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I was re-watching some of my favorite Andy/Haley episodes on Modern Family and I noticed something. Jokes aside about Haley being Hyde and Jackie’s future daughter or Sarah Hyland being fan favorite fancast for JH daughter, here’s this:

The first time Hyde and Jackie kiss, Jackie assures she felt nothing and asks Hyde if he did. He lies and says that no, he felt nothing too. And we can see hisbody language and just enrie face how much he’s lying:

In similar fashion, when Haley and Andy first kiss, they are talking about how if one of them felt somorever)ething out of it, it would be a disaster and he is sure she would had been infatuated with him by now. She calls bullshit and he keeps assuring her it would had happened. So, to shut him up (and because she’s been wanting to kiss him since forever), she kisses him and says that nothing happens.

But Haley’s reaction reminded me of something,

or more like, she reminded me of someone:

I find a lot of similarities between both couples, but especially between Hyde and Haley in the ‘where do I go, what should I do, do i deserve this bit of happiness with this too good for me person’ sense and the fact that both are openly rebellious and sexual and incredible closed when it comes to their actual feelings. Hell, Haley is not able to say ‘I love you’ to Andy directly, does it sounds familiar?

What I found interesting is that the parallels between both couples can be made on a very deep and meta level, because in the outside they may not be much alike. In fact, I’m sure people may think that Haley is more like Jackie, since both are spoiled girls with a high interest in fashion.

Both female chracters share their ‘funny’ tropes (shallow, spoiled, fashionist, popular girls), but Haley shares her deeper tropes with Hyde the most (laziness out of insecurity about the future, commitment issues, alcohol and drug use as supposed recreation but actual copping mechanism, smart but lazy, bad at school but not dumb, loving and passionate inside, pining for the optimistic dreamer, I could go on).

For me, it’s great to find these similarities in two of my biggest OTPs ever. Yes, I have a type in OTPs even, it seems.

And it amuses me how much people like the idea of Sarah Hyland being fancasted as Hyde and Jackie’s daughter, especially if sharing most of Haley’s highlight moments. Seeing her share these bits of characterization so similar to Hyde’s just adds to the magic.

Gif credits: (Hyde) (Haley).

big, corny post

i’ve been really thinking all day about 2x15 of lucifer, and how much i loved it. it’s such a good episode and the thing is i truly feel every episode of lucifer is good but this episode really highlighted why i love the show so much. like, a lot of people say that the lucifer fandom is so calm and peaceful (which is, for the most part, true) but i really think that very much comes down to the fact that we have very little to ever be angry about. i’m not saying it’s perfect but we’re calm and peaceful cause it’s truly a good fucking show. and that’s. rare. these writers not only care about us as an audience, but they care about every single character and every single relationship on the show. every relationship gets attention and care and importance. every character is multi-faceted and developed.

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Biggest OTPS: Lost 
↳(almost) All of them

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Post 5 ships from 5 different fandoms and pass it along to 5 different people.❤️


1. brocedes (f1): lewis hamilton x nico rosberg

those two were the first I shipped in this whole fandom and they have such a good backstory it actually is the best fit potential you will ever see. i mean they went from childhood friends, to enemies and the drama on the way was real but in some moments it is so obvious they still care about each other. 

Originally posted by veriardo

2. zude (hit the floor): jude x zero

one might not believe it but i actually have ships that are canon, i know shocking lmaoo anyways i just love their dynamics and especially zero´s character development. he goes from the biggest douche to this loving and sweet boyfriend and basically I am just in love with their relationship and the whole show (i need a fourth season pleeeease)

Originally posted by xam-chan

3. lellinger (skijumping): andi wellinger x stephan leyhe

MY SKIJUMPING OTP I AM DYING!1!!!!111 no, but seriously those two are absolutely adorable cupcakes and i love to write about them haha. they have a beautiful friendship in rl and they complement each other so well, they are like sun and moon, just perfection

Originally posted by jokkeblobfish

4. malec (shadowhunters): alec lightwood x magnus bane 

another canon otp, i feel so blessed today. this is probably the realest lgbtq relationship you can find on tv. they have such a normal and well developed relationship; there is no rush and no unrealistic turns. they have just a very sweet and caring bond with each other. and also the actors portraying those characters care so much about them and how the relationship should be showed on tv.

