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What you don’t know can’t hurt ya, Roy


It’s June 20th! Marble Hornets’ birthday! :D

I decided to redraw the earliest MH drawing I could find on this blog, which only goes back to 2014 where I found this thing on the left. It was rough. I’m not one for mushy paragraphs and stuff so I’ll just say I love MH(of course?) It was what got me to get onto Tumblr in 2012(along with TT) and what motivated me to do art like, literally nonstop. I think if I hadn’t gotten into it I never would have gotten this far with my art as I have. I love this series and its characters so, so much, it means a really big deal to me. Anyways I think I improved a bit with this.

Mysterious Hipster - jughead jones

The night was still young in Riverdale and you decided to enjoy a quiet moment at Pop’s with the love of your life- a strawberry milkshake. Unlike your sister, Veronica, you decided to be antisocial and not go to the dance. You didn’t really like school events, you enjoyed the company of yourself more. Only a year younger than Veronica, starting high school in a small town instead of New York, forever hating on your dad, not even sure if you enjoy it here. Mom always enjoyed Pop’s as a young girl and the first day you guys got there you also fell in love with it. As you walked into the joint, it was pretty empty. You looked around and there was only a few random people in the back but a table caught your eyes. The redhead jock named Archie your sister had been eyeing and a brooding mysterious guy with a laptop and a grey beanie. You watched as they briefly spoke and Archie walks out, leaving mystery boy. You decided to go up to him. He was glued into his laptop, typing like there was no tomorrow. “Hey, whatcha writing?” You asked awkwardly. He looked up with a small smirk, his green eyes looking into your (E/C) ones. “It’s my blog. I talk about the newest styles and how Ryan Gosling is so much hotter than Ryan Reynolds.” The boy joked. You smiled and sat down across. “Reynolds is obviously hotter. But seriously, for a mysterious hipster sitting in a diner at 11 at night, I’m curious to know what goes on in your head.” He adjusts his grey beanie and stares at his screen, “I’m writing a novel on this town. I’m sure you’re aware of Jason Blossom, (Y/N) Lodge.” “How did you know my name? I’ve never met or seen you anytime before this.” “Jones. Jughead Jones.” He laughs to himself, “I’m an observer rather than a target of attention, a camouflaged lizard avoiding the hunters in a forest of prey.” Jughead? Odd name. But pretty cool. Also this dude is deep. And cute. Wait what? Stop it (Y/N). A waitress finally delivers your strawberry shake and you thank her. You start to get up before Jughead stops you. “Now where are you going? The night is young and you are pretty good company. If you want we can talk about who’s hotter, Chris Evans or Chris Pine.” Jughead winks. You sit back down and look at the clock on the wall. 11:30. Mom probably doesn’t mind anyway, you think. If Veronica can be out all night, so can I. Also, Jughead is really cute and interesting. Let’s see how this goes. “Obviously Evans.” You grin, Jughead smiling back. After an hour and a half of talking, he walks you home. As you near the lobby of your complex, he starts playing with his sleeve. Jughead was thinking, you quickly picked up his habit back at the diner. “What are you thinking about?” You ask. Jughead hesitates for a moment then continues, “I really liked hanging out with you, Lodge. Can we do this again sometime?” He looked down. You nodded, coming closer to him you kissed his cheek and entered the elevator. “Until we meet again, Jones.” Once you got into your apartment, Veronica was sitting on the couch in front of you like a parent waiting for you after you snuck out. She was back home early, still wearing her dress and her hair was messy. Your sister had a smirk on her face and walked up to you. “Sooooooo little sissy, you have a thing for the antisocial novelist types?”

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prettypettypansexual  asked:

SO I HAD A THOUGHT AND IM GIVING IT TO YOU BECAUSE YOURE THE BEST!!! So any soulmate au where once the youngest one turns 18 you find out who the other is OK SO the day before his, Enjolras decides he doesn't want his life dictated by pre-determined rules, so he impulsively marries his boyfriend, Grantaire. As soon as they wake up the next morning, they see that [enter whatever soulmate au: tattoos, quotes, whatever] matches.

[Shhh, you’ll make me blush. I’ve never written a soulmark au! Here it goes:]

“Are you really sure about this?” Jehan asks doubtfully.

Yes,” Enjolras says firmly.

“Believe me, Jehan,” Combeferre says with a slight grimace. “This is already the toned down version of this plan.”

“He wanted to get married, today,” Grantaire says, grinning lovingly at his obstinate boyfriend.

“Isn’t there a two week waiting period after you register a marriage?” Jehan frowns.

“Yes, yes there is,” Combeferre says. “And with good reason.” That earns him a scoff from Enjolras.

“So tattoos it is,” Grantaire grins widely.

“Alright,” Jehan laughs. “I do think it’s super sweet.”

Enjolras gives them an enquiring look. “You don’t approve though,” he says. He doesn’t sound accusing or resentful, he’s just asking.

Jehan hums vaguely, putting the appropriate paperwork down in front of their friends. “I have good reason to be fond of soulmarks,” they say and their hand absentmindedly passes across their heart. Just above the low collar of their shirt the top of the letter M is visible. “But you guys were obviously meant to be together.” They smile. “And chosen soulmarks… That’s just too romantic for me to object to. I love it.”

Enjolras looks content and Grantaire grins. They sign the paperwork and hand it back to Jehan.

“Right!” Jehan beams. “Let’s get you ready for some ink then.”

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I compulsively started a new fic in which Jeremy Heere is scared of girls and I haven’t had this much fun in months, so here’s a snippet for everybody while I’m happy.

Jenna pats his hand. “It’s because you’re cute. You have a distinct vibe. Like a hamster.”

“Like a what, now.”

“Like a prey animal,” she clarifies. “Totally easy kill for a girl who knows what she wants.” She pauses. “Or a boy.”

“Oh my god,” Jeremy wheezes.

“Michael was worried during physics class. He probably thought she’d eaten you up during sex like some grotesque praying mantis deal.” Jenna takes a bite of her corndog. “You should reassure him that your chastity and head are still intact.”

I'm on top of the world!!

I went to another AZA accredited zoo today to try out for their volunteer position running a touch tank for stingrays.

