my birthday at the beach this year!

♡✧ ♡✧ ♡✧ HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOMAEDA !!!   ♡✧ ♡✧ ♡✧

it’s also my 1 year anniversary for starting SDR2…a hope-filled day…

10 Facts About Me
  1. I love Ghost Adventures. I will literally watch twelve hours of Ghost Adventures at a time. If you think that I won’t sit in an abandoned, haunted house on the off chance any of the Ghost Adventures crew will come by to give me one of their patented “aggravate the ghosts” speeches, then you are wrong.
  2. I am a huge scaredy cat, but have very poor self preservation skills. I have to know. I have to. I hear something upstairs? Sounds like a murderer? Hip hip, it’s investigation time.
  3. I love lox. Smoked salmon an everything bagel with capers and onion and cream cheese. Sign me up. I’ve had it every year for my birthday breakfast since I was 17.
  4. One time at the beach one of my brothers got swept off the rocks by a big wave. I just stood there screaming, making no move to save him, until he washed back up on shore laughing his ass off.
  5. I later became a lifeguard with that same brother.
  6. Screaming freaks me out. It never used to until I became an EMT (large families are loud), but it does now. Even celebratory screaming or “so nice to see you” screaming.  It automatically makes my spine rigid, my hearing super sensitive, and my muscles tense. I have to see what’s happening to relax.
  7. I hate kazoos, actually. Someone recently invited me to a kazoo party. “It will be fun,” they said. “Over my dead body,” I told them with equal earnestness.
  8. I have four siblings, all the same age as me! I don’t know what I’d do without them, they’re all such amazing, talented people. Every time I talk to them I am continuously amazed that due to marriage/blood/blackmail they have to like me.
  9. I’ve been writing stories since I was eight. It started in Mrs. S’s class where we were writing fables and I wrote about why the moon is so much smaller than the sun. I ought to write her a thank you note.
  10. I am writing this list instead of working. This list is powered by procrastination, the most powerful force in the world. We should all be afraid of procrastination. It is too mighty.
Wedding Night

In honor of @yeahiliketheredleatherjacket ‘s birthday, I wrote something tiny! Here’s a little fluff from the Unbreakable realm, Happy Birthday, hun!!! <3

Emma sits down on the beach and stares out into the ocean. Everyone in her house is finally asleep so she could sneak out. She knew sleep wasn’t going to come easy, it’s the first night in almost three years her and Killian have spent the night away from each other, so she was prepared. Regina suggested making a sleeping tea for her, but she refused.

You never know with her.

She hears steps behind her and her lips tug up, without looking, she knows who it is.

“Isn’t it bad luck to see the bride before the wedding?”

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I made this small shell book for my sweet brother and ocean-lover, Matt, for his birthday this week.  Its covers are a true pair of incongruous ark clam shells (that we found together years ago at the beach – I think) and it’s bound with a two needle Coptic stitch variation.  Along with individually handcut pages, it features endsheets of handmade mulberry paper that I marbled with a suminagashi process.  :)

Birthday dinner

Title: birthday dinner

Anonymous asked: “Sherlock x reader. The reader doesn’t like celebrating her birthday beaches it’s the same day her parents died. Sherlock understands this, and just takes her out to dinner to toast her parents which is what she does every year. But when Greg decides to plan a surprise party for her, everything goes wrong”

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Characters: Sherlock, John, Greg, Molly and you (Y/N)