Originally posted by smilefortheliving

5. meyretzka (football): leon goretzka x max meyer 

this is a ship i never expected to ship and i blame @wie-sagt-man-noch for it FULL OFFENSE!! lmao those two both play at the worst club ever (imo at least because you know dortmund fan and stuff haha) but they are so cute together and their social media flirting is insane, basically just super fluffy and sassy and cute 

Originally posted by ger-boyz

so i am outta here hehe :D

Can we just talk about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Chapter 19: “The Silver Doe”?

Can we just talk about how one of Ron’s biggest fears was not being loved as much as his siblings and his best friend?

Can we just talk about how Ron was totally convinced that Harry and Hermione were together and got along just fine without him?

Can we just talk about how Ron cried after he smashed the locket that was showing him his biggest fears, which included seeing Hermione with Harry?

Can we just talk about how Harry talked him through it and assured him that he loved Hermione like a sister and nothing more?

Can we just talk about the fact that Harry told Ron that after he left, Hermione cried all the time and barely spoke at all?

The Silver Doe is such an important chapter and the movie did not do justice to it.

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So what started the head cannon that Zim and Dib were a couple?

I assume you’re asking what made me start shipping them? I apologize if I’m wrong! Honestly, I can’t tell ya. I’ve been shipping them for a LONG time. 

As you can see here: Clickie i’ve been shipping them for years lol (Though I barely remember drawing these old drawings?? also these are fuckin’ ugly) I can’t remember what sparked it but I just know it’s been one of my biggest otps for a long while, next to Sanji/Usopp and Sonic/Knuckles back in my intense fanart days. Invader Zim was always a HUGE favorite show of mine so when shipping came to my attention I assume it was an instant ship owo 


(I was tagged by @jackiejack6, thank you sweetie! :D )

Rules: Answer the questions

Tag 5 people.

List your fandoms:

List your OTPs

If you have any ships that are almost OTP’s list those as well

List your top 5 favorite male characters.

List your top 5 favorite female characters.

List your top 5 villains.

List your top 5 male actors.

List your top 5 female actors.

What fandom are you most involved in?

What fandom do you think has had the biggest impact on you?

What are your favorite genres for books, movies, and TV shows?

Any favorite fanfictions?

List your 5 favorite authors.

Any favorite writers, directors, or producers?


List your fandoms:

HTTYD, PJO, HP, and BH6 :)

List your OTPs:

Hiccstrid ALL DA WAY

If you have any ships that are almost OTP’s list those as well

Percabeth? I dunno.

List your top 5 favorite male characters.

Hiccup from HTTYD

Hiro from Big Hero 6

Sage from The False Prince

Snotlout from HTTYD

Jim from Treasure Planet

List your top 5 favorite female characters.

Astrid from HTTYD

Hermione from Harry Potter

Eep from The Croods

Moana from Moana (she’s AWWESOMME :D)

List your top 5 villains.

Viggo from HTTYD

Voldemort from Harry Potter

Gaia from PJO

Professor Callahan from Big Hero 6

ISIS (as if that isn’t clear enough.. *glares*)

List your top 5 male actors.

(I rarely watch movies, so I have no idea)

List your top 5 female actors.

(I rarely watch movies, so I have no idea)

What fandom are you most involved in?


What fandom do you think has had the biggest impact on you?

um.. I’d actually have to say Percy Jackson. It actually led me to one of my best friends in the world, and kind of shaped my life. Sure, httyd has definitely made an impact, but it hasn’t come close to what PJO has given me. :)

What are your favorite genres for books, movies, and TV shows?

Adventure, comedy, fantasy, angst, and historical fiction

Any favorite fanfictions?

Camp Dragons by animalsarepeopletoo on

Crevice by Lenle.G on

We’re Here For You by FanWriter02 on

To Be Loved The Way You Love Me by muggleborn.dragon.ryder on

When Life Gives You Lightning by katurdi on

The Forgotten Boy by TheOneWithTheScar on

Boundless by PhysicWonderKitty on

Captain Fury: Pirate of Berk by harrypanther on

Wolves by BeyondTheClouds777 on

White Oaks by funkytoes on

List your 5 favorite authors.

Jennifer Neilson

Suzanne Collins

Rick Riordan

Cressida Cowell

J.K. Rowling

Any favorite writers, directors, or producers?



