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Fuckboy!Peter Parker AU

Fuckboy!Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: The f-bomb is dropped like once, slight angst, heartbreak, maybe terrible writing? (Tell me of there’s more, sorry if I missed any)

A/N: I haven’t written in years and the idea sparked after seeing the idea twice on my dashboard, I forgot who those writers were, but shout out to you! Also, shout out to these amazing writers who inspired me to start writing again: @hufflepuffholland @spidereyhes @rileywrites-93 @underoossss @spideyboys (there’s probably more, but I’m not good at remembering blogs so I’ll probably come bk and add more :))

        She knew she shouldn’t have. She knew she should’ve listened to all of the warnings, but her poor heart fell for the whole act.

       Peter Parker. The name that used to sound like her favorite song. The name that used to make the stars be put to shame because her eyes would sparkle so bright just by hearing those two words. The name that used to make her heart beat so fast and so loud that she could no longer hear anything else. The name that used to represent her whole world.

         The key words: used to

         The name no longer made her eyes sparkle or her heart race, or even bring the tiniest lift of her lips. The name only brought waves of memories…of lies. Every time the name was spoken now, her smile (if she was even smiling anymore) would immediately drop into a frown, her eyes would glaze over, and her whole being would just shut off.

         Who even is this Peter Parker, you ask? The boy used to be the dork that everyone ignored and most girls barely even paid attention to. He wore thick rimmed glasses, spots on his face like every teenager, lanky and scrawny, and a mess of curls on the top of his head. He was the top of all of his classes. Until that one summer passed and he came back, now a sophomore, with a face clear of acne, a chiseled jaw, no more glasses, and rock hard abs. That mop of curls upon his head now styled and he soon lost the nickname ’Penis Parker’. His grades began to drop, but who cares when he got the attention of every girl in school. Of course he took advantage of this…of them.

          He gained the reputation of playboy, or in harsher terms: fuckboy. He just had to have every girl, but of course there are those who didn’t want anything to do with the dude. They were smart not to fall for all of his games, the cheeky winks, and the meaningless compliments.

         He slept with every girl that would play his game. He got every girl that was so willing and so eager to have him. But that gets boring soon enough. So he went for one of the girls that didn’t fall so easily. He went for one of the girls who kept their heart guarded by a steel wall and that girl was none other than (y/n)(y/l/n).

         Every pick up line, every compliment, and every move that he used before was used on her. She never fell for it though. He would constantly ask her on dates to just be constantly rejected. He was frustrated, but he enjoyed the challenge. It meant he could play his game a little longer. He noticed his old tricks weren’t working so he threw out everything he used before and became a romantic that only she would fall for.

         How did he know she would fall for it? Because he asked every guy, every girl, and every resource he could to know what would make her fall hard. He learnt her schedule, her favorite places, her favorite books, and anything and everything to get her to fall. And…it worked. She got tired of the constant asking and part of her was starting to like him, so she gave him what he wanted, a chance. Big mistake.

          Their first date was at her favorite café that was also a bookshop.

         "Oh my gosh, I love this place! Pete, how did you know?“ She looked up at the boy with a beautiful smile.

         "The café was basically screaming ’(y/n)’” he chuckled.

          The date was a success to say the least. She spoke of her favorite books and learned a bit about him. Well at least the basic information about him, nothing too deep so she wouldn’t have something against him after he finished playing his game.

          After a couple of dates, she noticed that she was falling…hard. Peter noticed this and he was so happy. Not because he felt anything for her, no, but because the harder she fell, the more fun it was to play his game then break her heart.

         The next date they went on, Peter took her to a hill to look at the stars, remembering that was on her list of ‘perfect dates’. He had her right where he wanted her, so he said the three words that he’s said countless times to make her completely fall for him.

         As they were laying down in the grass,  (y/n) was cuddled up to Peter and staring up the star filled sky. “(y/n)?”


         "I love you”

         (Y/n) felt her heart stop and all of the heat rushed to her face. She pushed herself up and looked down at the boy she had fallen so hard for. “I…I love you too” Her cheeks were tinted pink and Peter couldn’t help, but admit she looked beautiful.

         That’s where her first kiss was, with Peter Parker on top of a hill under the stars.

         Peter waited a week after that date and pulled (y/n) along by a string. Then the next week they were in school, (y/n)’s smile disappeared.

         As she walked into school, she stopped walking to her locker the minute her eyes laid on Peter. There he was, making out with a girl that he pushed up against the lockers. It was as if the world slowed down as (y/n) dropped everything in her hands and ran up to him.

         "Pete…?“ Her voice barely above a whisper, he didn’t hear her. So she tried again. "Peter. Benjamin. Parker.”

         He detached his lips from the girl and put a knowing smirk there instead. He turned and looked down at (y/n). “Do you need something (y/n)?” The girl glared at (y/n) for stopping Peter from doing what he was doing.

         (Y/n) stared at him with tears threatening to leave her eyes. She should have expected this, she didn’t know why she thought he changed from being with her. She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. So she looked him in the eyes, took a deep breath and said “Thank you for all of the memories.” And with that she turned on her heels, picked up her stuff and went to her locker.

         She spent weeks…months, trying to get over the curly haired boy. She smiled less, her usual bounce in her step disappeared, and her eyes didn’t shine anymore. She distracted herself in her studies and would join all the clubs she could to keep herself busy. She would avoid any halls Peter was in. In class, she would only look at the board or her class work. She would plaster on a fake smile around Peter and his friends so he wouldn’t know she was hurting.

        When she was left with her thoughts, she would ask herself 'why are you so stupid?’, 'why did you think you could change him?’, or 'why aren’t I good enough?’. She thought of how every touch, every word, every date, every look, and every 'I love you’ was planned and was all a lie. She couldn’t forget how he was her first date, first boyfriend, first kiss, and first 'I love you’. She rebuilt the wall around her heart except it was ten times stronger. She never would forget the heart break that Peter Parker put her through.

Catching the Bat’s heart - Bruce Wayne x reader

I’m hopeless, I have too much love for Bruce…So I’m writing yet another thing with him. Don’t hate me. Worst, this is kinda long. Besides, sorry for any grammar mistakes, I’m French and have a bad tendency to never proof read anything…

Summary : The reader is quite a bit younger than Bruce, and thinks she’s just yet another one night stand…She’s completely wrong.

Warnings : mentions of sex…slightly NSFW. Langage. Age gap,  I guess ?

