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Hey guys, this is GRACE (dearmyjimin), your resident Jungkook and Jimin stan. My blog has just hit it’s first-year anniversary and I wanted to start a series of yearly follow forever posts that serve as both a personal compilation of some fav graphics of my own (so that I can track how much I’ve grown as a designer), as well as to thank everyone who has helped me in one way or another. Each and every creation was made possible because of all the support I received. I wish to thank those who follow and support me, my lovely mutuals and friends who encourage me and all the blogs I follow for decorating my dash with amazing content. I am proud to be an ARMY and to stan 7 Kings who are the sources of inspiration behind my creations ♡

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ladyknighttime  asked:

Was it the dreaded CNN that has changed your blog to what it is today or some other slow transition/catastrophic event? Also, how old is your blog anyway?

I think my blog is five-ish years old? I didn’t really use it for the first two years I had it, I was still using livejournal/dreamwidth, but then I got into the Dishonored fandom and wanted shiny gifs to look at so I started following a few people over here. 

And then things went from zero to over nine thousand pretty damn quick.

Before CNN I had just under a thousand followers. I had a few random shit posts that were quite popular and some fanfic that did quite well to my pleasant surprise (I’ve always been a reader of fanfic, but I only really started writing anything in the last 2-3 years) as well as some historical recipes, and my post about Hugh Scott garnered me a few extra hundred followers which was nice. And then I posted the CNN story and went to bed and woke up to several hundred comments, some multiple thousand notifications and an extra thousand followers I didn’t have the day before—and an inbox completely out of my control. I just sat laughing at my desk going “welp, that’s the end of that then, crazy”

And now it’s over a year later, I still haven’t regained control of my inbox and I gain just over an average of a thousand followers every month with regular predictability. And some of them don’t even know what CNN is! They’re here for something else I’ve written! 

No one is more surprised than me tbh.

Daily Challenge 31/03/2017

today’s random prompt: “A trans person”

I’m not kidding, out of hundreds of little papers inside a pencil case that’s what came out today. Isn’t that appropriate as fuck!?

And so I drew Jocelyne from Dumbing of Age today, I almost drew Carla again because why the fuck not? But I thought then about drawing Jocelyne out, and it was settled. I’d like to think Joyce picked out her clothes but she’d probably have a better fashion sense than me. It might be obvious by now, but I like Dumbing of Age

Now, today is the Day of Trans Visibility, and I thought of a way to, uh, “commemorate”… Well, not really. I’m just gonna stop beating around the bush about something here.

Well, this blog is run by a trans person. A girl. A girl who’s so in the closet irl she’s the goddamn queen of Narnia. So, yeah, I’m not sending any photos today, but I’m leaving this here so it’s clear for anyone who reads it

Coincidentally with all this, today sorta really sucked. So I’m ending writing this right here.

Have a good day

Today August 23 is this blog’s 1 anniversary!

First,Thank you everyone who follows my blog really Thank you XD


This blog from zero to 224 followers in this year,and lots of your likes,reblogs,asks and comments X3


還有很多你們的喜歡、轉格、問題跟評論 X3

Well,for this ,I really want to do something like celebrate or random selection. 



But of course I know,I haven’t enough time to do these,I have a exam next year. After that,I will become a university.

但是,我知道的,我沒有足夠的時間去做這些,我明年有個大考 在那之後我就會成為一個大學生

I really really want to do something make you happy but time waits for no man.

So I decide: From now,you guys can sent messages with the pic of your OC,then I will sent something back to you!




所以我決定: 從現在開始,請送訊息給我吧,附上一張你的OC的圖,然後我會寄回某些東西給你! 對,每個人

From now on to 09/15/2017(DD/MM/YYYY)


That’s what I can think the easy small things for everyone.


And what’s it,well, it’s a secret ·ω·


You sent then I will sent that back.


 And please,use message,you know sometime Tumblr don’t inform me when you tag me!


Thank you for 1 anniversary

Thank you!