All right then! I tag…






Only if you guys want to, though. ;D Thanks! :)

Recently I watched “Make New Friends But Keep Discord”, and it got me to thinking about Discord’s character and my three biggest OTPs for this fandom. Ironically enough, all my big ships involve Discord in one way or another. Given the mini-shipping wars I keep seeing in the tags, I thought I’d give my own two cence here while it’s still fresh on my mind. So here are a few thoughts.

Discord / Fluttershy

  • If you watch the show, this is probably the most obvious of the ships. There is plenty of material from the show and the comics with these two together, and some might even go so far as to say it’s “canon.”
  • Platonic or romantic, these two are nothing short of adorable. 
  • At a glance, this ship seems very unlikely. On the one hand you have a jokester god of chaos who seems to take delight in other people’s discomfort and pain, and on the other you have a pegasus who is soft-spoken and all-loving. There should be no way they could work together at all, but somehow it makes beautiful sense. 
  • Watching the one play off the other and seeing their relationship develop is what really makes this ship for me. Discord begins to grow and change as a result of his friendship with Fluttershy. She is integral as he learns and stumbles along developing in healthy relationships with the people around him. Arguably it is their relationship that sparks his character arcs and makes him one of the most complex villains-turned-anti-hero for this kind of cartoon (right on par with Zuko from A:TLA in my opinion).
  • Fluttershy is the one character he cannot manage to turn without cheating. Maybe she is not as forceful or powerful as other characters who have stood up to him, but she challenges Discord in a way no else does. She is idealistic but not naive, soft but not weak, loving but not foolish.
  • Out of the ships, it feels like Discord has to give the most effort in this relationship, and it is refreshing to see with his character.
  • And, admittedly, the fangirl in me just loves to see a big scary spirit of disorder and darkness being tamed and slowly killed by kindness.

Discord / Celestia

  • The big angst ship of the trio. The lore of the show is fairly vague about the history these two share, but most of the audience would agree that it is a twisted history nonetheless.
  • Much of this ship is built on a consensus by the fandom rather than explicit canon material. We get winks and nods from time to time in the show, and the creators probably know this all too well. Yet we never come close a definitive answer as to whether or not a romantic relationship between them is canon. So much of what we “know” about this ship is built on interpretation of the lore and speculation.
  • Most fics and fanart I see of Discord and Celestia generally goes in one of two directions: 1.) Discord’s love for the alicorn is one-sided and thoroughly rejected (or at the very least never reciprocated). 2.) Their love is mutual, but they are torn apart by their ideals and/or warring factions. Celestia then has to cast aside her personal feelings aside in the name of the greater good, and the end result is usually a bitter albeit hesitant betrayal on her part.
  • When the second is the case, redemption is a common theme with these two. They have to work for their happiness by confronting the issues that forced them apart. They both have to admit they were at fault and wronged each other deeply. Usually their relationship comes out the stronger for that emotional journey, and these are some of my favorite endings.
  • This is probably the most complex Discord ship, and it especially fun to see all the different interpretations of this pairing across the fandom.

Discord / Pinkie Pie

  • This pair really speaks to my chaotic-alignment-duo-wreaking-havoc-and-casually-breaking-the-fourth-wall-and-destroying-us-all-in-a-shower-of-surreal-and-referential-humor aesthetic.
  • On the face of it, Pinkie and Discord are both as funny and carefree as you please. Yet a closer look reveals this as a front for a surprisingly delicate and shaky sense-of-self. Discord, for all his power, is emotionally immature and inept in social situations. Though a little dark in the context of the show, there is the implication that Pinkie is imbalanced and more than a little out there. While this may have little to do with them as  ship, the parallels in their characters and insecurities are interesting to note.
  • The two of them are counterparts in humor, two sides of a coin in comedy. Pinkie represents the selfless kind of humor meant to bring joy and happiness to the people around her. Discord, on the other hand, makes his jokes at the expense of others and crosses the line from poking fun to outright bullying.
  • Personality-wise, they have a great deal in common and in a casual setting would probably hit off the easiest out of the three pairings.
  • The ship name DiscoPie just has a way of rolling off the tongue to be honest.