(My masterlist blog here :


If a few months ago, someone would have told you you were going to be invited by Bruce Wayne to a charity ball, you probably would have laughed in their face and told them they should check themselves in Arkham Asylum. And yet, here you were, on your fifth dates with the famous womanizer. You always had a thing for older men. Always. And against your better judgement, even knowing his reputation, you let Bruce Wayne come into your life. Worst, you let him shamelessly flirt with you. And you flirted back…In your head, every warning sign was flashing bright red, telling you you were going to get hurt. But you couldn’t help it. The man was smart, funny, handsome, and you were sure there was more to him than the public playboy figure he showed…

In fact, you KNEW there was more to him. Even though you had big confidence issues, you knew you were somewhat intelligent, and you always picked up on small details. You had absolutely no doubt that billionaire Bruce Wayne…Was the Batman. It just all made sense. He had the motive, the money, the physique, He often disappeared and re-appeared out of nowhere…You just knew it was him. That’s actually what convinced you to let him come that close to you. You knew he often had one night stands with models, or any good looking girl really. You knew he clearly didn’t want to get attached at all. But you also knew that behind all of this facade, there was a guy so broken by his parents’ death he decided to dress as a bat at night to fight crime. Like, come on, that alone made you very curious. And, since he kept coming to you, kept inviting you out…Your hopes started to get up, and you scolded yourself for it…But you couldn’t fucking help it.

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Sleep Tight

Prompt: There’re somethings Bucky will never get out of his mind and there’s only one thing that calms him down
Inspired by the word “Cafuné” (Brazilian Potuguese) - Physically running one’s fingers through their lover’s hair.- For Kayla’s Languages of Love writting challenge

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of bruises and death
*If you do feel triggered by anything else, let me know so I can add here and warn other readers!

Word Count: 557

Author’s Note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLA!! Sorry for posting a day late :P
As mentioned before, this was writen for @howlingbarnes writting challenge, so you should definetly check-out her blog to see other amazing works
As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

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He was surrounded, he could listen to the steps on snow around him. He wished he would never come back here and in all honesty he didn’t know why he did. Maybe his mind wasn’t completely cured, maybe he would always be under their control.

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Ice Skates- Prince Ben Imagine

Prompt: Can I have an imagine where it’s winter and the reader is ice skating and Ben is watching and the ice breaks and she falls in but she can’t swim and he saves her

A/N: this is actually really funny because I don’t write imagines! I’ve thought about it but never thought I could do it; I just re-blogged my favorites. Anyway sorry if this is really bad but I wanted to give it a shot. Also sorry I got carried away so it’s kind of long and my mind is kind of dark. Sorry:(.

Pairing: Ben x Reader

Warnings: Drowning, Panic, mentions of death, trauma

This takes place after Ben makes the announcement of bringing the VK’s over but before the Core Four come to Auradon

3rd Person POV:

“And students, don’t forget that your essay regarding your opinion on the matter of whether or not the Villain’s children should be allowed into Auradon is due the day we get back from holidays. Now have a nice break everyone and I shall see you when you return. Ben, a word please,” Fairy Godmother announced as the students eagerly began to chat and pack up their belongings as they left the classroom, prepared for a long winter break for the holidays.

Y/N pondered the previous lesson as she slowly put her books into her bag and got up to leave the classroom.

Audrey and Ben had been debating Ben’s previous declaration over allowing the VK’s over, with Audrey on the attack and Ben on the defense.

As Y/N left the classroom and bid Fairy Godmother farewell, her eyes drifted to the gently falling snow outside the windows and her mind to other matters.

Suddenly, Y/N’s eyes fell upon the pond in the front garden of the campus, near the Beast’s statue. Several weeks ago the pond had frozen over, and she had been aching for a chance to skate on the ice.

Y/N began to hurry to the room she shared with Lonnie, quickly abandoning her book bag on her bed and snatching her worn ice skates from the box beneath her bed. Though a bit dusty, her ice skates were well taken care of and in good condition, despite their lack of use in recent times.

Y/N donned a scarf and headed out, noting as she did so the considerable lack of Lonnie’s belongings, as well as Lonnie herself. She assumed that Lonnie had left early for her vacation and was most likely spending the vacation with her family.

In an excited rush, the girl walked quickly down the hall, stopping only to say goodbye to a few friends on their ways home.

However, in her rush Y/N failed to notice the tall blonde boy leaving Fairy Godmother’s classroom and promptly bumped into him, scattering his books and her skates onto the floor.

“Oh!” Y/N exclaimed, rather startled, before sheepishly adding, “Sorry Ben I didn’t see you there.”

The soon to be king simply laughed and told her not to worry about it as they helped each other pick up their various belongings. They made small talk as they worked, asking each other about various activities.

While the two weren’t particularly close, Auradon was a small school and most of the kids had grown up with one another and it seemed like everyone knew pretty much everyone else. However, Y/N hadn’t come until later on and was still relatively shy around the Prince.

“Is this your bracelet Y/N?” Ben asked curiously, holding a small charm bracelet.

Y/N let out a small gasp when she saw it, “Oh my gosh yes! Thank you so much Ben; my mother would’ve thrown a fit if I lost it. It was my great-grandmother’s, and she passed it down to me. The clasp is getting worn down though; I’ll have to remember to get it fixed,” the girl babbled on nervously as she secured the clasp once again around her wrist, covering it with her sleeve afterwards.

“It was no problem,” Ben smiled, “I’m glad to have been some help. So are you heading down to the rink to go ice skating?”

Giving him a shy smile, Y/N shook her head. “I’m actually headed down to the pond in front. It’s less crowded and it’s so nice to see the snow falling while you skate.

Ben’s heart skipped a beat at the adorable smile the girl gave him.

“You wouldn’t like to join me, would you?” Y/N added after a moment of consideration.

Ben grinned and mock bowed, “It would be my pleasure to escort the beautiful Lady Y/N down to garden pond.”

“Why thank you sir,” Y/N mock curtsied back. The pair laughed and continued down the hall, pausing at Ben’s locker so he could put his books away and grab his letterman jacket to protect against the cold.

“We were talking about your mom earlier and I couldn’t help but wonder why you aren’t going home for the holidays, if you don’t mind me asking,” Ben commented curiously as they walked down the stairs into the main foyer.

Ben regretted it as soon as the girl’s face fell before she replaced it with a bittersweet smile, “Mom and dad are traveling. Political holiday gatherings and work, you know? They said that it’d be too difficult to pick me up from school since they’re so busy, so I’ll be staying here for break instead.”

Ben felt a wave of guilt wash over him. Attempting to lighten the mood, he gave her one of his adorable grins and said, “Well I’ll be hanging around campus too, so that just means that we’ll get to hang out more over break.”

Y/N smiled at the thought and his attempts at cheering her up, and her heart couldn’t help but melt at his constant attempts to make her feel happy, not to mention any opportunity to spend with the fit tourney player was always a bonus.

By this point the two of them had made it to the pond and Y/N sat down on the bench to lace up her skates. As she stepped out onto the ice, she couldn’t help but smile blissfully at the memories of her father teaching her to skate from a young age, before her parents became too busy to even visit her over the holidays.

Ben sat on the bench, having not brought skates himself, and watched the girl skate gracefully on the ice, mesmerized by her elegant twists and turns, but also by the look on her face: carefree and at peace, with rosy cheeks from the winter air and beautiful eyes, shining as they remembered calmer times.

As if coming out of a daze, Y/N suddenly became self conscious of her skating and the blonde prince watching her from the sidelines.

