my birthday has never been

Happy birthday Phil. 

I’ve watched your videos for 9 years - 

seeing you change and grow up,

alter in such small ways every time I see you,

like the view from my favourite park bench

which seems unnoticeably different every time I stand there in the sunset.

The horizon may not look the same as it once did,

I didn’t even realise it had been changing,

but it never stopped looking like home.

We’re both older now. 

It has been an honour growing older together.

Inc. by minverse

Yoonjin/Vmin - 43k words - 6 Chapters - Office AU:

Corporate Relationship Disclosure Form – Human Resource Coordinator: Jung Hoseok
Section to be completed by Employees Involved:
Names: Min Yoongi, Kim Seokjin
Job Titles: Chief Accountant Supreme, Professional Wet Blanket
Nature of Relationship: Friends with Benefits Sex Enemies
Length of Relationship: 4 minutes
Please Describe Jin’s Dick: Shut up Hoseok I see you nasty fucker, you just added this fucking question to the form you didn’t even make sure the font was the same as the original you better hold on to your goddamn cat because I’m coming for you as soon as I’m finished getting oh fucking hell.

Chapter 1: Seokjin, From Corporate: In which Yoongi has a conversation with a human and really fucking regrets it.

Chapter 2: Teamwork Makes the Meme Work: In which Namjoon creates a new fetish category on PornHub.

Chapter 3: Roots: In which Jin wishes he had never been born, or at least that he had never told Taehyung his birthday.

Chapter 4: Christmas Punch (KO): In which everyone is going to shit glitter tomorrow.

Chapter 5: Hurricane Yoonjin: In which Jin gets further with a piece of pizza than Jungkook has ever gotten with a girl. 

Chapter 6: New Hire: In which how the fuck did everybody miss that?

Fuck You Like A Thunerbird

COUPLE : Thomas Sangster x reader

Anonymous said : Tbs smut birthday sex

Anonymous said : can you do a thomas sangster smut fic were the reader dose some thing bad and thomas punishes her and can it have the daddy and spanking kink thanks :)

Anonymous : could you do a role play sangster imagine where they dress up like different things for sex :)

WRITERS NOTES :i made all three together just because it worked and killed 3 birds with the same stone

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The (Un)forgotten Birthday - Part 2
Follow-up to Part 1 - for the NCISLA Hiatus Fic Challenge
Word Count: 1100ish (Pt1) + 1900ish (Pt2) = 3000ish total

A/N - since is being a brat and not letting me upload this, you get it in full here instead of just a link.  Technically this goes along with my fic challenge that I posted last week changing one thing.  Because Kensi doesn’t forget Deeks’ birthday in that, technically The Box needs a new reason for existing.  But in the end, the meaning is still the same and this is also my new speculative headcanon.  If it’s not true, the writers and I will be in a fight.

kind of tags to Red Part 1 and Three Hearts

Two and a half months later – Spring 2013

“What’s in the box?”  Dave, from NCIS’s Red Team, is eyeing said box as he and his colleague, Claire, stand in the bullpen with Kensi and Deeks.

The box had shown up on Kensi’s desk about six weeks ago and despite his best efforts, Deeks has been unsuccessful in finding out what it is.  And Kensi seems to enjoy keeping the secret he so desperately wants to know.

“Wow,” he looks to her, “that is a fantastic question.  Why don’t you ask my partner…not that she’s gonna tell you.”

Attention now on her, Kensi lets out a small sigh, “His birthday was a couple months ago and I couldn’t think of anything to get him.  I finally figured it out though, and got him something he’s always wanted…more than anything else in the world.”  Her eyes never leave her partner, gauging his reaction to this revelation.

Stunned.  That’s the best way to describe the look on his face.  Kensi chuckles internally at the thought that this is the second time in a few short months that she’s left him speechless. 

Other conversation and background noise all but fade away.  In this moment, it’s just the two of them and Deeks finds himself a little bit in awe of his partner.

“You really did that?” His voice is soft and unsure.  “I thought dinner was my gift?”

Kensi shrugs and her eyes flick to the ground before meeting his again, “It wasn’t enough.”  

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