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Happy Thanksgiving

Wanted to give a little shoutout to some of my favorite people, I’m still going to post my ‘follow forever’ list at the end of the year but these people are extra special to me.

*Jimmy Fallon voice* THANK YOU

  • @frozeninfire - William, 2 years ago you came to me with the idea of starting a network and because of that we got super close and I’m so happy! Thanks for the occasional slumber parties, even though we haven’t played two truths and a lie in awhile, I’m still winning 79-42 (let’s pretend that was the score :) ) When I come to visit someday we’re going to have an irl slumber party okay? okay.
  • @ponderation - Sara!!! you’re my long lost blonde twin! We’ve known eachother for so long and practically ‘grew up’ together on here. Even though we never talked much we kinda just skipped the small talk and went on venting to eachother and I love it. You’re one of the sweetest people I’ve never met <3
  • @noizzex -  Alexa, my side hoe, my little lady, thanks for sending me all of the memes! All of the inappropriate jokes, the dumb vines, the videos of your cat that is always asleep or destroying things. You’re one of my only friends on here that’s brave enough to get through american horror story without wanting to turn it off after the first 30 seconds and for that you deserve an award. To be honest, I’m not even sure how we became friends, I don’t remember ever having that first conversation, we just went straight to sending memes and I think we’ve built a solid friendship from it.
  • @de-preciated / @henrybakerartwork - Henry! I’ve known you for forever now, and though we don’t talk as much, I appreciate all of our random silly chats and our mini bonding moments over ed sheeran. It’s nice to find another person who’s shy and introverted and all that, we get eachother.. and it’s nice. I’ve watched your little art journey on here since the beginning and I’m amazed at the progress you’ve made. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pieces with us. I’m super happy to own some of your prints. I wish you all the success with your art <3
  • @love-abia - Abi, though you’re no longer active on here I hope you’ll still get a notification for this. You’ve always been like an older sister to me and I can’t thank you enough for that, you’re the older sister I never had. Thank you for listening to my endless stories (you’re still gonna turn them into a book and publish it and make millions off it right?) and for  recommending me books (about alien porn). I miss you and your moon photos, I hope you come back to tumblr soon!
  • @te5seract - Isaac, where do I start.. we only became friends less than 2 years ago but it feels like I’ve known you a lifetime. You have no idea how much it means to me that you took the time to teach me how to code, that you didn’t let me give up when I felt like pulling my hair out, you’re so patient with me and I’m so very grateful for that. I’m very lost in the world when it comes to finding things I enjoy, and for you to find something that sparks my interest, that’s something I’ll cherish forever. Thank you for keeping me sane when I come to you panicking because webmd says the spot on my arm means i’m dying of brain cancer and for keeping me company when I can’t sleep at 3am because I watched a scary movie. I have so much more to say but I’ll keep this short and sweet. Who knew that a simple get to know you tag post would lead to such a great friendship? I hope we meet someday. <3
  • @novice-at-play - Angie, I’m convinced that you are my long lost mom.  You’re the coolest internet mama could ever ask for, I hope you chose to adopt me into your family someday, if not I’m adopting you into mine. I love that you’re not afraid to laugh at inappropriate sexual jokes and poop jokes. The stories you share with me, the way you word them always makes me laugh and it brightens my day 
  • @dennybitte - Denny, you’re extremely humble and have probably sent me a very sweet message after every photo I’ve ever reblogged for the past.. 2 or 3 years, that’s dedication! Thank you for putting up with all of my photo editing questions and helping me decide on which photos to post after I send you 38924238492 different choices. And thank you for all of the scary movie recommendations! It’s always lovely to have new movies to look forward to!
  • @landscapeexposurenetwork- Thank you to all of the members and followers for keeping this page running! Two years ago it was just an idea William came to me with and I’m amazed at how well it’s been doing and how many of you are dedicated to supporting photographers.

💖 Ashley

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I think straight is also part of the rainbow. So my question is, could you please make a moodboard for a straight Ravenclaw and Dr.Who fan?