“That was beautiful Y/N,” he breathed, still entranced by her movements.

With a blush, the girl murmured a quiet “thank you” before skating over to him.

All of a sudden, her face slackened as she reached for her wrist.

“What’s the matter?” Ben asked, mildly alarmed.

“I dropped my bracelet again. Shoot!” Y/N exclaimed.

Seeing the girl beginning to panic, Ben pulled her close to him and made her look into his eyes, “Hey look at me. It’ll be alright. You can look around the pond and see if it fell off while you were skating and I’ll look around the garden path.

Numbly the girl nodded and skated slowly and carefully, eyes darting side to side, scanning for her precious bracelet.

When she made it to the far side, clearly still upset, she began skating backwards to retrace her steps. Suddenly she heard a crunch and a crack beneath her skate. With slow movements, the girl carefully lifted her skate to reveal her bracelet, snapped due to the sharp edges of the skate. Lifting it in her glove, she inspected it, anxiously deciding to have the jeweler look at it the first chance she got as she slipped it in her pocket.

Looking back up, her eyes searched for Ben through the bushes and she failed to notice to crack that had formed due to the sharp edges of her bracelet being pushed down into the ice when she stepped on it.

"Ben!” She called, noticing him searching among the bushes a distance down the path from the bench he’d been sitting on, “It’s okay, I fou- BEN!” She screamed as she felt the ice break.

She heard Ben shout and the sound of boots crunching on snow, before plunging into the freezing water below.

Y/N began to panic when her head bobbed above the surface before going below again. She had never learned to swim before, having been too busy with other lessons such as etiquette and arithmetic to worry about such physical activities that weren’t ‘proper’ for a lady of her status.

The water quickly soaked through her clothes, making her teeth chatter and it impossible for her to hold her breath. As she began to freeze, she lost her ability to move, her limbs seemingly frozen by both panic and ice and she sank, seemingly for the last time. Moments turned to hours as she began to wonder if this would be how she died.

Suddenly, strong arms grasped her beneath her arm pits and quickly dragged her to the shore. As soon as she broke the surface, Y/N began to gasp and cough for air. Her chest began to hurt and black spots began to cover her vision.

“Shoot I think she’s going into shock,” she heard someone she believed to be Doug mutter.

“Y/N look at me! Focus on me!” Ben’s desperately cried out, not even caring that his sopping hair was quickly becoming frozen.

The paralysis and spots were only the first part before the tears came and she grasped onto Ben for support, sobbing.

Somehow she ended up in her room and in clean pajamas with a warm cup of cocoa, and luckily Doug’s uncle, Doc, was waiting outside her room when she got there, as he’d been on campus to pick Doug up anyway when Doug called him, asking him to give Y/N a check up.

“It’s a miracle you don’t have hypothermia. It will take you a while to get over the shock, but you’ll be just fine. I prescribe lots of rest. Stay inside in the warmth to recover and drink lots of hot soup. Call me if anything changes,” Doc formally announced. “You’re very lucky Prince Ben was here, otherwise the news might not have been so great,” he added gently after a moment, patting Ben on the shoulder.

“I’ll take care of her for a while. Thanks, Doc,” Ben gave the old dwarf a small smile as Doc nodded once and left with his nephew.

Both Ben and Y/N were silent afterwards, both lost in thought. After a few moments of silent contemplations of “what ifs?”, Ben suggested she lay down in her bed.

Numbly Y/N nodded and tucked herself in. Ben turned and pulled up a chair to her bed, shifting to get comfortable. Y/N gave him a curious look and he simply told her that he was going to be her nurse for a while and she needed to accept that. And to him, that also meant staying the night in case she needed anything or had trouble dealing with the events that transpired.

She gave him a thankful smile, and although she didn’t say anything, the smile said it all for her before she drifted off to sleep after an exhausting afternoon.

If she had only stayed up a few seconds longer she would’ve noticed the chaste kiss Ben placed on her forehead before murmuring, “Don’t mention it princess.”


I’m thinking of doing a part 2. What do you think? There would be more fluff in it. I apologize if this isn’t what you wanted, but I wanted to make it more realistic and also trauma victims typically have difficulty speaking after events, plus after a shock like that I think it’d be wrong for them to be all romantic since it was serious. Also trauma victims often develop a bond with either their abusers or their rescuers, so I didn’t want to make it seem like their relationship was purely based upon a trauma bond.

Please leave feedback and if it’s positive, maybe I’ll write another imagine:).

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anonymous asked:

Do yiu have any stydia fic recs? I miss my bbys:(

So the greatest Stydia fanfiction ever written (sorry everyone) is Landlocked in Light so if you haven’t read that honestly what are you doing. 

Obviously the quintessential Stydia fanfic - Rainflower

You Should Come With a Warning !!!

You Make Love Look Easy

tbh anything by @rongasm or @whenikisssedyou (got all this love can’t waste it on another, won’t you be my solid ground)

and obviously so many more i can’t think of bc i should be doing my homework but here’s the most useful blog in the world @stydia-fanfiction

Karaoke Night - Jughead Jones Imagine

REQUESTED: Yes, by a lovely anon from the prompt list I reblogged yesterday!

could you do 🎤 or 🛒 for jugheadxreader :)

Because you asked, I’m going to do both because both are such interesting ideas!

“🎤 - character sings karaoke”


SUMMARY: You decide to take Jug to a karaoke night at Pop’s, and he surprises you by enjoying it more than you’d expect.

NOTES: So, I go back to school tomorrow (had a week off where I should have been watching films for my EPQ but instead did nothing) and decided to treat you guys.

I love you all so much, thank you for being so supportive since I began this blog! <3

Originally posted by juptern

(I use that gif too much with Juggie I’m sorry guys)

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dimir-and-diogenes  asked:

Hiya, so I'm newish and I was wondering what other D&D blogs you would recommend? Also your blog rocks 20/10

Well Hello there!  I’m glad you enjoy my blog. As you’ve probably noticed, my blog isn’t dedicated just to D&D, but I enjoy all sorts of tabletop RPGs.  As a result, most of my recommendations come from all sorts of different systems & games.  (WARNING: If you follow all of these blogs then you probably should unfollow me because probably 90% of my worthwhile content comes from them):

Official Blogs:

  • @dndwizards - Wizard’s of the Coast’s official blog for D&D
  • @catalystgamelabs - Official blog of CGL, the publisher of Shadowrun
  • @sjgames - Official blog of Steve Jackson games, publisher of GURPS & Munchkin
  • @officialpaizo - Official blog of Paizo, the publisher of Pathfinder
  • @wesschneider - Official blog of Wes Schneider, game designer & editor-in-chief for Paizo
  • @jessicalprice - Official blog of Jessica Price, Gaming Project manager for Pathfinder.

