my blog makes no sense tonight

Second Date (Yugyeom)

request: could I get a really fluffy piece where you’re on your first date with yugyeom and he acts really clumsy like gets ice cream on your dress or something but is super sweet at the end and makes up for it? :3 thank you!! I love your blog btw!^^

genre: fluff

word count: 806

synopsis: yugyeom spills his food on you, but you forgive him cause he’s a sweetheart.

author’s note: can you tell how bad I am at writing synopses? and why do you guys always gotta choose my biases for the cute shit? i swear y’all are trying to kill me. also this is the longer little drabble thing that i’ve written yet. this title doesn’t make sense until the end either. anyways, i hope you enjoy.

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so i’ve finally finished up my dark aesthetic/brain blog and i need more blogs of similar types to follow so like/reblog if you:

  • post creepy posts (i have no idea how else to describe it)
  • are monster/demonkin/caninekin etc.
  • have bpd 
  • post vulture culture
  • idk what else but if u would your aesthetic as dark like/reblog

and i’ll check out your blog/most likely follow you (my main is snowitt so i’ll be following you from there)


Now that I have a stable method of quality nxt gifs. I’d love to keep making them more often. My issue is finding a place to put them. I posted a ton of them tonight on my main blog/nessacrossing. But I’d also think posting them here would make more sense. Yes? No? Usually i just post them to my main and reblog them here. But i could always just do that in reverse???

I just want an excuse to make tons more Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady gifs… .