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Similar toxic effects are seen in the Variable Pitohui and the Rusty Pitohui, but not to the extent of the Hooded Pitohui. There are also several species of non-toxic pitohui that have evolved to mimic the coloration of the Hooded Pitohui in an attempt to confuse predators.

I’ve done a previous Sci Fact on tetrodotoxin - click here for that!




Had he survived, he’d be a marauding pirate who’d raid, pillage, and destroy just for the hell of it with an enormous fleet and a lot of men. Believing his children to be dead and witnessing Cerise’s demise, he goes off on a killing spree and slaughters his father, stepmother, birth mother, and siblings due to the fact it was his brother Osprey who lead the attack on his village.

Kite is a ruthless killer with little patience for failure. Indulging in smoking, drinking, and other vices, he has one more name to cross off on his bucket list. A man who wronged him long before the fall of the world.

I cannot wait, when my son/daughter has graced the world, to show them all of the love and encouragement that I never got.

To show them that failure is not always negative, and there is no shame in admitting defeat or asking for help.

To gather them up at night when there is a storm, to hold their hand as we walk to School.

Being with @petalprouvaire has helped me see that not everything is guts and glory, but thought and reason.

Being a Father is such a thrilling concept. I cannot wait to give them everything I never had, everything they deserve.

okay so i downloaded that arcana game on my phone and while i am ELATED to be getting to know my fierce bisexual queen nadia better her route has been her mainly 1.) talking about how The People will never love her like they did her Dead Husband who had Bad Eyebrows (rly bro whoever tweezed that shit for you needs to be fired it makes you look evil which who knows maybe u are idc im gonna makeout with your wife either way) and 2.) me inhaling her Dead Husbands ashes (or not) and then meeting what was probably the monstrified version of her (not?) Dead husband.

so can someone *please* tell me how to get to the foxy redheaded guys shit bc as far as I know he Does Not Posses a Dead Husband/Wife for him to talk about excessively and also? the plague doctor mask was my kink. send help.


Apologies for the long disappearance…again!  With work being so active I’m trying to figure out a good method for scanning and posting since I dont have time monday-friday.  Scan and post huge art dumps on the weekend or Scan on the weekend and slowly post those pictures throughout the following week?  I think I will try the latter, for now.