I K I L L E D my interview. It was such a good experience. I sat down and the ladies introduced themselves and we just started chatting. They had interview questions out in front of them but they didn’t use them at all.
Off the bat they were super curious because i mentioned my blog on the application so I explained the purpose of this blog and how it evolved and they were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO impressed by my initiative to bring enrichment into the lives of the average pet owner- I mean DAMN they were sooo impressed they were speechless. I felt very good about that. If zoo professionals consider what i am doing to be important and awe inspiring… holy cow. This blog is important.
Anyhow, 10 minutes into the interview the lady looks down at her list of questions and goes “huh… none of these questions will really work for this situation…” and we kept chatting. They decided to schedule me then and there!!!

Then, as they walked me out they mentioned they had a full time educator position available and since my mentality and enthusiasm was exactly what their facility is looking for, I’d be a shoe in for the position!

Soooooo I suppose I will apply for that paid position too.


You encouraged me, so I ran with it. So I decided to make a short comic out of the small thing I did earlier this week. I need more practice anyway so it will be a journey. I don’t know what Imma call it yet. Ideas? Credit for idea goes to the wonderful @charminglyantiquated The blog dedicated to the concept is @elsewhereuniversity

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tyler bate - make it up to you.

SUMMARY: boy and girl are best friends.. girl is in love with boy, boy is in love with girl.. both think they don’t stand a chance. friend of girl gets it in her head that SHE ALSO likes boy and being bolder, she makes a move. boy and girls so called friend wind up dating. girl is hurt, tries to warn boy what he’s getting himself into. boy and girl fight and girl decides she can’t be close to watch boy get his heart called friend fucks anything with a penis. boy finds out. boy goes to girl.. feelings are admitted. FLUFF OVERLOAD. AND ANGST A LIL BIT.

This… it was inspired by a) my apparent need to cry my eyes at 10 pm as I wrote it… and an ask that I saw on @wwesmutdonedirtcheap blog earlier about how some chick cheated on the poor bby I know as my sexy british husband… Anyway, yeah. If I have to cry?? bet your asses?? you will cry too???




Tyler Bate x Reader ( you )


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When he started dating her, you had to distance. You couldn’t just stand back, watch the guy you loved falling in love with someone else, it was like slow and steady torture. Eventually, you moved out of the flat you’d been sharing with Tyler and Pete and Trent.. the last you heard, Tyler’s girlfriend was living there in your old room.

And then, earlier, you’d run into Pete at the fitness center near Full Sail and he told you something pretty bad about  Tyler and this new girlfriend of his.. How she was screwing around and every time he or Trent tried to tell Tyler, it ended in them arguing.. How the girl had Tyler brainwashed into believing she was this angel and she’d never do that.

You sighed as Pete stood there, recounting it all to you and you bit your lip. “She was like that all through high school so it honestly doesn’t surprise me… But why tell me?” you asked the question, your head slightly tilted to the side. One of the 5 year olds you taught ballet to ran to the door and you gave her a gentle smile and then told her you’d be in to start class in a few seconds.

“I’m tellin you because Trent and I aren’t stupid, okay? We both saw the way you looked at him. And we know that he..”

“He what, Dunne?”

“He liked you.. A lot. And if he thought he had a chance, he’d probably have told ya. But you were always dating the guys you dated..” Pete eyed you and you felt your heart speed up a little bit. You must have given some kind of sign that you were happy about what he told you, because he chuckled and then mused aloud, “I knew it.”

“But.. I can’t be around them together, okay? It kills me.. Especially since Viv did what she did.”

Pete raised his brow.

You went on to explain.. “I had it all planned out, you know? Candles, that damned carbonera he liked so much when I cooked it… I was even going to kick you two goons out of the apartment.. But Viv, she  got to him before me and she made it seem as if she’d liked him for a long time and I wasn’t interested in him at all…” you paused, wincing at the memory of how it all played out, how you came back from making a last minute dessert  run to find Viv and Tyler in the kitchen, Viv taking all the credit for what you’d set up to finally reveal your feelings to Tyler.

Pete swore and shook his head. “Point in me telling you is this.. She’s going to break up with him tonight.. She has no choice. I caught her screwing the guy who lives in that apartment under ours and I got proof. Tyler, he’s… He’s tough.. Nowhere near tough as Trent or me…”

“And you want me to do what?” you eyed Pete, trying to figure out what he was getting at and you continued quietly, “Because if he’s really in love with her, it’s not going to make a difference?”

“That’s the thing, okay? He’s not.”

Pete dug around in the baggy gym shorts he wore and held out his phone, pressing play. You bit your lip as you listened, heard  Tyler sort of drunkenly pouring everything out to Trent and Pete and Mandrews.

But it still wasn’t clear what Pete expected you to do..

Before you could ask him again what you were supposed to do with everything you’d just been told, Pete was gone and you were left standing in the doorway of the dance studio, puzzled. You shook your head, shoved it out of your mind and went into the studio to teach your dance class.

By the time you’d gotten back to your apartment that night, after stopping to have a few drinks with some of the girls you worked at the hospital nearby with, you’d pretty much told yourself that Tyler was drunk on the recording, that maybe his feelings had changed since then..

The streetlight came on and you saw Tyler leaned against it, hands in the pocket of his leather jacket, head down. You bit your lip as your heart sped up a little and promptly felt like it was breaking when he looked up and right at you and you could tell that he wanted to cry but he wasn’t about to do it and look weak.

“G’head. Tell me ya told me so. I’ll deserve it.” he muttered the words quietly, a hurt and half hearted tone in his voice that was killing you. You dug out your keys and then unlocked the door, called out to him quietly, “ Do you wanna come in?”

“Do you want me to come in? I.. I won’t blame you if you don’t.” and you sighed, stepping up to him and grabbing his hand to lead him inside. Shutting the door behind you, you slipped off your jacket and your shoes and Tyler took off his jacket, his eyes darting around the apartment. You still had all the pictures taken while you two were best friends out and hanging up on the walls. Naturally, there were a myriad of candles all over, books  stacked spontaneously throughout and he smiled, despite himself. It hit him then, just how hard you not being his best friend anymore had been.

You’d made your way into the kitchen, coming back out with a yogurt and a spoon and the rest of the sandwich you’d taken for lunch for him and you tapped his shoulder, holding out the sandwich as you took a bite of the yogurt.

“I should have listened to you..” were the first words from his mouth and you sighed quietly, shrugging. “You thought you were in love with her.” you explained it to him quietly and he shrugged as he muttered, “Thought being the key word.”

