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Diversity Bingo 2017

My reading goal for 2017 is to read more diversely. I decided that Diversity Bingo would be a perfect place to start.

The goal is to read one book for each of the 36 squares over the course of 2017. 

I am so excited for this. It will be a great opportunity to learn. If you have any suggestions for any of the prompts please please share them with me. Any recommendations are immensely appreciated.

If any of you guys are planning on participating as well please let me know!


tmi femslash bingo:  isabelle x lydia + fairytale au (aka the sapphic snow queen/beauty and the beast mashup that no one asked for)

Alone in her palace, Lydia has felt nothing since her true love died many years ago leaving her heart frozen. With every year, more petals fall from the enchanted rose he gave her and she knows that she must learn to love again before the last petal falls - or else her heart will remain frozen forever.  

When her brother Alec is taken by the mysterious Snow Queen, Isabelle is willing to do anything to get him back - even if it requires offering herself up in his place. However trapped within the Queen’s huge ice palace, she soon discovers that her captor is none other than long lost enchantress Princess Lydia - and that she might be just the person to thaw her frozen heart.

tmi femslash bingo:  clary x isabelle + orange

When Clary thinks of Isabelle she thinks of fire. A miracle of nature that both nurtures and destroys; delicate but powerful, beautiful but dangerous, warm and bright and not quite like anything else she’s ever seen. 

When Isabelle thinks of Clary she thinks of the sun creeping over the horizon; a kind of gradually emerging beauty that never fails to amaze her, no matter how much she sees it, the kind that changes every day but is never anything less than breathtaking. 

This is why when Clary paints their portrait, she uses orange. The color of the leaves in Autumn and the sky at dawn. The color of soft peaches and hot lava and delicate butterflies. The color of passion, of change, of inspiration - The color of their love.