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Do you have recs for books? Or movies? Your taste is superb

my entire blog is my list of recs for movies and books! if you go through my “I watch a lot of movies” or “putting the em in movies” tags, I talk about the ones I’ve loved and hated at length.

right now?

watching: And Then There Were None, the bbc adaptation from a few years ago. It’s moody, really knows tension, and treats the entire scenario as the fucked-up horror premise it actually is. also aidan turner is distractingly hot throughout.

reading: The Village of Cannibals: Rage and Murder in France, 1870. it’s about that terrifying incident where a young nobleman was falsely accused of being a republican sympathizer and was tortured to death by a mob of peasants. it’s also about the rumors of cannibalism that took off in the public imagination immediately afterwards. I’m making no further argument for the book, after that synopsis you’re either in or you’re out.

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vampire + griffin

October Positivity Meme | Accepting | @celt-miilo

Vampire: Tag someone of whom you’ve been a long time fan.

@lookchivalrous (Gonna tag @northgrit too so she can see this XD) Listen I found Tess when I first made Dolores (which tbh wasn’t too long ago but w/e) and I am seriously such a fan!! Here, and on my DA blog! Her writing is superb and all her characters are so well thought out. I loooove seeing Tess on my dash and consider myself lucky to be noticed by writing with her!!

Griffin: Tag someone whose friendship for you is priceless.

This is @ass–sass–sin / @blackxhat NO DOUBT!! Trip is absolutely one of my best friends, on and off this site. She is kind and friendly and genuine and just SO AWESOME. She was one of the first people I met on tumblr when I started RP like…a year and a half ago, and we’ve gotten so close and I just ADORE her okay??? She loves her muses, and it really shows in her writing and characterizations, which makes my loving them too all the easier. <3 <3 <3 !!!!

So Easy To Love You

Request: Hey! Could you do an imagine with Mikey, where you feel self conscious all the time and he tries to tell you that you’re gorgeous and things, but somehow you can’t bring yourself to believe it? Thanks!! Your writing is superb by the way! Love ur blog!

My eyes observed the reflexion of a girl I didn’t want to see. I didn’t want to look like her, I didn’t want people to look at her. She was ugly, that was the only word that came to my mind when I saw her. I forced a smile, but the smile was not like I wanted it to be.

“I don’t like that outfit,” I sighed as my eyes quickly glanced at something else than my mirror.

“Babe, it’s like the tenth outfit you’ve tried on,” Michael chuckled as he sat at the end of the bed.

“Doesn’t look good,” I mumbled as I searched for something else.

“We’re only going for a walk around town,” he pointed out. He stood up from the bed and walked to where I was standing. He wrapped his arms around me from behind, his chin against my shoulder. He slowly turned us so that we were facing the mirror.

“I think this girl is beautiful and I love her to death,” he said as he looked at me in the mirror. I shook my head as I sighed, but Michael kissed my cheek. “I know you don’t believe me, or at least, you can’t bring yourself to think that you’re gorgeous. But know that I think you’re beautiful.”

“I know you do,” I voiced. “Self-love is just really hard, you know. No one warned me about how hard it would be.”

“It’s so easy to love you, though,” he sighed as he pulled away from me.

I felt bad that I was so self-conscious. Michael was always trying to convince myself to think that I was gorgeous and all of that stuff, but it never quite worked.

“One day I’ll love myself and you won’t have to remind me how beautiful I am,” I laughed as I looked at him.

He rolled his eyes, “I will tell you that you’re beautiful even when you’ll believe it.”

I nodded with a smile on my face as I looked for a cardigan, “Good then.”



So here we are: infinipie’s first follow forever. This blog started out of a hottempered idea a few months ago. mitzipie and me (jessipie) were goshing about Infinite’s Bad comeback so much, we simply had to make a blog together. And now over 1k followers later (*cough* we wanted to make a follow forever earlier but we were too busy with college and university and stuff called life) we can proudly say that we really enjoy being inspirits. To interact with you guys, sharing our thoughts, well talking with you.

Therefor we made this as a biiiiiiiig thank you~ for all of you. Every single blog we follow and every single one who follows us cute weirdos.

Have a nice party and celebrate the new year~


Little shoutout: if you like follow our personal kpop blogs… @exo-love-in-my-shineeworld (mitzipie’s superb blog with lots of awesome edits and everything you can think of~) and my humble blog @chanforyeol.

- on behalf of infinipie, your lovely jessipie

P.S.: Isn’t mitzipie’s edit for our follow forever lovely?

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So, I figured that my blog is growing rather quickly, so why not do my very first FOLLOW FOREVER?

My dash is always amazing thanks to these superb blogs. So, without further ado, here they are!

In alphabetical order

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(All those in bold are mutuals. Please let me know if I accidentally did or didn’t bold you!)


So I’ve been here two years. Though it says my first post was in june, I was here for about a month, then nuked my main blog and restarted. I thought it was about time to make one. Can’t edit for shit, so I made a little collage.

I am delighted to present my first follow forever. These people all run superb blogs and I just wanted to say thank you to each of you for making my dash so lively! 

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Again, just wanted to say thank y'all. 

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