Before you could stop yourself, you’d put down your yogurt cup and you were pulling him into a hug, sighing softly when your nose filled with the scent of his cologne and his arms wrapped right back around you, squeezing you almost tightly enough that you gasped and told him in a voice muffled by his shirt, “I can’t breathe, big guy..” but you were hugging back just as tightly. You did not want to let go and if it hadn’t been for the breathing issue, you wouldn’t have. He let his hold loose a little and you looked up at him, swallowing hard.

It killed you, seeing him so upset. It killed you even more than the fact that you weren’t best friends anymore, that you’d basically had to get away, get some distance just to keep from driving yourself crazy watching him with her.

You pulled him down onto the couch after you’d sat down, turning on the tv set. For a few minutes, it was quiet, neither of you said anything. He’d been laying sprawled out on the couch, his head was on your leg, you were trailing your fingers through his hair as you watched the soap opera you’d recorded for the day… Until you felt him staring up at you intently.


“Just thinking about how much I missed this.” his voice was huskier somehow and you bit your lip as you clenched your thighs because his eyes had this.. This look to them. Swallowing hard, you licked your spoon and then admitted quietly, “So did I.”

It was true… Even if you did want more, you missed just knowing he was your friend.

He was sitting up and you eyed him.

“You want to talk about what happened?” you asked him the question quietly and he shook his head. “I’d rather not think about it..” Tyler shook his head, trailed off and you’d almost swear that you heard him adding under his breath, “Or how stupid I was.”

You bit your lip and his eyes followed the gesture.

“What if I told ya I just wanted to lay here and hold you?” he asked the question tentatively and you nearly choked on the yogurt you’d just taken a bite of but you answered quietly, “Are you telling me that?”

He gave a nod and you grabbed the zebra print throw blanket on the end of the couch, pulling it over the two of you as you settled in against him and his arms slipped around you. Before you stopped being friends, this wasn’t an unusual thing and as his arms wrapped around you, you couldn’t help but think that it felt just as good and just as right as it had before everything came to an abrupt end.

You rolled over to face him after a few more seconds and him chuckling quietly when you were swearing at the tv set because the show was not going how you thought it should go. “Tyler, I’m sorry.. I never should have been childish and stopped being your friend.” you were in mid sentence when his grip tightened on you and you were molded completely against his body as he lowered his lips to yours, his tongue slipping past your lips slowly. You groaned, you started out clutching his t shirt to attempt stopping him from just doing what he was doing, you wound up gripping a handful of his t shirt and slipping your leg over his hip, his hand moving slowly over your leg.

“I just want to not think about it.. I’m sorry I said all the stuff I said to you when you tried to warn me about her.. I’m sorry I didn’t…” Tyler trailed off, deepening the kiss as you nipped at his lip and he groaned into your mouth. “Don’t apologize, okay? Just stop.” you muttered against his lips as he rolled onto his back and pulled you on top of him, laying flat against his body, continued to kiss you, his lips straying, moving slowly down your neck.

“Maybe..” you trailed off..

“Maybe what?” he asked breathlessly as he stopped kissing you to fix his eyes on you. You bit your lip and told him quietly, “You just got hurt really badly..”

“You’re right, I just… Coming here and seeing you again, realizing how much I missed you.” Tyler admitted as you licked your lips, swallowing hard to calm yourself down, mentally kicking yourself for stopping things before they got too far. But it was better than just rushing into something.

“I missed you too, okay?” you told him quietly as you trailed your fingers through his hair. His hands locked across your lower back, holding you in place as he kissed you again. You kissed him again and then asked quietly, “Do you want to… Do you want to stay over?”

“Do you want me to stay?” he asked the question quietly and you nodded, giving him a soft smile. “I really have missed you.” you told him quietly as he gave you a bright smirk and then hugged you against him.

“Did you really set up that whole dinner?” he asked and you stared at him, nodding slowly. “Then Viv took credit for it.. And I just.. I saw how happy she made you..” you admitted as he sighed and swore.

“It’s okay, Tyler.”

“No, it isn’t.” he shook his head and hugged you against him, his lips finding your forehead as he told you in a quiet voice, “So you really felt…”

“Feel.” you admitted, swallowing hard as you added, “Because I never got over it, okay? I still feel the same way. I just don’t want you to throw yourself into this because she hurt you?” and  Tyler shook his head. “I felt the same way, I just figured that if I said anything, you’d laugh.”


“Let me make the whole thing up to you..” he muttered quietly as his lips found yours again and his hands massaged your lower back, his thumbs trailing lazy circles on your skin as you bit back a whimper and smiled into the kiss. “I’d like that..” you admitted and he smiled, hugging against you, both of you yawning.

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Seventh Kiss: On the lips/ The day it all made clear

Note: This started off as a gag fiction for my friend who abhors kisses and mushy stuff. I had a great pleasure of writing the seven part series of this for him (he hated it which is why he refused to read it up until this day) and now I had decided to recreate the seven part series for my blog as well starring Peter Pan from Once Upon A Time. Though I had written the gag story as a Hogwarts AU, this one will be purely OUAT verse.

This is a Cursed! Peter x Reader which takes place during the first curse or the first season of OUAT. Yes, Peter was swept by the curse and so is the reader.

Just a little bit of a background, Reader is the Princess of Underworld and her story is that she was born because she was prophesied to do something (it is an on-going story of mine in ffnet although in that version, Peter Pan isn’t really her love interest). In this version, she and Pan had already met couple of times in Enchanted Forest and well….*shrugs*

This is the seventh and last part of the Seven Kisses series. Oh boy, last part. I never knew I’d have the guts or the will to finish this series! All Seven parts are here and counted for. You are free to read this alone or you could read the six parts before this one. 

People, after I post this one, I would very much like to hear from you and your thoughts about this series. I would also very much like to talk to you (if there is any who’d like to) so hit me up! Requests and ideas are very much welcomed. 

Prompt: Seventh Kiss: On the lips/ The day it all made it clear.

“You weren’t in class today,”

You looked up from your book only to see Peter sitting beside you, his legs dangling at the ledge as well. You didn’t know how to respond so you simply shrugged your shoulders at him, closing your book slowly as to say that he has your attention. 

“You weren’t in class for two days now.” Peter added as he turned to you with blank expression on his face, studying your features. 

