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Oh yeah, sending a kid to get tossed around in the foster care system is pretty awful.. but.. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say.. Maybe.. just maybe .. 75%.. are happy that they are alive. Also, as a woman, I'll endure the 10 months of physical agony to save the life of a child. Rape aside, if I consented to sex and got pregnant, that's MY fault. And we all know not all 100% of abortions are from incest or rape. How many are from stupid young people having sex, unprotected..?

yes but there’s a difference between someone willing to have the child and someone who isn’t. The point of pro-choice is that someone who isn’t consenting should be able to decide to keep the child or not.  I, personally, wouldn’t keep the child, but I wouldn’t pressure someone else into an abortion if that isn’t want they want. It should work both ways. Someone should not be forced to keep or bare a child that they don’t want, and someone shouldn’t be forced to get rid of a child that they do want.

And I’ll agree with you, having unprotected sex is stupid, but I would like to remind you that condoms break, and the woman shouldn’t be punished for that.

You can keep your hypothetical baby, that’s okay, and I believe that you would raise that child in a loving, healthy environment. However, I would appreciate it if you would offer me the same courtesy if I were ever in that situation, and let me do what I want with my own body.

Thank you.

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Explain Homestuck to me.

It’s actually really cool! It’s basically about these four kids who trigger the end of the world (or triggers a warning about the end of the world? It’s not really clear on that) by playing this video game called Sburb. When you connect to the game you’re basically transferred into the game where you play as yourself (John, Dave, Rose and Jade) being physically in the game. It’s really interesting and there’s a lot that goes on, and I find it really funny. All the conversations in the comic take place through the characters instant messaging each other and it’s just really cool. You’re later introduced to a group of aliens called Trolls, and they’re all really interesting. The humour is really witty and sassy and it really just feels like a group of friends interacting with each other.

Keep in mind this is all coming from someone who was generally anti-homestuck. If you can get through the beginning (which really isn’t as slow as people make it out to be) it’s really rewarding and the fandom has been really welcoming and are genuinely excited that other people are reading it.

I hope this explains enough? I’m trying to make it non-spoilery for you and those that are actually currently reading it. 

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1. First impression: you seem really cool! (as are most Whovians). And you like the Beatles and Mumford and Sons! Points for thaaat.
2. Truth is: I’m so relieved you have an about page you have no idea. (I don’t feel like as much of a stalker).
3. How old do you look:  Well I don’t know what you look like, but you’re 16 so I’d say you probably look around that age. However I’m 18 and I look like I’m 16.. so.. yeah.
4. Have you ever made me laugh: I look forward to this in the future. THIS IS YOUR CHALLENGE~
5. Have you ever made me mad: nopie
6. Best feature: You seem pretty confident which is refreshing! Also the fact that you’re into special effects makeup is so cool! I love that kind of stuff.
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: I’m sorry I… I just can’t return your feelings today. >///>
8. You’re my: friend :)
9. Name in my phone:  MADDEHHHH or something ridiculous.
10. Should you post this too? awwww yeh