my birthday c:

I’m turning 19!!

It’s on March 13th ! Just thought i’d announce it beforehand ^-^  I want to thank everyone who supports and cares for me! Everyone who reads WingSpiral and appreciates the work I do for it! There’s a girl behind this blog (me lol), and I really love all the people who acknowledge that! Glad I mean more to you than just some story machine HAHA! Even tho i am kind of a story machine i just really love stories man i love stories I’m crazy I can’t stop making stories I need help WingSpiral is honestly my life wtf is wrong with me

Thanks for everything!!! ❤❤ And have a great weekend everyone!!


  • my birthday!
  • Daniel Howell’s birthday!!
  • THE CHOI TWINS’ BIRTHDAY!!! (to God 707 and emo Saeran)
  • THE DAY THAT I LIVE TO SEE MY CHILDREN EARN THEIR TONYS (the tonys are tonight, and you know i’m watching it; mike faist deserves it)
  • TWO DAYS UNTIL BTS FESTA (also more hype candy)
  • THE NATIONAL EQUALITY MARCH IN THE STATES!! SHOW YOUR PRIDE (celebrate with the babadook for me)

اللهُم لا مزيد من الأشخاص ، و لا مزيد من العلاقات ، و لا مزيد من الخيبات و الخسارات ، اللهُم نفسي ، اللهم ما تبقى من قلبي💔💫


Today is my 16th birthday so here is my birthday video where I talk a bit about about myself and also have a quick speedpaint at the end. Hope you guys like it ^^
Happy Birthday to you, Buryo!

We are from Bill Cipher x Mason Pines Vietnam Fanpage. Today, 22/5, is your birthday and we want to send some wishes and presents for this occasion

The link is the folder of things we want to give you for your birthday ~


Represent for the DoritoxPineTreVN Team and BilDipp fandom from Vietnam



Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh QQQQQQQQQQ

The pictures are so sweet, there’s even a fiction inside!!!

What a surprise!  Awwww thank you guys so much~~~~~~ I love you all !!!

Thank you everyone for the awesome and overwhelming birthday messages! You’ll no doubt he hugely relieved to know I’m not going to spam your dashes any more, but you must know I love and appreciate each and every one of you. I’ll do a proper thank you post in the next few days, when my head has stopped spinning. Tumblr birthdays are always so much fun and completely mind-blowing! Also if you are a new follower you might want to check out Sandy’s birthday gifts, which include some beautiful items of TS3 furniture the one-and-only Sandy of ATS fame very kindly made for my birthday several years ago, They are practically antiques now (like me) but even more beautiful! (unlike me :P) 

Thank you again!! I LOVE YOUSE ALL!!! And thank you for tolerating the birthday spam!!