You weren’t a goody two shoes. You sometimes skip classes when you feel like it but you make it not a habit to do so. After all, education is still important for you. You didn’t mean to skip classes for two days as what Peter had pointed at. It’s just that you had heard that Henry was in the hospital because he had eaten the apple turnover that his mayor mother had made for the Sheriff. Although the doctors had not yet concluded what had happened, you can’t help but think of Henry’s theories about this town drifting your thoughts towards a certain boy. 

“Y/N?” Peter asked, nudging you to notice him. “Look, if it’s about the other night… I uh, I-”

You can’t help but looked at him, amused as he tried to think of excuses for his drunken behavior or the fact that he had finally opened himself up to this talk, the talk that had been long overdue for the both of you. Finally, after moments of agonizing the thought, you decided to take a pity on him and placed your hand over his shoulder, stopping him from his mid-rant. 

“Peter,” you started as you gave him an amused smile. “I’m not avoiding you because of that.”

The look on his face was pure confusion as he tried to look for any signs of your lie. “It’s not?” he asked as you shook your head. 

“Henry was hospitalized the other day, and well, that boy is my only friend. I should go over there and visit him. But something is holding me back, like I can’t grace my presence to him Like something is pulling me back.” you told him before chuckling bitterly. “Such an excuse, huh?” 

Peter was silent for a moment. “Do you think that maybe… little Henry’s theories are actually true?” he asked out of the blue. 

“Aren’t you a little rebel, sneaking around with a mere pawnbroker.” 

You didn’t need to turn around to know who had spoken. After all, you have limited contact with the people in this realm and most of them don’t talk to you in fear because of your status. 

“I wasn’t sneaking around, Peter.” you informed him as he approach you and sat next to you, dangling his legs on the edge of the cliff where Sisyphus  rolls his boulder every day. “Father left for another realm, Oz.” 

“Even worse, Princess.” he commented with a smirk as you roll your eyes at his innuendo. “So what gives? Why would you bring me here?”

You turned to him, wide eyed. Does he…?

“W-whatever do you mean?” you asked, feigning innocence to which he rolled his eyes at. 

“You mean to tell me that you- a dear friend of little Henry Mills- doesn’t know anything about his little theories about this whole town and how his biological mother is the savior?” he scoffed at the absurdity of the idea. “Yeah right.”

Thoughts keep on swarming on your head, confusing you to bits. Since Peter knows about the whole theory thing, does it mean he knows about Henry’s theory about true love and how this boy beside you happens to be yours?

“I-if you knew about the whole theory thing,” you stammered, all color had been drained from your usually pale complexion. “Does this mean that-”

“-I knew about Henry’s theory where we happen to be each other’s soulmates?” Peter supplied, confirming your suspicions. 

So he knew. After all this time

You feel numb as if you had been played- no scratch that, you have been played by the boy whom you have conflicting feelings with. You knew that there is no way he would be interested in you. Not after so many years of not interacting with each other. If it weren’t for Henry’s intervention you wouldn’t have even considered of approaching this boy. 

“Did you know that demigods are susceptible to any kinds of diseases, are prone even to the deadliest ones, and are most likely to die?” you told him instead of answering his question which had made him even more confused. “We are, after all still mortals. What makes demigods special is that we are cured simply by eating ambrosia and drinking nectar- delicacies to which only-”

“-gods are allowed to consume.” Peter finished for you. “I know that, Camryn. What I don’t know is that why are you telling me these nonsense?” 

You chuckled. “Well, you were complaining about it days ago, weren’t you?” you asked him, feigning ignorance while his body went rigid, remembering that day. “Why, it should only be fitting that I tell you basic stuff like these.” 

“What exactly are you playing at, Princess?”

“You… knew?” your voice cracked at the end, feeling helpless just as what you had been feeling before you met Henry. You couldn’t help but feel as if you were… betrayed. “So all these times you were pestering me around, all these times annoying me to my wits’ end, were all because Henry told you that I could be potentially your soulmate?” 

Peter must’ve realized what you were getting at because at that exact same time, he reached out to you, making sure that you won’t fall, not with the current state you were in. 

Eyes burning with unshed tears, you scrambled to your feet, hauling yourself back to the safe side of the roof before gathering your things and make a hazy exit. After all, if there is anyone who is good at running away, it’s you. 

But before you could even leave the roof, Peter had grabbed your wrist, pulling you back into his chest, wrapping his arms around your waist to ensure you won’t get away from him. 

“Happiness, Sadness, Fear, Jealousy… I never learned about any of these emotions, Peter. They’re nothing but words to me, they held nothing of importance except maybe Anger and Despair, after all, I’ve been living in the land of all hopes are lost.” You told him, taking his hand into yours, playing with his fingers. “But you know what? Even if I am taught to suppress all of these emotions, I couldn’t help but imagine- no, dream of something else.” you looked up only to meet Peter’s eyes, enabling your gift to show you glimpses of Peter’s life. 

“A small glimpse of humanity,” you told him, you hand coming up to his cheek, caressing it softly as he leaned to your touch. “So tell me, Peter Pan, why are these feelings coming to you?” 

“You’ve said your piece,” he mumbled to your hair. “Now can I say mine?” you didn’t know why but the way his voice dropped low had this soothing effect on you, calming you down almost instantly as you nod your head to his request. “If you must know, Princess… I rarely talk to people who aren’t worthy of my time-with referral or none- and I don’t befriend anyone on a regular basis. Those people you see hanging around me? They’re nothing but subjects. But you…you’re not my subject nor a friend. So what does that make you?”

“Someone to toy with?” you answered him to which tightened his grip on you. Peter leaned down, his gaze briefly fell on your lips before locking gazes with your eyes. 

“No, you’re my special someone,”

“It’s because…” he trailed off, unsure of himself. 

Never had you seen such uncertainty from him before nor the fact that the great Pan had became tongue tied with such question. After a few more moments, you made the motion of standing up, assuming that he won’t be giving you the answer you seek only for him to pull you down, back to where you were sitting. 

Immediately, he placed one hand on your cheek pulling you closer to him before he leaned down, kissing your lips in the gentlest manner he could ever muster. 

A wave of magic rushed around you but you paid no attention to it as you responded to his kiss. After a few more moments, he pulled back smiling as he pecked your lips once more. 

“It’s because of you, Princess. It’s because I finally found my happy ending.”

He leaned down, capturing your lips to his perfectly just as a whooshing sound of the air of what you knew as magic rushed around you. Immediately, bits and pieces of memories- old and new were rushing through your mind as both you and Peter pulled back, realization sinking in. 

