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“life was good" 

Honestly? I’ve actually never thought about it until now– Ordon was a simple life; I don’t remember much of the earlier days; apparently Epona was the one that found me! And she’s been there ever since, whenever I needed her– you could say I was kind of a weird kid, y'know?

‘Never really knew my parents and Rusl didn’t tell me much either; no one else really bothered.

I actually really owe a lot to the man. Now that I think about it, he was brave to take in some stray kid. I was kept to a life in the stables, but he’s given me so much more out of life. The skills, the lessons; I don’t think I’d ever be the same person without him. 

I guess, really, I kinda wanted to be like Rusl.

And I kinda still do. 

Ha ha;; Sure sounds silly, doesn’t it? 

((OOC; Thanks guys! These are actually some really great questions! I should actually post a whole "Life in Ordon” headcanon! So please look out for that!))