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#67 “I think I’ve been holding myself back from falling in love with you all over again.” I want that sentence to come from Sheldon’s mouth. Maybe writing it in his vows.

Sheldon couldn’t stop staring at his bride. She was absolutely stunning in her Victorian-style floor-length white dress, her hair curled in waves under the matching veil, and her tiara perched on top. He had never seen her this radiant. Their friends had painstakenly decorated the venue so they could have the perfect wedding, but that faded into the background. All he saw was his Amy.

The clearing of the minister’s throat shook him out of his trance. “I believe the two of you have written your own vows?”

“We have,” Sheldon agreed. He took her hands in his and gazed into her eyes. “Amy, before I met you, I had no desire to share my life with another person. Science and TV shows were all I needed. Then eight years ago, you came into my life, and over time, I developed feelings for you. I tried denying them, keeping you at arm’s length, but my plan didn’t work. Instead of squelching them, those feelings became stronger each day.”

He paused as she gave his hands a squeeze, and tears pricked her eyes. “I fell in love with you years before I admitted it to you or even to myself. How could I not have? You are my intellectual equal, my rock. Your kindness, patience, and love keep me grounded and have made me a better man.”

“Oh, Sheldon,” Amy sniffled.

“When we broke up, I was devastated. I vowed to myself that I was done with romantic relationships. When you told me you were ready to be my girlfriend again, I pushed my lingering feelings aside. I couldn’t allow myself to get hurt again. I tried to forget the feel of your hands in mine, the touch of your lips, but you are like the north pole to my south pole. Like a magnet, I was drawn to you.

He looked down at the ground. "But even though I’ve gotten much better at showing you how much you mean to me, I think I’ve been holding myself back from falling in love with you all over again, that is until today.” He lifted his eyes to her once more. “Amy, I’m in this for the long haul. No matter what obstacles life throws at us, I will never stop loving you." 

The tears threatening to fall from her eyes slid down her cheeks. "I will never stop loving you either,” she choked out.

He pulled her against his chest and held her tight. “I will never let you go,” he murmured in her ear.

“You don’t need to worry. I’m yours forever.”

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After all they are buddies. I love this friendship

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rosebloodvamps  asked:

Hello Hislittlewildcat, Do you happen to know of any other good 'little' blogs that are more innocent? Like stuffed animals and stories and less spanking while wearing knee high socks? Im having trouble finding any. Sincerely, Rose

Hello there! It may be a bit excessive, but here’s a huge list of blogs I follow and enjoy! Since I follow nearly 500 of them, I wasn’t able to include every single one, so this is mostly a random sampling. I included a little blurb of what’s primarily on the blog if I could, though some of these littles are quite eclectic, haha. I also tried to include a mixture of roles, dynamics, genders, sexualities, etc. just for the sake of variety and because I know not everyone wants to follow exclusively DD/lg blogs. I hope this helps!

Little specific blogs:
alittleandherdaddysworld​ - pink, pastel
alwayslittleprincess - 100% SFW
babygirlnoms - little food
boss-bunny​ - SFW Daddy blog
cherrieprincess​ - 100% SFW
cutiesforcuties - original content
daddieslittlebunnyroo - colorful, not all pink
daddys-little-raven - a bit darker
daddyslittletea - 100% SFW
daddyslittleweebo​ - pink, pastel
ddlg-lolita - pink, pastel, lolita
dollyys - pink, pastel
ellies-little-place​ - 100% SFW
fairycherrypie​ - pink, pastel
formommiesandlittles​ - MD/l focused
genderfluidlittleone​ - CG/l, non-binary focused
hisbabybunny - pink, pastel
in-love-with-a-mouse​ - variety
kawaii-flan - cute comments on posts
kingdom-of-pixiehollow​ - variety
kittenluvsstarlord - 100% SFW
lilbunnyprince - colorful, cartoons and anime
lipstickwarpaint - pink, pastel
little-nekochii - variety
littleboyfreddo - little boy focused, blue
little-kid-tall-socks - variety
littlekittenbug - 100% SFW
littlelavenderrabbit - pink, pastel
littleprincessbb - pink, cartoons and anime
littlerabbitmoon - variety, sweets
littlesthippos - 100% SFW
megafoxy60​ - variety, a bit more little boy/neutral focused
mommyslittlepandaprince - 100% SFW, MD/lb focused
neverlandslittlesecret - original content
polylittlestkitten - pink, pastel, poly
princeofstuffies - pink, pastel
princesskawaiikitten - pink, pastel, kawaii
pup-bun​ - 100% SFW
pup-princess​ - 100% SFW
queenfrosting​ - pink, pastel
sammypajammies​ - 100% SFW
smalll-octo-bab - 100% SFW
sweetpeapuppy​ - variety
thatlittlebug​ - variety
theboyislittle​ - variety, DD/lb focused
toyprincess - toys, retro
usagithelittle​ - pink, pastel
widdolbunny - 100% SFW
xxcuriouskittenxx​ - 100% SFW