Warnings: mentions of suicide, death of parents

Word count: 1236

A/N: thank you so much for requesting. I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you guys enjoy it! Ps: english isn’t my native language so if you notice any mistakes don’t be afraid to contact me ________________________________________________________________________________________ Stretching your aching bones you awoke. 4:37 AM your alarm read. That meant it was officially your birthday. You had always hated your birthday, well not always but ever since the day your parents died which happened to be the exact same day as your birthday. You had felt anger and sadness, thinking about how they could have left you on your birthday. In the beginning it felt like a stupid prank but over the years you accepted your fate and decided to leave your birthday as it was: just another day of the year. Knowing you wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep you got out of bed and made yourself a cup of tea. Sitting down at the kitchen table with the steaming hot tea in front of you, you heard your phone buzz. “looking forward to our dinner? -SH” the message read. You smiled to yourself, your birthday might be a bad day but Sherlock always knew how to make you feel better about it. The first time you had met Sherlock was on a case. You had lived right across 221b baker street. One day you had come home and your apartment was in ruins. Sherlock explained that someone called Moriarty had placed a bomb in your apartment. You had stayed with Sherlock and John for about a fortnight until you got a new apartment. You had moved into the same apartment building only a floor higher. You wanted nothing more than to get far away from the ruins of your old apartment but Sherlock had insisted that you stayed and over the years the two of you had become good friends. “every year Sherlock. How did you know I was awake anyway?” you texted back. A couple seconds later your phone buzzed again. “saw the light in your kitchen, figured you were getting tea -SH” of course, the light. “why are you awake?” you texted, placing the now empty cup in the sink. “got a new case. Woman, early 40’s has committed suicide -SH” you read. “I’m coming over, might help me get my mind of things” 10 minutes later you knocked on Sherlock’s door. “good morning Y/N, we gotta be quiet we wouldn’t want to wake John and Rosie” he whispered. “sure, tell me everything you know about the case” you said. “Sasha Heinrichs, German, early 40’s, committed suicide only it wasn’t suicide” he explained. “but who would go through all the trouble to set up a fake suicide” you wondered. “besides me” he stated. “yeah besides you” you laughed. “well, there are 3 suspects: her son, her sister and her husband” “have you seen her in the mortuary already?” you asked “not yet, I thought we could go together” he said. “absolutely” you said thankful. A couple of hours went by. You knew Molly started her shift at 3 PM and she was the only one who would let you see the corps. In the meantime you took care of Rosie while John and Sherlock went to get groceries. You knew they had returned when you heard them arguing about the fact that John forgot to buy milk again. You promised you would bring milk back once you returned from the mortuary. “are you ready to go Y/N?” Sherlock asked. It was half past 3 and Molly had agreed to let you examine the corps. “happy birthday Y/N” Molly said excited as she let you into the mortuary. “yeah thanks” you said. “wrist cut” Sherlock said as we saw the corps. “certainly not done by herself, look at the angle” you noticed. “excellent Y/N. Look at the deep cuts, whoever did this must have used incredible strength” he said. “so that rules out her sister doesn’t it?” you questioned. “indeed. We might need to have a word with her son and husband” the two of agreed that you would talk to the son and Sherlock with the husband. “Mr Heinrichs, do you mind if we come in and ask you a few questions about your wife’s suicide?” Sherlock asked. “by all means, my son Trevor is upstairs if you need to speak with him as well” the man said. You walked upstairs, heading towards the room Mr Heinrichs had said belonged to Trevor. Softly knocking on the door Trevor opened almost immediately. He was a tall fit boy with black her around the age of 19. “who are you?” he asked me. “I’m Y/N, I’ve come to talk with you about your mother. If that’s alright with you” you said. Trevor nodded his head. He sat at his desk while you sat across him. The room was decorated with drawings of all kinds of things. “so you enjoy drawing?” you asked, hoping to get Trevor at ease. “yeah” he said as he continued on a previous drawing. After half an hour you went downstairs where Sherlock was waiting for you. “any clues?” Sherlock asked me. “not really, he’s just a teenager, I think” you said. “what’s that?” he asked as he pointed towards the drawing Trevor made for me. “he gave me one of his drawings” you said, giving it to Sherlock. “I think we just found our killer” he said. He told the taxi driver the new address of the mortuary and in less than half an hour the two of you were standing over the corps again. “the wrists are cut diagonally, from left to right. Mr Heinrichs was right-handed, he could have never made a cut like that. Look at the drawing Y/N” Sherlock said. You instantly knew what he meant: on the left side of the paper had Trevor signed his drawing. “Trevor was left-handed” you said. “time to call Geoff” Sherlock said. “who?” you questioned. “Geoff Lestrade?” Sherlock asked. “he’s called Greg. Do you seriously not know that?” you laughed. “fine let’s call Greg then” both of you tried but you couldn’t get a hold of Greg so you decided to let the Scotland yard take care of it. You returned to baker street dropping off the milk you had promised John. Only John wasn’t there. “shall we go to dinner then?” Sherlock asked you. “let me change into something else first, I’ve been running around in this outfit all day” you said. Crossing the street to your apartment. As soon as you turned on the lights in your apartment you heard “SURPRISE” and you could see John, Molly, Greg and a couple of other friends of you. “happy birthday Y/N!” they all screamed. “oh no” you said trembling. Behind you you heard Sherlock coming up the stairs. Taking quick notice of the situation, he gave you the keys to his apartment and whilst he stayed to explain why you ran off. After John and Sherlock returned and John had apologized you started to feel a bit better. “do you still want to go out and have dinner?” Sherlock asked. “do you still want to have dinner with me?” you asked Sherlock. “of course Y/N, I care deeply for you” Sherlock said giving you a sweet kiss on your cheek. “please don’t ever leave me Sherlock” you said. “I’ll always be there for you Y/N” Sherlock said as he took your hand in his. That night you had an amazing dinner. You didn’t even care about your birthday anymore, you were just happy Sherlock was there to help you get through it.