(At the same time,happy birthday @lemonyaxolotl )

The things happened in this year



7/17 Time-Repair!Sans

8/22 Time-Repair!Papyrus

08/23 f-leef blog start

09/01 Time-Repair Tale Comic start update

10/01 Inktober activity

11/18 Undersubconscious 初公開

11/24 Unnamed Sans-Normal-

11/26 DreamTraveller!Sans

12/01 Crossember actually(sorry unfinished ;ω;)

12/15 Dr.Frisk

12/18 DreamTraveller!Papyrus

12/25 Merry Christmas XD


01/02 Unnamed Sans-Fight-

01/06 Arrow Paint-the other-

01/07 DreamTraveller Arrow Paint-the other-

02/06 Floating Island Project

04/01 Time-Repair!Sans-Hourglass-

04/03 Undersubconscious!Chara

04/20 Second f-leef blog

04/23 Outer!Arrow Paint

04/30 White Save!Sans V2

05/06 Black Save!Sans V2

06/30 DreamTraveller!Sans V2

07/02 Undersubconscious Game Project

07/06 Unnamed Sans-Hopes-

07/11 DreamTraveller!Papyrus V2

07/22 Undertale-Only

08/07 White Save!Sans-Wing-

And… Today 08/23 Thanks for 1anniversary!

banner note:  lowqual snapchat edit for a photoshop-less author

Hi loves, I guess it’s about time I make one of these to appreciate all the people that I have somehow convinced to press that follow button how even.! as well as the people that makes me wanna log on everyday I honestly forgot the exact day of my blog anniversary so I guess today will do for this post wink wonk c: It’s been about a year since I actively wrote for bts and got back into the army tumblr community and I’m happy the allure and fascination in writing did not leave me back then. First off, I really want to say thank you to all of you, sincerely, I never thought I would meet so many wonderful people on this website and the amount of talent in this fandom is astounding! Thank you for being so patient with me, for understanding that I’m a fickle writer at heart (them random ass updates) and thank you for letting me share my stories with you. The following people have been meaningful to me in someway, whether that is through the little things like the occasional message or some that I can truly count on to be there when I need them. 

Note, that more one of the below categories may apply to you but I like organizing it this way :’) also if I didn’t write a message for you it’s not because I love you any less but more like I’m trying real hard for this to not exceed a certain length and crash everyone’s app (HA). Please forgive me if I forgot anyone .. I really tried my best TTTT but believe me when I say if I have punched that follow button then I have loved you for a long long time. So without farther ado.. 

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Hi babies! ✨ Things have been so good lately. WYP has honestly changed the game for me! Last night, I finally went on a date with another POT from WYP who I’m just going to call Mr. Brooklyn for now. He was really engaging and had a youthful personality for being his age, super curious about me (I lied my ass off). At the end, he walked me outside and gave me $200 for a two-hour date, and then proceeded to beg me to let him take me back to his place (only a block away) to eat me out, LOL. I literally just said “no, it’s the first date”… and then he was like, “what’s an allowance that would make you sit on my face every Monday night?”

So that’s how I fell into my highest per meet arrangement yet…. every Monday, $950 per meet 😇

- Apartment POT comes back from Miami tonight and messaged me super early this morning, asking to see me Friday or Saturday for French dinner on the Upper East Side. Had to say Saturday because I have a date on Friday (LOL). Afterwards, he’s going to take me on the tour of the apartment and I’ll finally be able to send him the wish-list of the furniture/decor I want so he can buy it.

- I’ve worked it out so that 3 days of my week are set aside for doing my *thing*, while the other 4 are my own. Scheduling has become super important! Making every man feel like they’re the only one is a key for me. None of them should or will ever know about the other.

Anyway, I’m going to do some shopping today (mainly to buy a dress for when I see Apartment POT on Saturday) and surprise my mom with some random money underneath her pillow later. I’m really happy with the way things are going and this community has been such a huge help in my journey so far. Much love and light to all of you, if anyone ever wants to talk or vent, my ask box is open. This blog is actually a side blog, so I can’t follow back :( but I see all of your support and I’m beyondddd grateful for it.

Talk soon 💕💕💕💕

xoxo, K

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is random but I really want to thank you. Three years ago I really didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, I'd been doing art at 6th form and had hated it, fine art wasn't my thing. Then I found your blog, and started reading tpoh, and I was crazy inspired and excited and decided I wanted to be an animator like you. Today I graduated with a first and I've got an internship with a big animation company.

woah! congratulations, and I am so so happy if I was in some way able to help you on your journey- I hope you have a wonderful time and well done for all your hard work, you must have really blown people away (a first?! hot diggity dog), thanks for sharing this lovely story with me, and maybe one day I’ll be able to congratulate you in person!

