tiny angel cake for a tiny angelcake

Posting now because Nico’s birthday is in a few days and mine was yesterday so yeah 
p.s. thank you for all the nice birthday wishes!! They were super sweet and I love you all so much


I let Kofuku (a goddess in the anime “Noragami”), portray my gratitude for all the birthday greetings I have received in comments, reblogs, messages and emails.

I am also completely overwhelmed by the amazing birthday cards you have sent my way: @marauderfan , @bullzara , @krickelsownart , @bitspiecesandportraits , @carolef45 , @lunoday , @peintre-stephane , @mudz69 , @june-bm , @sherrylephotography , @marie2coeur , @woodsong , @donleyjan , @oll1vian , @ekawidodo and @cloudysketches .

Our tumblr community is something extraordinary, so much love, encouragement and support by so many creative minds. I am so grateful being a part of it.

From the bottom of my heart, a HUGE THANK YOU for making my birthday such a memorable one! ❤️❤️❤️

Photo inspiration: Google/noragami and kofuku