my birthday c:


Happy Birthday Jumin Han October 5th

“The more I spend time with you, the more I will change. And I will feel amazingly happy… I can’t wait for the future with you.”


Severus Snape (b. 9th January 1960) was a half-blood wizard, the son of witch Eileen Prince and muggle Tobias Snape.

❝ I’ll swallow my blood before I swallow my pride. ❞
                                                                                      Al Capone

Happy birthday to the wonderful Arin Hanson!! He brightens up my days more than anyone could know. I hope he has a good one! c:



… was all Keith tweeted an hour ago, which he quickly forgot over an episode of Hannibal, which explains the extremely big leap his heart makes at 2:37AM when he hears a couple of knocks on his dorm room window. It’s scary because he lives on the third floor.

His immediate reasoning connects the raging storm and the long tree branches stretching all the way to his window as the source of the disturbance, but the wind seems to be howling his name as well, so that can’t be right.

Wrapped up in his blanket, he slowly makes the walk to his window, takes a couple more seconds to second guess what he’s about to do yet he does it anyway.

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I know is too late to me post in here (╥﹏╥) but let me celebrate this moment again because it’s still on January right? #slap


Thank you for your awesome voice.
Thank you for your adorable act voice.
Thank you for your hard work making many character
Thank you for your cute face.
Thank you for your magic make me never see another Seiyuu .>////

Thank you and good luck for your carreer until you can’t act, you can’t make another Character Voice or…another.

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.


いい誕生日、Star Child!

Happy Birthday, @starryjojoys. You da real MVP. I was gonna make it an actual SpaceAesthetic, but I couldn’t resist the meme. Love ‘ya TJ. Keep it stellar, Star Child. 「it’s your move」


I’m combining some of my favorite things together to celebrate my birthday today. :D Yay!!!