Like a trigger being pulled, you both leaned in, savoring each other’s presence as if you were reuniting for the first time in your entire life. 

“You’re my special someone too, Peter Pan.” 

And that concludes the Seven Kisses Series! Ready for a very long thank you speech? 

Here goes. Truth be told, I have never expected that I will finish this series up to the final kiss. I have never even thought of having the courage of putting my stories online! I guess, I could thank my boredom and my unused Tumblr side blog for all of this. As summer break comes to an end, I had decided to push forward with finishing this as quick as I can and so within a span of how many weeks, I had reached that goal. Of course, it wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for constant notifications that many had liked/reblogged these series. And in line with that, let me at least dedicate this last piece to the blogs who had given their insights by liking/ reblogging/ replying to my posts. 

I’d like to thank the ff: @tvd7274, @brighteststarsever, @beside-the-dying-fire, @ravtemis99, @nickey-mouse, @everythingelsewastaken, @mentalc0re, @blackangel20001, @dreamwalker08, @sunshine51879, @lame-ass-mofo, @supernatralysupernatural, @jessleighton1512, @itz2323, @melliveshere, @trainerhaddock, @beenfangirlingsince1997, @officialjazzystyles, @f3owers33, @gatewayrush-20, @thebookwormfairy, @scarletdarkholme, @fangirl-living-loud, @honestly-who-knows, @ichbinannaaa, @katygracious, @savvy-360, @truestbeliever28, @tf-is-fanfic, @tears-of-a-pheonix-bird, @hungry-and-sarcastic, @cookieytb, @noatiram, @tinapondsmith, @rosiemay02, @lostgirl677, @fairyscorpio, @beautifulwar11, @djrotten, @3purpleraven3, @moowmoo, @ryleighw56, @mega-unicorn-poop, @thatcanadianfangirl, @im-disgustingly-vain, @marlenenewtona4, @draiela, @imagination-factory, @hiyo2002, @laurapigen1, @drxmomania, @irwinxmuke, @little-nya, @luzdellaluna, @hiitsmemimi, @petite-ladybug, @candlekandle, @ice-cream-dong, @bvb4ever1, @striderkelly, @dr-tardis-who, @cambrynlover, @alwaysprofoundprincess, @letsrockletsrocktoday, @swimmer111999, @goldenchandler, @just-a-bit-odd, @cereusboss, @tana-the-dreamchaser, @luntiet, @crazygirlwithalaptop, @random-fandom-omg, @carrieleigh29-blog, @uptonogoodmischiefmxnxged, @ace122, @mr-witherspoon-of-hampshire, @jeniferxo2, @books-netflix-and-pizza, @lovingdean, @ohrossyrossross, @fangirlingobssesed, @in-case-of-emergency-dial-411, @mokaakashiya0001, @rory-is-in-ravenclaw, @marryweatherskyler, @imagine-my-life, @hubbub45, @whiterabbit1802, @luke-hemmings-is-my-penguin, @itsmegz14, @faketextsaye, @bettycooperwho, @stellamisheva, @heyits-hannah123, @meliv99, @boybandsandallthat, @dauntless-breed, @the-shattered-tea-cup, @maxiverse, @justasimpleflufflypancake, @mooveluv, @greek-cloud, @megan20021603, @emmyirwin, @vviankaaa, @totallyincapable, @mackenziestewart2, @booksmusicfoodtravelmylife, @crazyrainbowlollipops, @stilesneedsprotection, @astheticfangirl, @evpgen, @lil-lex1, @becksy, @scarlettdalager, @confettigs25, @peterpan-onceuponatime, @sophiasescape, @kimini-soul, @misfitnightiningale, @mazerunnerimagines, @rayne-pans-babygirl, @thehoodedrogue, @magicalturtlemaker, @peter-pans-panda, @atlantianbloodliar, @nikkiannmx, @peter-pan-hoe, @alechongo20, @iam5sosaf, @criminalmindsfanatic01, @sujusfs14499, @booksandbeanie, @randomm-fandoms, @btchwithasnitch, @alaynaadams22, @annymcervantes, @esther99, @thenostalgicone222, @justsometwist3dream, @dolly-fresh

Wow. I had never thought that there would be at least 142 blogs who had liked my posts and with that, I’d like to thank every single one of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you for boosting up my confidence, giving me the motivation to finish up to the last kiss. Honestly, you guys are the best! Whether you are a follower or not, whether you are a stranger or a friend of mine, thank you so much. And to think I worry too much about people not liking my stories well enough. 

People, I hope the last kiss is up to your expectations and with this, I now officially close the Seven Kisses Series. 

Much love, A.

since there’s nobody here, I’ve decided to transform this into an art blog. my art is best known on my instagram (@erin.lg), where the majority of my lame content goes. i draw a lot of melanie martinez things, but more recently I’ve dived deep into the world of hayley kiyoko. I like to throw in some random artists here and there too… we’ll see what I post ☀︎

hello!! my name is rosa (short for rosalia) and I’m a new studyblr!! I made one since I’ve been wanting to reblog all kinds of helpful school tips but didnt want to mix blog content up for a while now and I figured that I might as well create a studyblr in order to keep organized!! Anyways, to properly introduce myself!

  • my name is rosa!
  • i am 17 years old and a high school senior, co2018!!
  • im an aries (april 15), istj, and slytherin!
  • im mexican and i live in the us!!
  • music!! i love music, it’s a passion of mine
  • i play the flute (part of my school’s marching band and wind symphony) and violin (haven’t touched one in years but i still oddly remember how to play las mañanitas)!!
  • my favorite artists are exo, nct, kard, drake, the weeknd, crown the empire, and coldrain! (i do listen to many other artists though)
  • in regards to what i’d like to major in once i get to that point…i don’t know. biology? psychology? music? who knows? not i.

anyways, that’s it about me for the time being. i’d like to mention some of the blogs that really inspired me and helped me decide to actually make a studyblr, and basically blogs that i like! so here it goes!!

@aescademic , @athenastudying , @bookmrk , @emmastudies , @eintsein , @hobifulstudies , @intellectys , @lychiestudies , @paperclps , @stillstudies , @studylustre , @studyplants , @studytherin , @thecoffeedesk , @wendystudies , @xiuxiustudy !

and a special shoutout to @studyplants for the url! thank you so so much!

I follow from @gellal ! please feel free to reblog so I can follow more studyblrs that I like! I really hope to become good friends with you all!!

UPDATE: Cheritz Appreciation Project!

