my birth control lol

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I know! I felt like he posted that tweet only to make us cry. I mean, does he know that we are CRAZY about him? His wife doesn't have a twitter, anyway. (It was cute, I'm kidding, or that dick anon will come here to talk shit). LOL, isn't nice having periods. I know that you don't have any (am I right?) But you're not missing too much. 😂 J

Yes I felt like his tweet was a personal attack.. and his wife DOES have twitter now lol she’s made a twitter and an instagram recently but she’s private on both and I’M not gonna be following her any time soon haha

And omfg I DO have my period!! 😂😂 just not very regularly🙃😭 although I wish I did lol that’s why I’m on birth control right now cos it helps regulate my period lol