(i was tagged by a few people to korok-kael but i wanted to post here too)

rules: answer the twenty questions and tag twenty people. (or you can just tag 10 because 20 is a lot gee)

  1. name:  kael
  2. nicknames:  ko !!
  3. birthday:  march 12  
  4. zodiac sign:  pisces  
  5. Height:   5′ 11″ ! trees attack me because im so glorious
  6. orientation:  west
  7. nationality:   sad
  8. favorite fruit:  cherries and strawberries !!  
  9. favorite season:  spring / california winter (which is also spring)
  10. favorite flower:  so many ! flowers hold a lot of significant meaning to me ! i’ll list that all in the tags ah ha, 
  11. favorite scent:  t h e  r a i n  : ) no one is more basic than me
  12. favorite book:
  13. coffee / tea / hot cocoa:  i drink coffee more than tea but tea is v important and sacred to me ,
  14. average sleep hours:  i’ll usually either get 4 hours or 12 hours , never in between woops
  15. cat or dog person:  i have two cats accept one of then is a dog so idk  
  16. favorite fictional character:  saria and celeste are both super important to me bc i would spend so much time around them as a child, also brewster and all of my harvest moon wives lmao
  17. number of blankets you sleep with:  one big one and my cats act like blankets too , i have like, 5 on my bed but idont use them : )
  18. blog created:  i started @korok-kael 6 months ago !!! pinekid tho i started in 2010 ; )
  19. number of followers:  25,000+ between my 3 blogs !  (3k on the ac one, pinekid has almost 18k and my   a e s t h e t i c  /witch one has 5k)
  20. random fact:   i !!! … am tired !!! :‘ )

tag 20!:  @s-enja @luxjii @bunblevee @jjhoa @8bitrk-d @koiysa @jdebbiel @floralbandaid @days-e @dearratroi (only ten oops)

like / reply if you read please (feeling paranoid today for no good reason )

First Follow Forever!!

Hoi.. Its your awkward potaeto Nero and… I’m just ??????????

Originally posted by nochuism

I made a blog on Tumblr long back but started using it at the end of April and wow..I didn’t even have a follower goal in mind.. I cannot thank everyone enough for the positive response I’ve received like thank you so much I’m ???? ; ;

I’ve never been someone who interacts much socially but BTS has helped me with this.. I’m more open to people now ^^. I’m taking this chance to thank all of my followers and the blogs I’ve loved following.

Firstly MIMOSAAA who you all know as @mimibtsghost Basically the reason why I tried using Tumblr. LAY @laytmblr , MOZZARELLINA @ofhairandthighs ,NANA @heavenlyn ,HANNANA @nimijcrap , ASHTON @crim-inal-men moi lovely fam ; ;

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@flawlessyyoongi @taetaenium @imtaeshook @im-like-taetae @emomemekook @ask-bts-stuff @marys-artwork (recent) are also amazing blogs I love following ^^

Now for all the lovely people who follow my smol blog

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I’m not the most fun person to be around so thanks a lot for bearing with me ^^;

Also, a little info

The ask box is always open so if you feel like it, just drop by with any random topic you got or we can just complain about stuff together or just appreciate memes (P.S I LOVE MEMES)


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anonymous asked:

(1/3)Hello, random person again with a long rambling theory about Jean's class background because I have actually thought a lot about it because I have a Problem with worldbuilding. So here's my theory. Trost used to be a relatively affluent town (we can imagine it as a marketplace, as it would be a natural point of entry for Maria agricultural's goods towards the inner walls, and we know from canon that there were some sales companies like Reeves corporation), until Wall Maria fell.

Hello again, Random Person! Thank you for sending me this headcanon! There’s no such thing as “thinking too much” about Jean! That’s kind of the premise of this blog, after all xD. Longass Jean-Metas Unlimited.

I’m sorry it’s taken me a bit to get back to you and I’m sorry if this post is a little rambling: I’m quite sick today and it feels like I’m really struggling to think properly lol.

I’m putting my answer under the cut because it is kinda long (oops!).

