my birthday was wednesday guys

Yata: *drunkenly enters the flat* Saru, I’m home~

Fushimi: Tch. I can’t believe how drunk you are.

Yata: I’m not drunk.

Fushimi: Yes you are.


Fushimi: Really? Can you tell the time then?

Yata: OK.

Yata: *facing the clock on the wall and points at it*


Fushimi: MISAKI! OMFG!

Guys my birthday is Wednesday the 9th!!

So like if anyone wants to add me on steam I’m lovelyardie

You totally don’t have to, but if you want to get me a CHEAP (seriously) game you can and I’ll play it with you or find time to stream it for ya or something. Once again you don’t gotta or anything. I’m just bored as shit and someone was like “hey get an amazon wish list and let people send you stuff” and 1. I don’t want to give away my address or anything 2. I don’t have a PO box 3.) I don’t want people to spend a lot of money on an internet stranger. But I’d be ok if you wanted to spend like 0.99 on a stupid game or something just to fill up my empty steam library.

Once again, you don’t have to. You can go ahead and friend me either way! I might be a little tipsy a few nights this week so I might try to stream some or something!

I turn 22 this Wednesday, August the 9th! Woohoo! 🎉

The Marks of Running Ink pt.11

The Walking Dead [Soulmate AU]

Pairing: Negan x ofc (Tory Miller)

Word count: 1,236

Summary: In a normal world, having a soulmate is usually considered a blessing, in a normal world, when their words appear on you finding them is not something impossible. But Tory Miller doesn’t live in a normal world. No. Her world is the stuff of nightmares, the dead walk, the living kill each other and soulmates are not important. Nothing is more important than surviving.

Warnings:  angst, swearing, death, violence, fluff, hurt/comfort, child endangerment, general trauma, drama, cheating, general lack or morals, SLOW BURN. This far, no walkers, though. As always, I don’t want to give the story away in the tags, read at your own risk.

Author’s note:  As in every chapter and forever, I want to thank the fabulous @jeffreydeanneganstrash for bearing with me and being all around amazing, because you can be that cool! Next Wednesday is my birthday, so I’m going to give you guys two chapters, just one day later, one, because you are amazing, and two because I want validation, can’t deny that. On another note; tumblr is being a little shit as most times, so the tags work some or don’t work, if you notice a problem, please message me, for those whom I noticed the tags don’t work, I’ll try to send messages. Want to be tagged? Drop me a line, seriously.

@alyisdead, this one’s for you honey.

Without further ado…

Part 10  /  Masterlist


Lucille was packing.

Her cheeks were tear-stained and she knew she looked a fright, but alas she couldn’t care less.

Even if her wounds had healed already, Lucille felt like she was bleeding from the inside. With every little thing she packed, she felt worse, as if someone was twisting a hot knife inside her guts.

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Karma’s Birthday Bash :)

Hey guys! Next Wednesday (June 14) is my birthday!

But why should I have all the fun? I’ve got the day off and I’ve finished up all my big projects, and I’ve got the urge to do some smaller pieces. So, on June 14th I will open up for 24 hours for fic prompts!

A few rules to keep in mind:

  1. Prompts do not open until June 14th at 12:01AM EST! If you send a prompt before then I cannot guarantee it will be written.
  2. Prompts will close June 15th at midnight, so if you’re interested, don’t wait!
  3. All prompts will be gen only. I don’t do ships, sorry! If you do send a ship name, the characters will be written platonically.
  4. No guarantee on length! The story will be exactly as long as I feel like writing
  5. I do reserve the right to not write a prompt. Sorry guys, some prompts just don’t speak to me. I’ll do my best to fill, but if I’m no feeling it, it’s not gonna happen.
  6. Although I’m taking prompts on Wednesday they will probably be posted over the course of the next week or so.

Spread the word and join me on Wednesday for some fun!

the-last-queen-of-eternity  asked:

May I request a mingyu and dk poly boyfriend ship. They plan their bfs birthday and all that good stuff and their bf is shooketh. Mine is THIS WEDNESDAY AYYYYEEEEEE THANK YOU MY GUY


-so mingyu and seokmin are both pretty bad at keeping secrets but this one they actually manage to keep mostly covered up 

-there is an incident where seokmin comes home with a gift for you and it’s unwrapped and he kinda just stands in the doorway 

-and makes this noise that’s kinda like…. hINGrgh////

-you end up a little weirded out and just give him space because maybe he needs to poop? 