But what do you guys think? Your thoughts?

anonymous asked:

for the question thingy: hunky hunk? ~soft-pidge

my BOY

  • How I feel about this character: can words even describe? i love hunk a ton (obviously), and i also relate to him a lot. i also love how he’s a complex character, with good and bad traits, who’s also fat, which is unfortunately not something you see a ton of
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: alskdnf who don’t i ship with hunk? but my Biggest pairings are: hance, shunk, sheithunk, and hunllura
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: pidge and hunk. while i can certainly see the romantic appeal, i see them more as friends.
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: Not Your Soft Boi tm. it annoys me how a lot of fandom seems to lean really hard towards either infantalizing hunk or acting like he’s the sweetest, kindest, best person ever, which…. have we been watching the same show? i mean, come one, just in the first episode i can name several things hunk did that kinda annoyed me, including wanting to leave shiro strapped to a table against his will and reading pidge’s diary/going through her things. hunk is also suspicious, has an issue with black and white morality, and has trouble feeling empathy towards people he doesn’t have a connection with–case and point, he didn’t start wanting to save the balmerrans until after he connected with shay and her struggles. and like, i love hunk’s flaws!! i relate to some of these flaws, while others annoy me cause they’re things i don’t like. but he’s not just some Soft, Sweet Boi uwu. like. can we stop?
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: No More Fat/Food Jokes. also, what’s hunk’s back story and his motivations for fighting??? we have keith’s family history, shiro was a prisoner and has obvious reason to have beef with the galra, pidge is looking for her family, lance wants to protect earth and then go home, but what’s hunk’s motivation?? what’s his inner turmoil and story? i want something more than “hunk learns to be brave”
  • my OTP: mmmmmmmmm probably hance, if push came to shove
  • my cross over ship: i don’t really do crossovers?
  • a headcanon fact: i love the headcanon that hunk has two moms! i like to think that one of them was in some branch in the military, which is how hunk ended up at the garrison instead of some advanced engineering college. his mom’s a very worried about him and are likely raising hell at the garrison. i also like to headcanon that he has a way younger sister^^

send me a ship or character!

I’ve realized that my main kpop otps are reflections my own wishes of falling in love with my best friend. I mean most of my otps are gay, but it’s the same concept:
- Homin (Yunho/Changmin)
- Chanxing (Chanyeol/Yixing) I know Layhan are the biggest bromance, but Yixing’s pretty close with Yeol
- MinKey (Minho/Key)
- Yoonseok (Yoongi/Hoseok)
- Keyber (Key/Amber) One of my few straight ships; idk about best friends, but they’re really close

There are others that aren’t my main ships, but pretty much best friend/bromance status. It shows how much of a hopeless romantic I am 😅

anonymous asked:

I love the fact that you love Brooklyn 99 omg I watched it and it is the best (other than riverdale) I love all the gifs you post on here 😂😂💖

awww, thank you! even though this blog is bughead centred, I gotta show some love for my second biggest otp – peraltiago.

Originally posted by peraltuh

You know, ‘Eric is Luke’ and 'Eric has the hots for Princess Leia’ aside, Hyde and Jackie are totally Han and Leia. While Eric and Donna are too much like Luke and Mara (aka Luke’s canon wife in the 'Star Wars Legends’ continuity). Both couples are volatile in their own way, and both are #iconic too.

Mara and Luke had to learn how to be in a relationship together, they experienced love and support together, and committed to the other almost immediately once they accepted their love. Yet, they differe a lot when it comes to general opinions but agree on the important things. Not to mention Eric does looks like Luke while Mara has red hair and is tall, curvy like Donna.

I mean, give me a break here

While Han and Leia started disliking each other and angry flirting, with Han being kind of obvious he liked Leia but being the last one to accept his feelings after she confessed love during a hard time, kind of like Jackie and Hyde. Not to mention how both couples are terribly devoted to each other, yet spend a good portion of their time together burning down each other.

Leia is a literal princess, fierce, bossy little thing, can be mistaken for self centred at first, just like Jackie. While Han is supposed to be a lazy, sarcastic piece of shit, an orphan and poor boy that grow up to be a criminal. Sounds familiar? Yeah, to me too.

So there’s a halloween Eric kinda tries to make his wife and friends dress up as the characters once Mara is introduced in the 90s, no matter they are already adults with kids and whatnot. And they all just look at him like 'no’, but since one of Donna and Eric’s daughter birthday is on Halloween, he and Donna had to when she insist with the idea. To their surprise, the Hydes shows up dressed as the Solo Clan too (Han and Leia had three kids in Legends. Twins, male and female, and a little boy).

