my blog is a no pants zone

I see the same two quotes from The Secret Saturdays on like every incorrect quotes blog. There are so many amazing quotes from the TV show.

Doc: Why would you throw our TV?!
Drew: I… I just… [Shrugs] I get in the zone

[Doc pushes Doyle out of the airship]
Doc: What? He has a jetpack.

Doyle: Hey, any time you wanna see my terminal velocity, just ask.
Doc: What? That doesn’t make any– even your threats have bad science!
Doyle: Your mom has bad science. 

Wadi: [Sarcastically] Yes, I stole the Blue Tiger and I am keeping it inside my pants pocket right now. Say hello to everyone, tiger!

Telephone rings]
Zak: …What’s that?
[Telephone continues ringing]
Zak: Seriously, what is that?
Doc: …It’s our land-line.
Zak: We have a non-video phone? Why?

There are other quotes but these are what I could find so far

15 Things I’m Thankful for this 2015 Thanksgiving

I keep re-reading the title and there’s just no good way to mention the year without making it sound like I’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving for two-thousand and fifteen years. 

Anywho, here are fifteen things I’m thankful for this year:

+ My family that’s so supportive even though half the time they have no idea what I’m doing or trying to do. Mom, Tasha, Lanie, Bo, Movie, Mason, Nadia, and all the aunts and uncles and other little nephews <3. They still show up and listen when I call and living alone in the city is only bearable because they’re in my life. I will get to see them more often soon and I can’t wait! Little porcelain babiessssss.

+ My health, which was in total disarray this time last year. My little tum seems to have figured out what works and what doesn’t, and I am happy I can plan on eating a bunch of food today and not feeling like death later.

+ Books.

+ The NYC comedy community–who rallied behind me after my friends and I got attacked last month and have given me loads of chances to perform.

+ All my friends. All of em. I only knew two people when I moved to the city, and only one still lives here. The rest I’ve had to meet online or at events or at work and they’re all lovely and perfect. The ones who I’ve met through making YouTube videos and the ones I’ve had forever, I just love them all so much.

+ My apartment. Living alone isn’t for everyone, but my pants-free, loud-singing lifestyle kind of requires it and I feel super lucky to be able to experience it.

+ Social media and blogs that I can get lost in to zone out every now and again.

+ Any free time allocated since this book is due and I need to make more videos for you lovely people, and finish writing this TV show.

+ My waxer. It’s hard to find one in this city that you can trust. 

+ John Green. Yes, the author. Because so much of my career and so many of the opportunities I get are thanks to him putting me on a pedestal when he really didn’t have to. My mom and I reminisce about a day during the Paper Towns tour at least once a week because it was honestly so magical thanks to John and Sarah and Rosianna and their whole crew. My mom finally got to see what I do, and what I want to do, and we became a lot closer because of it. I think about this a lot. I will always stand up for him on Tumblr, because most of y’all are wrong about him. He’s doing the most to bring diversity to the limelight on YouTube. He’s statistically PROBABLY the reason you even know I exist. 

+ Sundance Labs and the ridiculous amount of support they give me and Lyle on every call and even in person. They totally changed our lives.

+ Lyle, a person who jumped at the opportunity to make something together and now we’re definitely making a TV show and that’s crazycrazycrazy omg whaaaaat?

+ My agent, because I hate talking about money and she’s actually really rad at it.

+ Sweaters and socks that keep me warm.

+ All the travel I’ve gotten to do this year. I’ve gone so many places I’d never been to before including (but probably not limited to): Miami, Seattle, Portland, Rhode Island, Toronto, and Park City. I’ve been on more planes this year than I’d been on in the entirety of my life, and I hope I can go even further (read: outside this continent) soon!

Happy Turkey Day, y’all. And peace to the Native Americans.

- Akilah