Uhhh, we are pretty much all in agreement that we’re going to opt out of doing this request. This is an LGBT moodboard blog, and straight isn’t apart of that. Transgender + heterosexual: that’s fine! Heteromantic and bisexual: also okay! But like no not just straight by itself- that’s not ‘apart of the rainbow’. I would suggest going to a normal moodboard blog and I’m sure they’d be happy to do those aesthetics without an identity! (mod Luna)


happy thanksgiving! 🍁🍂❤️

i know not everyone celebrates this holiday, but i want to express my gratitude for everyone that i have met since starting my blog. you are all so wonderful and amazing, you make my life so much better and happier. there are some people that i would especially like to thank and show my gratitude for.

@screamholland - liz my very very best friend, my wife, one of the most important people in my life—thank you. you are so incredibly sweet and lovely to everyone and i cannot express how lucky i am to have you as my friend. you’re always there for me no matter what time of day, and i know i can count on you for anything. i love you so much! 💜

@curiouspeterparker - hannah, the love of my damn life, i love you so much. you are so funny, sweet, and beautiful in ever single way. i am so grateful to have someone like you in my life. thank you for always being there to send tom holland memes to, i love you! 💖

@tbholland - meg, you are so amazing, words can’t describe how incredible you are. you are so unique and sweet, and you do so much for all of us in the fandom, we are all so grateful for you, but i’m especially grateful to be able to call you my friend. you are so important to me, and i hope you know that. i love you! ❤️

@purelyparker - cass, mi cariña, i love you so damn much, you’re so wonderful and sweet, and you’re always there when i need you. you make me smile so much and i love you, thank you for everything you’ve done for me—for all of us in the fandom. 💙

@tomrannosaurusholland - kirby, the aussie love of my life, i know you don’t celebrate thanksgiving, but i needed to express my gratitude to you. you are so fucking wonderful, you’re always there for me when i need to complain or just talk about stupid stuff. you’re so important to me and i cannot tell you how thankful i am for your friendship. i love you!! 💜

@lovelyimagines - tori, mi girasol, you are one of the greatest people on this website. hands down you’re the most kind and wonderful human on this planet. you make me smile every day and you make my day brighter, i can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. please never change, you’re so beautiful and sweet and lovely, you’re the personification of a field of sunflowers. i love you so much, i can’t wait to have a sleepover! ❤️

@loverholland - becca! the love of my life, an angel, you are SO wonderful in every single way. you are so supportive of everyone and are so quick to help when you think someone needs it. i can’t even begin to tell you how much your friendship means to me, my angel. i love you so much! 💖

@midtownsparker - izzy, my babe, i love you so much! you are so funny and sweet in every sense. i look forward to seeing your tags on your reblogs and seeing you pop up on my dash, you make me smile daily. i am so thankful for your friendship and i love you more than words can express! 💙

@spideyman-tom - kat, my angel! you are so wholesome and sweet and i am so happy that you’re my friend. i smile every time i see you on my dash or in my messages, you’re the kindest, sweetest person ever. i love you so much!! 💜

@spideyparkerfilms - bee, mi abeja, words cannot describe how much i love you and how much i value your friendship. you are so sweet and kind to everyone. you have so much love in your heart to give and i’m so thankful to be able to call you my friend. i love you so so much! ❤️

@dej-okay - dej, my girlfriend, i love you so much wow. you are so sweet, kind, lovely, funny, and beautiful in ever way, shape, and form. i am so grateful to be able to call you my friend. i admire your strength and your ability to support all of your friends to the fullest, i love you so so so much, dej. 💖