Content Blogs:

  • @outofcontextdnd​ - there’s lots of similar blogs out there, but OOCDND is my favorite
  • @char-portraits - lots of fantasy art & character portraits, mostly of women, always reasonably depicted & always sourced (there’s lots of other similar art blogs out there, but char-portraits does the best job of a) avoiding cheesecake & b) always sourcing)
  • @rpgliving - Reaction gifs for RPGamers
  • @whatshouldvampirescallme​ - Same as rpgliving, but for the White Wolf / World of Darkness / LARPing folks
  • @rpg-posters​ - fake motivational posters & RPG memes
  • @dndmusings - General RPG content
  • @tabletopresources - Sourced art, articles, & various asks regarding RPGs

Quality People with Quality Blogs

  • @corruptionpoints​ - Generally cool guy who probably gets the best RPG-related asks ever and I’m super jealous.
  • @geekgirlsmash​ - Basically me only Chaotic Good & an introvert.  So like… the opposite of me?  Or perhaps just the inverse of me?  Not sure, but follow for good content & to shutdown any tumblr nonsense from folks not fact-checking their posts.
  • @pathfinderlady​ - Runs the annual Tumblr Tabletop RPG community gift exchange, among many other awesome things…
  • @wearepaladin​ - Somewhat in-character blog of the Paladin Tarek, lots of RPG & alignment conversations, he founded the “We Are Adventurers” (WAA) collective, which has blogs dedicated to all of the core classes in classic RPGs, as well as many of the myriad variations and varieties as well 
    • @weareadventurers​ - The central blog for the WAA Collective, with links to the various classes represented in the group.  Each class is represented by an “Iconic Hero,” meant to embody all the traits of that class.  Blogs for each class may contain artwork, RP stories, memes, and other content focused on each particular class.
    • @wearecleric​ - My somewhat shabby Cleric-focused blog as part of the WAA Collective.
This is a warning!

So I hate I have to make this post, but well, here it is.

Consider this post a first and fair warning in the future! I am not going to tolerate this behavior anymore no matter WHO you are in relation to me or the fandom! If people have a right to their screenshots and gifs from a game Ubisoft made, I have a right to my artwork, ideas, headcanons, and stories that I made on my own. I believe this is only fair.

I am normally very forgiving when it comes to people taking something I’ve already done and using it for themselves. I’ve been pretty forgiving when people crop my artwork (fanart mostly) and use it for profile pictures and what not with no credits, and I am a bit more forgiving when someone asks me to proof their story or offer them ideas, and when I do, I get no credit for the help—same can be said about original characters and such…

But this has caused me to basically roll over and be a walking mat by this point, and I am tired of it. My body, my heart especially,…it just hurts from the continued abuse. I’ve been getting so stressed and upset in the past few days that it makes me have severe panic attacks that make me ill.

This has happened all my life, and I try to urge it away as ‘no, it’s fine…’ in worry if I express my discontent, I look like a bad guy, but the more I do that, the more it keeps happening! I helped my ex-girlfriend with her griffon character and not once did she credit me for the help and ideas I gave her. I’ve helped flesh out canon/oc pairings before as well to friends and fans in private, and when the stories came to life or the pieces were drawn—again, no thanks on my part. I’ve ‘inspired’ pieces by others, and it causes me to have to say ‘hey, this looks familiar/similar to mine’ to have someone say ‘oh yeah, you inspired it’. Seriously? Is it so hard to put an ‘inspired by tag’ somewhere in the description…?

The most damning of any of these instances was when a Rule 34 website took my Sonic harem idea and published it with only MINOR changes on their website, and by minor, I mean severely minor. They changed the lead females because they couldn’t use one of the OCs I had, but there was a bidding war for the woman who was bound and naked before the men in question (and by the way, the naked and undressing part was done in a promotional piece I had done in the back of my gallery) and while another character won the bidding war, it was still bullshit that he bought her for the same amount that was in my story. Yes, it was a free piece, but they get paid by the visit given their adds, so no—technically, it wasn’t a free piece! Want the proof of him saying ‘oh yeah, read your works’? Here you go:

He even tries to excuse it saying ‘nobody noticed the similarities’. Well, no, my friends sure as hell did and so did I, and I was also a speck on the map in that fandom—so of course nobody knew who I was, but everybody knew this porn website! That was what was most infuriating! The fact he took from someone he didn’t think anybody would know or take a nod towards. He didn’t even credit me for any inspiration through the comic.

As I got into the AC fandom, holy shit, it just got worse. A lot of my headcanon/ what if/ how would (X) react to this/ got used into stories without my consent and even some Emmetts have been modeled a lot to look like a cookie cutter version of my own (though as far as I know, I think and hoped this stopped).

PLEASE, even when you ask for a question/ headcanon ask/ ect, that doesn’t mean free is free. You asked for my thoughts and opinion, and I gave them, so the nice thing to do is to credit me if you use them in the future! It is fine to be inspired by something, but the least you can do is credit the source.

Also, as far as Oreana and her story is concerned as we do have an Egyptian game coming up: she has been with me for years, and I will not tolerate stuff about her stolen from me. I want to rewrite her worlds and such to actually publish, and when you take from me and my original world(s), you’re being disrespectful! There are so many ways that an Egyptian action/ adventure/ love story can be written, and if you need help, then ASK. It is fine to ask for help, but don’t just pick apart somebody’s world and or outright steal with a nice little painting job on top. (Also: FYI…if it’s an Egyptian setting, even if AU, the characters need to be darker skinned unless you can explain why they are not. Oreana isn’t dark skinned because she’s ‘cursed’ and has been since birth—her brothers and father are darker skinned while her other parent is white.)

It is because of this blatant thieving that I’ve stopped writing and even doing art as much. I am SCARED to. I didn’t want to keep writing to The Clockwork Soldier because I do want to publish that story with different characters of my own creation. Why should I offer my thoughts down on paper for a fandom that is this horribly disrespectful? And what’s further sad is people screaming in fear of losing Jacob from the fandom, but…if you keep doing this to me, you will lose one more Jacob Frye fan who creates content for you all to enjoy.

SO, in the future, this is what is going to happen:

  • If I see something that is too similar to my idea(s) with no reasoning as to why that is so, I am going to approach you in private and ask you to change it or see if we cannot reach an understanding of sorts.

    • I would say that we could work together to reach a better compromise or better story, but if you’re going to take my stuff to begin with without reason, then I find that silly that I should offer my services.

  • If we cannot reach an understanding, or you refuse to do what I will politely ask of you, then I will report your blog and the post in question or the piece regardless of where it is to have it taken down—no warning. Your warning is me coming to you in private and talking to you from now on.

Also, as a side note—do NOT get furious and or upset about this if I come to you to talk! I am willing to sit down and talk like a reasonable, mature adult even if I too am super upset. I am not going to throw shit at you regardless of how I feel. I am not going to slander you and your blog publicly unless it is severe and needs to be addressed, and I feel I need more help in the situation to which I try not to do.

I understand mistakes can be made, and do acknowledge that I talk about these situations with friends to ask their opinion on if it’s too similar or not. When I get an outstanding yes vote, then I go to the people(s) responsible. It is not just me sitting here judging the circumstances solo.