These blogs are more advice/community focused:

These blogs aren’t specifically CG/l oriented, but they relate and I like to follow them for variety on my dash:
0vress0​ - puppy shark comics
bouncyballzone​ - bouncy balls
coolschoolsupplies​ - school supplies
disney-food-porn​ - food from all the Disney parks
fyeah-hellokitty​ - Hello Kitty
himifashion​ - pink, pastel, kawaii clothing
japancandyummy​ - candy
magicalshopping - clothing
pusheen​ - Pusheen comics
purple-is-a-color - purple aesthetic
rainbow–pastel - pastel, rainbow
rainbowstufffuckyeah - rainbow
sheldontinydino - Sheldon the Tiny Dinosaur Who Thinks He’s a Turtle comic
sweetoothgirl - sweets, desserts
thefizzyfilly - MLP themed bath bombs
thepinkmidnight - pink aesthetic
yodawgiheardyoulikeponies - MLP collector
yxll0w - yellow aesthetic

If you’re a SFW blog, feel free to reblog/comment on this to draw attention to yourself! I’d like to find more of you beautiful littles myself!

together-shamy  asked:

Hey I have a prompt idea and it's okay if you don't use it, but… Can you do one where Amy decided to show off her smarts to Sheldon and write a paper on Physics and it gets published, and he's so impressed that they make out Thx ILY <3 -Car

Thanks CarG131 for the prompt! I hope this does your brain baby justice.

Ever since the day with Kripke and Sheldon in her lab Amy had a plan formulating in her head. The idea she had told to Kripke was just half of what was starting to become a rather interesting theory. Originally she had planned on collaborating with Kripke on the theory since it dealt with aspects of string theory and Sheldon was not doing that any more. However after Sheldon’s reactions to her just lending a small footnote to Kripke’s paper she decided that a full on collaboration would be more then Sheldon could handle.

So Amy deiced the only way to get her theory out there would be to publish the paper herself. It had aspects grounded in her field and she felt comfortable enough with physics that she felt she could write the paper. What Sheldon had said about biologists and math had really bothered her. Amy was every bit as good at math as Sheldon was and she intended to prove it to him with this paper.

Amy works on the paper in her spare time for months doing the research and checking over her math with a fine toothed comb. When she finally feels comfortable enough with it she sends it to he pre-print server. Waiting with baited breath for her colleagues to go over it and lend their opinions.

A couple of days later Amy is overwhelmed by the positive response that she receives on her paper. Several physics blogs have picked up on it and mentioned how wonderful it is especially coming not from a physicist but from a neuroscientist. On blog muses if since this paper is written by the girlfriend of Dr. Sheldon Cooper if maybe he was an uncredited influence on the paper.

“How do they know he is my boyfriend?” Amy wonders as she reads it, miffed that they assume she did not write the paper on her own. Though admittedly a little excited that Sheldon and her a mentioned together like they a science power couple, the Brad and Angelina of the physics world.

