my birthday is coming soon and i will be waiting for a present like this ;__;

EX Reaction to their GF forgetting their birthdays

I would feel so bad… but probably would happen to me. I’m the kind of girl that remembers the whole week that your birthday is coming soon and the day it comes it just vanishes from my  mind ._. Admin A~

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“What am I doing? Well.. I’m giving myself gifts because why not? It’s mah day” *Too busy with his presents*


*Acts like he is upset but deep inside he knows you didn’t mean wrong* 


“Eleven minutes already passed… why hasn’t she called? Did she forget?” *Been staring at his phone since midnight*


*He’ll be fine as long as you treat him with many cakes*


*Gives you that puppy stare that eventually will make you feel something is wrong* “Remember jagi… I know you can…” *Pouts hopefully* 


*Waits up until very late for you* “I wonder if something happened… she had a lot in her mind, it probably was that…”


*Crashes your place* “So.. jagi… we have a problem and we need to fix it asap” *Byun boy is getting his birthday present, yes or yes*


*Looks at like this until you finally realize* “It’s okay… I know you didn’t mean it… I’ll forgive you if you play soccer with me”


“So she remembered Sehun’s birthday but not mine? What did I do wrong?” *Endless wondering until he realizes he told you he didn’t want anything special*


*Even when he says he is okay, we all know his little heart is too delicate. Yet he would never tell you because he doesn’t want you to feel bad*


*Since there’s nothing planned for the day probably sleeps the whole day* “Maybe tomorrow we’ll do something special…goodnight”


*Nobody hears from him in days, feels a little disappointed but knows it can happen anytime. It’s just that no matter how many people congratulated him, the only one that really mattered was you* (Not wanting to make the reader feel guilty tho xD Sorry if it sounds that way)

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