@parkerscupcake - ambahr, my love, my angel, you are so fucking fantastic. i admire your strength and your kind spirit. you are one of the nicest people i’ve ever come to know on any platform and i am so grateful for your friendship. i love you so much, please never change for anyone. 💙

i could go on for hours about how wonderful people are on this website, but people would find it irritating, so here are some more shoutouts for people who i find wonderful and amazing. i am so thankful for all of you and everything you do for me and this fandom as a whole. @hufflepuffholland @ballyhoobarnes @bittersweetholland @honestholland @honeynutholland @dreamyholland @hollandazing @rileywrites-parker @underoos-tom @spiderparkerboy @spidereyhes @spider-boi @agirlwithpointlessideas @parkerroos @yoinkmyheart @webslingerholland @buckylicious @spidergirlwanab @curly-haired-holland @jbarneswrites @zendmylife @protectsamholland @httpsamholland @panicholland

i’m probably forgetting so many people, but i want you to know that even if you aren’t included in this, i appreciate and love you with all of my heart. you are all so wonderful, thank you for being apart of my life!

i’d also like to take the time to express my gratitude for tom, harrison, sam, and harry. you four if you’re reading this bc of a secret tumblr are the reason we’re here. you are the reason that i have made the greatest friends i’ve ever had. you are the reason i have met the most important people in my life. i love you guys to the moon and back, thank you for everyrhing you’ve done for all of us.

giving thanks,

i am grateful for so much this year. as the year comes to an end, i find myself achieving the goals i set for myself at the beginning. my goals were to get a job (check), start my poetry book (check), read a book for every month (going well so far), and a couple of more. i wouldn’t have been as motivated or willing to do this with the overwhelming support i have from my friends and family, so let me take a moment to thank those who have contributed nothing but positivity to my life this year;

@spider-boi - bea, the first friend and blog i followed here. the inspiration behind this blog. you push me every day to be a better person and writer, and remind me to think of myself, and make myself happy. i can’t emphasize how important you are to me. i love you, more than you know.

@purelyparker - cassandra, there is so much i could say to you, but i’ll save that for your christmas card. just know, you are the brightest light in my life, you are one of my favorite people, and i don’t understand how lucky i am to be blessed with the gift of having you as one of my best friends. i love you.

@parkerroos - alyssa, i have been following you almost as long as i’ve had this blog. i’m so glad we are friends and we have been given the chance to be part of each other’s lives. i love you, you are the purest soul and one of the most selfless people i know. you are one of my favorite people, ever. 

@tbholland - meg, a true blessing on this hellsite. thank you for your unwavering kindness and constant support/love. you are one of my favorite blogs and one of the most important people that keep this fandom sane & livable through. i truly love you and wish for nothing but good things for you. i’m so lucky to have you as a friend.

@quackmom - sydni, the actual love of my life. thank you for always being just a message or text away. you are one of the most supportive friends i have, and through the short time i’ve gotten to know you, i feel like you understand me best and i could go to you for anything. you’re like my sister, and i love you so much.

@httpsamholland - nana, you are an angel, simply put. thank you for always listening to me rant and for just being one of the purest people i know. you are so cute and sweet and i just love the very being you are. you never hesitate to be there for the ones you love, and i hope i reciprocate the kindness you give me. 

@dreamyholland - gia, your nickname ‘mama glee’ rings true, always. i know i suck at responding sometimes, but i genuinely and entirely enjoy talking to you, and i can’t wait for christmas this year with you! you have always made me feel safe and sane with you, i love you and i appreciate you so much.

@parkerbenjaminpeter - jai, i have called many in this fandom pure but you are the epitome of the word. you continually spread your positive light throughout this fandom and you are the most deserving person i know. you deserve kindness and happiness and love, and i will try to continue to provide all of it for you. i love you so much. 

@dej-okay - dej, you are the absolute most wonderful person i’ve ever met. your attitude and joyfulness never fail to make my day, and whenever i get a message form you my heart goes !!!! and i just want to give you one of the biggest hugs. thank you for being such a light. 