I’ve got my super awesome wonderful volunteers, hooray!!

So, to start off, we have created a blog that you can follow to keep up with updates if you want to know what’s going on at all times!

We also do have a project officially decided!
I loved all the suggestions you guys came up with and we tried to combine as many as possible, but some of them, we thought would be just a little tough to pull off considering this is the very first project we’re doing, or other such factors.
But, we may use those ideas in the future if this project goes well, so be sure to keep an eye out!
I would LOVE, love, love to see you all participate and spread the Cheritz love <3

Also, little side note, but I super appreciate all the people who messaged me regarding co-planning…Like, for reals. 
Before I made that first post, I was really nervous and kind of scared that I would have to end up deleting it in total shame and embarrassment because everybody would think it was just…the WORST idea ever.
So, thank you, thank you! I really appreciate all of you for your like, reblogs, suggestions, follows, etc!

If something is unclear about the current project or if you have any other questions, feel free to send asks regarding the project to our blog, where two of my co-planners (and possibly me, depending on how many we get), will be answering. And, of course, feel free to ask me anything you need to on this blog as well!

Hope you all have fun with the project theme!
I heart you all and can’t wait to see some awesome stuff!

Blog URL:


So to kinda celebrate my first year on studyblr, I decided to do some blogrates! yaaaay~~ i hope it goes well, so if this has more that 25 notes, i’ll do it (and if not, just pretend that nothing happened hahaha)


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haha i don’t have anything special haha, i’l be following many of you guys and reblogging a lot of your posts and you might get a new friend aka me <33

so i hope this goes well haha :’))

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Hey a blog that does nameless and dandelion too! Can you do nameless, if Eri had a bully (if you don't want too i understand)

Yup that is my blog! //honestly I got real sick of there not being any love for Nameless and Dandelion so here I am lol


  • Cute bby chick has no idea what to do
  • So…he goes to Soi and Shinbi
  • They’re Eri’s friends so surely they must know what to do
  • Shinbi does! But Soi doesn’t (i.e. she has a horrible plan to stop the bully)
  • Yeonho just kinda goes along with whatever they decide is best and tries to help Eri
  • They fail
  • Miserably
  • They end up making things worse
  • Eventually they tell a teacher
  • Not Yuri because he would make things even more worse
  • And not Yujin because he wouldn’t care
  • An actual teacher who would actually do something
  • The problem was eventually solved and Eri felt a lot better after
  • So Yeonho felt like he did something right


  • He didn’t hesitate to threaten your bullies
  • Obviously, he doesn’t have much to threaten them with
  • But he is known as the Ice Prince for a reason
  • Unfortunately the bullies don’t stop
  • Lance, being smarter than Yeonho, Soi, and Shinbi all together, immediately told a teacher
  • Luckily, the bullies stopped
  • And life returned to normal for the most part
  • Lance makes sure you come to him whenever you have a problem like that again in the future


  • Probably the worst person to find out
  • He’s a teacher at school for crying out loud
  • Of course, he handles the bullies on his own
  • Holds them back after class
  • Threatens them in a way only teachers know how to do
  • The bullies are never heard from again
  • Eri wonders what happened
  • Yuri suggests they may have just gotten bored or lost interest in her
  • What a sly mofo


  • Oh my god here comes the yandere
  • Definitely the most terrifying of the bunch
  • He doesn’t quite go full Bad Cop mode on the bullies
  • But halfway through the conversation… he’s gettin’ there
  • How dare they bully his precious Eri?
  • How dare they try to ruin his pure…pure Eri…
  • Only he was allowed to dirty her
  • Once they agree to never bother her again, Tei went back to his normal Sunshine Prince persona
  • Nobody believed the bullies when they tried to accuse Tei of being evil
  • But they should’ve believed the bullies…


  • He’s such a teddy bear
  • How does he deal with bullies?
  • He tries to make friends with them of course!
  • When they saw that the (arguably) coolest kid in school was talking to them, they just about busted a nut screamed
  • Red was all for befriending them and talking to them regularly
  • On one condition of course
  • That condition being that they leave Eri alone
  • He’s never seen anyone bob their head yes so fast
  • And that was the end of it
  • Eri just thinks Red is a really positive influence because after Red started hanging out with the bullies, they stopped being bullies

anonymous asked:

I like how you program and follow your dream the same time! Keep it up!!! You inspired me when I first heard your story. How do you do this? --Shirley

Hi Shirley. Thank you for your kind words. Getting a job as a programmer was the only way I could pay the bills after I graduated from uni. Some time later I felt this need to get away from the office environment because I found it so stifling. I’m not generalising but my workplace in particular was and it became harder and harder to get out of bed every morning. I decided I needed to get away. But the company I worked for was nice enough to take me on a contract basis so means I had the freedom to choose my work scope and do other things as well. This gave me time to work on my art and start this blog. I was doing both software development and freelance design jobs for over a year before finally getting a book deal. Now because of the book I have even more freedom to choose what work I take on. 

It’s great so far… I hope everything goes well from here. I guess I had to be really patient and just give it a shot. If there’s something you always wanted to do it eats away at you the longer you put it off. I hope this answer helps! :) x

anonymous asked:

How about headcanons about each band member having a long-time s/o break up with them and being pretty upset about it and going to the other band members for comfort? (I was gonna ask for just one person but I couldn't decide who I liked more for Angst, so quick/short headcanons are okay, since it's 4 people. Thank you!! You write so well!)

(This is what I am here for!!!!! Thank you for liking my blog, anon!!!!)


  • Noodle doesn’t date a lot so when she finally gets a girlfriend everyone is happy as hell, and that’s why things go terribly when the relationship ends.
  • Noodle goes full rom-com version of a breakup; locks herself in her room, watches Dirty Dancing on repeat, cries to love songs and eats away her emotions.
  • The boys try to talk to her one by one but she ignores or tells them to go eat a dick until Russel finally tricks her into talking by bringing a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.


  • Russel is a very private man who especially does not fall in love very much.
  • Russel fears being abandoned a lot, especially after the drive-by shooting in his past where he lost Del. Departing with those you love is his worst fear, and it will definitely show.
  • Even though he is very private, he also knows that these feelings cannot be bottled up, and he is the only one of the four of them, who actively seeks comfort right when he feels the need to.
  • He has long talks with Noodle, even 2D at times. Furthermore, he keeps himself busy and asks the band if they want to do something fun together.  


