept be deleted or postponed .. and there is no single explanation for it .. but there it is .. lethargy and the avoidance of making decisions, is Libran astrological pattern behaviour .. trying to defeat it is like seeking to rearrange the cosmos from Jalsa .. !!

So best to succumb to it than try for change .. that is another wonder quality of these ‘balanced’ people .. trying for change .. we do not appreciate it and never wish to practice it either .. it is another matter that it never rules true .. not in my case at least ..

Financial and business meetings are another aspect of these ‘horse’ bodies .. they are never able to understand a word of it .. or them .. and when you have to conduct in a most officious manner them that present themselves in droves, you step back and start writing a Blog ..

Some comments with regard to the Blog state that my texts here are not making any sense at all .. and that they wonder if my brain is in the right place ..

It actually is .. there is deformity, yes .. but it actually is in the right place .. it may not give an impression of being there .. of being of certain caliber, but .. there is little to challenge those aspects .. and that is as immodest as I can get .. any further and ye shall have to deal with another aspect, which could be somewhat surprising to all ..

I did a photo shoot :

there are more impressions of calibrated brain in there .. but I refrain from doing anything that may disturb those very delicate issues .. so I shall reserve them for another rainy day ..

I am to work early in the morrow and I am already late .. so 

Good night

Amitabh Bachchan

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Star! Did you know your face is all over a ton of Tumblr Zoosk ads?

Yeah they apparently bought the photo from the app I use to try and sell stock photos I uploaded. I made a whole $2. :P 

You never know where the pic ends up unless you do a reverse image for it. For the most part, when I sell one they tend to just end up on random small blogs and stuff… so my selfie photo being used in a bigger ad campaign is a first. 

It’s weird, but ah well. There’s gonna be a lot disappointed Zoosk users. I’ve never been on it, and I don’t use any other dating apps anymore. (I try them for a couple times a year and then always immediately delete them in a few days. It’s not for me.) 

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Hi, not sure if someone's already asked, but: Hypothetically, what kind of familiar would everyone have? Thank you for all your hard work! This blog always brings a smile to my face!

This is entirely for fun, it’s not serious. Thanks for the ask, apprentice! It made me think. I put links to the official blog, to give info about stuff you might not know if you don’t already follow it. The other research can be easily found on Google.

- Asra: Considering he already has Faust, it’s kind of hard to give him any other familiar. However, even though I love Faust and would never want another animal, I think a fox would make a lot of sense. He is fairly crafty and sneaks around a lot. I think he also has very fox-like qualities, he looks like he is hiding something. Maybe even a fennec fox, and it would get lost and Asra would panic, because where is his baby? It’s even sneakier than he is.

- Julian: I’ll be generic, and say he’d have a raven. It’s the animal that he is associated with the most, as he is smart and mysterious. I just like the idea of him talking to it and getting annoyed whenever it shrieks into his ear. They can also symbolize luck. However, his hound dog was very close to him, and I can’t help but think they were always together. Though, familiar’s share the same lifespan, and I’m pretty sure the dog, is well… you know.

- Nadia: Definitely not a cat, she finds them awful apparently. I think an intelligent animal would suit her best. I know owls are considered very wise, so maybe a barn owl. It fits with her general aesthetic as well. She’d be the type to train it to do tricks as well, and she’d have it perched high on his shoulder. It makes her look ten times more intimidating than she already is. She finds it funny to look at when it turns it’s head all the way around, it scares everyone but she finds it hilarious.

- Portia: I think a cat would work. It’s mostly because it’s said that she really likes cats, but I also find it an interesting idea. If it was a black cat, it would symbolize either good luck or misfortune depending on where you’re from. This is slightly similar to ravens, like Julian. Also, Nadia dislikes cats, and since their relationship is slightly confusing, the dynamic would be interesting.

- Muriel: I think he gets along well with animals, and he fits in with them. So, it’s really difficult to give him a potential familiar since there are many possibilities. All of the animals I could think of were really big, and maybe not suited to be familiars. Like, a bear. Because apparently, he hibernates? Or, and this isn’t a very well thought answer, maybe a chicken? Sorry, he’s very hard to write.

