my birthday c:


Birthday Collection
Today is my Birthday :)
Edits made by me :)

for my birthday today I just want all of you to send me the absolute worst “Albus Severus Potter, you were named after…” jokes you can come up with bc it’s also nineteen years later today and those jokes never fail to make me laugh

I had a fun birthday this year.

Thank you so mucheveryone for wishing me a good birthday! I appreciate them all and I wanna show you guys my favorite/best gift of all.

I have 2 good friends of mine who plays minecraft with me all the time. Their names are Artist and Bo. Bo was the most busy out of all of us but he made time yesterday to just play minecraft with me and Artist.

Artist is just a sweetheart. I love this boiyo cause he stayed up ALL night in his timezones just to play minecraft with me yesterday. I’m so happy to see that I have a good friend that stays by my side like these two.

And when me and Artist were on a server called “Skytonia”.(Unfortunately Bo was AFK) I wanted our moment to be memorable so we teleported to a balloon and took this little screenshot with a mod and shaders on.

This was so beautiful and I decided to..uhmm..make a little “adjustments” and did this. His skin was his OC Arthur and me and my Female skin I call Nixen.

(did this in 30 minutes)

I wanna thank these two so much for spending time with me yesterday. I love you boys so much. Can’t wait for next year :3

- Nixen


Birthday Gifts Part ¾

302 Malibu Lane

Yep a house again. ^^ 
This cute starter house I have build for Tenia Space and her love. :3
It has only 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. But a super cute garden.
You can also put a driveway on the gray floor with the cheat: “moveobjects on”.

It is build on a 2x2 lot, without CC and coast only 13.070§.

302 Malibu Lane (sfs)

I have all EP’s and SP’s. Please use CleanInstaller.


Birthday Gifts Part 4/4

The last gift for you are two makeovers of Pleasantview. Yeay!
Only 6 to go until I finish Pleasantview!

More Pictures are on

30 Lakeside Drive
70 Middle Lane

A downloadlink is in the first post there, or here:

30 Lakeside Drive (sfs)
70 Middle Lane (sfs)

Built without CC. I have all EP’s and SP’s. Please use CleanInstaller.