my birthday partner

I finished my Valentines card for bae. Submit your valentines cards to me so I can check them out! Also happy birthday to my lovely son

I get all the chicks with my amazing crafting skills.. All of them Sorry not sorry.
high school au (part two)

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Andrew has spent every Sunday since he got out of juvie either in church or at an Exy tournament. It’s not a future he would have predicted for himself two years ago.

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Made for Fandom Kombat 2016, team Undertale.

Backgrounds and (some of the) sprites I made for our ‘introduction’ visual-novel-style flash.


Margaret and Mary Tudor, princesses and later Dowager Queens, the daughters of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, the sisters of Henry VIII. Born nearly a decade apart, the two knew little of each other after Margaret departed to Scotland, yet shared the same passionate and self-possessed nature, choosing their own mates to the scandal and scorn of others.

for the lovely @margarettudor



@junkpilestuff requested for Gaster!Sans and Sans battling over their kid being the cutest. But does it matter? G!Sans has a problem, yo.


I have been s u p e r busy with work this week, literally working 50+ hrs.

I still managed to get to the gym though & was able to keep my food intake surprisingly clean, with the exception of a small portion of Chinese takeout on Wednesday evening, for my partners sisters birthday dinner.

The scales have hung around 88/89kgs this week, so my Xmas weight is most definitely gone and I’m hoping to not see in excess of 90+kgs ever again!

Gym wise - I reintroduced A LOT back into my routine, especially as I now frequent the gym of a morning before work and have more time to now spend there.The following have been added to my usual strength circuit & cardio:
72 heel taps, 72 10kg kettle bell Russian twists, 3 X 30 sec plank, 30 medicine ball slams, 50 step ups, 50 mountain climbers.

Re: Fitbit. I got all green every day minus Friday, my rest day.
If anyone wants to add me to Fitbit, my email to add me on is

Hope you all had a good week as well.

Oh and p.s if I usually like/comment on your posts, or even if you want to be weightloss pals, pleeeeease tag me in your posts.
I’ve had no time for tumblr this week and feel like I miss so much of your personal posts / journeys.

important march stuff:

james and i moved to our new apartment! we just officially left our loft yesterday so its definitely still weird but i really love the new place and the complex makes me so happy. more on that later.

the youtube channel is still happening, we just need to finish getting settled in the apartment a little more!

ive lost 10 lbs in march so far! it feels good to see the numbers dropping and honestly i think i would have REALLY struggled with our move if i hadnt started eating healthy when i did. now that we’re in our new place ill be starting back at the gym, going for daily walks and playing basketball more often again, so im excited.

TODAY IS LAURA’S BIRTHDAY. we’re going to see beauty and the beast tonight! definitely looking forward to that. happy birthday, my partner in all things ridiculous! ❤

Muse birthdays! IRL edition

So I decided to finally sit down and figure out what everyone’s Gregorian calendar birthdays would be (might be slightly off, since the dates of both calender’s don’t line up perfectly).

Dzoldzaya “Zaya” Qalli, the Paladin: Jan 4th, Capricorn
Anya Amariyo, the Astrologian: Feb 20th, Pisces
Sparrow (ban) Ingram, the Samurai: Mar 3rd, Pisces
Eurielle “Euri” Kastellanos, the Summoner: Mar 19th, Pisces
D’unya Rahz, the Black Mage: Apr 15th, Aries
C’senija “Sena” Pahlo, the Monk: May 22nd, Gemini
C’natoliy “Nat” Tia, the Machinist: May 22nd, Gemini
I’ndira “Indi” Rahz, the Scholar: June 17th, Gemini
Noor Khoury, the Ninja: Jul 29th, Leo
Khunbish “Una” Bayaqud, the Dark Knight: Aug 2nd, Leo
Y’tirej “Rezi” Nunh, the Dragoon: Aug 9th, Leo
Najya Hashemi, the White Mage: Sep 17th, Virgo
White Fawn, the Warrior: Sep 17th, Virgo
Swift Gazelle, the Bard: Oct 19th, Scorpio
Niamh Rayne, the Red Mage: Dec 28th, Capricorn


caradelevingne; 🎂❤️ Happy birthday❤️🎂 @dakotajohnson #facetimefamilyphoto @taylorswift

addison.timlin; Happy birthday to my sunshine girl.

jaime_king; Happy Birthday beautiful 💜 @dakotajohnson Love you 💋

littledoeislove; Better late that never. Happy yesterday birthday to one of our favourite babes @dakotajohnson. Outtake from when she modelled our collab with @beaufillefashion, shot by @rp_goldenfotos.

ritaora; Happy Birthday my PARTNER IN CRIME I love youuuuuuuu!! @dakotajohnson always had my back at 5am call times 😇😂❤️

thetaylorbagley; So happy you were put on 🌎 you magical creature. 📸: @blakeleeblake

agender-housepartner  asked:

Hey! So I'm looking to find some thigh highs and leggings! Hipsandcurves is wonderful, so is Torrid, and I just got suggested for Sock Dreams... but does anyone have recommendations for websites? Preferably cheaper (I'm disabled and cannot work. I have a $0 budget for clothes but am making an exception for my partner's birthday). Thanks!!!

Maybe our followers can help?

-Mod Siarl