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Happy Birthday

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared (over the phone)
Words: 1288
This is the birthday one shot in the holiday series…because my birthday is today.

Warning: Smut

Christmas Party Embarrassment
New Year’s Kiss,
I Love You,
Just Kiss Me,
Easter Sunday.
I’m A Fool For You 

           You rolled over, groaning from the sunlight that was shining into the hotel room, “Someone turn off the sun,” you mumbled.

           Jensen chuckled, pulling you into his arms, “I can’t make that happen,” he said, kissing your forehead, “But I can tell you happy birthday.”

           You smiled at him, “Thank you,” you kissed him, “And thank you for the most amazing birthday vacation,” you said. Jensen had taken you to a private resort on a beach for your birthday where the two of you could just be together and spend time together for your birthday weekend.

           Jensen pushed a piece of hair from your face and tucked it behind your ear, “Anything for you.”

           “I’m a lucky girl.”

           “Baby, things have just gotten started,” he smiled, “It’s time for us to get some breakfast. And then the fun can begin.”

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I’m going back to the beach!

In a little over 6 weeks, Courtney and I are going back to the beach. It was the only thing I wanted for my birthday this year. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to go in August. Even the hotel we stayed at before is ridiculously expensive the week of my birthday. Since we’d already requested the first week of April off, we decided to check out how much it would cost to go then. Being off-season, we found a deluxe king suite at a newly-renovated resort for 1/5(!!!) of the price of our usual hotel.

I don’t even care that it will probably be cool and windy, and the ocean will be too cold to swim in. I just need my toes in the sand, and to watch the sunrise over the ocean first thing in the morning; possibly see some dolphins playing around in the water. And those fucking sting rays better let me pet them at the aquarium this time. Assholes.


Hey! Whats up I’m Kyle I’m 26 years old, My birthday is January 31st (Aquarius)
I love the outdoors (fishing, camping, going to the beach) and just having a good time chillin.
I have a great sense of humor I love to joke around and just go with the flow.
I’m a great artist, I love tattoos and I’m covered as you can see.
I’m originally from Jacksonville, Florida but I’m currently residing in Defuniak Springs for a few years. I’m looking for a female pen-pal to help me pass the time.
While here I love reading, drawing, and working out. I’m very easy going and can talk about anything.
I’ve made some mistakes but now I’m working on bettering myself.
I can’t wait to hear from you!

Kyle Wike #J35663
Walton C.I.
691 Institution Rd.
Defuniak Springs, FL. 32433

Kyle Wike #J35663
Baker Correctional Institution
20706 US Highway 90 West
Sanderson, Florida 32087-2359


PLAY MY FREE OTOME GAME IF YOU HAVEN’T; IT’S GOOD I SWEAR!! Here is some extra profile stuff on our main guys.


  • 20 years old. Birthday is February 2nd
  • Likes vanilla and strawberry ice cream. Dislikes puns. Hobbies include studying medicine and (secretly) reading romance novels.


  • 24 years old. Birthday is September 5th
  • Likes coffee. Dislikes bright sunlight. Hobbies include falconry.


  • 22 years old. Birthday is October 21st
  • Likes snow. Dislikes onions and going to the beach. Hobbies include making puns.

✨🌺✨ALOHA! ✨🌺✨
My mama arrived on the aina yesterday!!! Staying with us for 10 days in our rainbow hut!! Greeted her with hibiscus flowers and a fresh young coconut!!! Dinner at Rainbow Living Foods (raw organic vegan cafe!) ~ Spending the day today relaxing on the beach! Giving her massages and rubbing her feet! Yoga together every day! Exactly 10 years ago this month we were in Oahu for my 13th birthday.
Sending our love! Sat nam! Wahe guru! ✨🙌🏼✨

Chimeria’s Dream Address has been released!!

  • after a year haha oops ;;
  • do pick up all the items to the left of the town tree! feel free to dress up, as there are outfits to the right of the town tree! (there are also some items on the beach beside the cafe)
  • please visit all 3 characters and their houses! you should chat with them as well. c: it will give you a slightly better insight to my town~
  • the Southern Forest is forbidden, but you can through it anyway. you just might have some trouble getting through heh. 
  • Chimeria’s beaches are not quite done yet, but there are some things on it that you might want to see.
  • there will be another update in a few months.

you may interpret the story of my town however you want to, because i will not explain it. ʅ( ˇ ᴗ ˇ )ʃ
most importantly, please enjoy and have fun!