-anyways seokmin and mingyu are spending all this time together without you now and you’re feeling a little left out 

-and your birthday is coming up too :(((

-so you end up crashing their little meetings a lot of times which makes it really hard for them to plan your birthday

-and suddenly the actual day is here and they don’t have much prepared 

-but you don’t know that so if they just wing it really well they think they’ll do alright 

-so to start the day mingyu wakes up like hella early and cooks this giant ass breakfast 

-seokmin has to stay out of the kitchen because of that one time he lit eggs on fire but he unboxes some pastries and puts them all nicely on a plate so he contributes 

-and you wake up for a second when you hear a pot rattle and mingyu yell ‘sHIT’ but you go back to sleep because hell no it’s your birthday you’re sleeping in 

-so when they finally do come in it’s actually a big surprise because you really didn’t expect much but here they are bringing you this giant breakfast with huge smiles on their faces 

-and the dorks have a candle stuck into the french toast and are singing you happy birthday 

-and knowing them that’s hardly the last time you’re going to hear that damn song today

-seokmin and mingyu end up climbing into bed with you and eating a lot of the food though too but it’s chill because mingyu cooked enough for a large suburban white family to eat all they want  

-they’re so excited for the day too that they’re shoving you out to get dressed before you even wake up all the way or finish eating 

-but you’re used to your excitable puppy boyfriends so it’s all good you just roll with it

-you three end up loading into mingyu’s car and heading out to who knows where while seokmin whips out a cd mixtape he made just for the occasion 

-it’s actually really cute it has all these sharpie drawings all over it

-also seokmin really pays attention? he’s literally got all of your favorite songs on there 

-you’re so busy singing along with seokmin that you hardly notice when you three stop but all the sudden you three are at the ice skating rink and you’re a little ??? 

-because mingyu can’t walk straight sometimes how is he going to skate 

-well, they probably planned it for a reason? 

-so they lead you inside and it’s absolutely packed 

-and mingyu keeps almost running down small children because when he’s finally able to balance he wants to try to show off 

-you and seokmin end up calling it quits because you’re afraid of what mingyu might do if he’s allowed on the ice any longer 

-and you three are hungry! so you get that weirdly good food court food and if you thought mingyu and seokmin wouldn’t embarrass you in a public place you were wrong 

-because they shove a candle right into your food and start to sing again

-dear god 

-the better part of the day is actually gone by the time you get home and you three are pretty tired 

-so seokmin does this big bluff like oh we can just stay home and miss our other plans it’s no big deal 

-and he thinks he gets away with it but then you’re like ? what other plans ? 

-both of them kinda squirm for a minute and then mingyu starts whining that you never left them alone to plan anything 

-and it’s that combination of really cute and really annoying that makes him easy to forgive 

-so after much consideration you let them off the hook and you three just snuggle down to watch a movie because it’s cold outside and blankets and popcorn are always good 

-seokmin really wants to watch rough night? like really really 

-so you do and regret it a little bit but that’s okay because you have ya bois with you to rot in cringe with 

-and you order take out for dinner and keep up your movie marathon and all is so nice because seokmin and mingyu have you in the middle and are like koalas giving you all this love 

-before you know it, it’s late and you’re all nodding heads a little bit so you move back to bed 

-and mingyu legit wakes you all up again at one am because you forgot to do presents!2111!1!!1!!

-thanks mingyu

Seeing Him for the First Time (again)

Based off of this video

“Babe, don’t worry about it. I’ll be out in like 3 hours and then we can do whatever you want.” Harry says cheekily from his bed that’s being slowly rolled towards the OR. 

Niall steadies his shaky hands against the railing of the bed, rolling his eyes and trying to act calm. “Shut up, Harry.”

“Mr. Styles, I assure you, this is a routine operation. You have nothing to worry about.” Harry’s doctor says to Niall as he passes them by, going in to wash his hands and set up the OR. 

“See, Ni, I’ll be fine.” The brunette husbands assures, laying a hand on Niall’s and bringing it up to kiss it softly. “See you soon, yeah?”

Niall pouts a little bit, but nods nevertheless, “Soon.” He echoes, watching as the nurses wheel his husband off into the OR.

* * * *

About four hours later, Niall is finally granted access into Harry’s room. He was given a slight warning about just how loopy Harry was acting due to the anesthesia, but this was definitely not what he was expecting.

