Happy Blog Birthday 🎉

It’s been a year. In celebration I thought I’d put on a little buffet of my favourite pieces.

I thought my first year had been and gone but I had a notification from Tumblr today. I should probably get more fresh air. It’s been a lot of hard work and learning curves. The Voyager episode ‘Basics’ paint was one of my first digital pieces and I’m constantly trying to improve my technique.

The top Janeway, is my newest and I haven’t quite finished with it yet but it seems fitting to post it now. I kinda blasted on a colour scheme and it still deserves some tinkering.

Most of these pieces are available at my Etsy shop:

Έχεις αναρωτηθεί πόσοι μπορεί να σε έχουν αγαπήσει κι εσύ να μην το έμαθες ποτέ;
—  δε σε πονάει αυτή η σκέψη τώρα;
I’m starting a fitness blog mostly aimed at muslim women and I would love some input from muslims (and any other) women

I hope to have content such as: 

  • eating well on a student budget
  • struggles of working out as a student and how to combat them
  • cheap workout outfits for hijabis
  • etc. etc. etc. etc…..

I have so much planned and I’m so excited to start writing.

I am a black hijabi which is obviously not something highly represented in the ‘fitness community’ so 

What type of content would you like to see or know about working out and being fit specifically for muslim women?

What are some current topics that you feel aren’t spoken about for women in the fitness community?

And for black women or WOC what are things that you would specifically want to read/ know more in terms of fitness?

It’s a new season of Sense8 and it’s a new round of posts calling Riley usless.

Once again, I feel the need to say something. Last time I said that Riley wasn’t there to be your asskicking savior and it’s still true. The question I see most posed is ‘what does she bring to the Cluster?’ and that answer is connection and communication.

Riley Blue is the foundation upon which the Cluster is built. We see time and time again it’s Riley who builds connections and without that ability Will would’ve been fucked. 

She gets the drugs he needs, she’s the one who has access to a network of safehouses, she’s the one who reaches out to other Sensates in a search of allies and she’s the one who connects on an emotional level with Carol Cumberland to get info on Whisper’s location.

It is Riley’s ability to empathize, connect and communicate that saves them again and again. Riley’s music brings them together and it’s a lowkey way of highlighting her knack of bringing people together.

I always see posts floating around where people say that if they had a Cluster they’d bring nothing to it, and yet, fandom disregards Riley’s contributions because they aren’t flashy, or showy. But she’s important just the same and they’d be lost without her. 

Riley Blue is still not here to be your asskicking female savior.