*please tag your screenshots of my town with #chimeria 
questions? comments? please send me an ask! i would love to hear any feedback.

on my 8th birthday, my family took a trip to Hawaii (North Shore, Oahu). i remember walking down the street by our condo, being trailed by a scent so fragrant it couldn’t be ignored. it demanded my attention, so i asked my dad where it was coming from. he pointed at the white & yellow flowers above my head & said “those are mine & mommy’s most favorite flower, they’re called plumeria.” he picked one & put it behind my ear. my parents lived on the island of Maui for a few years in their 20′s, when my mom got pregnant with my older brother, Makena (whom they named after a beach on the island they so dearly loved). that was when they became so fond of the plumeria, in the midst of falling deeply for each other. today was my younger brother’s 8th birthday, so it seemed rather fitting that on this day i would ink my skin with my parent’s beloved flower. the biggest one represents my oldest brother, the middle one is me, & the smallest is the bundle of joy that came into our lives 8 years ago. it’s a symbol of a family that has endured hardship but has never been short of love. i am so grateful for the humans that have raised me, & the brother’s that have lifted me up. eternally blessed. 


warm heart, warm heart (x)

Stiles finds him in July, their month, except everything is different now. 

Stiles’ skin, smelling like split peaches and salt, overturned dirt in the heat of the summer. All very SoCal. It’s stifling, and it’s been a long time. A year, almost. They’re in a beach house, a small, rainy, lot-like-home little thing. Derek’s mouth goes hot and red and dry. 

“Stiles.” Surprise and some grim anticipation. Blood whistling like tea in a kettle.

“You know, I really hated being with you,” Stiles says. 

It’s abrupt, and he’s not looking at Derek, but there’s something there in the hollow of his voice, something sticky and, maybe, wistfully and hopefully, something wanting. 

“I hated it so much, God, I swear you forgot eveything when we were together. My birthday, my phone number, when to pick me up from the airport that one christma–”

Stiles,” He tries again. Pulls the door closed behind him. It all comes out too soft. 

“Wait.” Then laughing, bitter, like storm clouds and sour milk. His eyes are so brown when he finally looks at Derek again, the way people look down into the grand canyon. Something like awe and fear. Derek’s body is Stiles’ worn, gaping chasm. “Wait. Don’t you want to hear it? I can’t get over you. Or, I tried a hundred times. Or, the last guy was nice, nicer than you. So not like you. Kind of the exact opposite, actually. I guess that was the point.”

Stiles runs a hand through his hair. Derek steps closer. Right into breath-mingling distance. He says, “What the hell is this all supposed to mean, exactly?” all squinty eyed, and Stiles doesn’t really laugh, but his huff is small and angry and pleased, makes Derek feel tingly all over.

“Maybe it means I’m still fucking delusional,” Stiles turns into him, frustrated and wet eyed and in love, “and - maybe it means I still want it to be you.”

anonymous asked:

Sherlock x reader. The reader doesn't like celebrating her birthday beaches it's the same day her parents died. Sherlock understands this, and just takes her out to dinner to toast her parents which is what she does every year. But when Greg decides to plan a surprise party for her, everything goes wrong

Awesome! Thanks for requesting you lovely anonymous. It may take some time to write since it’s a oneshot but I’ll do my best!

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may 2016 [x]

this month was so busy bc i was racing against the clock but i got everything done so s/o to me

highlights: finishing my second year of college, coming home and seeing my family/friends, getting my license, my friend’s birthday party, getting to go to the beach finally

i just relocated to a new city for the summer today and tomorrow’s the first day of my internship! i’m a little nervous but very excited so we’ll see how june goes.

five down, seven to go. 

ig: @taylorleighlamb

Little Fires

1: I am the fly,

2: underneath their magnifying glass.


WHEN I WAS SEVEN YEARS OLD, my mom would take me to the Ops Center and teach me about the universe. Being a speck in an infinite cosmos is humbling. It drew me back night after night— propping my window open, even in the cold, so I could watch those balls of light spin eons away. For Jazz’s fifteenth birthday, our family went to Florida and, standing on the white sand beaches of Miami facing the ocean for the first time in my life, I had felt just as insignificant. The Atlantic Ocean had smelled like salt, sunscreen, and happy people.

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