my blog is not all sheldon

Sheldon Website Plans

Welp, everyone seems pretty unanimous in wanting to keep Sheldon on a tumblr followable website. So I’ll be making another blog in the near future that will only be Sheldon and Sheldon related news! With a custom domain name and (hopefully) theme as well. In time it should have a fully functional webshop as well that doesn’t rely on things like Etsy anymore!

What does that mean for this blog? Well it’s always been my intended art/sketch blog, but since I know so many of you are here really only for Sheldon, I felt kinda awkward continuing to post just anything I drew unless it was really polished. Once Sheldon has his own blog, I’ll begin frequently posting sketches and art of all things not just Sheldon. Of course you’ll still see Sheldon around here quite a bit most likely, after all he is my baby, he just won’t be the focus. I’ll still be posting Sheldon related doodles here, things that aren’t full comics and will not be posted on the main Sheldon blog as that will only be news and completed comics. I’ll likely also reblog completed comics from the Sheldon blog to here, but probably on a delay or not all of them or something like that. As for when this will happen I honestly can’t say, hopefully within the next month but it depends how long it takes me to get the site looking just right.

If you have any thoughts or comments on this let me know! I’m also curious if, those of you who like my non-Sheldon art, would be interested in me starting to make products/prints of it as well on the webshop?