- Lucio: His animals in his menagerie are already possible options. Or, following the current game events, a goat. While I was researching goats, I found they could symbolize virility and sensuality… I don’t know if that applies in game but it is interesting. His favorite food, ox tartare is also interesting, as oxen symbolize strength. The Emperor card in The Arcana deck also looks like an ox, take of that what you will. I can’t answer him with so little information, but I hope my research makes you think!

- Admin Christmas

Umm, I have never asked before so sorry if I offend or do something wrong. I looooove Genma and Kakashi, they are such babes! I would love to read more SFW and NSFW headcanons about them :) Like umm how they would be as boyfriends, lovers etc. But anything about them would be great! Thank you, have a great day :) - @thecurioushedgehog

you’re perfectly fine boo <3

so tbh for nsfw kakashi i have so many conflicting headcanons for him. like the way i write him in my oc fic is very “bitch knows what he’s doing and he like to fuck” but i also subscribe to kakashi is a nervous blushy virgin digest

so for anyone who reads my fic and then my headcanons and goes “what you’re writing him in two entirely different ways this makes no sense!” what i write in my fic and what i write for headcanons blog are both things i headcanon for him but for this blog i’ll always default to nervous blushy virgin if that makes any sense at all?

second note on kakashi, since i write headcanons that are specific to the various phases of his life as well as regular requests, unless specified all kakashi requests are default late-sensei/early-hokage-ish

tag list for kakashi: @ucangotohell

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Kakashi SFW Headcanons

  • It’s pleasantly surprising when he’s on time for your first date, but don’t get your hopes up that it will happen again. He’s never more than five minutes late, and he really does try to be on time, but it’s such a habit to never be on time for anything that it will take him a while to break it. It’s not that he thinks you’re not worth being on time for, but he just isn’t good at keeping track of it and gets distracted a little too easily at times.

  • If you’re looking for the sweet, cuddly boyfriend, you might want to look somewhere else. He will cuddle, if the mood strikes him, but he’s spent so much of his life thinking that everything he touches dies that physical contact is not something he is good at.

  • He is so hilariously awkward about it, but he loves to give you compliments, small gifts (usually flowers, or something he found while out on a mission he thought you would like), and say sweet things. Underneath all the pain and tragedy, he’s a romantic at heart, and he wants you to know that he loves you and how special you are to him, even if he’s not very good at making the words come out the way he wants them to. It’s the thought that counts, right?

  • It will be a long, long time before he feels okay with telling you he loves you - he’ll show you that he loves you, with the things he says and the things he does, but there’s something about actually saying “I love you” that is infinitely more terrifying than just showing you how he feels. Know though that even if he doesn’t say it, he feels it, and he’ll find a way to let you know.

  • This is surprising to no one, I’m sure, but he is a cheap date. He never plays the “I forgot my wallet” game with you, but he’s not taking you anywhere expensive unless it’s a special occasion - he’s perfectly okay with ramen or dango dates, or, even better, dates that cost nothing at all. Again, it’s not that he doesn’t think you’re worth it, it’s just how he is. You’ll break him of the habit eventually.

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Genma SFW Headcanons

  • Genma’s a flirt. A massive flirt. He flirts with anything that moves, tbh, though it comes out of a place of “flirting makes me and others feel good about themselves” rather than “I want to fuck them all” - but with someone he’s actually into, he’s a lot more nervous about it. He hides it well, but you can tell by the way he looks at you, a moment too long before he actually drops his line, and then the almost shy he look he gives you after as he’s trying to determine if you’re feeling it. When he’s trying to work up the courage to actually ask you out, & once you get together, you are the only person he flirts with.

  • He’s selectively cuddly - sometimes he wants his space, other times he wraps so tight around you it’s almost impossible to tell where he ends and you begin. The best chance for cuddling is bedtime, because that’s when he’ll wrap so tightly around you that you most definitely aren’t moving until morning when he wakes up again. It’s twice as fun because boy is a walking talking space heater and leaves you thinking his internal body temperature is at least 1000 degrees F.