I thank you all for your understanding and support, and to those that don’t support or understand this—that’s fine, but I probably don’t need you here. I hate to see you leave, but my health and sanity means more than your company.

~Oreana Galena


I did gift art for @neoma-masked-artist, a good friend of mine. the colored-in character is their character Neoma. this design for her comes from another gift art that @popfizzles did quite awhile ago.
the pure black and white character is an abstract rendition of myself.
he’s pointing like, “heck yeah, you should totally check out Neoma, she’s got it goin’ on, what with that impeccable fashion sense. I bet she makes for great conversation.” and you know what? you’d be right.
but fair warning: Neoma’s blog is NSFW, so watch out.
ok, that’s all I have to say.
(inking was a pain in the rear end.)

“I do not bid you to lead me further than the gate,” said Tuor. “There Doom shall strive with the Counsel of Ulmo. And if Turgon will not receive me, then my errand will be ended, and Doom shall prevail. But as for my right to seek Turgon: I am Tuor son of Huor and kin to Húrin, whose names Turgon will not forget. And I seek also by the command of Ulmo. Will Turgon forget that which he spoke to him of old: Remember that the last hope of the Noldor cometh from the Sea? Or again: When peril is nigh one shall come from Nevrast to warn thee? I am he that should come, and I am arrayed thus in the gear that was prepared for me.”

Indie roleplaying blog for Tuor, canon character from Tolkien’s legendarium.

anonymous asked:

You're literally making other people suffer because you can't deal. Newsflash bitch the real world doesn't come with trigger warnings.

Well the world comes with rapists and pedophiles… so if anything, at least the damn movies should come with a warning

Oh and also? Get the fuck off my blog lmao okay thanks 💖

“I Love You, Don’t Forget That.”

Pairing: (Y/N) x Cody Bellinger

A/N: honestly. I really like this imagine. i am finally actually getting this up. god i am and awful blog lol.
This is smut so if you are uncomfortable with reading smut please do not read. it is not my intention to make anyone uncomfortable.

Warning: Unprotected Smut

Summary: Cody starts flirting with someone else and when you get jealous/ a little insecure, Cody shows you are the only one for him. 

You were out with your boyfriend Cody, and a few of his teammates at a nightclub. 

“Having fun babe?” Cody asked as you came up to the table. 

“Yeah. I am. Kourtney and I are dancing. You should come dance with me.” You begged. 

“I don’t know. I’m not very good.” He laughed. 

“I know. But you still should dance with me.” You said. 

“I’m waiting on someone babe.” He said.

“Oh. Okay.” You say defeated. 

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Gonna have to put all my blogs on a semi-hiatus soon. Like. I’ll be packing away most of my stuff by the end of the week & will be heading off to Devon soon. Uni starts for me on the 25th, and knowing how time consuming animation is– ghdh. Should keep me busy though, and it’ll be nice to be back in England. ( No more people stopping in the middle of the road to talk! Thanks France. :’| ) 

I’ll throw up an actual announcement when the time comes, but I thought a small warning would be a good idea. 


Summary: Jane, Oscar, and their kids grapple with another family’s family emergency. 

Warnings: Death of a parent. (Not Jane or Oscar! They’re fine, I promise.) 

A/N: First part of something that will probably be around two to three parts in total. Title is Hebrew for “fathers”. Feedback would be lovely! 

The call is unexpected: that should have been the first sign that something was off. Kyle’s mother contacts him directly when she wants him to come home; she texts Jane whenever something between their sons requires a quick parent-to-parent discussion, calls her, sometimes, if they’ve arranged it beforehand. Tonight, the call is unannounced, and it comes through the home phone.

Still, neither Jane nor Oscar thinks anything of it as Jane, smiling, goes to pick up the phone. Neither of them will remember later what exactly they’d been talking about, before, but they’ll remember that they had been standing in the kitchen, laughing at each other’s expense, Julie out with her friends for the night, Matt barricaded in his room with his earbuds in, and Jake and Kyle occupying the couch in the living room, as alone as they’re ever allowed to be.

“Hello?” Oscar tries to mouth something at her, and her face scrunches up as she tries to suppress a laugh and waves him off. “Hi, Beth. Yes, Kyle’s still here.”

Oscar is shaking his head, smiling to himself about some forgotten barb Jane had managed to land and preparing to leave the room, when Jane freezes. Her smile drops and the air changes, promising an impending before and an after. Something is wrong. He stops in the doorway, waits for Jane to clue him in, but for a long time she is silent, listening with her lips pressed together in a thin, still line.

The first thing Jane says is, “Oh, Beth. Oh, God. I’m so sorry.”

The next thing she says is, “How did it happen?”

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Incoming Twitter Spam (sorry)

Hi guys, this is just a warning that since the new Tsukista shows are coming up, there’ll be even more translation posts of Rui’s and Arata’s actors’ tweets on the blog in the coming weeks and months. Blacklist “#twitter translations” if you don’t want to see them.

I thought about having another blog to host the translations, but I don’t have time to upkeep it and it would still be just the two actors’ Twitters that I translate so it’s not really worth the effort. Maybe once I’m out of school I’ll consider making a whole Tsukista-related blog, but until then I have too much work and too little time.

To those of you that also just started your school year or are currently in school, let’s do our best!!

marauders-on-gallifrey  asked:

What are your headcanons for district 9? (Given it's the least spoken about district, it's the one I'm most curious about) Love your blog btw!

Oooh! This will be fun. Thank you for the ask and the compliment! I really appreciate the assistance in dragging this blog kicking and screaming into activity.

Fair warning, some of this will probably stray into “General Panem Headcanons”  and I feel like I should include a disclaimer that about 98% of my Grain knowledge comes from Wikipedia. I’m from an area that is primarily livestock and small family gardens. Corn is the only grain I’m familiar with personally.

Now, the underappreciated District Nine!

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The Surprise Voyeurism

Here’s another fic for KNB :) I wondered if I should put warnings in my stories, but if you have come to this tumblr, I think you should have the common sense to expect any and/or all farting, burping, pooping or any other kinks that will definitely be in my stories (It says it all in my header, you know ;) And I also have tags in hot pink above each story so you can expect what will happen :)

Ah, but fair warning, I’m pretty sure this story should be considered as MATURE (but now that I think of it, everything in this blog is probably considered as mature, if not explicit xp)? This is definitely one of my kinkier fics…so discretion is advised :)

‘Oh Kamisama, help me now!’ Furihata thought, praying to every deity out there to help him out of his current situation.

Seirin’s coach, Aida Riko, had been running around camp, chasing her basketball members to taste test her newest curry creation. So of course, Furihata and the others did their best to go into hiding, not wanting to die at an early age.

Coach Aida had caught Furihata but the brunette managed to slip away from her grasp and blindly ran through the dorms. He ran inside one of the rooms- thinking that it was his own- and closed the door, hiding inside his closet.

