my blog is homestuck

Rose sets up two accounts on an alien conspiracy forum. On one, she writes a bunch of posts about the unlikelihood of alien lifeforms existing, complete with citations from articles she cherrypicked off scihub. On the other, she does nothing but repeatedly claim ‘Aliens are real and I’m dating one’ while attaching blurry photos of Kanaya modeling various outfits.

Terezi also has an account that she occasionally uses to start flame wars with Rose 1 and Rose 2. 

when uve hit such a new low that ur back into hs n are barely a person anymor, come talk to me

fanart of a fuckin. top notch davekat fic tho, on ao3 called astronomy in reverse by @threshcadet .. ive wholeheartedly given myself over to this fic n hopefully will have more art on the way but for now… my fave visual from it of karkat in a cowboy hat


TG: agreed

EB: haha, thank you.

“Homestuck is bad because it actually turned my friend into a maniac who won’t rest until everybody loves Vriska and agrees with everything she says” - anon


I don’t post my art a lot on my personal account but !!! I drew a Kanaya for my rp blog since it’s been a few months since I drew the last one.

 Featuring with / and without the quick sketch of a tattoo and the star doodles <3