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Isaac Lahey | The little Mexican Girl

Count of words: 1003

Warnings: none 

A/N: I really don’t know… I hope you like it ♥

Requested?: Yes 

@lethagalaz​ asked:
Hello can you do an isaac imagine where the girl is from Mexico and… idk I just want that 😂😂😂 btw your blog is amazing ❤️all the love 😂🌚💙

Author: Katerina ( @littlealphawolf )

requests here

Have you ever been the new kid in school? Well despite your answer I’m sure you know it sucks. My name is Y/N. I just moved in Beacon Hills from Mexico. I was really standing out in the hall way of my new school today. I was a random girl, lost, not knowing where evreything is, with a purse over my shoulder. My hair was easily covering my scared expression. Thank God. But it also got a lot of attention. People would stare at it and me while I was trying to find the principal’s office. Well I had really long extremely curly brownhair. Everyone seemed to stare as if they’ve never seen hair in their lives again.
Just as I was walking down the hallways looking down someone just randomly grabbed my arm. “Hey I saw you passing this hallway three times already. Are you lost or something?” Said a gorgeous looking guy with a beautiful british accent. “No! I mean, maybe. Ok, yes. I’m super lost!” I said furstraded as he laughed and took my arm guiding me somewhere. “My name’s Isaac.” He said while turning his head towards me for a while. “I’m Y/N.Nice to meet you Isaac.” I said looking at him and then down at my hands again. “Here. The principal’s office. I’m sure she’ll help you more than me.” He said and laughed a bit living you at the mercy of your own thoughts.
Turns out, the principal was so nice. She told me where everything is, helped me find my locked and talked with me for a while. Maybe this didn’t suck after all. Or did it?! I was standing by myself again, in front of my locker, staring at the schedule on my hand and my books. I was lost in my head, questioning how I would even make friends if I’m so shy, until a hand grabbed my shoulder. “Hey!” It was Isaac looking at me with those beautiful eyes of him. Y/N, focus! “Hey!” I said shyly barely seeing the group of people around me. There was an awkward silence until one of them spoke. “Oh, sorry! We’re so rude! My name is Stiles. Stiles Stilinski.” Said the boy and extended his hand for a handshake. “Y/N.” I quietly said and accepted the gesture. Shortly after I was introduced to all of them and was invited to eat launch with them.
“So, Y/N, where were you living before moving here?” Asked Stiles, curiosity evident in his voice. “Well, I was born and raised in Mexico. M-“ “But your English is so good!” Was all Scott noticed, interrupting me. “Scott, it’s rude to interrupt someone when talking. Also, why so surprised. I am American and am fluent in Spanish.” Lydia said looking at him as if he said the stupidest thing in the world. “I-it’s ok. My mother is American. She is not very good with Spanish so I learned English alongside that growing up.” I said and softly smiled as Isaac wrap his arm around my shoulders pulling me closer. “Aw, my little Mexican girl.” He said laughing a bit just as everyone followed.
Months were passing by and my bond with the guys was getting stronger and stronger. They were acting suspicious as if something was bothering them all but when I walked closer everyone changed the subject. I was starting to get annoyed as this was happening everyday but I was always a step closer on finding out what it was. So, today, I was going to follow Isaac and see what was going on. There was always this specific day every month that none of them would hang out. That day was today.  Consequently, here I was hiding behind a tree, following Isaac as carefully as possible, cause, as I’ve picked up, this boy has amazing hearing.
After a long creepy walk into the woods we finally reached a huge house next to a lake. I saw the boys greeting each other in front of the door as Lydia opened it for them.  I followed close behind finding a way to get in from broken wall that was obviously unnoticed.
“What do you mean someone followed you?” a voice said. “I don’t know Scott, I just felt like someone was following me and now I can smell a familiar scent I can’t identify.” Another voice, probably Isaac’s, judging from the accent said. “Wow, great. Stiles just chain him and then we are going to find out who you smell.” Scott said and left the room while Stiles did as said. “Just don’t break this wall to, wolfie.” “No promises, human.”
After that little encounter of the boys I stayed hidden inside this little room. The door seemed to be locked but no one seemed to care enough to search in there. A roar suddenly shook me of my place making me fall on the door. Hard! So hard it surprisingly flung open. “Y/N!” Isaac’s voice said looking at me. But his face was different. Hairs grew from the sides and his eyes were glowing yellow. “I knew the scent was familiar. I would ask you what you are doing here,” growl “but I’d prefer you left just so I don’t hurt you.” He said looking at me as another growl came from his mouth. I slowly went closer to him, still in a safe distance. “I said leave! I didn’t say come closer.” He said again flashing another growl as his face was shot up. I kept my pace, slowly but calmly moving closer to him. “Y/N LEAVE!” He yelled as I kept ignoring his warnings. Finally I made it directly in front of him. “Just go. I don’t want to hurt you!” He pleaded his face looking a bit relaxed. “Then you won’t.” I said softly touching his face, slightly caressing it. Just then our lips met, as his body completely relaxed, heart melting at the contact. “ Aw, my little Mexican girl!” Was all he said after we stopped, grasping for air.

