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How to celebrate pride month:

- paint yourself in rainbows

- throw glitter on everyone

- forget straight people exist

- talk to a cute girl

- kiss a cute girl

- get a new cat

- put rainbow collar on new cat

honestly y'all need to start being more critical w the animal content you reblog

reptiles interacting with cats? wild animals purposely in someone’s house? different big cat species interacting? a fish in a barren, little tank? literally anything involving brian barczyk?

most likely, those animals are in unsafe situations that are bad for their welfare and quality of life. those pictures and videos aren’t actually cute, don’t treat them like they are

Can we…not make fun of people’s art, especially if they’re children? And delete all “bad art blogs” that just repost (usually kid’s) OC’s without permission for the sole reason of making fun of them thanks

i finally finished this monster of a drawing! I felt exactly as I did when I finished the novel! 

Anyway, as good as the new version is, the scene in the miniseries where the picture in the book starts moving is still one of my favorite moments in any movie/tv show. And I also like the part where all the kids are just sitting on that construction equipment, so this drawing like combines those two things. 

[Image Description: Tags reading “I have been writing for SIX HOURS, because someone made a comment, that spawned a whole new series, when I’m already writing another series, and have an eighth year fic I haven’t touched in almost a year, HELLOOOO IT’S ME, YOUR ADHD, AND YOU’LL JUST KEEP STARTING THINGS, UNTIL YOU DIE!!!!!!!!, but seriously, I’M SO ADHD”]

The AO3 Tag of the Day is: Mood
One of the hardest things is to watch someone slowly lose interest in you.

No one is talking about the fact that this man Connor stood in front of Hank making direct eye contact and said “I’m whatever you want me to be Lieutenant” as if that wasn’t the gayest thing I’ve ever heard with my own two ears


Day 1/August 12: childhood 😂💕

Todoroki introducing Bakugou to his mom (after all the upcoming drama in this au that I will eventually make) causes some relatively unfortunate memories to resurface.
I mean, he still feels the same way as back then but being called out like that,,, man.