Sheldon has been surprisingly quiet about the whole thing so far and it is making her worry. Amy knows he reads the pre-print servers and all the physics blogs. That even if he somehow missed her paper one of the guys would bring it to his attention. However in the days since she has posted it he has not said one word about it. In her head she had imagined the banter that would ensue once he discovered that paper she had worked so hard on:

“Dr.Fowler, I read an extremely interesting paper today.” He would say raising his eyebrows at her.

“What was it about Dr. Cooper?” she would ask coyly

“It seems that a neuroscientist with almost no background in physics has written the most intriguing paper about how neurons in the brain mimic neutrinos.”

“How did a lowly, biologist write something like that?” she would then ask rendering him speechless.

Yet that had not happened, they had seen each other and discussed all sorts of things none of them her paper. Last night over tea they had discussed the importance of learning Latin and how the fifth Harry Potter book was the best. With no mention of science at all, Amy almost wondered if he was avoiding the topic on purpose.

She desperately wanted to bring it up and see if he had read it and what he thought. She had to fight the urge before publishing it to show it to him and get his thoughts. Amy knew what Sheldon would do though if she had showed it to him. He would have taken all her ideas and added in his own and make it their paper and not just her paper. It was important for her to do this on her own, to gain his respect without asking for his help.

In a few days Amy gets call from a Physics Today, they would like to publish her paper and interview her for the magazine. Amy is beyond thrilled, being mentioned in that magazine was beyond anything she ever expected while she had worked on the paper.

Amy can’t hold this good news in, whether his reaction is good or bad she has to tell Sheldon about it. So on Thursday Amy plans a date night at her place so she can tell him the good news. The whole seems to drag by as she waits for the night to come, she even leaves work early so she can set up the apartment and make an extra special dinner.

Sheldon knocks on the door exactly at seven thirty Amy answers the door eagerly and sees with pleasure that he has dressed up for the evening. He wears an ice blue button down shirt that make his eyes pop, with a gray tie and gray slacks. Amy wants to pull him by his tie to the couch and have her way with him.

“Sheldon you look wonderful.” She tells him ushering him inside.

“I do clean up nicely.” He says going to sit at the dinner table that is set up with food.

“I hope you are hungry I have prepared quite a special meal.” Amy tells him as she reveals a plate of fried chicken and a pecan pie both his mothers recipe.

“Fried chicken one of my favorites, what’s the occasion?” he asks

“No occasion.” Amy says evasively. ‘So have your read any interesting papers lately.” Giving him a chance to mention her paper

“Not particularly, there have been some new ones published but none worth mentioning.” He says and Amy fumes.

“Really there have been no new papers published that are worth talking about?” Amy asks glaring at him as he piles food on his plate.

“There was one written about space time condensates but it was pretty derivative of other works.” Sheldon says shrugging his shoulders and digging into his plate.

“I read a pretty interesting one the other day that talked about how neurons in the brain mimic neutrinos…” Amy begins but Sheldon cuts her off.

“I read that too…”

“Oh you did?” Amy says defensively.

“Yes, and found it most interesting that the brilliant neuroscientist who published the paper never once mentioned that she was working on a physics paper to her physicist boyfriend.”

“Maybe she thought that her physicist boyfriend would try to make the paper all about his ideas.” Amy counters

“Maybe she thought she could get help from another physicist, one with a stutter who likes to make fun of her boyfriend.”

“Kripke was no where near this, this was all me no one helped me.” Amy says hotly.

“I know, because I asked him and he was miffed you finished the paper without his help.” Sheldon tells her smirking at her.

“Sheldon if you have known about the paper why have you not told me that you knew. I have been waiting for your opinion on it.” Amy asks him.

“If you wanted my opinion why didn’t you ask it before you published it?”

“I wanted you to be proud of me, and I wanted you to respect me, I thought if I published a physics paper without your help…”

“You don’t think that I am proud of you or respect you?” Sheldon asks incredulously.