  • Murdoc likes to pretend that he is fine and if you go to his room, or wherever he is, you will find him buried in cigarette buds because his smoking habits go off the charts when he is upset.
  • It often leads to several outbursts of rage and plates get broken quite a lot but he WILL NOT talk about feelings.
  • Goes out to find a rebound: Several lousy one night stands.
  • Noodle hears him crying at 3 A.M. and walks into his room. He refuses that something is wrong but then starts rambling, and crying, Noodle having to hold him and they talk until the sun is up.


  • Big long sighs and “T/N used to do/like that”.
  • Spontaneous crying at the dinner table but also in the shower.
  • 2D also goes out to find a rebound, which often turns out to be someone totally opposite of what their ex was. No one likes them but 2D is often quite blind to that.
  • When things start to go really shitty with his new girl/boyfriend, he finally goes to Noodle, who is like a sister to him, and talks about it all.
Hickey Challenge: Jimin Request

Request by anon: “Hey guys! The stripper series was just amazing can’t wait to see more of the other members! Can I have a scenario of Jimin and you based on this?  It’s actually a couple asking each other questions and if you got it wrong, you’ll get a hickey from him and if he got it wrong, I’ll let you guys decide XD Please and thank you!”

Member: Jimin

I thought this video was actually super cute but when he started giving her hickies I was like O___o a;lskdfksdfasdkjfa okay anyway… here goes, hope you enjoy!

*note: for any answers to the questions about the reader, I will just put in a blank, and you can fill that in to whatever answer is applicable to you!  Also, all of the facts about Jimin were checked with btsdiary which is a very popular and (to my understanding, the most accurate) reliable blog about the boys.*


“You want to play what?”  You stared at Jimin with an incredulous expression.  He did not just say what you thought he just said.  Right?

“Jagiya, it’ll be fun! If one of us answers a question about one another wrong, then we give each other a hickey! I can show you how amazing of a boyfriend I am!” Jimin gave you his greasiest little smile with that irresistible dimple poking out, taking one of your hands in both of his as he fiddled with your fingers before kissing the back.  You looked at him completely dumbfounded.

“Where on earth did you get an idea like that?  I swear, if Namjoon-oppa was telling you and the other maknaes more naughty things about sex, I am going to kill–” Jimin giggled loudly before shaking his head cutely and gripping either side of your waist and tugging you closer to him.  

“No, no, [Y/N]-ah, you only had to threaten him once to not teach us any more dirty things to do to girls, you scared the hell out of him after you heard him talking about what to do when eating a girl ou–” You smacked a hand over his grinning lips and squealed, the memory hauntingly awkward.  Never again would you look at Namjoon the same.  Never.   “I saw a video on Youtube, jagi, of a couple playing this game, and I really wanted to try it with you.  Please, yeobo? Please?”  He peppered your face with kisses, smiling sneakily against your cheek when he felt your resistance crumbling as you sighed in contentment as his lips grazed over your soft skin.  What were you getting yourself in to?

“Fine, fine, enough with your persuasive little nonsense, we’ll play the game.  But I swear, if you make the hickey so bad that I can’t cover it, I will tell your hyungs and release the wrath of Eomma-Jin.”  He gulped and nodded hastily before pecking you once on the lips and beaming widely at you.

“Thank you, thank you!  This will be so fun!  Okay, c’mon, let’s sit down!”  Jimin practically skipped over the the unoccupied couch in the living area of the dorm, the other members fast asleep after a long, gruelling schedule that day,  but Jimin’s energy never ceased to amaze you all.  He tugged you along behind him until you both sat on the softened sofa, Jimin scooching closer to you so that your thighs brushed.  You gulped.

Sometimes, Jimin’s grin could be terribly unsettling.  

“Okay, jagi.  Ladies first.  Ask me any question about you, and I will impress you with my knowledge!”  You giggled at his silliness as he wiggled his eyebrows, and you thought for a moment.  

“Hmm… okay, oppa, what is my favorite color?”  He scoffed and gave you an unimpressed look.

“[Y/N], that’s so easy!  ______.”  You nodded in approval, and waited for him to ask you a question in return.  “What’s your oppa’s favorite two colors?”  You thought for a moment before it hit you.

“Ah!  Light blue and…black!”  He smiled brightly and cooed at you affectionately.

“Aw, my baby is so good to me!”  He gave you a sweet kiss on the lips, lingering for just slightly longer than necessary as his soft, smooth mouth pressed to yours, before pulling back.  “Okay, your turn!”

“Okay.  What is my favorite song by Bangtan?”  They had quite a few that you really deemed as your favorites, but you couldn’t help but facepalm at his answer.

“Pssh, all of them!”  He watched for you reaction excitedly, but looked dejected when you were not entertained.  “Okay, okay, um… _____?”  

“Well, I have a lot of favorites, but that’s definitely one of them, so I guess I can let it slide.”  He smiled again before coming up with a question.

He grinned deviously, and suddenly, you were very, very nervous.  That was not a reassuring look.  “[Y/N]-ah, what is my dream superpower?”  You furrowed your eyebrows; shit, you totally knew this

“Um… to… to fly!  Yeah, to fly!”  He stared blankly at you.  You swallowed thickly.  Uh oh.  

“No… it’s to speak with dogs or animals!”

He giggled as he bent over wordlessly to nibble into the ticklish spot of your neck without warning, playfully sucking the skin as you tried not to screech at the unbearably tickling sensation.  He teased his tongue over the sensitive spot, only making you laugh harder as the tingles had your chest feeling light and fuzzy, and he coyly bit down on the flesh once more, shaking his head just the tiniest bit to tug the skin, before releasing it, your breaths coming heavily as you tried to calm yourself down from the attack, and he pressed a gentle kiss to the now-tender spot.  

“You’re cute, jagi,” He nudged you, a faint blush heating his skin as he complimented how downright precious you were when being tickled.  He was powerless around you, really.  

Respiration still heavily increased in its intensity and speed, you smiled back at him, aftershock-giggles bubbling to your lips as you tried desperately to think of a good one for him while slowing your rapid heart rate.  “Okay, oppa, my turn now!”  Finally, you were finding the fun in the game, and were even getting a bit excited.  You swore, Jimin’s happiness and excitement was just so contagious.  “Let’s see…what is my favorite food?”

He thinks for a moment, cheekily tapping his chin with his finger as he grinned sillily at you, before he comes to his conclusion.  “[Y/N]’s favorite food is  ______!”  