  • He loves to tell you how beautiful/hot/sexy he thinks you are, and he likes to tell you a lot. Whether you’re all dressed up or tucked into bed in what you think is your ugliest (but most comfortable) pair of jammies, he thinks you’re absolutely breathtaking, and he wants you to know.

  • Genma follows no guidelines for what the “typical” timeline of a relationship is, but he’s also not quick with the “I love you” (and he is very honest about it with you, too). He firmly believes that it’s not something that should be said unless you absolutely mean it - so whether it’s a week in or a year, if he knows that he means it, he’ll say it, but if he’s not 100% sure, he won’t. (Of course, he’s not going to dump you because it’s been 6 months and he can’t make himself say “I love you” - he knows that love isn’t always “oh my god I love them and I know I love them”, sometimes it takes time to grow. He’s not going to just give up, he will give it a chance.)

  • Does not do dates except on special occasions (or if you really want to). He is very much a stay at home and spend time together alone kind of guy, he would rather curl up on the couch with some Netflix than go out to a crowded restaurant or club. Even on anniversaries, he’d rather stay home and cook a wonderful dinner or just head off to an onsen for the weekend.

NSFW below the cut :)

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do you love homicidal robots with a flair for dramatic entrances and overreacting?  do you hate tony stark with a burning passion?  do you want your character to receive five minute monologues that never make any sense, but are always filled with so many pretty words that nobody ever questions it?  well look no further, kiddos!

this is an independent, canon divergent, private ULTRON of the horrid movie known as Avengers: Age Of Ultron. my name is Freya and I actually have no idea how to make these promos, but I deleted my blog on impulse a few days ago and now I feel kinda stupid, so please do me a favor and reblog or like this !!!

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hey evie! I had a little fight me today that dd/lg was sfw and bdsm is nsfw... she's my friend however, and i feel she's making some mistakes with her choices in the lifestyle. of course it's not my place to say otherwise, but i would at least like to nudge her in the right direction. do you have any words if wisdom i could pass on?


The use of “sfw” versus “nsfw” terminology to say whether a kink is somehow safer / less “extreme” / vanilla friendly or not has perplexed me. It makes sense to call a blog, or a post or a photo “sfw” or “nsfw” but an entire lifestyle? Can an entire kink lifestyle truly be “safe for work”?

The answer is no.

Kink is never safe for work. I don’t care if it’s DDLG or branding with hot irons. You can’t take that into your office in a public way. That is why day collars were invented. DDLG IS BDSM. You can’t say BDSM is inherently NSFW and then also say DDLG is not. That isn’t logically sound.

I believe what your friend is trying to say is “it’s okay if I engage in DDLG openly. DDLG isn’t as scary / extreme as all that BDSM stuff is. What’s so bad about pacis and calling my partner Daddy?”

But that just isn’t true. You can’t sterilize kink like that. If you think you can go out grocery shopping sucking a binkie, or use a sippy cup at work, or call your partner Daddy and have them call you Little at your office during lunch… boy I have news for you. The world is not that prepared to handle your private life. Because that is what you are doing. Bring private kink into the eyes and ears of non-consenting parties. No matter how “innocent” and “sweet” it is to you. Not everyone is going to see it that way. And if you believe in consensual kink you will respect the lack of consent of uninformed parties and not make them privy to your DDLG. You are welcome to try and show your boss or your grandparents or coworkers your DDLG blog and see how “safe for work” they believe it is… (hint: they won’t). No sex / not participating in a sexual way does NOT make something sfw.

You cannot sugar coat kink. You cannot water down DDLG to make it “sfw”. DDLG is BDSM. Stop trying to sterilize it to make it palatable for the masses. Because by the time you do that, it is no longer BDSM at all.