“I know you don’t think my field is real science, that you don’t think I can do the real kind of math.” Amy tells him.

“Amy, you are the one person in the world whose intelligence I think comes close to my own. I may tease you about math and biology but that is just teasing. I have so much respect for your work and what you do. I am immensely proud to be able to call you my girlfriend.” He tells her taking her hand over the table.

“Sheldon I am glad to hear you say that because I have some other news.” Amy tells him excited.


“Physics Today called and they want to publish my paper and interview me for the magazine.” Ay tells him and he pushes his plate away and look up at her stunned.

“Physics today as picked up your paper?” he asks getting up and going to sit on the couch.

“Yes, please don’t be mad, they just think I have some very innovative ideas..”

“Mad? I am not mad.” he says and Amy goes over and sits next to him. “I read your paper and I thought it was brilliant. It blew me out of the water how intelligent and thought provoking it was. Honestly it was thrilling to think my girlfriend was turning science on its head Then to hear that Physics today is going to publish you? I think it is the sexiest thing I have ever heard.” He tells her.

“You think that my paper was sexy?” Amy asks.

“No I thought your paper was well written and thought provoking, I think you are sexy.” He tells her leaning on close and brushing his lips lightly against hers.

“Why did you not tell me that earlier?” Amy murmurs against his lips pulling his body closer to hers.

“As the sole author on a publication it is your duty to bring it to my attention. I have been waiting for days to tell you what I thought about your paper.” He whispers in her ear as he kisses his way softly down her neck sucking gently on her soft flesh. Amy pulls his head gently back up to her mouth and kisses him again deepening the kiss. Sheldon presses her softly into the couch covering her body with as his tongue explores her mouth. Amy pulls away to catch her breath and Sheldon sits up and gazes down at her.

“So you have known about my paper for days and have presumably read every mention of it in every blog and you were able to keep quiet about it?”

“Yes, I have been very proud of my restraint the past few days. Especially when I read the blog that mused if I had been a silent collaborator on your paper.”

“What were they thinking? Dr Sheldon Cooper a silent contributor? They must not know you well.”Amy teases running her hands up his arms.

“I wish the author had deemed me worthy enough to collaborate with.” He says as she pulls him by by his tie back down to her mouth to her mouth. He deepens the kiss prying her mouth open with his tongue and massaging it gently against hers. Kissing her until she breaks away once more an kisses his forehead.

“If this is what I get for publishing the paper and making into Physics Today.What do I get if it wins a Nobel Prize?” Amy asks kissing his neck.

“Just you wait and see.” Sheldon growls pressing her deeper into the couch ravaging her mouth with his.

Sheldon Website Plans

Welp, everyone seems pretty unanimous in wanting to keep Sheldon on a tumblr followable website. So I’ll be making another blog in the near future that will only be Sheldon and Sheldon related news! With a custom domain name and (hopefully) theme as well. In time it should have a fully functional webshop as well that doesn’t rely on things like Etsy anymore!

What does that mean for this blog? Well it’s always been my intended art/sketch blog, but since I know so many of you are here really only for Sheldon, I felt kinda awkward continuing to post just anything I drew unless it was really polished. Once Sheldon has his own blog, I’ll begin frequently posting sketches and art of all things not just Sheldon. Of course you’ll still see Sheldon around here quite a bit most likely, after all he is my baby, he just won’t be the focus. I’ll still be posting Sheldon related doodles here, things that aren’t full comics and will not be posted on the main Sheldon blog as that will only be news and completed comics. I’ll likely also reblog completed comics from the Sheldon blog to here, but probably on a delay or not all of them or something like that. As for when this will happen I honestly can’t say, hopefully within the next month but it depends how long it takes me to get the site looking just right.

If you have any thoughts or comments on this let me know! I’m also curious if, those of you who like my non-Sheldon art, would be interested in me starting to make products/prints of it as well on the webshop?


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