Damn, you thought, he was good at this.

Then a wide smirk spread across his lips, and he forcefully gripped your chin in his hand, tilting your head back as you stared at him in awe.

“Jagi, what’s my favorite thing to do with you?”  You looked at him weirdly, very confused by the mischievous glint in his eye.

“Um… I don’t know, to snuggle?”  He did really enjoy a good cuddle…

Then, however, he was leaning over you.

Against your neck, he moved his lips as he spoke.  “Wrong answer, [Y/N].  It’s… to… tease…”  Licking the skin beneath your jaw between each word had you trembling.  Before you could protest, he was kissing your neck, grazing his thick lips over the sensitive skin and beginning to graze his teeth over the vein running along the side of your throat.  Your heart beat began to increase in pace and you heard yourself gasp as he sunk his teeth into the tender flesh, suckling the skin simultaneously as he began hovering over you to gnaw and nibble a bit harder.  His tongue poked out from between his sinfully lush lips to circle the area he was torturing, and he abruptly released the skin of your neck with a slick sound as he pulled away with a greasy little glimmer in his eye.  His lips were flushed.  Your thighs were shaking.

“…yeah, that one is not going to be easy to hide.”  He began to laugh loudly as you gawked at him and flung a pillow at his head, but he easily dodged it.  “Your turn!”  You tried to regain your composure as you thought of a good question for revenge.

“What is my favorite movie?”  His eyes widened when he realized that this was not something that had ever really come up between the two of you.  His thoughts swam as he searched your eyes for an answer, his gaze pleading.  

“Jagiya!  No fair, we haven’t even talked about that!”  You smiled evilly and shrugged.  “Ugh, fine.  Um… pass?”  You shrugged again, feigning nonchalance until you suddenly pounced on him without warning, causing him to caw out in shock as you tackled him on the couch.  Before he could register what was happening, your hand was tugging down the collar to his oversized shirt, and you sealed your lips over his sensitive collarbone with nothing but vengeful playback in mind.  

He squeaked a bit at the first contact of your hot mouth against his skin, but then he was gasping, a few stray shudders wracking his body, and groaning low in the back of his throat at the tantalizing touch of your tongue to the thin skin over his clavicle.  You tangled a hand into his hair to angle his head back just the tiniest bit, exposing more of the erogenous zone to your mercy and you licked a thick stripe from the base of his throat to the spot just behind his ear.  You flicked the lobe with your tongue and his hands flew to your hips, gripping tightly.  You hummed against his skin; he tasted like Jimin– something between subtle saltiness, a manly musk, and a spicy but clean cologne that made your tastebuds tingle.  

As you dragged your lips back down to the location of the hickey, you began to suckle the flesh once again, darkening the bruise even more and making sweet Jimin breathe out a raspy “fuck”.  Just as you scraped your teeth over the overstimulated skin, you froze at the sound of a voice that was definitely not coming from the man before you..

“Hyung, what are you–” Jungkook’s eyes were wide, one fist still covering the left one that he had been tiredly rubbing just seconds ago.  He stared at you both, dumbfounded by the dark spots across both of your skin and your body practically straddling Jimin’s with your lips against his exposed chest, hair mussed.

Well, shit.

“Erm,” he coughed, “I don’t know what you two are doing, but I’m just going to … yeah.  Not on the couch, Jimin, that’s nasty.”  Both of your faces flamed up with a dusting of shame over your cheeks, and Jimin hurriedly tried sputtering an explanation of the game to the maknae, who did not look convinced.  

When Jungkook finally left, waving off Jimin’s pleas to believe him and that ‘oh my god, no, we weren’t going to… do that on the couch!’, Jimin looked up at you blankly for a moment.

Then the world was spinning and you were being pressed into the cushions of the couch, a pile of puppy-like Jimin above you.

“So, your turn or mine?”


A/N: this is such an old request I feel so bad and it isn’t really edited so forgive me omg

Hey guys!

I think all new studyblrs do an introduction…

So hey, my name is Sarah. I am 17 and I am going to be a junior in high school this year. I also go to a classical school .

I’ve been on Tumblr for at least two years and I’ve always been drawn to aesthetic notes and it gives me the motivation to study and make my own beautiful notes. So here it goes…

 I really enjoy literature, photography, stationary and bullet journals. I haven’t completely decided on what I will major in in college, but I will try to keep you updated.

A few blogs that have given me motivation and inspiration:

@studywithmaggie @bandaidsdontfixbulletjournals @scholarly @studyquill @elkstudies  @the-girlygeek

I think that’s all I have to say. If you have any questions please feel free to message me.


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Hello Jill maybe you can help a kinda new ARMY understand something? I know everyone is bitter (with good reasons) over the lack of lines Jin gets in songs, but something i don't get is, BTS write and produce their own songs, right? So how come BigHit has a say in who sings what?? I just don't get why the boys aren't allowed to decide that in stuff they created themselves? Or is it more complicated than that? Thank you (and btw your blog is one of my faves (◡‿◡✿) )

first, sorry for taking so long to answer this I just got home (it’s 11:38pm now but i really wanted to answer before going to sleep). So here goes:

Although it’s true that the members contribute A LOT to the songs in their albums it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the only ones writing and producing. That’s actually one of kookie’s wish he said in bonvoyage 2:

(cr.kookies timberlands)

If you look at the list on their wings album other producers like Pdogg, Hitman Bang, Slow rabbit and many more are involved in the producing and writing of each song. So it’s not just bangtan that decides what goes in the album and who sings which lines. 

I don’t know much about how these things work but most likely even though bts themselves would want to sing a song a certain way it’s not 100% guaranteed b/c bang pd or any of the other producers can put their own opinion that they think will make the song the best it can be. Namjoon also talked about having parts in their show champion backstage video during bst era. So yes it’s not as simple as just wanting Jin to have more lines (no matter how much you and I and anyone else wants that) because in the end bighit will want the songs to be in a way that many people will like to listen to. 

Personally I just wish Jin gets more lines in their title track because those are the songs they promote in music shows and perform in year end award shows etc. I love Jin’s voice and I hope they can show him more this comeback, like in Spring Day, looking at line distribution videos he had more lines compared to blood sweat and tears but then Not Today fiasco happened too. I know he has lines in other songs in their albums but the title tracks are what a lot of people are more likely to see/listen to because they are actively promoting those.