@screamholland - mary, i had to come back to add to this because how did my dumbass useless as forget you? thank you for always being there, and i hope by now you know i am less than a text away. i will forever cherish you. i love you so much, baby. you’re my moon and all my stars.

there are so many other people i could write about, but i’m helping cook this year, so i have time to just mention the others, just know that you are equally as appreciated and you have contributed to my life and experience here in such a positive way: @zendmylife, @iamnesta, @spideywritings, @rileywrites-parker, @loverholland, @tonkslegends, @tonky-stank, @themultilingualmartell, @honeynutholland, @ladysnowren, @spideyboys, @nedandpeter, @starparker, @sam-a-holland, @samhollandsfreckles, @samhollandtrash, @sarsmusings, @peterandchurros, @suit-lady, @tomhollandxreader, @spidey-mantom, @spideychelle-romanogers, @queer-hollander, @omlitsari, @hogwartsholland, @arachnid-kid, @spidiepool, @bimichelle, @parkerbenpeter, @spideyloser

there are plenty more, but i want to take a second to acknowledge the native american fans in this fandom, too. i want to give thanks to you and say that this day isn’t a celebration of achievement for america, this is a profited day at the expense of the natives who were stripped away of their religions and customs and land. thank you for continuing the fight against this and i stand with you and your ancestors. i acknowledge you. i hear you. i am with you. this is me giving thanks to you. happy thursday. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish everyone who celebrates it a Happy Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful for all of you who follow this blog, who read the fics, who like and reblog and help make this fandom such a great experience.  I’m especially thankful for my readers, my fellow authors, who are so talented they continually amaze me, and our artists, edit makers and gif makers who use their incredible abilities to constantly contribute such wonderful works to this fandom.  Of course, I’m also thankful we have the rich and complex characters of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark to fuel our imaginations.  What a great time to be a fan!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much.. I just found out that I may have skin cancer. I’ve been feeling extremely down lately, and extremely anxious. I know I may lose some followers because of this post. My blog is supposed to be filled with love, cute things, little stuffs and happiness. But you all are my only friends.. And I feel so bad for not responding to a lot of my requests.

I just want to tell you all that you mean a lot to me, and I’ll make your lockscreens /wallpapers in the morning okies? 💖 I hope you all understand. Please keep me in your thoughts. I’d really appreciate it.

hi!ヾ(  ´∀`)ノ i hope everyone is enjoying their day/night! since it’s thanksgiving here, i want to list a few people i’m thankful for! ily guys so much thank u for being the best mutuals and making my experience on tumblr fun. i know i don’t frequently talk to some of you (srry i’m., a shy bean…i’m trying my best…..) but seeing you guys on my dash makes me happy, and everyone mentioned here has AMAZING blogs. i’m so grateful to be following all!! ♡ ♡

@yuu-nat / @uncletakumi / @hhokuto / @softchako / @tetsurovs / @kuraince / @nezushion / @kuramochiz / @sejjoh / @paladiknightleorio / @hai-ba / @magicsilly / @allera / @marampouf / @kazuass / @spacegaylra / @tsuuki / @sexamura / @mmmiyuki@miyumiyus / @takoyahki / @katsukieyuuris /@princess-yonas / @fujivvaras / @ochakhos / @isabelsmagnolia / @chicken-fetus / @tch-brat / @yuuim 

I wanted to post a little bias list to thank all of you for your friendship and the new blogs that have followed me recently. I wouldn’t be a successful blog if it weren’t for all of you. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Thank you for your friendship and being there whenever I’m going through a difficult time. Your posts are always a joy to see on my dash as they make me either laugh or cry over our threads or the things you post ooc. I wish I could do more than write this to express how thankful I am for all you, but I just hope this brings a little happiness to your lives this holiday season. Whether we talk a lot or not, please know that you mean the world to me. If we have several threads, just a few, or none at all, please don’t hesitate to come into my inbox. I would love to have more threads with all of you. The same goes for those I just followed. I love each and every one of you. <33