Leaving the closet slightly opened, Furihata hid among the many coats inside for some camouflage.


Furihata looked confused at the coats he was surrounded in. Since when did he bring coats with him to the camp?

Furihata studied the coats and based by the soft feel and designer labels on them, these coats belonged to someone really rich. He took a peek outside and his eyes widened as he realized that he wasn’t in his room at all. The room setup was similar to his but the bedsheets and suitcases definitely didn’t belong to him.

As Furihata began to panic, he suddenly froze at the sound of the front door opening.

Scooting back into the coats, making sure that he was completely hidden, Furihata peeked out and his jaw dropped at the sight of Akashi Seijuurou walking into the room and placing a large backpack onto his bed.

Oh god, he was inside Akashi’s room!

Mentally screaming at himself for his stupid mistake, there was no way now that Furihata could leave without getting killed by the emperor for trespassing. The brunette had no choice but to wait for the redhead to leave first before he could make his escape.

The only saving grace was that the coats (oh my god, they were undoubtedly expensive) were very comfortable so Furihata could rest against them comfortably- which was a good thing since who knew how long he would be stuck there.

Furihata watched as Akashi sighed, stretching out his arms and working the kinks out of his neck.

Akashi grabbed the laptop that was on his bed and flipped it open, turning it on. As he waited for the computer to load, he started to undress out of his practice clothes. Furihata’s stomach dropped as he realized that the captain was dressing into something more comfortable- meaning that it would be a while until he would once again leave the room.

When the captain had changed into a thin white shirt and some tight-looking blue jean shorts (despite the simple attire, Furihata knew that the outfit must have cost more than his one month’s allowance) the redhead leaned towards his laptop and after a few minutes, a quiet movie began to play (Furihata mentally groaned that he would most likely be stuck in the closet for two hours at least).

Akashi then moved onto his bed, leaning against the bed frame as he reached for his large bag and started to pull something out if it.

Furihata’s eyes widened in astonishment as he recognized the many bags from Maji burger that the redhead was pulling out and putting on his bed. As he opened everything, Furihata saw that there were literally a mountain each of burgers, fries and onion rings. There was also five extra large milkshakes (they were pink so they were most likely strawberry-flavored) and a huge box of something that Akashi placed onto the side table.

Akashi wasn’t planning on eating all of that food, was he?

Furihata watched in wonder as Akashi leaned his back against the bed frame, taking one of the burgers from its mountain and unwrapped it. Furihata was stunned speechless when instead of a small polite bite like he was expecting (or pulling out a plate with a fork and knife to eat with), Akashi took a huge messy bite, leaving ketchup and mayo smear on his face as he did so. The redhead moaned loudly as he chewed the burger, eyes closed in utter bliss.

Furihata’s face heated up at the sound and the sight of Akashi messily eating the rest of the burger and following it up with a handful of fries.

Even though he should have turned away, Furihata was in a trance as he watched the heir of the Akashi company, the captain of the Generation of Miracles, Akashi freaking Seijuurou himself, all stripped down and stuffing his face like a pig.

Without stopping, Akashi proceeded to eat another two more burgers. As he swallowed some of the onion rings, Furihata watched as the redhead paused for a second as he reached up to stifle a burp against his fist.

Sighing, Akashi grabbed another burger and bit into it, not even caring that some of the sauce had dripped out and landed on his shirt. When he finished the burger, he reached for one of the milkshakes and took a loud slurp from it.

Putting the drink down, Akashi’s eyes suddenly widened, making Furihata panic that maybe the redhead had finally noticed him. But then the captain opened his mouth and let out one of the largest belches he ever heard- and he had seen his teammates having a soda chugging contest before and despite all their burps that night, Akashi’s burp easily outdid them all. UUUUUURRRRRPPPPPPPPPP!

Seeing them emperor’s cheeks reddened a bit, Furihata was surprised to find himself not disgusted by the other’s actions but actually somewhat…aroused by it? God, was there something wrong with him?!

Taking a  deep breath, Akashi put down the drink and reached for more of the fries. Shoving them into his mouth, Akashi made a moaning sound (all the sounds that the redhead was making as he ate was really getting to Furihata and going straight to his groin) and started to unwrap yet another burger.

When Akashi’s fingers started to become stained with sauce, oil and even dripping cheese, the other merely licked his fingers clean or wiped it on his clothes. Furihata had to bite his lip to prevent his moan from escaping.

Swallowing yet another burger, Akashi shifted his body so he sat with his legs stretched out before him, wide open. This gave Furihata a good view of the small pudge that started to develop in the other’s belly and was straining against the other’s tight shorts. Akashi rubbed his stomach, letting out another long wet belch before groaning again. Uuuurrrrrrrrrrrrppppppppppppppppppp!…Ahhhhhh~

Taking a few breaths, Akashi took another swig from his milkshake, giving out a lot of burps when he released the straw and emptied out the first cup. Ulllp!…..urrrrp!…urrrrp!…..UuurrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPP! ….urrrrp!….ulp!….

Furihata watched as the other continued to eat more burgers, shoving fries and rings in between bites. The redhead was belching out more and more as he continued to eat. Furihata could feel the tension raise inside him as he watched the other pig out.

At one point, when Akashi was chewing on another big bite of his burger, the redhead’s body suddenly froze and became really stiff.

Furihata was worried that maybe Akashi was finally feeling sick from all the food and was about to puke, but what happened next completely blew Furihata’s mind.

The redhead was frozen for a few good seconds, the hand holding the burger lowered down from his mouth as the other hand was now cupping his rounded belly. Then suddenly, Furihata heard a strange squealing noise, quiet at first before it slowly built up more and more until it pretty much sounded like a trumpet blaring loudly.


When it ended, it was like all the tension in Akashi’s body was cut like a string, leaving him to collapse against the bed frame completely relaxed, the redhead moaning loudly in relief. There was even a small smile of bliss on his face as he rubbed his belly once more.

Furihata blinked.

Did Akashi Seijuurou just fart?

His mind was still reeling from shock and disbelief before he heard Akashi grunt and actively push out another loud fart.


Akashi gasped when it ended, hiccuping as he reached for his second milkshake to drink.

Furihata suddenly smelled a rancid stench in the air, his face grimacing as he reached up to cup his nose. Despite the sickening smell and the gross display that the Rakuzan captain was giving, why was Furihata sporting a boner from it? Furihata’s mind was in utter chaos.

The redhead began stuffing his face once more, this time letting out big farts together with his big burps.

Bbbrrrrrrrttttttt….prrrrrtttt!…UUUUURRRRP!….pffffffttttt!….. Uurrrrpp!…..ulp!….urrrp!….brrrrtttt!…

As Akashi ate, Furihata watched the redhead’s belly get bigger and bigger. The brunette realized that the captain’s shirt (now stained with sauces, leftover food and grease smears) was smaller than he thought and was now stretched tightly across the now bulging belly.

When Akashi was on his last handful of fries, he shoved the entire thing in his mouth, chewing loudly. When he swallowed it all, the redhead leaned back against the bed frame and moaned. His moaned was interrupted by a few hiccups.