“It’s okay, just eat the cracker.” Niall coos softly to his husband who’s currently laying in a hospital bed, drugged out and busy looking at the small biscuit in his hand like it’s the most interesting thing he’s ever seen in his life. 

Harry doesn’t bother looking over at Niall, maybe because the cracker is just too enticing, or maybe he just didn’t hear the blonde. “I need some medicine.” He slurs to no one in particular, his head lolling to the side as he speaks. 

“They’re bringing ya some, don’t worry Haz.” Niall placates softly, trying his best to withhold his laughter as Harry hiccups and whines about his aching head. 

Unfortunately, Niall has never been the best at withholding his laughter and the few chuckles that do end up escaping his lips receive a dark look from his husband. Harry’s eyes meet Niall’s but they don’t stay there, as if he was surprised by something and hesitantly, the brunette looks back, confusion etched across his face. “Did…” He mutters, trailing off before returning more confidently, “Did the doctor’s send you?” 

Niall’s eyes widen comically, not expecting that at all ,despite the warning the doctor had gave him in regards to the heavy amounts of  anesthesia Harry was given in surgery. 

Niall opens his mouth to respond but his husband cuts him off, leaning closer as he murmurs, “love, you are eye candy… woah.” He says loudly,either unaware or unworried about the few other people who were still awake on their floor.  

Niall laughs out loud, head thrown back as he can’t believe what Harry’s saying. His husband was known for his 70s-esque vocabulary and terrible jokes, but this was one a whole different level. 

“You are the prettiest person I’ve ever seen…” Harry says, forehead scrunching in what seems to be frustration as he squints at the blonde in front of him. Niall’s smile changes to adoration and he casually brushes a hand through Harry’s soft hair, snorting as Harry leans up into his touch like a pleased kitten. “Are you a model?” Harry asks and Niall shakes his head as a blush settles across his cheeks, wondering if this was just Harry acting– but then again, no, Harry was no actor– this must be real.

“No, harry, no, i’m just.. I’m here with you now, alright?” Niall says, trying to settle Harry down, “Just eat your cracker–” Niall attempts, but Harry interrupts him.

“Who are you?” He asks, trying to sit up a bit better and gripping onto Niall’s shirt as if he was trying to keep Niall closer. 

Niall grins, holding onto Harry’s hand and leans closer, “My name’s Niall, I’m your husband.” He answers, watching in awe as Harry’s face lights up with absolute shock.

“You.. you’re my husband??” He asks loudly, flailing in his bed a bit as he stares into Niall’s eyes. The blonde nods, giggling like a child and Harry sits back onto the bed, slapping a hand to his own forehead in what seems to be complete and absolute awe. “Holy shit.” He says and Niall cackles once more, unable to control himself as he eats the rest of his cracker. “Dang, ooh… how long?” He asks, voice still drunk and confused. 

Niall smiles down at Harry, “About three years…” He says, not bothering to mention to 5 years they dated before Harry proposed.

“Do we have children together?!” Harry asks, eyes wide in uncertainty and doubt.

The blonde simply shakes his head in a tiny laugh, “Not yet, babe.”

“We call each other babe?” The brunette asks, rolling over a bit as he continues staring at Niall, “Do I call you baby?”

Niall smirks and nods, feeling as if he’s stuck in a loop. Harry was affectionate and loving enough when he was sober, and Niall was a bit too tired to be answering all of drugged-up-Harry’s 

“Have we kissed yet?” Harry asks, suddenly grip on Niall’s hand suddenly much tighter and Niall can’t control his laugh once again.

Niall nods tiredly, “We’ve done a bit more than just kiss, Haz.” He answers slyly, making Harry’s face drop as he stares at Niall longingly, like he couldn’t believe that he was even sitting next to Niall. 

“Oh my god, I hit the jackpot!” He shouts, flopping back onto the hospital bed and sighing loudly. “Let me see your face, come here.” Harry says, making grabby-hands at Niall, who simply places his face into Harry’s hands. Harry smushes his cheeks together and Niall giggles lightly, smiling brightly and Harry makes a low gasping sound. “Your teeth are perfect.” He whispers and Niall raises an eyebrow, remembering when Harry used to say the same thing when his teeth were bent and crooked across his mouth.

Harry is silent for a moment before leering at Niall cheekily, “Turn around.” He orders and Niall’s laughter, just like always, is the only noise that resounds throughout the hospital floor. 

* * * *

And a week later, when Harry’s fully recovered and sober the two spend their first night re-watching the video of Harry’s post-operation stupor. 