@captkillianjcnes , @weallhaveastorytotell , @sonofthedarkone , @theirsuffering , @herocsandvillains, @storybrookeisms, @smaugiiisms, @survivingnemo, @oftallahassee, @thiefwithacode, @prxncecharming, @nealonfire, @generaltiana, @hookedcop, @farmedprince, @guylinr, @evermre, @theirhappybeginning, @anxntoldstory, @blcckswan, @cursedmills, @princewithhalfaheart, @princedavidcharming, @ofmultiplevoices, @lupusrexx, @heartsurgecn, @enchantedrapscallion, @rumdaydreams, @dionadaiir, @goldennolan, @goldenvillainy, @rosedechue, @firefiightcr, @herthingamabobs, @shoeofglass@bravecharm, @hypericnheights, @soeurxmechante, @tobeheroic, @shefiights, @honorandarms, @quiietstars , @truestcharm, @letagin, @aprincenobleandtrue, @lostkiids, @heiroflegend, @filletingbitches, @ofnxbility, @pirateheroism, @perfectswaddle, @moonpossessed , @hxxkxd, @gentlcnight, @heircousin, @ccntkill, @spectrcm, @dothcmath, @kashtovel, @swxnprincxss, @reginathequeenofmean, @viridisalae, @cxretaker, @ofstellae, @thestcryofus, @jollyrogerjones , @captainofthejewel, @fragilevanity, @abominablepride, @surrexitpetalis, @consumcd, @thecaptkillianjones. @dashingrapscxllion

Again, I just wanted to thank everyone for following me, for being wonderful, and to the friendships I’ve made with some of you. I love y'all! <33 

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Hey Keaton! Look up Rudolpho Valentino and Vaslav Nijinsky doing the tango, I think it would cheer you up. I hope everything stays at least okay with your holiday. Your blog always makes me feel happy so I hate to see you posting about feeling bad... Some day everything will be so much better than you could ever imagine, I do believe that.

i looked that vid up– men in formal wear dancing together is already my esthétique but men who are professional dancers moving together in a fluid, well-rehearsed tango is exceptional.👌thank you for the kindness! there are a lot of wonderful things in my life right now, and i know the future will bring me all the blessings it can afford, if i can just find a way to work through the difficulties of the interim. it’s tough being closeted and waiting to transition but i know i have the strength to persevere through it all


(I was writing with a mouse)

Wow. Just wow. I love all of you sosososo much this makes me so happy. Some people are at 1000+ followers, but 50 makes me so happy!! I literally screeched when I found out =))))!!

I don’t have any amazing art or special fanfics to give away (because I suckkkkk) But I wanted to bring up some people that mean a lot to me and inspired me.

@ssskeletonsoffun Was my first follower! When I told her about my imagines blog, she told people about it, and she was the first person to request a headcanon! She is a really nice, kind,talented,  loving person and she listens to whatever I have to say. She is amazing.

@rbssns Is my BEST friend. We met through this imagines blog, and we ended up becoming buddies. She listens to whatever I have to say, even if I’m ridiculous, she is amazing, beautiful, kind, and everything amazing. She can always cheer me up and make me laugh =)

@raccoonsinqueen is one of my inspirations. We haven’t talked much (Because I’m really awkward) But I actually really look up to her. She has tons of talent, and she is a SUPER kind person. I mean, WOW.

@tornaibow Was one of my first friends on Tumblr. We actually haven’t chatted in a while, but she is still like a sister to me and she means a lot to me.

@icybeanheadcanons Became my friend shortly after I made this blog. She is an amazing person, and her headcanons show real talent! Whenever I talk to her, she listens, and she’s generally a good person to talk to. Her headcanons are also very talented like wow ;o

@utimagines Is also like SUPER talented. I have chatted with both mods on Discord, and I mean they are kind, funny, and great to talk to! The headcanons on that blog can really make my day =) (I wuv you guys)

@puffbunny We haven’t chatted much, but I generally enjoy her and I think she’s super cool! Her art is beautiful and she has a really talented imagination! She’s a really funny, sweet, chill, and kind person and she’s super fun to talk to!!

I just wanted to thank all of my followers!! This actually means a lot to me, all of you are so nice and wonderful and I can’t believe any of you would actually want to follow me!! I love you guys all so much, thanks!!

I just want to say that I’m so glad for your support for the past month or so. Since i’ve started to become active again, the blog had a huge surge in followers, more than I ever thought possible!! We’re on our way to reaching 500!!!

