my birthday is on the 23rd btw


When it’s your birthday

(a/n: inspired by my friends who try to make the day i hate on this planet the most, still a decent event yaay!! btw if you have you birthday today (23rd) happy birthday to you and you can say you are finally twinnies with this nugget what could be better than this?? xD okay y’all i should realise when its time to leave it bye bye xD)

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When is Pansi's Birthday? She is so pretty btw

Oh! I just got this!! My bad it is kinda late but her birthday is December 23rd! Ricky and Marcus make her celebrate Christmas and her birthday on the same day and she hates it! And thank you very glad you like her!


This is why I love the community so much. This reason here. Behind all the stigma and backlash we get and ignoring all the occasional drama that occurs, in the end THIS is why I have so much love for you all.

The fanbase we have is SO supportive of everybody and not a day goes by where I don’t see someone doing their utmost hardest to help somebody who is struggling (and trust me, I look. I make sure the community is still in check).

You guys won’t know this but this year marks the 10th anniversary of me being put on suicide watch for the first and only time. In that period of my life, the thought of me making it to my 16th birthday was laughable enough… now I’m coming up to my 23rd birthday (in May btw ;D). Here. I. Am. Now. I never would have made it through if it wasn’t for the support from people I had around me. Support and love are two INCREDIBLE things that can motivate someone to carry on for just another day.

Here we are, 2016, and this fanbase has one of the strongest support networks on the entire web. The support and love you guys show others who are struggling is so important in keeping the community from becoming fragile and keeping another wonderful life on this Earth.

You all matter.

hey taylorswift do you remember this??? this was taken in miami on april 13, 2013 IT WAS SO FUN i’m the girl in the yellow circle btw!!! i was wearing a hat and red tutu (not picture obv) and that girl next to me is my sister she’s also a HUGE fan!!!

this is the closest thing we have to a selfie together but MARK MY WORDS WE WILL TAKE A SELFIE TOGETHER ONE DAY!!!!

p.s. i’m going to nyc for your birthday weekend and i couldn’t get tix to jingle ball (DAMN U SCALPERS) but i hope to see you somehow!! also i’m going to three or four tour dates next year and one of them is my 23rd birthday!!!! september 26th in nashville and i’ve NEVER BEEN TO NASHVILLE SO I’M SOOO EXCITED!!!!

p.p.s my name is jen and i’ve been a fan of yours since teardrops SEVEN YEARS GOING STRONG!!!!!