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Bullet Journal in a Lined Journal

Many of you have asked me how a lined journal can work for bullet journaling. Well, turns out it works fabulously. I found this cute journal at HomeGoods for $4.00 and I had to get it. (It’s a problem really.) I decided to use it to show you all how to use a lined journal as opposed to graph-grid, dot-grid, or blank pages. 

Like most journals, I began with an index. I embellished this page with washi tape and you will see that I’ve done that with every page in this journal. That blue smudge is actually blue highlighter that leaked through from the other side. 

This is my future log, again with washi embellishments. I split up the year into six months on each page. The spacing was difficult on this, but the lines helped to keep the dates straight. 

Normally, I’d put my icons on the page after my index, but I didn’t. There’s no turning back when you plan in pen. I also have my mood pixel page here. It’s good that I’ve only had four majorly depressing days this year. Improvement! 

I also have a bucketlist and a wishlist. As you can see, I’m not an exciting person. 

My “happy finds” are just things that make me smile or laugh. I thought it would be nice to have my favorite quotes next to the things that make me happy. Although, looking at it, I might run out of room on my quotes page. 

I’m not showing my birthday list, story ideas, or brain dump. The birthday list page isn’t done yet, so I’d rather just make a separate post for that one. I’m not showing my story ideas because I’m always afraid of people stealing my ideas. Especially in the world we live in today. My brain dump page is just for little questions and wonders I have through the day. Not very exciting, and a bit embarrassing. 

Moving on! 

My To-Do List actually has things checked off! It’s like journaling has helped or something  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This isn’t in my index, so bonus for you all! This is my March calendar that I actually cut from my planner that I used in a different tutorial, which you can find [here]. I have a small habit tracker in the notes section. 

For my daily entries, I’ve been trying to go simple. I work too much to make fancy layouts now. This actually helps me find what I did on each day a lot faster. 

My goal is to use this journal all the way through. As someone who has an issue with sticking to one journal, this might be difficult. Let me know if you have any questions or responses to my journal!

BTS as MCR Songs

Yoongi: “I’m not okay”

Namjoon: “The World is Ugly”

Jimin: “Sing”

Taehyung: “Na Na Na”

Seokjin: “The Kids from Yesterday”

Hoseok: “The Only Hope for me is You”

Jungkook: “Bulletproof Heart”

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I'M WATCHING SEASON 3 OF HQ AND HOLY FUCK DUDE TSUKKI'S BLOCK, I DIE. I have three favorite moments from season 3, 1: red haired dude (i can't remember his name soz) yelling "I've made a mistake!" 2: tsukki being a fucking boss and saying "I'm then normal guy, nice to meet you" 3: TSUKKI'S BLOCK. Have a nice day


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How about we bury the hatchets?

Hello, all you lovely people!

I will admit that these last few days have been rather disheartening to experience. I’ve witnessed a bunch of people getting hate for voicing their opinions as well as random hate thrown at tinhat bloggers.

I think it’s time we forgot our differences and allied with each other. There’s relentless pressure coming from all directions, trying to shut us up and divide us. Let’s not give in. Let’s not attack our fellows for having opinions that don’t please us. We all have our own theories and blogging styles and there’s space for all of us under the umbrella. We’re all needed.

Support your neighbourhood tinhat blogger/tweeter. Block and move on when facing hate. Don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing they managed to rile you up - it will only feed their hunger. We are all here because of our love for the J’s, right? Let’s work together and appreciate our diversity!

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