Dear everyone,

This little blog now has 10 000 followers, which made me do this:

Welcome, and thank you, and, umm, yikes! I can’t follow everyone back, but I do have a habit of popping in and leaving a trail of LIKES on random blogs. A special thanks to everybody who’s been following me since the early days, and to every individual I’ve chatted with via Tumblr’s messages.

One complication → more notes → it’s becoming increasingly difficult to notice when someone has tagged me or commented on a post. It disappears in a long list of notifications. If you really want to get my attention, you’re welcome to send an ASK. My ASK is always open, and I do respond to anonymous queries provided it’s Japan-related and at least semi-cogent. Grin. (It’s a teacher thing.)

Happy blogging, and again, THANK YOU!

Today in Tokyo
#SummertimeSlick 2017 Ficlets Collection - Chapter 3 - TheSilverQueen - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Scenting ficlet! Inspired by a tumblr post I’ve now lost in the bowels of my blog. Whoops.

  • Fandom: Hannibal
  • Relationship: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter
  • Summary: Day 3: Scenting - Hannibal pisses Will off. Will goes about finding a way to piss him off right back, and he starts with a perfume shop. 
  • Warnings: No major warnings apply
  • Fun Fact: Martha is the first name the random name generator came up with. I was feeling lazy today about names and their significance.

It’s only Martha’s second month of work at Scents & Squares, but it’s the third time she’s seen the same man come into the store with a really grumpy look on his face and not buy anything, so Martha thinks she’s perhaps justified in wandering over and saying, “Um, hi? Can I help you?”

The man looks over, and he doesn’t look guilty, not really, but he doesn’t have the air of “indecisive buyer” either. He clearly has a purpose, even if he also clearly knows absolutely nothing about perfume.

“I – not really,” he says. “I’m afraid my nose isn’t quite as strong as most.”

Martha nods. It’s to be expected; alphas and omegas got the strong noses that can pick out a scent in a flash, while betas were left with … well, a nose. “Well, maybe I can try to help. Are you looking for a particular scent or have a special occasion that you have in mind?”

The man looks like he’s containing a laugh. “If you have one for ‘congrats, we aren’t dead’ then I’ll be very impressed,” he remarks dryly.

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Look alive, sunshine!

The contest winner(s)!

It was difficult to choose a contest winner. Much, much more difficult than I anticipated, in part because there were so many great questions, and also in part because I wanted everyone that entered to win and feel special.

That is why I ended up with a first-place winner and an unexpected second-place winner who will be receiving a gift card in the seemingly random amount of $37.50 (half of the value of first place).

First place goes to @awesome-mermaidman. I thought it clever how their question swung back to my example question and it was also thought-provoking.

The unanticipated second place goes to @commoners-coffee because their question was just so sweet and really epitomized what I’m trying to do both here on this blog and in my daily life.

Their questions, and my answers, will shortly be posted and you will both be receiving a message from me today asking for your email and which gift card you would like! Good going, you two!

Thank you to everyone that participated! You asked some stellar questions and my only regret is I can’t give out a prize to everyone. The successful turnout for this contest pretty much ensures there will be another one sometime next year with a different theme, so keep a lookout for it!

Much Love,
Mama Odie

Ask box opening!!

So we all know pokemon games are out today- so that means i will not be drawing for this blog much for the rest of november and most likely into december as well. (I really want to start drawing for my other blogs more so i guess you could say this ones going on a semi-hiatus. Though there may be random posts here and there and such) But i am opening the ask box so when i do start updating more frequently again, ill have things to draw ^_^ Thank you and for those of you who are getting the games, i hope you all have fun!!

ssides  asked:

Okay, okay, so this is random and weird and I'm sorry, but okay, I was just on your blog and I just started looking at your header. And I was kind of studying it and thinking, "Man, you can like, SEE each characters personalities, just through this header, their poses, expressions, etc." Like, you draw them all so well that it's like they're alive and 3d. It's just so cool to me, idk. Sorry for the out-of-the-blue message. ^_^ :P <3

Maris, your random messages always make me so happy!! You give me such confidence in my art, which I really needed today lol. Thank you so much and I’m so happy that I’m friends with you <3

*shows up to the milestone 38 followers late with starbucks* 

But wow guys seriously thank you all so much ^-^ It really means a lot seeing this blog get so much love! I smile each time I get those random messages of love for the blog. It’s crazy seeing how far it’s come in just 3 months. 