So thank you so much for the follows, the reblogs, the likes, the comments, the tags, the asks. They really make my day and motivate me to keep drawing!

oh my writing makes it looks like ‘happy thanksgiring’ lol

What to Do When Your House Rules Have Been Violated

House rules, in the spirit worker community, are rules you create or adapt for your household to keep everyone therein happy, healthy, and safe. These rules are typically simple but concrete. I have some on my blog, and so does @spiritvexer if I recall correctly. Many other people make and put these rules into practice, and I’m sure if you ask around the community, you’ll find plenty of advice.

But one thing I haven’t seen talked about is what to do when your rules have been violated, or even underhandedly avoided. There are many instances where this could happen, some with malicious intent, and others when your companion just didn’t know what that rule meant in application. And sometimes, your companion just likes the idea of pushing your buttons, which can be as unhealthy and annoying as the first example.

So what do you do if your rules are violated? There are a few options, all of which should be thought out beforehand.

  1. Review your rules. Is the rule your spirit companion broke important to you? Or was it a rule you are or were using but don’t need anymore? Is there a better rule, or one that explains the purpose of it better? Or is it something silly that you think is unfair to ask of the spirit? Think about your role in the rules. Are you asking more than you are giving? Think on this before you talk to the spirit, and decide if its even worth debating. Maybe its something you could talk about changing with them. Decide as a family what you want to do.
  2. You can talk to the spirit about it. This is the simplest, most direct route. All you have to do is communicate with the spirit in question, and ask them why they avoided that rule, and explain why it’s important. Just like the rest of your family, living, dead, or inhuman, the rules must be followed for everyone’s benefit. For example, let’s say your rule was to not reveal yourself to the rest of your family. If the spirit who broke the rule was scary, especially to a child or unaware adult, it could stir up a lot of trouble. It could ultimately lead to the expulsion of the spirit and they really wouldn’t want that if they like you and your company. Keep this step in mind when speaking to them, because I truly believe treating a spirit like you would a person, with respect and dignity, is how you will settle and solve any problems you come across. If the spirit is upset, especially if they become violent or angry, move on to another option, because this can show their true colours. However, if your companion is known to be a bit emotional, I suggest just giving them some space for a day or two. Come back and discuss it with them again, and remember to be considerate. Don’t try to put the blame entirely on them or target their character unless it is entirely warranted (ex: attacked someone).
  3. Ask them to leave. This should be the second step in most cases, being the follow-up to talking with them. However, if you feel you or your family is in imminent danger, then you have every right to ask them to leave at any time. You invited them in, or at least let them stay, so it should be your duty and ability to protect everyone in your household. Asking them to leave can be as simple as communicating the idea to them via divination, or as difficult as literally having to move their spirit vessel if they have one somewhere respectful but far away. I recommend communicating everything your thinking to them before doing this. If they don’t know what they did, they won’t understand. And if they are just seeking attention, then this is not the most appropriate response.
  4. If they are seeking attention, whether they are bored, lonely, or needing more interaction/validation, you should be able to sort it out. You can establish some more rules, but for yourself. These could include making time for the spirit at least once a week, or leaving offerings for energy or as presents for them to play with. If they need someone more present, they can decide to leave and find another companion. This can be difficult, but helping them find the perfect fit should be a priority. If you aren’t meshing, or they need a different companion, know that it isn’t your personal flaws getting in the way. It just isn’t a great fit. Alternatively, you could find a spirit for them to befriend, which is a great way to expand your spirit family and help your companion feel loved and cared for. It can be a hard thing to find these companions for your companion, but it would be a rewarding step if you found a match.
  5. If all else fails, and you are uncomfortable in your own home, banishing them and warding against their presence is not out of reach. It is not a good thing to feel imposed upon, constantly not at ease, and strapped down by a spirit who refuses to respect you and your rules. It isn’t fun to banish a spirit you once welcomed, but sometimes it is necessary. If they refuse to leave, refuse to follow your rules, and aren’t communicating what it is they need (if anything) to feel at home and happy with the rules, then it is obvious they do not need a spot in your home. I’ve written about this on my blog, and how it is your right to be rid of any spirits causing turmoil.