“I cannot believe you said all this.” Niall says after their conjoined laughter dies down. 

Harry grins down at Niall, pulling the blonde closer by the small of his back, “I can believe it… it’s what I’m thinking all of the time. Makes sense that I’d say it when I’m on drugs.” He shrugs and Niall’s cheeks redden. 

“I love you, you big sap.” Niall says, rolling his eyes before pulling his husband in to kiss him soundly. 

Lol that was so cheesy and short but keep in mind I spent 7 hours yesterday writing an 11 page paper that I’m still not done with. 

I have a pretty much free long weekend coming up and GUYS MY BIRTHDAY IS ON WEDNESDAY!!!!! I’ll be 17 :) :) :) 

Prompts are open! I do any niall centric OTP, OT3, OT4, and OT5. You can see my previous writings here and my master post here.



Dear Taylor,
I don’t have a good story or really any story. I’m just a girl livin life….a great one too. But what I really want you to know is how much you mean to me. I remember being in elementary school (I’m a sophomore now) and laying in my moms bed watching the fearless tour over and over again…..I used to sleep with my mom every night and when I had nightmares she’d turn it on the tv and I’d fall right back asleep :) When I got into 5th grade my class had a project where we pick a person and make a pumpkin out of them and write about them and I chose you!!!….it had a wig and everything and didn’t really look like you but it’s the only thing I remember I did in 5th grade. I was so upset when the pumpkin died too. I kept the wig and wore it every day of my life I even washed it I WAS THE WEIRDEST THING THATS THE PICTURE ABOVE…..I called it my Taylor wig and eventually my mom told me it got thrown away and I cried for years. I’m glad she did that by I’d still have it til this day. Also you were how I made friends in school. No joke….I would come into class on the first day or meet someone and I’d ask them if they liked you and if they didn’t I’d walk away and never talk to them again….it’s awkward now cus I’m still not friends with any of them lol.

I don’t usually take pictures of myself but this is a special reason or unless I was in fifth grade and obsessed with a Taylor Swift wig

You’ve also inspired much of my artwork! Recently I became the youngest at my school to have the most artworks in the art show! I listen to you and only you every time I’m working on something! I’ve come up with my best works while listening to begin again on repeat :)

well my BIRTHDAY is on July 22!!! I’ll be 15 woohoo my 2 fave numbers/songs ;) !! Please it would be the best thing ever if Taylor saw this!!

My very best friend and I will be attending ATL concert Oct 24!! I went to the Charlotte show left pit and it was magical!!! the best night ever!!! We will be sitting in section 102 row 7/8 seat 1 (both seat one- on rows 7 and 8)

I love you and your work more than I love myself, keep doin you, I hope you see mine :-)

please reblog and tag taylor it means the world to me

my birthday is coming up!

hey guys!! so on wednesday, october 7th, i will be turning 18! i find this completely crazy. how am i almost 18.?.?. i thought i was 15 like…yesterday.
i’m so excited to turn 18. i can’t even express it. here’s the thing. i have only ONE birthday wish. that’s it. there’s one thing i want. i want this so badly. i also know that this is so unlikely to happen. that i am so unlikely to get this. i really don’t think it’s possible if i’m being completely honest. i almost KNOW…it’s extremely unlikely for so many reasons. but a girl can dream, right?

but anyway, that thing is…to have taylor tell me happy birthday. that’s literally my only birthday wish. a simple, “happy birthday” from taylor. that would make my entire day…actually my entire year. and this has been a really tough year, but i’m not gonna get into that.

the reason i’m posting this is because i’m going to need as much help as possible. it’s okay if you don’t want to help, but if you do, all i’m asking you to do is to reblog this. you can tag her if you want, but you don’t have to. if you also want to tell your friends to reblog this, that would be awesome! but that’s asking a lot so you don’t have to do that. i love you guys regardless. thank you so much for reading this. and if you decide to help, please know how much i appreciate you and your help. it means the world to me.

~ natalie


Hi guys!

so this Wednesday (11.11) is my birthday and first time of my life i will be alone on that day. And to keep me busy i’m going to throw a bday party for Valkyrja. (yay) :>
If your Warden/Hawke/Inquisitor wants to be a part of that just reblogg that long post here, with a good picture of him/her (a drawing or screenshot) and add a little something i can draw them with
  like :“oh you got Rum? lets drink it all!” (sort of)

hope you will keep me busy ♥
see ya