Hope this helps,


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I was totally respectful pointing out adultism. I am surprised you are being defensive. Was trying to impart information respectfully. But yes - adultism is a thing, and you are perpetuating it. Your Tumblr is popular and people look up to you. Was pointless to message you? Was it pointless to genuinely share information in the spirit of discourse? Sad. Frowny devil face indeed. Love your Tumblr, btw, and gotta try some fairy bread. Have a fabulous day! <3

My entire post was about how the kids had a right to be loud and annoying but that I couldn’t stand them.

If thinking kids deserve rights, respect, legal protection, to never be abused and to be empowered with knowledge while also not wanting to be around them because as a collective they annoy the fuck out of me while ACKNOWLEDGING that that is my issue is “adultism” then there is fuck all I can do.

Because hey, not everyone likes kids as their process of maturing comes with a LOT of traits I can’t stand and I can’t just tell them to piss off when they are being wankers like you can with adults.

Dealing appropriately with children is complicated and exhausting and requires a level of subtlety and understanding that I can only muster once per fiscal year when I am called upon to babysit. Which I’m, to the shock of many, very good at.

I have never supported any systemic oppression against kids and go well out of my way to support children, preferably from a distance because I do not enjoy their company.

I mean, you probably know that. If you follow my blog you’ve likely seen many posts where I talk about child abuse, children needing to have a stronger sense of autonomy so they can make informed decisions about their own bodies, respecting the choices they make.

So really… What was your point? Do you want to tell me that not liking kids is bad? Ok, if that is your opinion then there isn’t much I can do about that as I’m not going to lie about it and I don’t foresee it changing.

every nancy drew game from best to fuckin bad

here it is, finally, my ranked list of nancy drew games. it’s fucking huge, so it has been placed under a cut. if you manage to read the whole thing, I applaud you. if you like LIE and manage to read past my scathing review of that, I REALLY applaud you.

my reviews of the games are subjective, which is to say only some of these games I find objectively bad (some really do have poor structure & handle themes badly), but then we all play nancy drew games for different reasons. what I want out of games is good mystery story with solid story structure, high verisimilitude (realism), and creepy shit. you might like them for a good emotional content, you might hate the scary games, etc etc. I bother saying this so that everyone will know I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings with this; if we disagree on a game, we disagree because we have different needs/wants from these games. okay!

also, I missed a handful of games cause DAN was a mess and I abandoned them for a few years after that one. while I’ve seen walkthroughs of the games I’ve missed and am familiar w the stories & characters, I haven’t actually played them, so they’re missing from the review. those games would be: ICE, RAN, TRN, TOT, CRE, WAV. (maybe one or two more honestly idk rn)

with all that said, here’s a ranked review list of every nancy drew game I have ever played, starting with the worst:

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Went on a harrie blog and they were trashing niall for doing fanservice ??? Like wtf are they aware that singers are supposed to do that? Honestly how far up harry's ass are they?

Hi anon!

Niall is doing well and Harries know that. Harries need to attack him for something.

Niall has more followers on Twitter. He posts things on Instagram that don’t directly relate to him selling us things (like his golf pics, watching the fight) whereas Harry’s last post was over 6 weeks ago and was for Dunkirk. Niall told us we’d get the album if we got tickets to his tour instead of having us preorder his album before tickets went on sale. Niall did radio and summer festivals and showed us he could perform solo before selling tickets to his tour. Niall talked about a tour months ago in interviews and tweeted about his calendar filling before springing the tour on it, while Harry let everyone else speak for him. Niall makes actual music videos, instead of using recycled footage from a pay-for-docu series recorded months ago (which is actually just an ad for another pay-for-docu series). Niall has spoken positively about the other men and the band since the beginning of his solo rollout, whereas Harry talks about “that band” and doesn’t seem to know anyone else. Niall goes on a variety of radio shows and talks to a variety of hosts, whereas Harry mostly sticks with the same crowd.

They’re basically doing everything in completely different ways. So it’s easy to pick on Niall.

Especially when it’s…working. Say whatever you want about their images and online behavior and interactions with fans (all of which, it could be argued, is what fanservice comes down to), but objectively, it’s working.

(These were updated 8/28.)

