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he’s the type of lover begging to be put on a pedestal.

the type of lover that gives and takes and never seems to have enough time for you, despite the fact that he has no hobbies or responsibilities to occupy his time with.

the catch-me-if-you-can type of lover.

you will sacrifice everything for him.

your body, your soul, even your well being.

until eventually you’re left with nothing.

you realize you have given the entirety of what you have to offer, just to be left alone.

you’ve shown him exactly what he was looking for when he plucked you from the garden of other pretty, impressionable girls.

you’ve shown him complete and utter vulnerability.

your lover’s high, high above you looking down.


he now has everything he’s ever wanted.

he has you.

v.m // manipulation

anonymous asked:

how long does it take them/how much further do they take things before finally having the "I'm in love with you" convo 👀👀

its already been…..2 long….. 

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Shiro finishes shortly after Keith, curling over him and heaving as he comes back to reality, comes back to his senses. Keith’s slumped forward, his back rising and falling as he takes short gasps, and the room is filled with the sounds of them trying to catch their breath.

It then strikes Shiro what exactly he said to Keith, what the camera captured, what can’t be explained away by saying he was caught in the heat of the moment. He tries not to shake as he slides out and hears Keith make a noise, tries not to shake as he rubs circles into Keith’s lower back.

“Shiro,” Keith says his name again and, right—he’s got to untie Keith. The ribbon slides off easily, and there’s faint red marks on Keith’s wrists. It’s not from the cloth; it’s from the hold Shiro had on Keith earlier on, and he doesn’t know if it’s a pang of guilt or want that courses through him. A mix of both, probably.

“I got you,” Shiro says, and gently rolls Keith onto his back. He’s not ready for how absolutely wrecked Keith looks.

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My dream house will have…

🎀 A princess play tent

🍬A bed filled with stuffies

💕A cute mobile above the bed

🌸 Cupboards filled with plateware,sippys and bottles

🍑 A closet filled with cute onsies and little clothes

🖍 A chores and rules sheet up on the wall

🍦A fridge filled with dino nuggies

🌷A cute litte corner just for me

💖 Pacis scattered around the house

🍡 My coloring pages up on the fridge

🍼 A shelf filled with bed time storys

🍪 A super comfy bed to snuggle in

💕 But most importantly my daddy