As thanks, i feel like being courageous today, and doing a face reveal of sorts (but i’m putting it below Read More because i’m self-conscious as hell)

Thank you all again! 

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Movie Nights Are Made for Sleeping (Dean x Reader)

A/N: Okay this is a totally random drabble I did for the sake of relieving my own stress. We had quarter exams and stuff today, plus tonight’s episode (!!!) just. Phew. It isn’t my greatest work– personally, I could probably do better, but I developed a huge migraine right in the middle of writing! So, fun fun. Anyway, here’s something for all of you Dean fluff lovers (like myself.) If there are any grammar mistakes, I’m really sorry. Tagged blogs that I think will appreciate Dean-stuff are at the bottom! -Admin Sammi

P.S.: (Don’t be afraid to inbox us or message us or anything– and send in asks, submissions, requests, whatever! Feedback and stuff is super duper appreciated!) 

Word Count: 909 (Holy crap this is short lol. Shortest thing I’ve ever written.)

Warnings: None, really? Fluff fluff fluff. This is all just fluff. 

This is basically from Dean’s PoV. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader

When Dean pulled [y/n] down onto his bed that Friday night, he’d had every intention to finish the movie they had been watching. He’d followed the beginning scenes with a childlike enthusiasm, his eyes flicking over the screen as he frantically absorbed everything that was happening. But when the stroking of her fingers against the scarred skin of his arm– a habit she exercised on him subconsciously– began to slow and soften, he couldn’t help but to glance over at her. She lay against one of his pillows, her free arm cradling it against her head while the other reached out to him and lay across his lap. From where he sat, he could see the fluttering of her eyelids; the soft line between her brows began to relax as her countenance slowly slackened with oncoming unconsciousness. When she released a long, soft breath, and when the tension slowly eased from her shoulders, Dean lowered the volume of the television until the noise was merely a background static.

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Sometimes I like to sing random stuff and post it on my personal blog. So I thought it’d be cute to draw espykitty singing for day 20. Just 11 more days to go!

The Signs Alone at 3 A.M.!

Aries- Bakes a fucking cake because baking is fuCKING AwESOME and then goes for a run because running is FuCkING AweSOME

Taurus- Binge watching seasons of something on netflix and probably eating some bomb ass snacks

Gemini- Spamming everyone they know with text messages and videos of them snorting smarties 

Cancer- Crying about their fish that died when they were four

Leo- Maybe crying while doing their makeup and conflicted between loving themselves bc hot af or hating themselves bc idk??

Virgo- Reorganizing everything in their entire house and/or dancing in their underwear to classical music 

Libra- Probably sending nudes. Or getting drunk. Or writing nice letters to their friends. Or all three??

Scorpio- Watching porn/ streaking/ plotting ways to ‘accidentally’ take down all the people who have ever wronged them/ painting pictures of kittens. You never know tbh

Sagittarius- Running around downtown in a bathing suit and horse mask or learning how to speak hebrew??

Capricorn- COUNTIN THOSE DOLLA BILLZ!??!?!@J!>!>O@ just kidding probably watching a documentary about salamanders because salamanders are cool

Aquarius- Masturbating and having an existential crisis beCAUSE wHeRE DID WE COME FROM AND WHY AND HOW. Or maybe making a piñata :D

Pisces- Probably trying to smoke weed but burns themselves with the lighter so they cry and play with My Little Pony’s. 

HELLO LOVELIES I know this is really random and weird but it was just something quick because I feel bad about being so inactive but anyway I hope you like it (: Please don’t take any of this seriously, it’s just for fun and to make you laugh (hopefully). I love you guys so much and I’ll try to be more active today and these next few days before school starts again ))):::: Also! If you guys are interested, my Instagram is arandomruby and my snapchat is rubythesmiley

<3 !!!! xoxoox