Suddenly, the button of Akashi’s shorts popped off, the button shooting across the room and making a loud smack on the wall. Akashi gasped as his shirt had also ridden up, revealing his rounded tummy with red angry stretch marks. Letting out another burp *uuurrrRRRRPPPP!*, Akashi sighed as his butt let out of another thundering fart.


Furihata couldn’t help the moan that left him as he watched the sight of Akashi on his bed with a fat bulging belly hanging out in the open for the world to see, burping and farting loudly without a care.

Akashi suddenly froze at the sound of a moan that wasn’t his own.

Furihata gasped as he quickly covered his mouth, eyes wide as the redhead suddenly swerved his head directly to the slightly-opened closet.

The blissful, glazed look that had once been on the redhead’s face had now hardened into a terrifying glare that was aimed in Furihata’s direction. “*Uuurpp!* Whoever’s there, come-ulp! out right this instant-uuurrRRRPPP!” The redhead demanded/belched out, eyes glittering dangerously.

Unable to disobey the obvious order in the redhead’s voice, Furihata slowly came out of the closet, eyes locked onto the other’s as he was unable to look away.

Akashi as now sitting up straight on his bed, pulling down his messy shirt to attempt to cover his bloated belly but it still popped out as if he was pregnant. His shorts was still opened as the button had flew off earlier. When Akashi recognized him, his eyes widened in shock and mortification- actually, Akashi had a secret crush on the chihuahua from Seirin’s team ever since the Winter Cup and Kuroko’s birthday. And now his crush completely saw such a disgusting, undignified side to the heir.

“You’re Furihata Kou-uuurrrrRRRPPPPP!”  Akashi immediately slammed his hand over his mouth, his face the same color as his hair. They both stared at one another, both blushing madly. “Excuse me.” Akashi finally said in a quiet voice. Furihata could see the shame and humiliation practically radiating in the other’s aura.

Furihata shook his head. “I-I’m the one who s-should a-a-apologize for trespassing in your room. I was t-trying to escape my c-coach’s cooking and I thought this was my r-room. I hid in your closet so you wouldn’t s-see me. I’m sorry, A-A-Akashi-san.” He stuttered, his hands twitching in front of him. He was mortified as he realized that he was sporting an erection and his boner was obviously tenting through his shorts- becoming bigger from Akashi’s last burp.

Akashi’s gaze shifted to Furihata’s twitching hands and his eyes widened as he noticed the obvious bulge in the other’s pants, the brunette obviously trying to hide it. The shame and embarrassment immediately left him as he now wore a contemplating look on his face.

The room was quiet, the only sounds coming from the movie that Furihata had forgotten was even playing. Suddenly, Akashi opened his mouth and let out a very wet belch. UuurrrrrRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!…..

Furihata’s face flushed as his body started to act up once more. The brunette tried to hide his hardening erection with his hands as sneakily as he could.

Of course, it was futile since Akashi had seen everything.

The redhead smirked.

Leaning back against the bed frame, Akashi grabbed another burger before gesturing for Furihata to sit next to him on the bed.

Furihata’s eyes widened but quickly went to sit next to the redhead when the other started to look impatient.

Keeping the other’s eyes on him, Akashi unwrapped his burger (there were only about three left) and took a huge bite, never once straying from Furihata’s face.

Furihata’s face was a hot red, but he couldn’t look away as he watched Akashi devouring the burger, licking off the sauce from his fingers. He didn’t even bother with the mayo smeared on his cheeks as he grabbed another burger and started to eat that one too.

When Akashi finished off that burger, he let out a short, sharp burp. *URRRP!* His eyes shifted to Furihata’s lap and was happy to see the brunette’s straining erection still poking out even though the boy tried to close his thighs to hide it.

Grabbing his milkshake, Akashj gulped it down- not even caring that some of the pink drink was dripping down his cheek and chin and onto his clothes. When his second milkshake was gone, he lowered the cup and immediately another large wet belch burst out of his lips. UUUUULLLLRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!….

Moaning, Akashi leaned against the bed frame once more and started to lift up his shirt so his swollen stomach was on clear display and began to rub his swollen belly in exaggerated movements. Hearing a small moan to his side, Akashi turned to see the brunette staring at his belly with eyes sparked with lust.

Smiling, Akashi grabbed one of his onion rings and held it up to the other. Furihata looked up at him with wide eyes but Akashi merely smiled slyly and asked, “Feed me?”

Furihata’s face was completely burning but there was definite lust in the other’s face. The brunette immediately nodded and grabbed the onion ring.

With his hand slowly shaking a bit, he held the onion ring to the redhead’s lips and watched as the captain opened his mouth and took the ring in, chewing it slowly as they kept their eyes on each other.

When the other swallowed, Furihata also found himself swallowing too. He reached for another onion ring and fed it to the other too.

When Akashi swallowed the onion ring, he pointed to the very last burger. “Feed me-urrp! the last burger-ullp!” He ordered, though his eyes were shining brightly.

Furihata nodded as he reached for the last burger, unwrapping the entire thing. He held it up to the other’s lips and watched with wide eyes as the other pretty much shoved half of it into his mouth, smothering sauce all over his face.

It didn’t take long for Akashi to finish off the last burger. As the redhead chewed noisily, Furihata reached for one of the unused napkins that came in the Maji Burger bags and leaned in to wipe off the mess on Akashi’s face. Akashi merely stared at the brunette, letting the other clean him off as he swallowed the burger, giving off a nice burp at the end. Uuurrrrrrrrpppppppppp!…

There was only few onion rings left and Furihata didn’t wait for an order this time, already reaching for the final onion rings and feeding them to Akashi one by one.

When the last onion ring was swallowed, Akashi closed his eyes and groaned, rubbing his full belly. Furihata watched, his fingers twitching as he wondered how it would feel like if he were the one rubbing Akashi’s bloated tummy.

Akashi was panting as he rubbed his full belly before he paused, his body tensing up. Suddenly a loud wet fart sounded into the air.


Akashi gasped as he took in air, groaning in both relief of the release and disgust of the stench of his flatulence as it hit him.

Furihata lost it.

He grabbed the other by the shoulders and pushed the other down on his back ontop the bed. Akashi gasped, staring at the other with surprised eyes. Suddenly, he found his lips being occupied by the brunette’s, being pulled into a fierce deep kiss.

With the brunette on top of him, Akashi could feel the other’s straining erection against his hip. Opening his mouth to groan, he suddenly found himself letting out a burp directly into the other’s mouth. Uuurrrrrrppppppppp!…

As Furihata made out with the other, suddenly he heard a loud belch and was assimilated with the smell and taste of beef and onions. Furihata accepted the taste and swallowed the burp as he continued to frantically make out with the other.

Akashi moaned, letting himself meld together with the brunette, enjoying the kiss that they were sharing. After a while, Akashi used his leg to flip them over so now the brunette was under him.