That’s how one of Eric’s biggest fantasies of having a cosplay group of Star Wars characters came true for like, four hours one night.

goal: tag nine people you want to get to know better
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relationship status: single

favorite color: blue or black

last song I listened to: 21 days by scott helman

lipstick or chapstick: chapstick (i hate lipstick?? idk why i just hate wearing it)

top three shows: parks and rec, the office, bbc sherlock

top three characters: ben wyatt, obi wan kenobi, percy jackson

top three ships: i’m actually not the biggest shipper but i would say one of my otp’s is definitely jim and pam

tag people you want to get to know better aka mutuals that i don’t talk to very often but i love u and ur blog and i hope ur doin well

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Rules: Answer the questions

Tag 5 people.

List your fandoms:

List your OTPs

If you have any ships that are almost OTP’s list those as well

List your top 5 favorite male characters.

List your top 5 favorite female characters.

List your top 5 villains.

List your top 5 male actors.

List your top 5 female actors.

What fandom are you most involved in?

What fandom do you think has had the biggest impact on you?

What are your favorite genres for books, movies, and TV shows?

Any favorite fanfictions?

List your 5 favorite authors.

Any favorite writers, directors, or producers?

fandoms: ((hoo boy this might get long)) treasure planet, anastasia, hunchback of notre dame, harry potter, septimus heap, ascendance trilogy, six of crows, merlin, trolls & zootopia. 

otps: honestly i’m not sure i have any of those??? shipping isnt my thing haha. but i do like branch & poppy from trolls, and think hiccup & mala from rtte would be pretty cute

almost otps: again shipping really isnt my thing 

top 5 favorite male characters: hiccup ((httyd)), quasimodo ((hunchback of notre dame)), jim hawkins ((treasure planet)), merlin ((bbc merlin)), zach ((last night i sang to the monster))

top 5 favorite female characters: esmeralda ((hunchback of notre dame)), anastasia ((anastasia)), annie ((2014 annie)), anna ((frozen)), judy hopps ((zootopia))

top 5 villains: frollo ((hunchback of notre dame)), viggo ((race to the edge)), morgana ((merlin)), dagur ((riders of berk)), scar ((the lion king))

top 5 male actors: ahhh tbh i don’t really follow any actors/actresses so im gonna have to say none??? but i’ve seen jay baruchel in a couple other things besides httyd & i think he’s really good!! 

top 5 female actors: again don’t really follow actors/actresses

what fandom are you most involved in? probably treasure planet?? 

what fandom do you think has had the biggest impact on you? the httyd community & tbh not a good one either

what are your favorite genres for books, movies, and TV shows? fantasy!! 

any favorite fanfictions? encounters by yetanothernobody ((treasure planet)), instead of going under by mission to marzipan ((percy jackson)), unbreakable by eight0fhearts ((merlin)), the orcus’ tale by PcKtmouse ((treasure planet)), an industrial revolution of a different sort by windfish ((the lorax)), & resistance by nerdburga ((merlin)). i actually really really like a lot more than that but it’d take too long to cover them all so i’ll stop there

5 favorite authors: k.l going, cressida cowell, frances hodges burnett, benjamin alire seanz, mary shelley 

any favorite writers, directors or producers? no i don’t think so?? again i don’t really follow things like that :P

i tag @drillbeeautomaton @gayfairytales @briannathestrange @blue-inferno @lutavero & anyone else who wants to do it <3 

Let Me Write Your OTP!

I am going to hit 18K soon! As a celebration, I’m going to do my biggest challenge yet!

I’ve seen this kink list floating around for over a year now, and I thought I would try my hand at it (I narrowed the 100 down to the 70 I wanted to write). As a fun twist, I will not be writing reader inserts for this particular project. This project will be pairings from the show only!

Here’s how it works:

1. Look at the list under the break and decide what kink you’d like to see given to your favorite SPN ship.

2. Send me an ask with the number of kink and the pairing you’d like (please only send one).

3. I will write ANY pairing from Supernatural (het/slash/femslash), so don’t be shy.

4. In a few days, I will post a list of the kinks and what pairings will be written.

5. Please be patient. I am not going to start this list for a couple of weeks. I’d like to finish the Faking It drabbles, the 20 Different Pairings, and my Bucky series before I start this.

Let’s have some fun with some ships, y’all!

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