my birthday

It’s my birthday on the 20th April, and I’m really not looking forwards to it as it’s going to be ridiculously empty & I hoped anyone reading this could help.

I’m Very disabled & I have to spend 95% of the time in bed & most of that lying down flat. I’m in immense & constant pain and my head feels like I have permanent flu all the time (real proper fevery flu).

As you can imagine this is not very conducive to making real life friends, I did have lots when I was fit and well and could put time and effort into keeping up friendships, but they’ve dwindled somewhat now that I can’t. I also have a very teeny family. & I’ve worked out that on my birthday I’ll have 1 present and about 6 cards to open if I’m lucky.

So I wondered if, out of the kindness of your hearts, on the 20th April you could send me a fun message to cheer me up, or tag me in a post, or write something to me to keep me occupied, or post something nice for me to look at & take my mind off the dullness of being in bed 24/7.

I’m not doing this for any kind of sympathy or pity – it’s just that my birthday is quite utterly sad otherwise - for the past 2 years I’ve asked people to do this & I got a wonderful response and even last year had some amazing people send me things from my Amazon wish list, so I had actual presents to open, which was most unexpected and utterly delightful.

My about me page is (here) incase you’d like to read more on why I’m disabled. There are also pictures from my random former life & my mad hair colours!

Edited to add my Amazon wishlist because peeps asked for it (here). & I added vouchers in case peeps prefer that to choosing things, bless you so much.

Oodles of Love, Nixxie

tiny angel cake for a tiny angelcake

Posting now because Nico’s birthday is in a few days and mine was yesterday so yeah 
p.s. thank you for all the nice birthday wishes!! They were super sweet and I love you all so much

I’m turning 19!!

It’s on March 13th ! Just thought i’d announce it beforehand ^-^  I want to thank everyone who supports and cares for me! Everyone who reads WingSpiral and appreciates the work I do for it! There’s a girl behind this blog (me lol), and I really love all the people who acknowledge that! Glad I mean more to you than just some story machine HAHA! Even tho i am kind of a story machine i just really love stories man i love stories I’m crazy I can’t stop making stories I need help WingSpiral is honestly my life wtf is wrong with me

Thanks for everything!!! ❤❤ And have a great weekend everyone!!

اللهُم لا مزيد من الأشخاص ، و لا مزيد من العلاقات ، و لا مزيد من الخيبات و الخسارات ، اللهُم نفسي ، اللهم ما تبقى من قلبي💔💫



Dav Pilkey was my hero! He had ADHD like me! And dyslexia like my littlest brother Beau, who also adores it, and he drew in class and school and didn’t care what the teachers said and was MY IDOL!!! And now I get to see my favourite book superhero of ALL TIME THAT HE MADE ON THE BIG SCREEN?!!!!

*iM H App Y*

Me and Beau are going to go see it in the cinema on June 2, WHICH IS ALSO MY BIRTHDAY!! HOLY SH I T!!!!! **AAAAAAAA!!!!**


Today is my 16th birthday so here is my birthday video where I talk a bit about about myself and also have a quick speedpaint at the end. Hope you guys like it ^^