If these ideas aren’t enough to solve your spirit companion’s problem with rules, I suggest talking to a trusted spirit worker about.

Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies! I just want to take a moment to recognize each and every single one of you. Whether you’re a part of my emoji anon army or just like seeing my posts on your dash or anything in between, I’m so grateful that you’re here with me. Your presence makes me love this blog even when the posts aren’t currently dedicated to anyone special in my life because they’re dedicated to you all and your love, kindness, and positivity. You’re all so strong and I’m proud of you for going through your individual struggles and making it out okay. And even if you’re not there yet, I promise that you will be one day. I’m always here for you and love helping as much as I possibly can. I also wanted to offer my sincerest apologies for not being able to respond to asks or messages as often as before because of school. I do read them and hope to get through them some day hopefully soon. Thank you for being patient and putting up with the wait, especially to all of my friends on here who I’m terrible at responding to, but are always still there for me. I truly love you all from the bottom of my heart and wish nothing but the best for you. I hope you have incredibly restful, wonderful Thanksgivings ❤

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Hi! It's been a while since I last visited tumblr and it changed so muuuch. It's not fun as it was before (but maybe that's just for me) BUT ANYWAY i just finished LOS and i saw your blog when i was searching the tag and it's so awesome!!!!!! And it got me feeling the fun of tumblr again 💕 could you recommend other blogs? Even if it's for another fandom or anything really. I'm sorry i said so much hahaha i really love your blog 💖💖💖

Hi!! Yeah Tumblr’s not what it used to be, but neither is the world so I guess we’re all just trying to adapt haha. I’m so happy you like my blog, it makes me so incredibly giddy. This whole ask make me blush, so thank you. 

As for other blogs! I have a list of TSC blogs, and I guess I can add other multi-fandom and history blogs, if you like.

I’m also going to use this as an oportunity to update my last blog rec, since a lot of people have changed their username:

TSC (Books, little to no show content):












@yrobdientservnt (Me!)

And a lot more that I’ll add when I have time lol

History (Mostly American Revolution):






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And also a lot more lmao. Hope you find some nice people here, anon! And happy thanksgiving if you celebrate it!

So as Thanksgiving winds to a close here for me, I just want to say that I’m truly thankful for all of you guys!

In the short time that I started this blog, I have gotten nothing but love and positive responses from all who read and enjoy my work and I feel VERY grateful to be able to use what little I can do to bring a smile, a tear, SOMETHING to you all. I’m literally so astounded. Even now, I’m having such a hard time believing that anyone reads the crap I put out lol…

But I’m thankful for all of it. I hope I can continue to make you guys happy or entertained, even if it means writing scenarios where y’all get dicked down by potato boys. I do it for y’all and I’m enjoying it lol

Happy Thanksgiving ☺️💖

Success! I think?

I’ve powered through and the first draft of part 8 is complete!

It’s only taken me until 2am…and I’m at work in the morning….YAY!

So yeah, expect your next installment of pain tomorrow! (When I escape the horror or work….and proof read…ugh)

Special shout outs to @sofreddie and @waiting-to-find-myshadows for being so supportive and encouraging me tonight! It means so much and I’m so thankful.


well…just my blog…

here’s a teaser:

“I’m not going to fight you Dean,” you shake your head, every step bringing your heart closer to your throat.

“That’s just boring,” he shrugs, pointing the hammer at you, “You’re not even going to make this a little fun for me?”

Happy Thanksgiving to my US followers! Enjoy the rest of your night :)

To all of my wonderful followers, much love as always <3

I’m going to bed…

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I have been very sick with a recurring bacterial infection for eleven months. Your blog gives me something to smile about without guilt. Other cute anime picture compilation blogs often self-shame, which makes me feel ashamed of myself by extension for enjoying their content. But you post without any extra baggage. Just nice, cute pictures to enjoy. Thank you so much :)

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I’m very happy I can help you in this time of need, even if it’s not much. Get well soon! Until then, I’ll keep you in my thoughts and will wish for your speedy recovery.