Furihata opened his eyes in shock and stared at the redhead above him. Akashi grinned down at him with a mischievous look on his face before he grinded down his bottom onto Furihata’s erection and grunted loudly.


Furihata moaned as he felt the rumbling fart exit Akashi’s butt on top his erection. He didn’t even care about the rancid stench that the fart had left behind. He followed his urge and finally reach up to finally touch the other’s bloated belly. It was very smooth but firm in his hands- just like a pregnant belly. He could literally feel the gas dancing around inside the other.

Akashi smirked as he bent down and without hesitation let out a huge belch in front of the other’s face. *UUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPP!* Furihata moaned in complete lust and Akashi immediately stole his lips once more and began kissing the other senseless.

They continued to make out, Furihata moaning nonstop as he rubbed the other’s belly, pushing it at certain points which made the other groan and let out little burps into their kisses or let out wet spluttering farts on the other’s body.

Finally, Akashi lost his patience as he leaned away. Furihata began to protest before choking as the redhead rubbed his crotch right against Furihata’s own. The friction was absolutely delicious and Akashi leaned down to continue their make out session while rubbing against each other.

It only took another minute or two before Furihata finally came, splurting cum inside his boxers. Feeling the other’s warm crotch, Akashi moaned and he too came, burping loudly into the brunette’s mouth and farting wetly at the same time as he climaxed. UUUUUURRRRRRLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP!……BBBBRRRRRRAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!…

As they rode out the rest of their orgasms, Akashi finally rolled off of Furihata, both of them panting as they laid side by side on their backs.

When they recovered from their amazing climaxes, both were feeling very lethargic as they began to cuddle into one another. Furihata snuggled into the other’s chest, hands reaching out to lightly rub circles into the other’s slightly less bloated belly. Akashi wrapped his arms around the brunette, hugging him tightly as he let out little burps into the other’s ears and tooted out a fart every once in a while.

As they cuddled like this, Akashi finally spoke up. “My father is strict-uuurrrppp! and since I’ve been young, I’ve been placed on a strict diet of only-ulp! healthy food. Fast food was prohibited in my house. *Urrrrrrpppppp!*” He explained, letting out some burps.

Furihata listened quietly, pressing a gentle kiss onto the other’s chest.

Akashi smiled at the kiss and continued. “So whenever I stay overnight-urrrppp! at some place away from home, urrrp! Ha….as long as I have the privacy of my own room, I like to buy a lot of the junk foods that I was never-uuurrrrp! allowed to have and I enjoyed stuffing myself messily with it all, not caring about appearances and having good table manners. While doing these 'eating sessions’, I realized that I have quite the large appetite.”

Furihata snorted at that. “Yeah you do.” Furihata then sighed before pulling away slightly, smiling at the disapproving look on the other’s face as he did so, and said. “I’m sorry Akashi-san for sneaking into your room. I truly didn’t mean to.”

Akashi smiled as he leaned forward and kissed the other’s blushing nose. “Apology accepted. It’s been more fun than when I do-uuurrrppp! this alone.” He admitted. “But I must ask, Furihata-kun is this your fetish?” Akashi asked, looking absolutely interested.

Furihata blushed as he hid his face in the other’s chest. “I’m not sure. I didn’t think I was interested in this type of stuff. But I think since it’s you….well…” Furihata trailed off, embarrassed.

Akashi grinned, satisfied with the brunette’s answer. As he sighed, another burp left his lips. Uuurrrlllpppppp!….

The pair both sighed before Furihata quietly asked, “The next time you do…this, can I be there also?” Furihata was blushing like crazy.

Akashi chuckled as he pulled himself away from his lover and sat them both up, leaning against the other on the bed frame. “I would love for you to feed me again, Furihata-kun.”

Furihata beamed as he looked at the other. “I can’t wait for the next time!”

Akashi had a sly glint in his eyes as he said, “You know, Furihata-kun. We don’t have to wait for the next time.”

“What do you mean?” Furihata looked at him confused.

Akashi smirked as he pulled away and reached for the big box that he had placed on the side table at the start. Opening it up, Furihata’s eyes widened as he saw a dozen doughnuts displayed nicely inside the box.

Grinning at the other’s lustful look, Akashi added, “And there IS three more milkshakes left.” Setting the box on top the other’s lap, Akashi leaned in closer until his lips were almost brushing against the other’s. “So will you do me the pleasure of joining me for dessert?” He asked in a seductive voice.

Furihata looked up at him and grinned brightly.

Akashi and Furihata didn’t make an appearance in the camp for the rest of the day.

Red vs. Blue vs. Sociopaths, Too

And here is the main list containing all of the profiles on the sociopaths from Rooster Teeth’s Red vs. Blue. For those who are new to my blog, these are the catalogs of analyses on the character’s sociopathy. (Character analysis, not a diagnosis.) So please enjoy reading about the many characters I’ve selected.

And due to the nature of this series and how far it has come, I should warn you that the profiles will have SPOILERS. Read at your own risk.

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AN: Hello, hello. Here it is! The final chapter of business trips! I can’t believe I started this blog and writing this fic 3 months ago and I already have a crazy amount of followers, and readers who send me lovely lovely messages. Thank u all, u are all my children. I hope you’re happy with this conclusion and I’m very sorry if you’re not. As usual feel free to message me or ASK/REQUEST something! I’m also collaborating with my friend @freetaetaesforehead. There will be cross-over chapters from “(Y/B/F/N)” over on her blog. ENJOY!

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ANGST, ROMANCE, *SMUT WARNING*, FLUFF, there’s like one swear word i should probably disclose too

Once the final items were packed you zipped up your black suitcase and exhaled deeply, you knew this day was coming but you didn’t accept your departure wholeheartedly. You checked the dressing table just to be sure you’d moved all of your makeup when you caught a glimpse of the dark purple bruises that scattered your body in the mirror. Sighing, you quickly grabbed an oversized jumper and pulled it over your frame, not wanting anybody to see the marks Jungkook had painted your body with the night before. The door opened cautiously, the sounds of somebody stood in the doorway sniffling became more noticeable. 

“Do you have to go?” (Y/B/F/N) pleaded, her face red from crying. 

“Yeah.” Your eyes started welling up, you didn’t want to leave her or the boys, but your flight was in two hours and you had to be at the airport soon, you checked all of the drawers again just to be sure you had everything. 

“You have too much makeup for one person.” She laughed, entering the room and closing the door behind her, “What about Jungkook?“ 

“What about him?” There was a brief moment of silence as the rumbling sounds of thunder hovered heavily above the dorms, a storm on your last day, how ironic giving your situation. 

“Are you going to do long distance relationship? Never see each other again? What’s going to happen?” She took some tissues from the bed side table and tried to soak up the stray tears dampening her face. 

“I don’t know.”

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So winter’s coming up and I figured that I should warn those of you who haven’t Rped with me through one before so that you know what might happen. You don’t have to read or anything but it just makes me feel a little better to have this out here just in case.

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