Now, I know that Harries will argue these are only some measures of success and fall back on the #1 (in some places) thing, or say that Harry doesn’t want commercial success, and so on.

And maybe that’s true. But you know as well as I do that if Harry were actually doing well on the charts, they’d be screaming about it. If he wins a Grammy, they’ll scream about it. When any other commercially successful musician says anything nice about Harry, they scream about it (even if their commercial peak was decades ago). When they thought he was going to perform on the TCAs, they screamed about it. So the actions and words don’t match.

Beyond that, I think something else is going on. I’ve noticed a lot of the enthusiasm for Harry’s work has declined. I think that there are a lot of fans who aren’t really excited for his work anymore, even if they were in March.

I know a lot of people are noticing Larrie blogs are dropping, and they think it’s because they’re Harries who aren’t here for Louis. Possible. But…they’re not even here for Harry really. Part of this could be because he hasn’t done anything new, but they’re not even reblogging old photos, etc. They’re just…gone.

Also, there are a number of Harry’s tickets going up for sale and people trying to get rid of them because they suddenly can’t go, or the people they were supposed to go with don’t want to go anymore. These were the hottest ticket in time just a few months ago. I’m sure people are getting rid of Niall tickets, too, but I haven’t seen that on my dash (not once) and follow a lot of Niall-centric blogs that would be reblogging that to help other fans get tickets. But I do keep seeing Harry ticket resale posts on my dash.

I’ve also noticed that blogs that have never blogged about Niall are getting in on his tour and reblogging posts about him and how he’s doing, and blogging less about Harry.

While I don’t have hard numbers behind any of this, my sense is that there are a lot of people who are doing the bare minimum to look like they support Harry, but who are actually bored with him. Since you get attacked if you say you’re not happy with solo Harry’s rollout, it makes sense that some bloggers would continue along with the Harrie party line of how fanservice is stupid, even if they secretly are following the careers of the other men.

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I am going to be 18 soon and I haven't had a relationship yet. No first kiss date, nothing like that. I'm not desperate at all, but I am insecure at the fact that no one may have ever been interested in me. I now low key want to be in a loving and serious relationship, but I also don't want to be? I want to focus on academics and other important responsibilities. Yet, I would love someone to be with since I never experienced it. Any advice for a confused and hopeless romantic? Love your blog ❤️

I have actually answered this a few times before, but I can’t find a link to any of those posts so I’ll just try to think of my advice now

Life isn’t a race. Everyone is at a different stage with different things. There are people ahead of you in some areas and behind in others. Your life and circumstances are different from those around you, so comparing yourself to them doesn’t even make sense. 

I’m 20 and i have had some romantic milestones but there’s also some that I haven’t had! I also have a lot of friends who are also in college who have never been in a relationship or kissed anyone. And that’s okay! They’re living they’re life. 

Don’t worry so much about romance. You are young and have so many other good things to focus on right now! Just live your life, and be open to all possibilities!

Good luck!

i think ppl are confused about what Lotor’s potential redemption arc would be, if he were to get one. he never hunted down Voltron: he used them to get something he wanted. imo the only redemption arc that would make sense for him would be tied into the Narti Arc (which is what i’ve taken to calling what happened in s4ep5 if you’re new to my blog lmao)

hear me out: he lost the trust and respect of the Generals when he killed Narti, and they turned on him. it’s clear to me that Lotor feels badly about killing Narti, but he hasn’t faced how his actions affected the Generals in any way

tbh, i’m not sure i want him to get a redemption arc, but if he does? well then i want him to be forced to face what he did and to earn back the trust of the Generals, though i doubt any of them will respect him in the same way again (especially Acxa)

basically i want everyone to remember that a redemption arc does NOT necessarily mean a character redeeming themself to the protagonists (which is what happened in AT:LA and made sense contextually [i mention this bc i see a lot of ppl comparing Lotor to Zuko lmao]) but redeeming themself to someone that they’ve wronged, which in this case would be the Generals

anyway that’s just my two cents! have fun theorizing what could happen because for now everything after season 4 is just a headcanon! go nuts!